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New Era Newspaper Friday November 24, 2017

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8 OTHER NEWS Friday, November 24 2017| NEW ERA REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, WATER AND FORESTRY PRODUCTION AUCTION OF KALAHARI RESEARCH STATION VENUE: KALAHARI RESEARCH STATION (From Stampriet, 6 km on C20, turn onto M42 and drive for about 25km to Kalahari Research Station) *EFT AND CASH PAYMENTS ONLY; NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED* THURSDAY, 30 NOVEMBER 2017 10H00 (VIEWING AND REGISTRATION FROM 08H00) 3 Registered Dorper Ewes (ran with a ram) 2 Registered Dorper Rams 4 Registered Black Swakara Rams 55 Commercial Dorper Ewes (ran with a ram) Enquiries: 13 Commercial Dorper Rams Mr. D. Zamuee 36 Pregnant Commercial Gellaper Ewes Tel: 063-260108/53 11 Commercial Gellaper Rams Email: 10 Commercial Gellaper-cross Rams 100 Commercial Black Swakara Ewes (ran with a ram) Mr. I. Seibeb Tel: 061-2087048 20 Crossbred Steers (Braunvieh x Holstein) Cell: 0813166524 10 Crossbred Slaughter Cows (Braunvieh x Holstein) Photo: SkyNews Photo: This day in history... 24 November The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia herewith gives notice that it has published the following notices in Government Gazette No. 6474; General Notice No. 480 - 485 dated the 21 th November 2017: 1. MODIFICATION 1.1 Notice that the Authority intends to modify the Spectrum Use License of Mobile Telecommunications Limited in the 1800MHz spectrum band. The Public may submit comments in writing in respect of 1 to the Authority within a period of thirty (30) days from 21 November 2017. 2. NEW APPLICATIONS 2.1 Notice that Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd submitted an application for Spectrum Use License. 2.2 Notice that One Africa Television (Pty) Ltd submitted a withdrawal application for Spectrum Use License. UN Security Council calls on UN members to make Africa a nuclear weapons-free zone. General Joseph-Désiré Mobutu ousts President Kasavubu in his second military coup in the Congo (now Zaire). Agreement signed between Britain and Rhodesia to give Blacks greater political rights, which should eventually lead to majority rule. Martial law is now in effect over three-quarters of Rhodesia. The Public may submit comments in writing in respect of 2 to the Authority within a period of fourteen (14) days from 21 November 2017. 3. APPROVED TARIFFS 3.1 Notice that the Authority has approved Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd tariffs for the new YUR SAT products which came in force on 01 September 2017. 4. APPROVAL OF SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 4.1 Notice that the Authority has authorised Satelio Namibia Television (Pty) Ltd to provide signal distribution in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out in their License. 5. APPROVED TRANSFER OF INTEREST 5.1 Notice that the Authority has approved 99 FM’s transfer of control in their Broadcasting Service License and Spectrum Use Licenses. 6. APPROVED APPLICATIONS 6.1 Notice that the Authority has approved to grant Demshi Investment Holdings to commence utilisation of its Class Comprehensive telecommunications service license (ECS & ECNS). 6.2 Notice that the Authority has approved to amend Maroela Trust t/a Shipi FM’s Spectrum Use License. 6.3 Notice that the Authority has approved to award Southern Sun Media Trust t/a Karas FM two additional Spectrum Use License. 7. DECLINED REQUEST 7.1 Notice that the Authority has declined Radio 100 (Pty) Ltd’s This Notice is available on our website be directed to the Legal Advice Department at Tel: +264 61 222 666 or email Anatech Namibia is a trading company for various Laboratory/Health products including consumables and instrumentation. It is inviting applications from competent and suitably TECHNICAL SPECIALIST DUTIES Lead, coordinate and facilitate the drafting of policy documents, revising and drafting of Provide overall technical management support to the Technical Section To supervise the overall functioning, especially of the servicing functions of the Supervise the installations and maintenance of laboratory and medical instruments To supervise the overall functioning, especially of the servicing functions of the Participate in the preparation of technical bids Oversee procurement/placement of instruments Ensure that the overall activities meet the requirements of quality management and environmental policies and legal stipulations REQUIREMENTS equivalent Excellent management and leadership skills Demonstrate time management skills Closing date: 01 December at 17h00

