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New Era Newspaper Friday May 11, 2018

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4 Friday 11 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS Woman defrauded of N0,000 by former schoolmate •Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - A female nurse was defrauded of N0,000 by a former primary school mate who had promised to help her secure a European Union (EU) scholarship to study medicine in the Netherlands. A case of theft under false pretence was opened on May 3 with the City Police against Simon Hamukaku, 32, who this week appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. According to City Police public relations officer Fabian Amukwelele, Hamukaku was granted N,000 bail, which he paid. The woman, who has requested anonymity, says she spent all her savings to pay for fictitious “tuition, a meal card, visa and accommodation” that Hamukaku had promised would be refunded before she left the country for her studies. The woman started making payments in September 2016 to alleged officials at the EU office in Windhoek and was supposed to leave for the Netherlands in November last year but the trip kept being postponed. In 2016 the woman and Hamukaku had met in the north where he told her about the ‘scholarship’ offered by the EU. Hamukaku said he was studying towards a master’s degree in law at the University of Namibia under the same scholarship. Hamukaku then returned to Windhoek and asked the woman to send her personal documents to him and soon thereafter people from the alleged EU office in Windhoek contacted the woman, which they did continually. “They asked money to cover the accommodation, tuition and for a meal card which I deposited in one of two personal accounts I got from them because the person who ‘dealt’ with the EU bank account was not around,” the woman said. She would eWallet money and make cash deposits while some money she gave to Hamukaku as per their request. The victim said Hamukaku kept postponing matters when she was supposed to leave for studies in November. She finally gave up but Hamukaku insisted she goes to the Netherlands and had two men call her claiming they were from NSFAF and the education ministry. They said the loan was ready and all her documents were processed. The woman started asking Hamukaku to enable her to visit the office to verify her information but he wasn’t forthcoming and she then sought police assistance, which led to Hamukaku’s arrest. Amukwelele cautioned members of the public not to be too quick to trust people with their money without thorough background information and to report all potential scams. Photo: Contributed Simon Hamukaku, the alleged fraudster NAMIBIAN MARITIME AND FISHERIES INSTITUTE (NAMFI) NAMFI was established in July 1996 by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources as a Trust. VACANCY: DIRECTOR (based in Walvis Bay) Amgabeb wants case struck from roll Requirements: Working in a multi-cultural organization the applicant should possess good interpersonal relations. The successful candidate should have strong commitment to build and develop the Institute in the best interest of Namibia and should also ensure that the Institute meets the International and Computer Literacy Key performance areas: The successful candidate will assume responsibility for the overall management of the Institute. Manage institute resources in accordance with strategic plans. Develop and maintain harmonious working relationships among all key stakeholders. NAMFI is offering an attractive remuneration package to the successful candidate. Interested individuals should deliver the following: st OR Walvis Bay Walvis Bay Tel: 064-270900 CLOSING DATE: 24 May 2018 Only short listed candidates will be contacted and no documents will be returned. •Maria Amakali WINDHOEK - The defence team of a man who stands accused of killing Johannes Jetta in 2016 wants his case struck from the court roll due to delays in the matter. Desmond Amgabeb made an appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Michelle Kubersky. Amgabeb faces a charge of murder for what the prosecution deems the unlawful and intentional killing of Jetta. Jetta died from his wounds after he was stabbed with an okapi knife near Green Mountain Road, Goreangab Dam on December 31, 2016. The matter was on the roll for the prosecutor general’s decision. But the prosecution informed the court that the case docket had not yet been submitted to the prosecutor general’s office. The prosecutor dealing with the case was not available and according to State Prosecutor Ellen Shipena the docket was in her possession. Defence lawyer Mese Tjituri who is representing Amgabeb in the matter voiced his frustration with the court. Tjituri reminded the court that the matter is of a serious nature and should be treated as such. “This is an infringement of the right to a fair trial of the accused. Who is responsible for the docket? This is an abuse of power. We request that the matter be struck from the roll and once the prosecutor general’s decision is ready then the accused can be summoned,” said Tjituri. Tjituri reminded the court that the matter was remanded on December 6, 2017 for the prosecutor general’s decision, which amounts to more than four months ago. Magistrate Kubersky said the State is making a habit of not submitting dockets for the prosecutor general’s decision, which consequently delays matters from going to trial. “The court acknowledges the right of the accused person but the court also has to consider the nature of the offence and the interest of justice,” said Kubersky. The court gave a final remand for the prosecutor general’s decision. Amgabeb, who is out on bail of N,000, was warned to make an appearance in court on August 8 or risk a warrant of arrest being issued against him.

