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New Era Newspaper Friday March 9, 2018

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6 NEWS Friday, March 9 2018| NEW ERA Angolan encroachment angers Omuthiya traders Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Local vendors trading at the popular Omatala open market in Omuthiya are discontented with the presence of Angolan vendors who have in recent days swamped the already dirty and overcrowded market, reducing their market share. They further claim Angolans trade close to the road outside the designated market and this prevents clients from reaching their stalls at the market. In addition, they said, most of the foreign traders mainly come from Ondangwa and Oshikango and do not possess any trade permit. “They should go back from where they came from. We do not want them here in our town. On top of that they are even rude,” thundered a local trader during a public meeting with the town council where they requested the authority’s intervention. is toothless on the matter because of the absence of bylaws. The manager for planning and technical services who said their arms “are cut” pending the implementation of the rules and regulations acknowledged the absence. “At the moment we have no basis to charge them because the policy is not yet implemented, although it has already been drafted and approved by the council and only pending Meanwhile, the CEO of Omuthiya, Samuel Mbango, used the platform to inform the public regarding the new terminal that will soon commence. “We have budgeted N0,000 towards fencing and bus terminal. Once this is done some of the traders will be also responded to queries of unhygienic conditions at the open market. Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Poverty-stricken families in the rural parts of //Kharas Region are likely to migrate to Keetmanshoop in order to receive free food when the food bank is established at the town. Keetmanshoop Mayor Gaudentia Kröhne said despite the government intending to assist poor people in the urban areas and Keetmanshoop in particular through the food bank programme, the initiative might bring with it negative effects for the town. She said the good initiative might at the end of the day cause problems for the local authority, as more people from rural areas are likely and other basic amenities through the programme. “There are concerns of migration of people to Keetmanshoop just so they can get free food.” The food bank is meant to distribute food to families living in abject poverty and was rolled out in Windhoek in June 2016 and //Kharas. Training of street committee members has been completed and the process of is currently underway. But Kröhne said because the food bank will target people from Keetmanshoop only, many people from the nearby rural areas might be tempted to come to the town to will put further strain on the municipality’s ability to deliver services to the people. “This is the challenge we face… when we gave food to the elderly last year we budgeted for 500 people but we ended up giving to 800. Poverty and hunger will force people to come here if they know they can get food.” – Gaudentia Kröhne Food bank could trigger rural/urban migration settlements and set up shacks on unserviced land, later demanding to be provided with proper services such as water and electricity. She the food bank is up and running. The mayor added that in 2017 when the municipality distributed food to elderly people, people from as far as Koës and other surrounding rural areas approached her the day before, to inform her that they will be overnighting at Keetmanshoop to wait for the food distribution before they returned to their areas. “This is the challenge we face … when we gave food to the elderly last year we budgeted for 500 people but we ended up giving to 800. Poverty and hunger will force people to come here if they know they can get food,” she said. NOTICE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Healthy Earth Environmental Consultants CC (HEEC) hereby gives notice to all potentially Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012) for the following: Republic of Namibia MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ARTS AND CULTURE OMUSATI REGION Nuuyoma Secondary School Team work and dedication for quality education PROJECT NAME: Establishment and mining of dimension stones on a mining claim 69356 at Oroutumba Village, Swaartbooisdrif, Opuwo District, Kunene Region. PROJECT LOCATION: Oroutumba Village, Swaartbooisdrif, Opuwo District, Kunene Region. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project involves conducting an EIA for the mining of dimension stones, on mining claim 69356 situated at Oroutumba Village, Swaartbooisdrif, Kunene Region. The proponent intends to mine dimension stones on a mining claim at Oroutumba Village, Swaartbooisdrif, Opuwo district, located about 7 km from the D3701 gravel road from Opuwo to Ruacana. PROJECT INVOLVEMENT: Proponent: Mr Hosea Kazepurua Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP): Healthy Earth Environmental Consultants CC (HEEC) REGISTRATION OF I&APs AND SUBMISSION OF COMMENTS: In line with Namibia’s Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and EIA regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012), all I&APs are hereby invited to register and submit their comments, concerns or questions in writing via: Email: on or before Friday 23 March 2018. Meeting venue: Oroutumba Village, Swaartbooisdrif Date: Saturday, 10 March 2018 Time: 11:00 hours Mobile: 081 20 50902 Urgent Vacancy equivalent. Comprehensive curriculum vitae and two (2) recent testimonials and academic transcripts. NQA including their working permits. studies grade 11-12. Candidates with teaching experiences in Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered and no faxed documents will be accepted.

