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New Era Newspaper Friday March 9, 2018

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4 NEWS Friday, March 9 2018| NEW ERA NIPAM, NSI sign MoU Staff reporter Windhoek The Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) and the Namibian Standards Institution memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote cooperation complies with applicable stan dards within its own mandate in operational research and capacity A press statement issued by NIPAM’s communications and public relations manager Ester Na kanduungile said both institutions in upholding international stan drew Ndishishi said they intend to institution with the assistance of assist NIPAM to operate on qual it has to be within the framework of necessary local and interna and amongst others when NIPAM offers training on professional this has to comply with local and international standards and NSI is the guiding institution for ensuring Nakanduungile added that the sional norms and standards is to Agreed… NIPAM’s executive director Andrew Ndishishi and Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) This is also to meet the need of tion to issues of training manage Namibian Standards Institu Chie Wasserfall said at NSI they ensure compliance with applicable Wasserfall said to ensure com it is encouraged that independent sists of highly competent staff and Mayor warns illegal settlers Reminded… Some community members who attended the public meeting held at the town council premises. Our star of the week are members of the Namibian Police for their swift response to thwart a gang of heavily-armed, triggerhappy robbers at Usave supermarket in Katutura’s Soweto suburb on Monday. on Monday after members of the police force foiled the armed robbery. After the police were informed by members of the public about strange movements in the area, they responded swiftly. According to Namibian Police Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa, upon their arrival the suspects opened Two suspects were shot and injured. One of the injured suspects died at Katutura hospital where he was admitted, while the other is under police guard. Three other suspects were also arrested but two managed civilians were injured during the incident. The police the suspects’ getaway vehicle – an unregistered silver Polo Vivo. The thugs have other pending cases. Obrein Simasiku residents on grabbing land and setting up illegal residential Uusiku was speaking at a public meeting held at where she noted some people are illegally expanding their residential boundaries by set ting up structures without the She said these acts are com mon in areas where the council has not yet compensated “Council has noticed that some people are trying to con fences without council’s prior like to use this opportunity construction within town boundaries should be done “I would like to warn those that are busy constructing to cease with immediate effect or they will face the conse

Friday, March 9 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Katima suspends health inspector over irregularities Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Katima Mulilo Town Council has suspended its health inspector, Fredric Sezuni, over allegations of fraud and gross negligence. The suspension was initiated to a company, which is not registered in Katima Mulilo. New Era understands Omatando Construction appealed to the Public Procurement Committee after the company lost a tender on grounds that it is not a locally registered company. However, during the appeal, the company provided a by the health inspector to the procurement committee, as proof that it is recognised by the town council. New Era has it on good authority this led to the suspension of Sezuni, as the council and its CEO Raphael Liswaniso particularly believe that Omatando Construction is not locally was issued under dubious circumstances. In a letter dated March 5, 2018, that Sezuni wrote to the council, he explained that the NCRST hosts workshop on BCH Strauss Lunyangwe Okahandja The National Commission on Research Science and Technology (NCRST) recently held a modified organisms (GMOs) and living and applications for approval in Namibia. in the country. and capacity building information to parties of the protocol and is the main tool that will be used to communicate all information relating to Namibia’s decisions regarding GMOs and (LMOs). The portal will have a list of GMOs and LMOs status to be viewed by users. Importers will be able to access information about the country’s laws, regulations and guidelines of other parties and other countries’ decisions and assessments. This will also ensure all potential exporters to the country or those who wish to transport across their territory are aware of the regulatory requirements. Dr Ossama Addelkawy, an Interdisciplinary scientist from India, said developed countries are more likely to conduct their own risk He further argues that the company is a local 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively. The suspension letter, in possession of New Era dated March 5, 2018, reads: “The purpose of this suspension is to allow council to investigate the above allegation levelled against you, since the nature of misconduct is viewed in serious light, it, therefore, dictates that you [be] removed you might tamper with or interfere with the evidence.” The letter further states that Sezuni is suspended, as of March 5, 2018. “Your suspension will be for a period of three months or depending on how fast the investigation will be conducted. Should investigations prove otherwise, your charges will be provided to you at a very reasonable time for your convenience,” it states. Following the suspension, Sezuni was ordered not to go anywhere near the town council premises, and he was requested to hand over Sezuni is entitled to his salary and all his Contacted for comment, Sezuni refused to give a detailed comment though he said Efforts to get a comment from the town council proved futile. After an exporter has done the necessary assessments, the receiving country then reviews thorough research. “Once an exporter sends through a the importing country then reverts back within nine months to either approving the import, prohibiting the import, request for additional relevant information or extend the nine-month Paulus Mungeyi, the manager for biotechnology division at NCRST, explained that they want inclusivity in decision-making, which is important. The platform is thus created in spreading information regarding GMOs for public awareness, and also encouraged members of the public to visit the website to better acquaint themselves with the information available. O v e r 1 7 0 countries around the globe use the Namibia joining the fray last year when it was launched. F u r t h e r m o r e , the workshop will competent national authorities and national focal points and improve national competence for registering information. Key stakeholders that attended the workshop included government representatives, farmers, importers and major food and feed companies to name a few. Matter of clarity In a story under the headline, “Some councils perceived corrupt”, in our edition on Monday, we wrongly included Mariental as among the towns prone to corrupt practices. It has since emerged Mariental is not among the towns where an investigation into suspected corrupt practices was initiated. We sincerely regret the error and the inconvenience caused to the local authority. - Editor Stepping in… police spokesperson speaking to learners of Donatus Secondary School Photo: Contributed by the Otjozondjupa regional police Police to tackle drugs, gangsterism in schools Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab police spokesperson in the Otjozondjupa will soon roll out the ‘No to Drugs and Gangsterism’ campaign at all schools in the region before the end of this term. The campaign follows the rounding up of 75 school-going learners last year after one learner became violent at school due to drugs. “Upon interrogations names of others were released and parents were summoned and a meeting held with both parents and their children,” Mbeha said yesterday. A case was opened against the dealer, who sold drugs to schoolgoing children, and he was arrested, Mbeha said. One learner was sent for rehabilitation with the consent of the parents. The Otjozondjupa regional police spokesperson said following what transpired last year, the ‘No to Drugs and Gangsterism’ campaign last month visited Otjiwarongo High School, Donatus Secondary School, Monica Geingos Junior Secondary, Edugate Private School, Paresis Senior Secondary School and Karundu Combined School. “So far, all secondary schools in Otjiwarongo were visited and the campaign will be rolled out to other towns in the region. There are also Current Vacancies reports regarding learners involved in gangs and this was also addressed during the campaign,” said the warrant Mbeha said police attribute gangsterism among learners and drug addiction to peer pressure. “Not all the children are criminalminded but others do so because of fear of being called names by their peers. I warn the youngsters to stop engaging in gangs,” she counselled. Footpaths between Extension 6 and Crocodile Ranch as well as where youngsters belonging to gangs frequent to disturb others. However, those areas to ensure safety for those walking on foot. “The police are everywhere and we will arrest you. Youngsters are warned to refrain from criminal activities but rather concentrate on building their future,” Mbeha warned. Members of the public were urged to report all drug-related cases to the police and also to report any gang they saw in their areas. Mbeha added that without the involvement of community members. “We depend on them, and we urge them to report any criminal activity and we will act without delay,” she

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