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2 NEWS Friday, November 3 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 2 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 HOSPITALS From page 1 The images, also seen by New theatre wearing wrapping paper instead of a standardized sterile gown as prescribed by the World Health Organsation (WHO). The images also show used syringes being disposed of in empty Coca Cola bottles, instead of prescribed syringe disposal containers. terday, the superintendent of Windhoek Central Hospital, Dr David Uirab, admitted the crisis. “It is true that we had problems … as a result, we had a shortage of sterile gowns. All the local suppliers had run out … and the South African suppliers took some time to supply [us]. The hospital was forced to suspend elective surgery for one day as we could only provide sterile gowns for emergency cases,” Uirab acknowledged. Without specifying the exact date Maria Amakali Windhoek Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Jeremiah Nambinga has hauled the party dence in him by the national executive null and void. 12, citing that under his leadership the party no longer upholds the values and principles it was founded on. The party allegedly looked at the issues that were hampering its progress as well as Nambinga’s alleged failures as president of the RDP. Court, Nambinga seeks a court order that will set aside the decision adopted The IOC said in July that it was cooperating with French authorities investigating the allegations. Fredericks, 50, stepped down in March as head of the committee evaluating bids to host the 2024 Olympics after the corruption allegations were reported in the French media. Fredericks insists that the payments were received for promotional services provided between 2007 and 2011 under a contract signed on March 11, 2007 and had nothing to do with the Olympics. The Namibian sprint legend won Olympic silver medals and a world 200m title in the 1990s. - Nampa/ AFP of delivery, Uirab said the gowns has in the meantime been delivered. gowns are also on order to augment the number of gowns they have at the hospital. Asked whether the doctor in theatre in the image is from Windhoek know whether the interesting look- from our hospital.” As to the use of plastic bottles to dispose of syringes, Uirab noted needles and blades, should be deposited in a container provided for the purpose and the container as a whole is then incinerated afterwards. Most of the times, he said, they use commercial containers. “However, if any healthcare professional had used another plastic container, this was probably an innovation, improvising while awaiting the supply of the regular containers. The important point that the party’s central committee meeting, expected to start today (until Sunday), does not go ahead as planned. Furthermore, Nambinga seeks an interim interdict with immediate effect on the scheduled meeting until the court has pronounced itself on the matter. Today’s scheduled central committee It is not surprising then that, as though to economic paradox besieging the country, Schlettwein opened his budget review speech in the National Assembly with saying that we’re on a tightrope, and we certainly are in mid-air over a gorge. But where is the rope?’ In his speech, Schlettwein turned to both the right and left spectrums of economic ideologies, reading from so- the saviour of US capitalism, Franklin D. Roosevelt. A total of N.1 billion in additional funds is to be injected into the economy through government ministries’ expenditure books. The total amount allocated to all government ministries increases to N.6 billion from N.5 billion previously budgeted, and that amount includes nearly half a billion dollars reallocated from savings, ministries’ expenditures and capital projects that were deemed not urgent or not pressing. The two ministries of basic education and higher education are among the big- review. The higher education ministry gets N8 million to give to the two state universities and pay for student tuition being, these sharps should not be left in the open at any time,” Uirab defended. Amupanda blamed the government for compromising the health and education systems in the country while they trim the bloated public administration. “No matter what problems you have, you don’t comprise on your health and education. The fact that they are now compromising on the health and education sectors – why not touching the political sector? The advisors are still there, people are still travelling for many days for their holidays. It’s so clearly that we are moving towards an era of structural adjustment programme. These people are doing these thing to impress the IMF [International Monetary Fund] –they are always having secret meetings while they compromise the health of our people,” Amupanda reacted. Structural adjustment programmes consist of loans provided by the IMF and the World Bank to meeting will allegedly discuss, and adopted against Nambinga. “I could see that this was a wellorchestrated move to oust me in a manner not consistent with the constitution of the RDP,” stated Nambinga. fees that the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund had outstanding. The basic education ministry receives nearly N billion to pay for hostel catering, whose unpaid suppliers had schools in some regions near closure, and pay for textbooks and the remuneration of much needed teachers. The mid-term budget also injects N0 million into the safety and security ministry whose police had parked their vehicles and toned down crucial crime- The defence ministry also get its budget increase, of about N2 million. “The budget review has to address the settlement of accumulated spending arrears which have not been reported for budgeting purposes. [It] has to meet urgent resource shortfalls to prevent adverse reversals in the provision of