Friday, March 9 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Honouring women… Zambezi residents came in numbers to celebrate International Women’s Day Sioka condemns child marriages *Hilma Nakanduungile Katima Mulilo Katima accused of dubious tender awards Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Omatando Construction Company, owned by Kornelius Mbangula and Linken Chibozu, has accused the Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC) of dubiously awarding tenders in the town. This emerged after the company lost a bid to construct sewers at Choto in a deal worth about N million. Manager of Omatando at Katima Mulilo, Linken Chibozu, argues that his company deserved to be awarded the tender as, among others, they only quoted N.2 million. However, the town council resolved to award the tender to a Chineseowned company, ABC Investment, that quoted N.4 million. “They told us that we lost the tender because we are not a local company. Yet they awarded the tender to a Chinese company. What is local a Namibian or a Chinese company?” he asked. Chibozu added that despite the company being registered in Oshakati they have a branch in Katima Mulilo, and he The Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Doreen Sioka, has condemned child marriages, saying it is the worst kind of atrocity performed in the name of culture, which is equivalent to murder as it permanently damages the future of an innocent Namibian child. “Child marriage is really a bad thing. It is a shame that we should even be having such things happening right in our homes and in our neighbourhoods and we turn a blind eye to them. I thus call upon all of us to work towards its total elimination in our respective societies,” she said. She further urged the gathering to consider education more important in comparison to lobola that some parents target. “Education is the main key to wealth. If you want to be rich, just send your girl child [to school] to be educated. Let us go out and talk to our neighbours and tell them about the importance of education. Let us not give away our children,” stressed Sioka. She made the remarks at the national celebration of International Women’s Day at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region. Namibia joins the international community to commemorate the day, where women from all walks of life come together to celebrate their roles across the world in the socio-economic developments of their countries. This year, the day was celebrated under the theme: “From Peace in the Home, to Peace in Namibia: Press for Progress”. On the theme, Sioka urged the gathering to press for progress in advancing women’s economic empowerment, progress in eliminating gender-based violence and child marriage. She said Namibia is one of the countries where women have made greater strides. “We now boast far more female representation in our Parliament than ever before. The proportion of women in Parliament is now at 40 percent, resulting in the ranking of the country among the top African countries, which have advanced women in decisionmaking structures,” revealed Sioka. Although women are well represented in politics at national level in the country, there is a low representation in regional governance structures. According to Sioka, the 2015 Regional Council election yielded only 16 percent of women out of the 121 candidates. Two regional councils namely Omaheke and Zambezi have no female company to be regarded as local. “ABC is also registered in Windhoek, but they have a branch here; we also have a branch here. So, it doesn’t make sense when they say they did not award us the tender because we are not a local company,” he said. Due to this discontent, Omatando Construction Company decided to appeal the awarding of the tender to the Public Procurement Committee. In the Public Procurement Review dated February 21, 2018, (seen by New Era) “the Review Panel established that the respondent [KMTC] substantially amended bid conditions when they replaced the bid security condition with a letter of intent. “This is a contravention to the Public Procurement Regulation 33 and 37… which states that a bid security in the form of a bank guarantee must be issued by a commercial bank in order to be accepted by a public entity,” reads the document. It is further stated that “both the awarded bidder – ABC Investment, the applicant Omatando Construction Company, and the rest of the bidders were not substantially responsive, having not submitted the prerequisite bid security.” The Review Panel also stressed