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New Era Newspaper Friday November 24, 2017

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4 NEWS Friday, November 24 2017| NEW ERA Cop convicted of murder, kidnapping, assault Nuusita Ashipala Oshakati The Oshakati High Court last week found 47-year-old Detective Sergeant Raphael Nawa Ilukena from Katima Mulilo guilty of murder, kidnapping and assault by threat. Ilukena was indicted for the kidnapping of his wife’s lover, Christopher Chisanga, and subsequently murdering him on July 20, 2012. He faces an additional charge of assault by threat read with provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003. According to the court, Ilukena searched for Chisanga after learning from his son that he was having an affair with his wife. Ilukena’s wife had confessed to having a sexual relationship with Chisanga. handcuffed him and forcibly removed him from his house in New Cowboy and took him to his house in Chotto Compound. At the house, Ilukena locked himself, Chisanga and his wife in the house for about four hours before the police were tipped off. When the police arrived at the house, Chisanga was found half naked, bruised and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. In her testimony, the wife told the court that Ilukena whipped Chisanga with a sjambok, kicked him with booted feet and trampled on him continuously for four hours. Ilukena pleaded not guilty to all three charges arguing that Chisanga had consented to being detained, which the court rejected. Ilukena further told the court that he was suffering from stress, anger and was intoxicated when he committed the act. Judge Marlene Tommasi found that Ilukena acted with diminished criminal responsibility caused by nonpathological incapacity when he committed the murder and the assault by threat in respect of count two and three. “This court is of the view that the accused’s ability to act in accordance with an appreciation of wrongfulness was weakened substantially and not just to the extent that it can be said this his moral blameworthiness was materially reduced,” remarked Tommasi. The court found that the accused’s actions were voluntary. In respect of count one, kidnapping, the court inferred that had Chisanga been given an opportunity he would doing so. “The evidence adduced before court supports a conviction on this count as the state proved its case in respect of this count beyond reasonable doubt,” remarked Tommasi. Advocate Ruben Shileka from represented the accused. Ecstatic… Swapo delegates delighted after the High Court dismissed a case against them. Omaheke delegates cleared for Swapo congress Maria Amakali Windhoek Sounds of joy could be heard in the High Court on Wednesday after High Court Deputy dismissed an urgent application bers from attending a congress that started yesterday. In their application four Swapo members, Kejamuina Uhungira Mungendje, Maleagi Ndisiro, Frans Murangi and did not make the list of delegates - Festus Uitele, Kilus Nguvauva and 27 of the 81 respondents Congress. The court will pronounce itself on the issues of cost on March 28, 2018, where the reasons of such order will be made available. The applicants wanted the court to nullify the electoral processes of Aminuis, Kalahari, Okorukambe and Otjinene districts, and Omaheke Regional Conference. the four applicants alleged that the Swapo electoral process of electing delegates for the congress was not adhered to. Mungendje and his fellow applicants indicated that they were not going to be represented at Congress by delegates who were elected irregularly through However, Uitele alongside 80 respondents refuted such sentiments arguing that the four are disgruntled members who failed to garner support from party members at a re-election held during the conferences held in Omaheke region before the start of Congress. “The applicants are not seeking to enforce a right to attend the Congress. Rather, what they seek is to stop others from attending the Congress,” said the respondents. is the highest decision-making years. During the congress, the party president, vice president and secretary general are elected into power. Furthermore, the congress has the power to amend the constitution of the party. Narib, Vas Soni, James Dierdericks represented the respondents while Tuhafeni Muhongo and Kadhila Amoomo represented the applicants. This week’s Star of the Week are members of the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) for arresting two of five suspects who attacked and robbed a crew that was shooting a music video in the mountains near Elisenheim. The Khomas Regional Commander, Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa, on Tuesday said all the equipment worth N0 000 snatched by the robbers during the attack was recovered. The police also recovered N0 966 from the N.8 million stolen from Sun Square Shopping Mall from a Chinese national in Ondangwa among other recent success stories. Gangs of armed thieves have been going around Windhoek where they have been breaking into residential properties stealing with impunity and targeting several businesses where they have stolen large amounts of cash. Crime, especially armed robbery, has reached alarming levels, but members of the police have been equal to the task pursuing these thugs and locking them up and they also recovered the stolen property. Executive Director: KAZA TFCA Secretariat Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area This is a 3-year contract position, with 6 months’ probation, and is tenable at the KAZA TFCA Secretariat Headquarters in Kasane, Botswana. The KAZA TFCA Secretariat is the designate entity established