public services and basic needs in the social sectors,” said Schlettwein. Yet the cautious tone was clear with the minister emphatic that the additional budget “is a one-off special consideration and it must not, and will not, be considered as a norm”. He pointed out that part of the problems that got the country to allocate additional funds is the “accumulation of unreported spending arrears … a result budget over-commitments and budget tion”. countries that experience an economic crisis, but with stringent conditions attached. Amupanda argued that people on medical aid in Namibia are less than 300,000 – meaning that two million people in the country depend on government hospitals. Therefore, he says, this shortage of sterile materials is to affect two million people. “Clearly once you see people compromise the health sector, clearly we are in a crisis, although people don’t want us to tell the truth. We are in trouble and all of us must all become activists before our country goes to the dogs. We will continue to speak up and confront those in power to save our country.” He said the reason the young doctors tipped him off about the situation in the surgery rooms is because “they see there is a serious crisis”. He noted that the young medical professionals believe that once he acts, then such issues will get the attention they deserve. Nambinga drags RDP to court FREDERICKS From page 1 CALLE From page 1 At court… RDP president Jeremiah Namb- by his supporters and his lawyer, Advocate Gerson Narib, right, before court proceedings. Nuukala does not have the power to revoke his powers as president of the party. Fur- a procedure or process unknown in the disciplinary processes of the RDP party. seeks to revoke all my powers as president of the RDP. That decision has not been communicated to me formally,” Nambinga dragged the party and 17 of its members to court. Among the defendants are the party’s vice-president Steve Bezuidenhout, secretary-general Mike Kavekotora and Agnes Limbo, the deputy secretary-general. the matter for a hearing today after the respondents indicated they were yet to Advocate Gerson Narib is representing Nambinga, with Advocate Albert Strydom representing the party and 17 other respondents. But the budget review was not so welcomed by analysts and economists, largely because of it doubling the increase GDP from 3.6 percent. expect the public debt-to-budget ratio to remain at 44 percent, which is much higher than what was anticipated in the original budget of 42 percent in 2016 and 38 percent in 2017,” commented Association of Namibia, Klaus Schade. First National Bank’s senior research and development manager, Namene page, and warned that precisely because anticipates a downgrade with a negative outlook from global ratings agencies. “At some stage we will have to get a grip on government expenditure,” Kalili said. Going forward, Schlettwein said, prospects look much better. Market country’s exports have started to regain momentum as large investment projects in mining commenced with exports. The country’s overall balance of payments remains in surplus of about N billion as at September 2017, and the international reserves have increased to the currency peg. – Additional reporting by Edgar Brandt

Friday, November 3 2017| NEW ERA NEWS 3 GOBABIS President Hage Geingob has urged Swapo Party members to remain united and forge ahead as a single entity, despite differences in their preferred candidates for the party’s top four positions. Geingob made the remarks here on Wednesday during a campaign meeting for his candidacy and his preferred candidates. The top four consist of the president, vice-president, secretary general (SG) and deputy secretary general. All these portfolios will be contested at the sixth Swapo Party Ordinary Congress, slated for Geingob takes Swapo presidency campaign to Omaheke November 23-27 in Windhoek. Geingob reminded Swapo members to always put the they are campaigning for different candidates for the party’s top four positions. He said it was understandable that despite the prevailing unity in the party, people would support different candidates, saying that is a sign of a healthy democracy. “I believe in democracy. We are all Swapo members, but it must be understood that we are competing as individuals for the positions at the congress,” he said. Despite this, he said, members should argue on issues and not on personalities. Geingob defended his chosen slate for the elections, noting that his preferred running mates are experienced, tried and tested cadres of the party that have the drive and conviction to steer the party to greater heights. “This is a diverse slate, with people from various backgrounds and upbringing. This is the diversity we want to see in Swapo, and I am certain they will not let the nation down,” he said. At the gathering, Swapo regional coordinator for Omaheke Ruth Kaukuata- Mbura announced that a regional executive meeting held on Tuesday resolved to support Geingob and his preferred candidates at the upcoming congress, where he will contest for the post of party president against former prime minister Nahas Angula and Youth Minister Jerry Ekandjo. Geingob’s slate for the remainder of the top four positions are Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah for vice president and Rural and Urban Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa for SG, while former deputy prime minister Marco Hausiku will stand for the deputy SG portfolio. Home Affairs Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Helmuth Angula will also contest the vice presidency, while Armas Amukwiyu will contest the secetary-general portfolio. Petrina Haingura and Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun will go up against Hausiku for the deputy SG position. – Nampa Namaf concerned over sharp rise in healthcare costs Staff Reporter Windhoek The Namibian Association