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New Era Newspaper Friday November 10, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Friday November 10,

Vol. 23 No. 052 Windhoek, Namibia Friday, November 10 2017 Inside Today Cop shot in a revenge attack An on-duty female City - Page 3 Making a living… Earning N per day, which is equivalent to the price of a watermelon, is the hope of some vendors. “It is not my own business”, says Patience Katjimune, aged 27. “I sell for someone else and I am paid N a watermelons and spanspek (melon) at almost every street corner. New Era spoke to vendors in Khomasdal, who said their employers buy watermelons in bulk from Mariental weekly. The suppliers sell one watermelon for N and vendors here resell them from prices ranging from N to N, depending on size. said: “For my employer yes, for me I earn N a day and I sell a good 20 watermelons every day.” Because, vendors are required to spaces around the city, under bridges or even next to the road. Competition is tough but vendors like Katjimune come to work daily, because they have families to take care of. Photo: Emmency Nuukala Blossom in hot water Statements by local musician Blossom that were widely regarded as derogatory towards the president, have now proven costly for the artist. Blossom, who was voted Best Female Artist at the Namibian Music Awards in 2013, set social media ablaze this week with a post on Facebook, stating: “Onkwankara eeta ondjala. Biggest mistake,” that could mean the “Damara brought hunger”. Blossom was due to perform at a Bank Windhoek Fun Day event over the weekend but her appearance was promptly cancelled late yesterday after her remarks sparked outrage online. A Bank Windhoek spokesperson said the bank had taken note of the controversy surrounding Blossom’s statements and had decided to distance itself from her comments. “Blossom was contracted through a third party to appear at the Fun Day and we have contacted them in this regard. She has since been withdrawn from the line-up,” the bank said. 600 farmers benefit from resettlement fund Albertina Nakale Windhoek Six hundred and one resettled from a post-settlement support fund set up in 2009 as part of land reform attempts by the Ministry of Land Reform. A total of N.048 million was disbursed to the 601 resettled farmers since the establishment of the fund in July 2017. farmers received funding to the value of N1,768. These statistics came to light after Apius Auchab, a UDF Member of Parliament in the National Assembly asked the Land Reform Minister Utoni Nujoma to explain Utoni Nujoma Husband renders wife of 50 years homeless Loide Jason Ongwediva A 73-year-old woman is now roaming around homeless after she was unceremoniously chased feom her common-law house by her husband after their grandson stole alcohol from the husband’s room. The incident occurred on October 17 at their house in Ondjondjo village, Okatana Constituency in the Oshana Region. Perpetua Jonathan has been married to her husband for more than 51 years, ATMs, shops lost N.2 million to robbers this year Maria Amakali Windhoek Robberies in Namibia seem to be on the rise with banks, ATMs, shops and high street businesses losing close to N.2 million this year alone. According New Era’s statistical analysis of the daily police reports of 2017, robbers managed to get away with some N,222,379 over the past year. but the husband has lately started abusing her and avoiding having any conversation with her at home. She said all she wants is to be given a piece of land within the area she has been living in for the past 51 years. The husband, whose name is known to New Era, but will not be disclosed as he could not be reached to tell his side of the story, had been married to two wives, who have been living in the same house for 50 years. Things apparently got out of hand when HUSBAND on page 2 “Criminals are not lax, they are seeking for any opportunity to commit whatsoever crime. The public must be alert at all times.” Most of the crimes occur when victims have just withdrawn large sums of money, or when they are on their way to deposit money; and victims are often ambushed by criminals with guns or knives. FARMERS on page 2 ROBBERS on page 2 The Weekend DISCOUNTER All your specials for the weekend, in one section! SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS... Contact us: Tel: +264 61 208 0800 | Website: New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper appclassifieds/discover

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167