that in the “Bid Evaluation Committee meeting minutes, bidders were rated from poor, fair and good without evidence to back up the ratings in line with the evaluation criteria as provided for in the bidding document”. It is also revealed in the document that the town council was not able to provide councillors. Speaking at the same occasion, the Executive Director of Women’s Action for Development, Salatiel Shinedima, urged unemployment, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS, which have claimed so many innocent lives. He added that women should not undo in their communities by pulling fellow women down. “The sad reality is that many women would rather vote for a man than for a woman because the ugly face of jealousy and a lack of faith in women’s abilities to excel are pulling them down,” said Shinedima. He added that the so-called pull-herdown syndrome among women is extremely dangerous for women’s advancement in among themselves, the longer men will continue to rule on their own. Heads of department from different institutions, learners and community members gathered in numbers to celebrate the day. *Hilma Nakanduungile is an informa- Zambezi Region evaluation evidence considered when they awarded the tender and, as a result, the council was ordered to re-advertise the tender. “Having considered all factual records developed and submitted by respondent and aggrieved bidder, the review panel, in accordance with the powers vested in it in terms of Section 60 (f) of the Public Procurement Act 15 of 2015, resolved to order that the procurement proceedings be terminated and start afresh.” Chibozu, however, argues that KMTC has refused to comply with the order from the review panel. He is accusing KMTC CEO Raphael Liswaniso of being “not a man of his word”. “He says only local companies should be awarded tenders. But he awarded a tender of bins supply to a company owned by his brother, and whose business address is in Walvis Bay,” he said. This was in reference to a tender to supply wheelie bins worth about N0,000, which the town council awarded to KDG Liswaniso, in last December. Sources allege that KDG is yet to supply the wheelie bins to the council since it won and the Katima Mulilo CEO. Efforts to get a comment from Katima CEO Liswaniso proved futile, as his mobile phone went unanswered and he did not respond to several questions sent to his mobile phone. Applications are hereby invited from Namibian citizens for appointment in the following vacancy: INTENTION TO LEASE ERF 489 SWAKOPMUND TO SWAKOP CHIEF EXECUTIVE URANIUM (PTY) OFFICER LTD (5 Year Contract) Notice is hereby given in terms of the provis Main purpose of the job: To take responsibility Section 63 (2) of the Local Authorities Act, and overall accountability for the operations of the Municipality 23 of 1992, by as formulating amended, the that vision the of Municipal Council into of policies Swakopmund / strategies and intends to ensure to that lease policies Erf / strategies Swakopmund are executed measuring to provide 5615m, effective to and be “General Industrial” situated in Extensi Key Swakopmund performance Areas: to Swakop The successful Uranium candidate (Pty) Ltd will purpose be responsible of parking to: for its busses and vehic the establishment of a wash bay, garages store room and ablution facilities. Full particulars of the above lease will inspection in Room BO – 22 A, between 16:00 weekdays until Friday, 3 July 2015. C person is Ms S Clark at (064) 4104216. Any person objecting to the proposed leas lodge such objections in writing, duly motiva Business the Chief Management/Administration Executive Officer, not (NQF later than level 12 Tuesday, 7 July 2015. Enquiries: Ms Sandra Clark E-mail: Fax: 088 614 514 Notice No: 27/2015 The candidate should possess and display E U W a De good understanding and knowledge CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the local Contact person: placed in the GREEN APPLICATION BOX not later than 11:00 on Tuesday, 27 March 2018. PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT IN ORDER FOR YOU TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SHORTLISTING, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTACH CERTIFIED PROOF OF ALL QUALIFICATIONS AND TESTIMONIALS TO YOUR APPLICATION!! THE MUNICIPALITY OF SWAKOPMUND IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Notice Nr: V1/2018.03.27 MUNICIPALITY O SWAKOPMUND MUNICIPALITY OF SWAKOPMUND H !NARUSEB ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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