of Medical Aid Funds (Namaf) yesterday lamented the sharp increase of 16,49 percent that has been paid out to healthcare service providers during the last 12 months and noted this as cause for concern for the private healthcare funding industry in Namibia. “This increase is considerably higher than over the corresponding period and is deemed unsustainable in the longer term,” said Namaf CEO Stephen Tjiuoro. analysis that it commissioned regarding the claim trends to determine the cause of the increase and to provide a factual breakdown of cost drivers in the sector before it can embark on a turnaround strategy to restore an affordable and sustainable private healthcare funding system. The results of the analyses Towers Watson revealed various trends that attributed to higher claim payments. “It is worth noting that a proportion of the increases experienced is attributable to an increase in the June 2016,” stated Tjiuoro. “The cost of submitted claims increased with the previous year,” said the Namaf CEO. Main trends of cost drivers “Before taking into account the impact of increases in the cost associated with medicines The document warehouse We always have space for you “The fact that 3,49 percent of this increase is attributable to a growth in membership is which contrasts with an average increase in over the corresponding period.” to a 9,24 percent increase in price per item, possibly explained by increases in prices charged that were higher than the Namaf benchmark tariffs or increased intensities of care due to more patients making use of specialist services or being admitted to intensive care units. percent increase in the volumes of services that signals an increased utilisation of healthcare services by members of medical aid funds. Other factors mentioned were younger and healthier members opting out of the ‘system’ until such time that they feel that they need medical care cover, while the other is healthcare providers that are relatively insensitive to costs since the costs associated with healthcare are typically borne by medical aid funds. Namaf further noted the Namibian private sector also heavily leans toward specialist and hospitalbased care as opposed to a more primary care orientated approach and this resulted in claims paid percent, of which 43,2 percent was due to increased utilisation. 061 24 5588 Passenger thwarts attempted robbery by shooting two John Muyamba Rundu A taxi driver and his co-suspect were admitted to Rundu State Hospital, where were both shot with a 9mm pistol in selfdefence by a passenger, who they allegedly attempted to rob at around 03h40 yesterday. One of the suspects was shot in the neck. According to the police, the passenger had just arrived from Windhoek and was dropped at Engen (Wimpy) service station along the Trans-Caprivi Highway and some time after 03h00 got into a taxi expecting to be dropped at Kaisosi on the eastern outskirts of Rundu. The taxi then picked up two other male passengers and after driving a few kilometres the taxi driver allegedly stopped somewhere and with the two other passengers started to assault him. “They assaulted him and wanted to take his belongings. The man the taxi driver and another attacker said Kavango East police regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bob Kanyetu. TO ALL PROSPECTIVE SUPPLIERS / BIDDERS / TENDERERS Our Company is a registered Namibian Consulting Enterprise for rendering Procurement, Administration Services, Training and Consultancy services Country wide. We therefore invite all SME’s, up-coming and existing Companies to contact us for the following: Challenges to complete Bidding (Tender documents) accurately, and comprehensively; Do you need any assistance in respect of the completeness and timely submission of the bidding (tender) documents. Does your company comply with all the requirements as stipulated in the Public Procurement Act, 2015; Are you in possession of all the obligatory documents required for bidding (tender) purposes; and interpretations stipulated in the Public Procurement Act, 2015; Please contact us today at the following telephone numbers for further information and to arrange for an appointment. Telephone numbers: 061-258497 or 0818140878 It does not matter in which Region your Company is located or operates from, we will be able to assist you. After shooting the two, the man went to report himself to the Kaisosi police substation and took one of the suspects to the hospital, while the other ran to the hospital by himself. A case of attempted robbery has been opened against the two suspects, who will be taken to court once they recover. The man who shot them was not arrested by the police, but a case of attempted murder was opened against him and will be sent decision on whether to prosecute or not. NOTICE Take notice that PLAN AFRICA CONSULTING, TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS, on behalf of the owner of the respective Erf, intends applying to the Windhoek Municipal Council for the: REZONING OF ERVEN 781 AND 950 AMBROSE STREET, KLEINE KUPPE FROM ‘RESIDENTIAL’ WITH A DENSITY OF 1:500m² TO ‘RESIDENTIAL’ WITH A 1:250m². Erven 781 and 950 are 21 763,58m² and 14 249m² respectively in extent. The proposed zoning will enable the owner to erect 87 dwelling units on erf 781 and 59 dwelling units on erf 950 respectively. Further take notice that the plan of the Erf lies for inspection on the town planning notice board in the Customer Care Center, Scott Street, Windhoek. Further take notice that any person objecting to the proposed use of the land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the City and with Applicant in writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice 24 November, 2017). Plan Africa Consulting CC Town and Regional Planners P.O.Box 4114 Windhoek Tel (061) 212096 Fax 088614626 / (061) 213051

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