under the KAZA Treaty by the KAZA partner countries to manage the day-to-day operations of the TFCA. Its overall mandate is to develop KAZA TFCA into a world-class conservation area and premier tourism destination. This mandate is executed under the guidance of the KAZA partner countries, with support from development partners and a consortium of stakeholders. Main purpose of the position: This is a leadership position and is responsible for the strategic management of KAZA, i.e. formulating and implementing strategy, policy and managing the day-to-day operations (financial, human resources and administrative matters) of KAZA. The responsibilities of the position include: Coordination and policy implementation: he ed at harmonising natural resources and tourism management strategies. Programme Development and Implementation: t will enable KAZA TFCA. Resource Mobilisation: orporate society to participate in the development and management of the KAZA TFCA. Requirements: ent level an added sector in Africa will be an added advantage. Remuneration: A package inclusive of salary and benefication and experience. ng the cial Eligibility: Applicants should quote the title of the position applied for and provide the following:cation cuments Applications must be emailed to Closing date: For further information, please contact the Project Administrator, tel. +27 (0)21 880-5122 or e-mail:

Friday, November 24 2017| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Teachers’ ability to handle high-level subjects questioned Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Teachers’ ability to handle the new revised education curriculum and teach high level was questioned at a consultative meeting at Keetmanshoop on Tuesday. The meeting saw parents, learners, teachers and other stakeholders gather at Suiderlig High school to scrutinise, among others, the new revised basic education curriculum, with many sceptical about whether teachers are equipped to handle the revised curriculum, as well as the ability of teachers to teach subjects on high level. The revised curriculum has seen a number of reforms in the education structure from pre-primary to senior secondary, and some of these reforms have already been implemented at primary phase, and Grade 8, while grades 9 to 12 are to follow suit as of next year. Those in attendance, especially learners, questioned the teachers’ capacity to teach the new curriculum, aimed at improving the quality of Namibian education, saying some teachers are already struggling to produce good grades with the old curriculum. “Our teachers are struggling with the old curriculum – will the teachers be able to handle the new and more complex curriculum?” asked one of the learners. Another concern raised at the meeting was whether Namibia to teach high level, as learners are encouraged to take at least three subjects at high level at secondary phase under the new curriculum. A former teacher said “we need to be honest and acknowledge that we do not have teachers capable of teaching at high level”, and that high level should not start at senior secondary phase only but should be in place from junior secondary. She opined that those entrusted to teach high level did not themselves do high level during their school years, but are only doing that because they obtained she said these teachers still lack the necessary qualities to be able to effectively teach high level. The former teacher said although these teachers are graduates, they are not equipped to teach at high level, and that is why, according to her, some teachers discourage learners from doing high level, not because the learners are not capable but because the teachers are incapable. teachers to deal with high level – some of us discourage learners from doing high level, especially maths, because it is better for the learner to know they are not good enough, than for them to know that the teachers are unable to teach high level,” she said. Another concern raised at the meeting by some learners was the issue of mathematics not being a compulsory promotional subject in grades 8 and 9, but becomes a compulsory promotional subject in grades 10 to 12. This means unlike the current system that requires that a learner passes mathematics in order to proceed to the next grade, learners in grades 8 and 9 will go to the next grade even if they fail mathematics, but will fail to proceed to Grade 11 should they fail mathematics in Grade 10. Many at the meeting felt that this would create a situation where learners do not take mathematics seriously in those two grades, as they will be reluctant, only to get to Grade 10 and try to pick up the pieces, which some felt will be too little too late. “Do you not think that the learners will also be on vacation for those two years if maths is not a compulsory promotional subject?” one parent asked. The revised curriculum will also see an end of the Grade 10 national examinations, but while there will be no national exams come 2019, those under the age of 18 who fail Grade 10 will be pushed back to Grade 9. Bank Windhoek advises on travelling abroad With the holiday season coming up, Bank Windhoek provides you with useful information on overseas travelling. Our assistance will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip. What do I need when travelling overseas? Make sure your passport is valid and that you get adequate information about the visa requirements of the countries you will be travelling to. If you want to apply for travel facilities (e.g. foreign exchange) at Bank Windhoek, you need to present your passport with a valid return air ticket to the consultants at any of our foreign exchange outlets. Do