Friday, November 24 2017 | NEW ERA FEATURE 9 My U.S. experience … the good, bad and ugly Alvine Kapitako Arriving at Reno-Tahoe international airport in Reno, I was welcomed by casinos. Nevada is one of two states in the U.S. (the other being Louisiana) where casinostyle gambling is legal statewide. It was a surprise that even the airport had gambling machines. Our 15-minute drive to our hotel from the airport exposed us to many more casinos and when we arrived at the hotel, there were even more gambling machines. During a brief tour of the casinos, I observed young and old people glued to the gambling machines. I was one of 18 journalists from different African countries on an exchange programme for media professionals, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. And, while driving to one of our lectures, we saw a young lady walking bare feet in the cold weather, drunk in the early hours of the morning. Reno, with a population of 425,000, reminded me of Windhoek, the mountainous scenery but also its general quietness. The casinos reminded me of Katutura on a typical end of the month day, where it’s easy to spot all sorts of people intoxicated and care-free. Dubbed ‘The biggest little city in the world’, Reno exposed me to a different America from the one portrayed in the media where everything seems perfect. There I met people with similar struggles to those we face here. People who were not afraid to talk about their gambling addictions, and homeless people sleeping in parks and begging for money to survive. “We (Reno, Nevada) had the lowest number of people with a low college education,” admitted Carina Black, the Executive Director of the Northern Nevada International Center. She explained that Nevada at one point had the highest teenage pregnancy in the country, and the lack of housing spurred the effort to develop Reno and ultimately turn it into an attractive tourist destination. That is when the reality hit me that beyond Chicago’s bold architecture, museums, and Washington D.C.’s Federal Government’s three branches, namely the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court and its monuments, life beyond the big cities is not as portrayed in the media. I also discovered Americans are generally friendly people and they would assist you depending on the approach you use. “If you approach them like a beggar, they will just ignore you,” one of our liaisons explained. This brings to mind an experience I had in North Carolina state. After walking for over 30 minutes, looking for the nearest Special programme… A group of 18 African journalists visiting the United States of America. into one, at about 13h40 –exactly twenty minutes before my next meeting. In a state of panic, for fear that the funds on my Bank of America credit card may have been depleted, I asked a female teller to explain why my funds could not be processed each time I tried to withdraw or pay for an item using the card, even though I only used it twice prior to this problem. She could not give me answers but advised that I call the number on the card. “I tried that before I came here and I didn’t succeed, that’s why I came to the bank,” I explained. She then referred me to another colleague who decided to call on my behalf but to no avail. Even more in a state of panic, I walked out of the my next meeting, knowing that Americans are time-conscious With no public transport in sight, I knew I would not make it in time for my next meeting In the States… New Era journalist Alvine Kapitako pictured at a newseum (museum of news) in Washington D.C. Okay… Nevada is one of two states where casino-style gambling is legal in America statewide. or I would miss it totally, because it would take me at least thirty minutes to get to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, where the meeting was to take place. After several failed hitch-hike attempts, I boldly walked to a man who had just walked out of a restaurant not far from the bank. “Excuse me, sir. My name is Alvine. Could you please give me a lift to Franklin Street, I have a meeting at exactly 14h00,” I said. VACANCY DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, HR & ADMINISTRATION Division: Human Resources and Administration Purpose of this position Key Performance Areas: Welfare Organisation Minimum Requirements Interested applicants should send their typed application letter, detailed CV and Enquiries: Perplexed, the man looked at me and for a few seconds did not utter a word. And then, he replied, “No, I’m going in the opposite direction. I’m sorry, I cannot help you.” I insisted: “I’m not familiar with this place and my meeting Hesitantly he responded: “Okay, wait let me clear the seat for you.” And so, I jumped in the car and he immediately introduced himself as Thomas. Thomas’ car was not the tidiest of cars, with books and trash all over. Just before we drove, I saw a lizard on the bonnet. I giggled and he asked where I am from and what I was doing in the U.S. “My father’s caretaker is from Zimbabwe and you remind me of him,” he said. Before I knew it our conversation changed from life expectancy in the U.S. to the general state of living. In the middle of our conversation, I saw my fellow journalists and our liaisons walking towards the venue of our meeting, a few blocks from Franklin Street. They burst into laughter the moment they saw me getting out of Thomas’ car, because nobody knew where I was and they had proceeded to the venue hoping I would make it without getting lost. “They say never judge a book by its cover. How did you manage to get yourself an American boyfriend that fast?” remarked Nigel, a participant from Zimbabwe. I laughed it off and just responded, “His father’s caretaker is from Zimbabwe.”

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