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New Era Newspaper Friday March 9, 2018

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28 ADVERTS Friday, March 9 2018| NEW ERA NOTICE INVITATION FOR BIDS NOTICE Bid Reference Number G/ONB/NAMPORT -3284/2017 G/ONB/NAMPORT -3291/2017 G/ONB/NAMPORT -3300/2017 SC/RP/NAMPORT -3311/2017 Pre-bid 2018 2018 2018 2018 23 April 2018 23 April 2018 16 April 2018 16 April 2018 NAD575.00 NAD575.00 NAD575.00 NAD575.00 09 April 2018 09 April 2018 02 April 2018 02 April 2018 - ERONGO REGIONAL COUNCIL DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION, ARTS & CULTURE VACANCIES APPLICATIONS ARE HEREBY INVITED FROM NAMIBIAN CITIZENS FOR THE FOLLOWING VACANCIES: a) Post Designation: Deputy Director Grade 4 Division: Life Long Learning Duty station: No of posts: One (1) Salary Scale: N8 220 XP- 502 753 Housing Allowance: N 188 pa Motor Vehicle Allowance: Capital cost N 950 pa : Running cost N 751 pa Appointment requirements: A B. Degree at NQF L7 plus 9 years appropriate experience. Supplementary Selection Requirements: Good interpersonal relations Computer literate Good communication and report writing skills Knowledge of both adult education and libraries a) Post Designation: Division: Programmes and Quality Assurance Duty station: No of posts: One (1) Salary Scale: N8 220 XP- 502 753 Housing Allowance: N 188 pa Motor Vehicle Allowance: Capital cost N 950 pa : Running cost N 751 pa Appointment requirements: An appropriate Degree (or equivalent) at NQF Level 7 Supplementary Selection Requirements: Good interpersonal relations Good communication and report writing skills Computer literate c) Post Designation: Chief Works Inspector Grade 7 Division: General Services, Finance & Administration Section: Building and Maintenance Services Duty station: No of posts: One (1) Salary Scale: N9 189 XP-321 707 Appointment requirements: An appropriate National Diploma or equivalent OR An appropriate N3 (or equivalent) plus a completed apprenticeship or the passing of a trade test plus 4 years an appropriate OR An appropriate N1 (or equivalent) plus a complete apprenticeship or passing of a Supplementary Selection Requirements: Preference will be given to candidates who are on Grade 8 and whose probation Application for employment form 156043 and Health Questionnaire 156094 with evaluation report from NQA application. Please note “The Ultimate Port Experience” Send applications on prescribed forms to: Or hand delivery at: Human Resources Administration Swakopmund Private Bag 5024 Swakopmund CLOSING DATE: 3 APRIL 2018

Friday, March 9 2018 | NEW ERA ADVERTS 29 BETHANIE VILLAGE COUNCIL Dear Stakeholders 07 th March 2018 VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION: OFFICE: GRADING: Patterson Grade C4 BASIC SALARY SCALE: N$ 138 545 – N$ 144 257 OTHER BENEFITS: 13 th Cheque, Transport allowance, Housing allowance, Medical Aid and Attractive Pension QUALIFICATION & RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: National Diploma in Human Resource/Organizational Psychology plus 2 years experience in Human Resources KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: staff records and management system NOTE: Closing date: 06 April 2018 Bethanie Village Council P O Box 74, Bethanie, Tel: 063 283006 EXTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT ARTISAN WATER NETWORKS (PATTERSON BAND C2) NOTICE NO: 6 / 2018 The Otjiwarongo Municipality as an equal opportunity employer invites experience to apply for the above-mentioned vacancy. All applications on or before 10 th April 2018 KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: Repairs and replace malfunctioning meters Keeps records of all new water connections installed MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENT: and Pipe Fitting GENERAL: In return of the services, the Otjiwarongo Municipality: A competitive salary Medical Aid th COMMENCEMENT DATE: The successful candidate is expected to commence with duty on 01 st June 2018 *** PLEASE NOTE: No documents will be returned and only short listed RE: SURPLUS DISTRIBUTION UPDATE - RöSSING PENSION FUND The Rössing Pension Fund Board of Trustees would like to provide an update on the progress made thus Total Surplus in March 2012 N$ 454, 266, 000 Former members 15% N$ 68, 140, 000 Employer surplus account 33% N$ 149, 908, 000 N$ 9, 085, 000 received N$ 132, 330, 000 received crease to their monthly pension, except for disability pensioners N$ 94, 803, 000 NOTE: Employer was allocated its amount in the Fund, and all Pensioners (including spouses and children in receipt of pensions) who were receiving a monthly pension in April 2012 received an increase of granted to Pensioners increases annually as part of their pension with the declared annual pension In 2017, the Board of Trustees decided that the following criteria be used to determine the allocation of the mainly affect those former members who resigned or were retrenched as active members before their elected retirement age and who opted to withdraw a lower cash value than the amount they could have transferred to another retirement fund; A reasonable but affordable minimum amount of N 000 per individual former member would apply; All the above amounts will be reduced by 18%, being the applicable tax rate as per the directive obtained Note that in terms of the Fund rules, former members are members who left the Fund before 31 March 2012, the date on which the surplus was distributed, and where such former members have exited by way - In line with a legal opinion obtained, members who died in service cannot be recognised as former members, Furthermore, members who retired in the Fund do not qualify as former members, as all such members or dependants of such members are in receipt of a monthly pension from the Fund and have received their Where any of this minimum information is missing, which is the case for most employees who left before PAYMENTS PROGRESS TO DATE – AS AT MARCH 2018 Total Surplus for distribution 2018 ( Total claimants logged based on available RUL data 9 837 N$ 122, 762, 108 Total estimated former members / could be claimants 10 000 > received to date 3 432 1 027 Total value of approved 1027 claims for payment thus far N$ 20, 536, 889 Total actual claims that have already been paid out 576 2 229 are either current Fund pensioners; were never Fund members or left the Fund after 31 March 2012 Total remaining surplus for distribution N$ 102, 225, 219 The Board hereby request your indulgence during this cumbersome administrative process whilst the Fund Yours truly, 176 Strategic Executive: Corporate Services. OTJIWARONGO 2018.03.08

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167