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New Era Newspaper Friday November 3, 2017

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20 entertainment

20 entertainment Friday, 03 November 2017 | NEW ERA FASHION Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The founder and owner of the Fashion and Lifestyle Brand, Maila Kalipi, says Bloom is a collection inspired by the beauty and diversity of “The collection expresses the beauty of an She adds that Bloom aims to carve out a position in the local fashion industry as Maila Kouture After the fashion week, the brand, together with its partner, Melanin, will refocus their attention on their most anticipated event of the year tilted the ‘I am Fashion Extravaganza’ hosted by local They have scheduled the event at the Oranjemund Maila says the theme of the event is in line with the historic milestone of elevating Oranjemund “Through fashion we will be celebrating and showcasing Oranjemund and its people’s character, Oranjemund is surrounded by rich biodiversity, and through the event, we hope to use some of these distinctive aspects to enhance the stage set The fashion extravaganza evening promises to Maila will showcase some of her best collections, The collections will include Bloom and a 2018 Spring/Summer Collection In addition, it will feature a tribute collection dedicated to Oranjemund titled ‘I am Fashion’, as Maila will use a variety of fabrics such as organza, mesh, lace and silk, to create a chic and “The clothing is set to appeal to a wide demographic in the community and cater for a Explaining her collections, Maila adds that the haute couture collection is a handcrafted collection female Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Nefertiti, who Another collection, ‘I am Fashion’, is aimed at with couture clothing incorporated with diamonds The Maila Kouture brand has also partnered New collections… Maila Kalipi showing some her garment from the Aurum collection. with Royaltee Photography, Jinels Modelling Agency and Tornado Food and Drink in Wernhil Mall to host a The event will have the title ‘The Weekender’ hosted by Tornado with Jinels Models, dressed by Maila Kouture, and photographed by Royaltee The Maila Kouture Fashion and Lifestyle Brand has signed a partnership deal with a creative agency, Melanin, a group of Namibian owned companies JAZZ FESTIVAL Big Ben promises his best Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek All seems to be in place for the sixth edition of the Windhoek Jazz Festival at the Independence Stadium Lydia Amutenya from the City of Windhoek says they expect up to 5,000 revellers, with tickets sale speeding up “The set of the venue is also ready, we are just patiently waiting for the day to arrive, and that all the artists have to arrive in the country already from Wednesday this “This is going to be a memorable event, and hence those who want to enjoy this year’s edition of the jazz festival should hurry to buy their tickets before Saturday, to avoid One of the local artists to perform at the festival, Big Ben, says he is more than prepared to share his talent, and “This is the biggest event in Namibia that gives us the opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd, and I am He adds that when an artist is invited to perform at an event of that magnitude, it’s not just about them performing one or two songs, but entertaining and giving their best to This year, the festival has a strong line up of local artists including Erna Chimu, Lize Ehlers, Big Ben, saxophonist Suzy Eises, Major 7 and William Peterson who are Apart from that, the festival has also attracted international artists from South Africa such as Mi Casa from Johannesburg consisting of three members, Dr Duda In addition, Ringo Madlingozi based in Cape Town will The Windhoek Jazz Festival is a popular event on the Namibian social calendar and it has attracted musicians and The event starts at three o’clock (15h00) in the Giving his best… Big Ben promises to give his best performances at this year edition of the Windhoek Jazz Festival.

