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New Era Newspaper Friday March 9, 2018

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28 entertainment

28 entertainment Friday, March 9, 2018 | NEW ERA • Mulisa Simiyasa The artist who painted portraits of founding president Sam Nujoma in 2004, dreams of starting a technical art school at Okakarara or Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region. Larry Kazombiaze, 26, also painted and sold a portrait of president Hage Geingob for N$ 50 000 at a political party campaign rally in Otjiwarongo in 2014. Geingob himself bought that portrait. Another appealing portrait of Nujoma fetched N$ 66 000 at the same event held at the Mokati Sports Stadium. The young, gifted man further produced a number of portraits Geingos in the past three years. Larry spent six months developing an image of former president crafted portraits of the Heroes’ Kuugongelwa-Amadhila and deputy prime minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah Copies of several cabinet ministers are in possession of the same artist in Okakarara. “Now I have plans to launch an art school on March 21 March. I leaders at the Independence Day celebrations in Tsumeb before the programme starts,” says Larry. He hopes to take in 40 students who are able to attend a halfyear intensive drawing and painting practical course, before His plan is to pull Namibian youth off the streets for them to acquire a skill that can create employment for themselves through working with their own hands. Larry passionately points out that every inch of an arts career is very interesting and needs dedicated people. He says a starting mark to painting is by drawing a sketch of an object with coloured oil or water based paint then follows. “This is also a laborious handiwork needing much concentration, patience and zero mistakes,” according to Larry. The big secret is the ability and for the mind to recall and coordinate when drawing or painting the object, he explains. needs practice a trillion times in order to reach a level where the painter will start to draw and The young painter at the moment has a deal with the City of Windhoek to paint and produce of the City’s civic building. He also produced portraits, and logos for 70 institutions in Khomas and Otjozondjupa. These include Telecom Namibia, Cenored, Namcor, Development He is about to complete a portrait intended for the 12 May Movement celebrations for 2018. Larry only completed Grade 12, but with this skill of the hand, his mother, Undjee Kazombiaze, generates from the artworks. The young man derives inspiration from art legends – Jennifer Steenkamp of Jenny’s also produced A4 portraits of Ovaherero paramount chief, Accomplished… Okakarara based artist, Larry Kazombiaze displays portraits he crafted in 2017, one of them of founding president, Sam Nujoma. to impress many Ovaherero Namibians at Okakarara. Okakarara Constituency who has a keen interest in Larry’s support to the independent artist. drawing boards, pens, pencils and colour painting materials, amongst others, for over N 000 for him. “I know him very well. He has outstanding artworks, of which some I am fond of,” says the politician. Kandorozu urges young Namibians to emulate the good example of Larry and imitate his spirit of working for himself. -Nampa FRIDAY 09 MARCH 00:00 Russia Today (Live) 06:00 Good Morning Namibia (Live) 08:00 In Good Shape 08:30 Prime Minister’s 09:00 Soccer Pitch ® 10:00 Morning News (Live) 10:30 New Beginnings 11:00 Check Point 11:30 Crazy Hidden Camera 12:00 Wild Skin ® 13:00 (Live) 13:30 CNN Global Update (Live) 14:30 Panda Fanfare 15:00 Friendship is Magic 15:30 Sunshine Club 16:20 Just Teenz 17:00 New Beginnings ® 17:30 Club 808 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Wild Skin 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Absolute Rugby 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Business Today (Live) 21:15 Sport News 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 22:30 Prime News ® 23:15 Missing – Season I (PG) SATURDAY 10 MARCH 00:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Friendship is Magic ® 07:30 Totally Spies ® 08:00 Silly Season ® 08:30 Chibi Maruka Chan 09:00 Sunshine Club ® 10:00 Rhythm City (Omnibus) 12:00 Wipeout USA 13:00 (Live) 13:30 Cook and the Chef 14:00 Inter Sport 16:00 Whata-Tuesday ® 17:00 English Premiere League Everton vs. Brighton (Live) (VC) 19:00 Session Studio 6 19:30 Whata-Lifestyle 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Whata-Monday ® 22:00 Prime News 22:45 (VC) SUNDAY 11 MARCH 00:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Gospel Mix 07:30 A New Season 08:30 Universal Church 09:00 Wild Skin (Omnibus) 13:00 (Live) 13:30 A New Season ® 14:30 Inter Sport 16:00 Symbols 16:30 Cuca Shop 17:00 News Journal 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Rooted 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Nam Auto Show ® 19:30 Green Horizon 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Session Studio 6 ® 21:30 Malcom and Eddie (New) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 FRIDAY 09 MARCH 00:00 Al Jazeera News (Live) 07:00 Euromaxx 07:30 Europe in Concert 08:30 In Good Shape 09:00 Broken Vows ® 09:30 Scandal! ® 10:00 Steve Harvey 11:00 Good Morning Show ® 13:00 Days of Our Lives ® 13:30 14:00 Seize the Day ® 15:00 Check Point 15:30 17:00 Whatagwan ® 18:00 Days of Our Lives 18:30 Broken Vows 19:00 Seize the Day 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Session Studio 6 20:30 Scandal! 21:00 22:30 SATURDAY 10 MARCH 00:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 08:30 10:00 Sport 13:00 Broken Vows (Omnibus) 15:00 17:00 19:00 Whata-Tuesday 19:45 Sport News 20:00 arvestHarHarvest 20:45 Free Your Mind (R16) 21:00 (VC) 22:30 SUNDAY 11 MARCH 00:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Music & the Spoken Word 07:30 Days of Our Lives (Omnibus) 10:00 Sport 13:00 Scandal! 