I need to arrange travel insurance and what does it cover? If you purchase your air ticket with your Bank Windhoek Visa Silver or Gold Debit Card, you will qualify for travel insurance free of charge. If #395 Carla da Silva Manager Cross Border: Trade and Payment Services, International Banking Services your family is travelling with you, they will also qualify for the same cover free of charge, provided that their tickets were also purchased with your Bank Windhoek Visa Silver or Gold Debit Card. This travel insurance covers you against accidental death or permanent disability when travelling; emergency medical expenses; and 24-hour assistance provided by EuropAssistance in the event of illness or accidental injury. You can also choose to buy an additional cover that will provide you and your family with even more financial protection and peace of mind. To apply for this additional cover, visit your nearest Bank Windhoek branch. When am I allowed to apply for the travel facilities, such as foreign exchange? The Exchange Control Rulings of the Bank of Namibia (BoN) allows individuals to arrange for travelling allowance facilities up to 60 days before departure. Bank Windhoek usually requires one day’s notice to prepare travel allowances and, in exceptional cases, will assist you immediately. However, to avoid unnecessary delays/ rush the request should be arranged at least five business days in advance. Do I need to take Namibian dollars? The Exchange Control Rulings makes provision that one may take up to N 000 in cash for travelling purposes. However, we suggest that you should only take a small amount to pay for taxis and tips and any other probable expenses when you come back to Namibia. Cash or cards? You are allowed to take travel allowance in cash and on your credit/debit card. When you wish to make use of your debit/credit card before departure, you should arrange with your branch to increase the daily limits, if required. For safety reasons, remember to lower your limit upon return to Namibia. What amounts do I qualify for to take as a travel allowance? All foreign exchange transactions in Namibia are subject to Exchange Control Regulations, laid down by the Regulator the Bank of Namibia. You may go to any of our American Express foreign exchange outlets in Windhoek and at the International airport. Most of the Bank Windhoek branches will assist you in this regard as well. A single discretionary allowance of N 000 000 per individual per calendar year may be used for purposes of travel, gifts, donations and maintenance. It should be noted that once this allowance has been fully utilised, it will only again become available in the next calendar year. Any unused foreign currency on your return to Namibia must be offered for sale to an Authorised Foreign Exchange dealer within 30 days. What currency should I take? Depending on the countries you will be travelling to, we suggest you take the currencies of those specific countries to avoid exchange rate variations. When you travel to Europe, you should take your travel allowance in Euros, which is accepted in the entire Euro Zone. USD being the legal currency used in the United States of America is also widely accepted in most parts of the world. Singing national anthem is a serious business: !Omeb OTJIWARONGO Moses Tjipurua !Omeb, the the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, on Wednesday cautioned community members to always sing the national anthem with dignity and attention. !Omeb said this at an event in Otjiwarongo marking the graduation of the second intake of community health extension workers in the region. He warned that when singing the Namibian and African Union (AU) anthems, it should be very serious business to everyone present at the particular event. !Omeb said the two anthems are sung to give praise, honour and thank those Namibian and African heroes and heroines the dark days of the liberation struggle of the country and the African continent. “You do not sing these two anthems while you are walking or talking to your friends. Never! You must be standing on your feet, at attention until the singing is over,” he said. !Omeb said he observed a disturbing attitude and bad habit among the audience at the graduation. He said that some people were moving up and down while others talked to their friends as the Namibian and AU anthems were being sung during the Nearly 200 people, including parents of the health workers from Okakarara, Grootfontein and Okahandja, acting Otjozondjupa regional health director, Frieda Stefanus, and director of primary health care, Maria Kavezembi, attended the ceremony. – Nampa Should I declare valuables that I take with me on holiday? Exports of personal effects of travellers may not exceed N 000 and must be declared on form NEP to exempt you from customs duty on your return. Valuables more than N 000 will require prior approval from exchange control. The NEP forms are available at our foreign exchange outlets. The forms must be duly completed and signed by you and attested by the bank. For any further information on the above subject, please do not hesitate and contact our 24-hour Bank Windhoek Customer Centre on (061) 299 1200. Win N00 in our Opinion Poll Does the Exchange Control Rulings of the Bank of Namibia (BoN) allow individuals to arrange for travelling allowance facilities up to 60 days before departure? SMS the number “1” followed by “yes” or “no” to 987 or email: or vote online at *SMSs charged at normal rate 10% No Is it wise to start saving early? 90% Yes Lucretia Kavendjaa is the lucky winner in the Money Matters Issue 394 poll draw.

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