Friday, 03 November 2017 | NEW ERA THEATRE entertainment 21 Theatre partnership bears fruit Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek To create a platform for artists and producers of theatre and other stage productions, the College of the Arts Theatre School and Township Productions - a local theatre production powerhouse – have embarked on a collaborative and experimental initiative with theatre practitioners and interest groups. Township Productions’ founder and executive producer, Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong, reveals that the venture primarily aims to collaborate with partners who are in a position to provide technical and tactical advice and support to enhance the broader vision of the Collaborative Theatre Project. “For many years performing arts and theatre in particular have been facilitated on the premise of the availability of funds. This has led to dependency on funds for a creative process to take place and this has resulted in the eventual dormancy of theatre activities,” says Molapong; Through this collaboration and against the background of a national financial crisis, Molapong adds the partners are aiming to challenge the current status quo and reverse the syndrome of total dependency on funds rather than creativity. This effort has seemingly already yielded fruit having resulted in the successful production and staging of two theatre productions. ‘Madam President’, a play written by John Katebe and originally produced in Zambia, heralded the coming of age of the partnership, followed by ‘A Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man, written by Frenchman Marquis de Sade. Both the productions, according to Molapong, where well received and appreciated by sizable audiences. “We are currently producing a theatre production from Zimbabwe called ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Jasen Mphope. “They will stage this one-man play on the 17th and 18th November as part of the Collaborative Theatre Project,” Molapong says. ‘A Thousand Miles’ is a tale of tales which takes the audiences through a journey of inspiring and intriguing stories. This is a one-man act played by award winning actor, director and producer, Jasen Mphepo, the play questions and provokes debate around life’s challenges and successes. Bernard Mabhena lived a full life and at Action… Actors David Ndjavera and Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong rehearse for the play ‘A Whale in the Goreangab’. Molapong’s Township Productions has entered into partnership with the College of the Arts (COTA), resulting in the production and staging of two plays this far. 65, was still strong, waking up every morning to go to work. He still sported that jovial smile that everyone admired, and soothed many a hearts. The play unfolds as mourners gather at his funeral to celebrate a life well lived. All his acquaintances are there to pay their last respects. It so happens that before his judgment in heaven, he asks to have a glimpse of what his funeral would be like, and he his amazed at the things people are saying about him. CELEBRITY NEWS “No more babies for me” – Dnaff MUSIC Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Award winning local artist D-Naff, real name Naftali Amukwelele, has it that no one in his household will ever wear footie pyjamas again – or at least not in baby size. Jeremiah Ndjoze gave the star an ear to whispers such revelation. The musician reveals that he has sired enough sprogs to last him a lifetime, and that if he has to optimise the himself to halt the line of production. Understandably so because he started in the 1990s. relationships and the last two with my wife, Dyna,” studying at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Grade 1 learner. “My last two are Prince and Princess and this is where it’ll end with me,” the musician says with determination. However, he is quick to point out that his decision has nothing to do with the abject poverty that is ravaging families across the country. Rather, the decision is built on his desire to be able to pay individual attention to each of his kids, and to cultivate that much-needed bond without neglecting his demanding schedule as a musician and motivational speaker. Seven & counting... D-Naff and wife Dyna celebrated their wedding anniversary this week. Ms. Dyna – his wife – is also an acclaimed recording, performing artist with an equally demanding travel schedule. Too many Namibian men, according to the muso, are deadbeat dads because they have sired children all over, and more often than not these children only show up after the father’s death to claim a piece of their inheritance. “This is nothing to celebrate, no matter how successful the man is. To me this is the manifestation of poor leadership,” D-Naff maintains. Last Sunday the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary. Globetrotting Fresh off the plane from a visit to Seoul, South Korea, the globetrotting musician is currently on Livingstonia Beach in Malawi where he is set to set the stage alight with the likes of Congolese artist, Awilo Longomba, as part of the Sand Music Festival line-up. In Korea, D-Naff joined the International Peace Youth Group to advocate for world peace. Lee Manhee, a Korean religious leader, hosted the conference according to D-Naff. Lee is considered a peace advocate as far as religious women empowerment. The conference, which was well attended by delegates from all over the world, spoke to global peace in general, but with particular emphasis on religious harmony. “The participants’ aim was to convince the powers that be that World War III is not an option,” D-Naff says. Surprise… Paul da Prince who promises his fans an X-mas holiday surprise with a new single, Slow Motion. Paul da Prince drops single Ocrhain Sampaya Windhoek R&B young, vibrant and driven artist Paul Da Prince has a surprise for Namibians that is bound to put them in holiday spirit. In store for the music fans is a new single Slow Motion, a collaboration with KP Illest, who in return did not disappoint in serenading with his epic rapping style. Released on September 8, the hit has since been receiving airtime both on television and radio, making it number one on the countdown for two weeks in a raw on Base FM. Produced by DJ Potpher in Ongwediva and mastered by Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa Inc, it is a combination unknown to Namibia. The track is an upbeat dancehall. “The beat has a dancehall RnB vibe to it so I followed what I was feeling.’’ says Paul. Speaking on what inspired the song ,Paul says the story is unique’’ The story is unique, It talks about this guy who walks into a crowded place and sees this girl dancing so wonderful to this song and she has this guy and everyone staring in amazement. The beat is quite fast but she is dancing in slow motion.’’ The track did not just come plain but with a video, which for sometime now has been receiving unwavering views both on Facebook and Youtube . ‘’ Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa Inc. produced my video which was released on the 12 th of October, and I’m more than out of words on how much views it has received in two week’s time.’’ Paul doesn’t see any stop sign in front of him, thus he is here to a stay planning more singles with various artists.’’ I have some great singles in the work at the moment, including a remix to Slow Motion featuring Cleo Ice Queen and Dope G, which is slated for release end October. I want to work on a few more collaborative projects, with various artists so we can engage with our diverse fan base.’’ envisions Paul. No album now with his previous album still on the shelves.

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