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New Era Newspaper Friday May 11, 2018

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16 Friday 11 May 2018 NEW ERA ADVERTS VACANCY CHIEF ELECTORAL AND REFERENDA OFFICER OF THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION OF NAMIBIA (ECN) 1. The Mandate of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) The ECN in accordance with section 17 of the Electoral Act, Act no. 5 of 2014 invites suitable candidates to apply for the position of Chief Electoral and an independent, transparent and impartial body. In terms of the Namibian Constitution Third Amendment Act, the ECN is the exclusive body to direct, subject to the Constitution and the Electoral Act. of a Permanent Secretary in the public service. The incumbent will directly report to the Commission, serve as its secretary and is expected to provide apply for reappointment. 3. Key Responsibilities: Namibia’s electoral processes in accordance with an electoral cycle approach. The incumbent is further required to plan and execute any referenda which ECN may be commissioned to undertake. Ensure the production of ECN’s annual narrative report and compliance with all other statutory requirements. participation, impartiality and fairness, transparency and timeliness. ensure adherence to relevant international electoral instruments. law, political science, social science or public administration; impartiality, fairness, political neutrality and equality; relating to - mind or mentally disordered or defective and has been so declared by a competent court; Namibia; the above mentioned issues at the formal interview. ECN will offer a competitive salary commensurate with the position of Interested candidates should make a written application, accompanied by The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia, Elections House, Namibia directed to: Closing date: Applications should be received by 24 May 2018. Any application received after this date shall not be considered. Republic of Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism ANNOUNCEMENT THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM ANNOUNCES THE AUCTION OF A TROPHY HUNTING CONCESSION ON STATE LAND FOR THE PERIOD 2019 – 2022 (With a possibility to extend to 2023) The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) will hold an auction of a trophy hunting concession on State land for the period 2019-2022 (with the possibility for extension to 2023) on 24 May 2018, in Windhoek (the exact venue to be communicated at a later stage). One (1) concession will be auctioned at this event. Concession Area. Mahango Core Area (part of Bwabwata National Park). Species included in the Concession Species included are: buffaloes, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, crocodile, roan and sable antelope, kudu, lechwe, blue wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra, common impala, warthog and duiker. Pre-Registration and Registration All interested companies are required to pre-register during the period of 07 -23 May 2018 to qualify for the auction. Pre-registered companies will be given the draft contract and more information on the concession. The professional hunter must be registered for trophy hunting of big game and employed temporarily or permanently by the bidding company. Registration for bidders will be restricted to Namibian registered companies in good standing, owned by or having in its employment a Namibian registered professional hunter. Special incentives will be offered to promote black economic empowerment in the trophy hunting industry. Registration will start from 09h00 A. M. on the auction date, and the auction will commence at 10h30 A. M. For further enquiries please contact: Mr. Vitalis Mushongo Mr. Colgar Sikopo Ms. Elly Hamunyela Phone: +264 61 2842912 Phone: +264 61 284 2518 Phone: +264 61 284 2526 Fax: +264 61 229 936 Fax: +264 61 229 936 Fax: +264 61 229 936 Email: Email: Email: Republic of Namibia OSHIKOTO REGION OFFICE OF THE REGIONAL GOVERNOR NOTICE OF APPRECIATION TO OUR DONORS AND SPONSORS 21st MARCH 2018 INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS The just held 28th independence anniversary for the Republic of Namibia, in Tsumeb, Oshikoto Region, on the 21st March 2018, was a resounding success. As the old adage goes: “Credit should go where credit is due”, so on behalf of the entire population of Oshikoto Region, all members of both the Regional as well the National Preparatory Committees for the 28th independence celebrations 2018 and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to extend our profound appreciation to the following institution and/or people who have made a generous contribution to the event, which was a resounding success and for which we are all proud: 1. ABC Service Station 2. B2Gold Mine 3. Beluga Fishing (Pty) Ltd 4. Built It 5. CENORED 6. Coca Cola 7. Dundee Precious Metals 8. Dr E. Shivute Medical Practice 9. Dr K. Nderecha 10. Erongo Red 11. General D. Investment 12. Goal Maize 13. Hon. Betty Kaula 14. Lewis Stores 15. Namib Mills 16. Namibia Fish Consumption 17. Namibia Plastic Packaging 18. NORED Electricity 19. Marco Fishing 20. Manmar Investments Seventy-Five (Pty) Ltd 21. Ministry of Environment and Tourism 22. Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry 23. Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources 24. Mr. Erastus Haleinge 25. Mr Key Henock 26. Mr Michael Iyambo 27. Oshikoto Fresh Fruit & Vegetables 28. Oshivelo Farming 29. Ohorongo Cement 30. Roadhouse 31. Rosy Bar 32. Shiimi Electric 33. Tsumeb Deli House 34. Tsumeb Municipality Once again, THANK YOU for your support and contribution. It was really kind of you to support a good cause and a very historic national event of this magnitude. Other institutions and/or persons --------------------------------------- Hon. Henok Kankoshi Regional Governor Oshikoto Region

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