Friday 11 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS 5 President worried about youth abusing alcohol and drugs •Albertina Nakale WINDHOEK - President Hage Geingob has expressed deep concern over the escalating levels of alcohol and drug abuse especially among young Namibian men. Geingob, who on Wednesday had the University of Namibia Health Sciences Campus named Dr Hage Geingob Campus, stressed that the people of Namibia subscribe to the belief that a healthy nation is a productive nation, and an investment in the health sector is an investment in the future of a country. It is however concerning that the health consciousness amongst Namibia people is very low, little attention is given to physical exercise and wellbeing, while alcohol and drug abuse continue to burden society, the President said. “You see some police officers, soldiers and even ministers with Kapundas [potbellies],” he said. “When I came from exile, I saw young people drinking and they say they have nothing to do. Young kids, not only young kids but young men are drinking. When I go to my church, its only young girls and women. Where are the men? Young men are drinking and smoking. When they go home, the girls and women are smarter because they read books. They [men] get jealous and they kill them,” Geingob reacted. He stressed that it is important for Namibians to improve their health awareness nationwide and also clean up their immediate and surrounding environments. That is the reason he would be launching the ‘Clean-Up Campaign’ on 25 May, with the theme ‘A clean environment for a healthier nation’. The aim is “to improve on the hygienic conditions in which we live and thereby safeguard the health of our communities,” he said. Geingob stated that, the campus is an important investment in the health sector as it has an integral role to play in the future of Namibia. He said the students who will pursue respective disciplines within health sciences, are preparing to establish themselves as the guardians of the national wellbeing and vitality. “The people of the land tasked me with the mission of creating conditions for era of shared prosperity into the Namibian house. I take that noble, but difficult mission, seriously and place a high premium on the health of our people as a precondition for our shared prosperity,” Geingob stated. He referred to the objective and targets on health set out in the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5), as well as the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), which are to ensure that all Namibians will have access to quality health care and that by 2022, the Health Adjusted Life Expectancy in Namibia will increase to 67.5 years, from the current age of 59 years. There is also the reduction of infant mortality as a priority under the pillar on social progression. It is because of that the identification and training of community health workers and midwifes is one of several strategies and actions government aim to deploy in order to mitigate the risks of infant mortality. He indicated the students graduating from this campus would help Namibia to meet its objective of ensuring that “no mother in the Namibian house should lose her life while giving birth.” President Hage Geingob More participants take up NIPAM programmes •Maria Amakali WINDHOEK – There is an increase in the number of people enrolling for programmes with the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM), with the institution recording a total number of 1 983 participants for 2016/17 financial year. This is according to the NIPAM director for Information Management Business Centre, Dennis Shindume. The increase in participants is due to the practice of rethinking and redesigning the way work is done to better support an organisation’s mission at the same time reducing costs, Shindume said. Shindume made these remarks at the launch of the institution’s training calendar for 2018/19 in the capital on Tuesday. Approximately 60 training officials attended the launch from central government, regional councils, local authorities and public enterprises. Since its inception in 2011, the institution has provided competencyb a s e d t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m s characterised by theoretical and practical training. The launch was characterised by presentations from NIPAM’s officials on their three main training programs of flagship training programs, functional training courses, and Information and Communication Technology courses. Ester Nakanduungile, manager for Communication and Public Relations said the training programs are customised to meet the needs associated with different responsibilities and functions of the participant from the executive level to the operational staff. Approximately 35 courses ranging from Computer Literacy to Executives Quality Management Systems are on offer MEDIA RELEASE 1. The laws regulating the education, training and practice of health care professions in Namibia provides that no person or educational institution may offer or provide in Namibia any education or training having as its objects to qualify any person to practice any health profession or to perform any other activity directed at the physical examination of any person, or diagnosis, treatment or in persons, unless such education, tuition or training has been approved by the Health Professions Councils (HPCNA) in writing as being appropriate education, tuition or training for such purposes. 2. Any person or educational institution intending to offer the education or training referred above, must apply, before offering such education or training, to the Council in writing and in such form and manner as the HPCNA may determine from time to time, for the written approval of the HPCNA. 4. The public is being warned that neither the above-mentioned institution nor the nursing education and training advertised are approved by the HPCNA as required by law. 5. The consequences of enrolling for health-related courses which are not approved by the HPCNA are that: - The person pursuing the course cannot be registered with the HPCNA as a student and consequently, cannot be allowed to enter any public or private health facility in Namibia for the purposes of practical training and - Upon completion of the course such person will not be registered with the HPCNA and therefore will not be allowed to practice a healthcare profession in any public or private health facility in Namibia. 6. Before enrolling for a health-related course in Namibia, public members are urged to verify approval At the launch… Participants attending the launch of NIPAM’s training calendar for 2018/19. Photo: contributed

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