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NEW ERA Sanlam announces its Innovation Works recipients Page 26 INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business Calle on the right track to reduce inequality and poverty – Analysts Edgar Brandt Windhoek First impressions by economists of the N.4 billion budget tabled yesterday by Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein, are that the right steps are being taken to reduce income inequality and poverty while at the same time stimulating economic activity by increasing the development budget. The development budget increased year to N.3 billion in the 2018/19 financial year. Schlettwein noted that the total budget for the 2018/19 N billion when off-budget project financing, sourced externally, is included. This budget represents a reduction of 2.3 percent from the FY2017/18 revised budget of N.5 billion. During yesterday’s budget speech, Schlettwein noted that the by a cumulative three percent, or 1.5 percentage points annually, over the past two years, from 8.2 percent estimated 5.4 percent in the current expenditure, as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has reduced from 42.8 percent in the 2015/16 These ratios, he said, are projected to continue declining over the coming Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). “Financing such large budget metrics, from 29.5 percent of GDP in FY2015/16 to an estimated 42.1 percent in FY2017/18. To stall growth in, and eventually reduce public debt, we should bear testimony to consolidation program going forward. To achieve this objective, we must contain growth in non-core spending, raise revenue, effectively manage historical cost drivers and hasten to implement enabling structural reforms. This is particularly in regard to the public wage bill, now standing at 50 percent of total revenue and 16 percent of GDP, perpetual bailouts of some commercial Public Enterprises, escalation in capital project cost prices and the dollar costs of internal and Agencies,” said Schlettwein. The Finance Minister yesterday proposed re-adjusting the current tax brackets for Individual Income Tax, reducing the lower bracket tax rate from 18 percent to 17 percent and introducing new tax rates of 39 percent and 40 percent for individuals earning over N.5 million and N.5 million, respectively. According to Namene Kalili, FNB Namibia’s Senior Manager for Research and Development, yesterday’s proposed budget is a good sign in terms of more taxes on the higher end and providing some relief on the lower end of the income scale. “There is still so much wastage on the expenditure side and to be honest it is a bit confusing in terms of expenditure he was concerned about the budget the country’s GDP. Commenting on the budget speech, Dr John Steytler, Economic Advisor to the President, said he was impressed by what the Ministry of Finance was able to accomplish “The ministry has done the best they could and the fact that they managed to protect social expenditure and provide some tax relief to the lower income segment is good. Also, increasing the Development Budget will result in more robust economic activity,” said Steytler. Local economist, Klaus Schade, said overall it is a very balanced budget and he applauded the continuous support to social sectors by increasing the old age and disability grants. “Income taxes increased for the higher income segment and being reduced for the lower income earners is a step in the right direction to reduce income inequality and poverty,” said Schade. allocation to the Development Budget, which he said could result in job creation and increased economic activity. Photo: Emmency Nuukala Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein DBN opens Windhoek SME Centre Staff Reporter Windhoek The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) has opened an SME Centre in Martin Inkumbi has announced. The SME Centre, he says, will bridge the of the SME Bank. Explaining the gap, Inkumbi said for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the commercial banking sector, there is a national imperative levels of collateral availability, but still present a high degree of potential in terms of sustainability of the enterprise in spite of perceived risk. Perceptions of risk, he said, might emanate from lower collateral availability, and from establishment in centres with lower population with lower economic activities. purposes is to nurture inclusive economic participation through Namibians, including women entrepreneurs. The bank is also using the interests of younger entrepreneurs, which it sees as the basis for the future Namibian economy. SMEs are also seen as a mechanism to further develop regions with lower levels of economic activity and provide stimulus in rural areas. process, Inkumbi said DBN’s operation bears no relation to the SME Bank. Contrary to speculation, the bank has no intention to operate institution. track record of governance and due stretching back to shortly after the bank’s inception. This, he said, is now vested in the DBN SME Centre, to provide DBN with greater control in the form of a siloed operation, which due to its nature and relative risk, has intensive diligence requirements. Previously, the bank processed enterprises alongside SMEs. Talking about the day-to-day operation of the SME Centre, Inkumbi said although the output for SMEs, the operation will be underpinned by several layers of support, particularly in the preapplication phase. In the pre-application phase, the bank particularly seeks to draw attention to the process of business planning. Without a realistic and achievable business plan, Inkumbi stresses, the applicant places herself/ when borrowing. To this end, the bank has developed a business plan content guide, which would be freely available to potential borrowers. The bank’s support would also extend to advising on completion of applications, and documents application. We want our borrowers to have the best possible prospect of success, Inkumbi added. Inkumbi said a failed SME is a lost opportunity cost to the bank, as that capital might have been directed to a different SME, which might have matter of the need to preserve the bank’s sustainability. business plan and set of documentation are received, the due diligence can proceed, after which the bank will give a response to the application. concluded, Inkumbi said, the bank will engage in rigorous monitoring to identify borrowers who run into Inkumbi urged applicants to give their best during the planning and bank that seeks excellence. So, when borrowers succeed in their enterprise endeavours, the bank has succeeded in its endeavour to assist them, and to develop the nation. VACANCIES AND TENDERS Closing date

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