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New Era Newspaper Friday November 3, 2017

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40 WORLD Friday, November 3 2017 | NEW ERA Donald Trump upends White chaotic year WASHINGTON The year since Donald Trump’s election has revealed a president thirsty for acclaim, consumed by grievance and – for better or worse – realizing his prom- likely got it right: “The presidency doesn’t change who you Under the ferocious spotlight of the its relentless scrutiny and complex challenges, Trump has revealed much about himself and appeared to change not one jot in the 12 months since The man who claimed he “can his predecessors (except Abraham Lincoln), has not embarked Each morning, his cabinet ministers scramble to respond to the latest and adversaries have looked on wondering whether to take him seriously, The man himself has rarely looked at ease with his new station, which he For supporters, the 71-year-old businessman is making good on his promise to take a sledgehammer to politics- He’s tackling “overreaching media, said Eric Beach, a Republican politi- “The truth is he was a better prognosticator than everybody else on understanding what But among the electorate as a whole his approval rating, at 33 percent according to the latest Gallup survey, is lower than any other modern While Trump can boast of presiding over a robust economy, the past year has been short on legislative victories – be it on health care or immigration – and long on scandals that would His campaign is under federal investigation for collusion with Russia, a probe that has chewed away So many staff have left, that around the West Wing, the last day of the working week became known as are frequently promised in Trump made a pregnant military widow cry during a condolence ist far right in a way that had In consistently bashing the media or attacking veteran Republicans, the president has burnished his outsider credentials and has masked some of the chaos and inertia inside the Some 80 percent of Republicans Beyond the base, though, opposition is so intense that his travel has largely been restricted to deeply Republican states, mili- A trip to the United Kingdom has other allies – worried Trump may rock the boat – rule out visits as “too Perhaps no president has been more restricted since Lyndon Johnson weathered Viet- - US president Donald Trump Inside the White House residence, Trump has seethed, his rage fuelled by binge watching right wing channel Fox News and anger- He exudes a near-Shakespearean craving for adulation, apparently not slaked by winning His inauguration, the White House insisted against all evidence, was the - recently remarked, noting he has “one Around the White House there is little outward sign of the monumental changes that have taken place Two three-foot-tall gold eagles now ing of controversial president Andrew Flats and pastels are out and But the tone has been set from the top, by a president constantly on the offensive against an ever-changing gallery of opponents, from Republican leaders to federal judges, intelligence agencies, a Puerto Rican players protesting racial discrimination, and the comedy show “Saturday The year-long frenzy of braggadocio, hyperbole and demands for recognition has fuelled questions And critics worry that institutions are being eroded, thinning the Former Republican president George of criticizing a Trump-era politics that seemed “vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright - Prominent Republican Senators In the words of Republican Sena- almost every institution in American life – the media, Democrats, Republicans, Congress, the military, academia, even the NFL – into an internal For that alone Trump may be one of the most consequential presidents in Nampa/AFP NOTICE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA KAVANGO EAST COMMUNAL LAND BOARD (KavECLB) PUBLIC NOTICE APPLICATIONS FOR RIGHTS OF LEASEHOLDS Notice is hereby iven in terms of Section 31 Regulation 11 subsection 3 & 4 section made in terms of the Communal Land Reform Act. No. 5 of 2002 as amended that the Kavango East Communal Land Board has received the following Applications or Rights of Leasehold. Applications for Right of Leasehold for Other Land Uses: Name of Applicant ID Number Area Land Use Land size (Na) Number of Years T.A Aloise Gende 52031200704 Mutengo Mukuru Village Lodge business 5.72 99 Shambuyu Lyasanga Cultural Home Village Cc CC/2012/0224 Masivi Tourism attraction & Applications for Right of Leasehold for SSCFU inside designated areas in Gciriku Tradtional Authority: Name of Applicant Idnentity Number Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Number of Years Farm Number Objections must be addressed to the following address: The Chairperson, Kavango East Communcal Land Board, P O Box 723, Rundu Attention: Mr. Fernando N. Marungu Secretary, Kavango East Communcal Land Board Tel: (066) 255 401, Fax: (066) 255 636 / 099 652 9934 Email: Take notice that PLAN AFRICA CONSULTING, TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS, on behalf of the owner of the respective Erf, intends applying to the Windhoek Municipal Council for the: REZONING OF ERVEN 5471 AND 6533 KHOMASDAL, GREENSHANK AND HOFSANGER STREETS FROM ‘UNDETERMINED’ TO BUSINESS WITH A BULK OF 1.0 CONSENT FOR FREE RESIDENTIAL BULK EXCLUSIVELY FOR RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES. CONSENT TO PROCEED WITH CONSTRUCTION WHILE REZONING IS IN PROCESS. Erven 5471 and 6533 are 19 119,2m² and 15 497.6m² respectively in extent. The intention of the owner is to consolidate the erven into erf X. The proposed zoning will enable the owner to erect a business building and dwelling units based on the 50% of the proposed bulk with a Erf X. Under the zoning undetermined council can approve any use which is desirable. Further take notice that the plan of the Erf lies for inspection on the town planning notice board in the Customer Care Center, Main Municipal Further take notice that any person objecting to the proposed use of the land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the City and with Applicant in writing within 14 days of the last 24 November ,2017). Plan Africa Consulting CC Town and Regional Planners P.O.Box 4114 Windhoek Tel (061) 212096 Fax 088614626 / (061) 213051

Friday, November 3 2017| NEW ERA SPORT 41 When the bad eclipses the good A Republic of Namibia OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER DEPARTMENT PUBLIC SERVICE MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT The Municipal Council of Swakopmund herewith invites ALL residents who DO NOT OWN any property, to register for housing in order to participate in future programs offered by Council or the National Government. Terms and Conditions for registration: (a) All persons interested in the registration exercise are required to apply in person from 6 November 2017 and will be CONTINUOUS. (b) Applicants who already registered are urged to ONLY update their particulars appearing on the waiting list. (c) Please provide the following CERTIFIED documents and take note of the restrictions for registration purposes: couples are regarded as one person, irrespective of the marital regime.) the joint income of both spouses will be considered and must be presented by married couples. Contact Persons: PUBLIC NOTICE Mrs Michelle Palmer: 064-4104603 / 0811444426 064-4104605 Mr Charles Awaseb: 064-4104604 Post Designation: Director Grade 3 Number of post(s): One (1) Duty Station: Windhoek Salary scale: N$ 512 809 – 544 196 Salary Notch: N$ 512 809 Housing Allowance: N$ 81 558 p.a Motor Vehicle Allowance: Capital Cost: N$ 87 202 p.a Running Cost: N$ 27 273 p.a In addition, membership of a Pension Fund is compulsory to which the employee contributes 7% of basic pay and the employer 16%, a 13th Cheque is payable in the birth month, optional membership to a generous Medical Aid Scheme and various leave The Directorate of Performance Improvement in the Department Public Service Management is responsible for facilitating the implementation of key government reform initiatives namely the Performance Management System (PMS), Business Process Reengineering and Customer Service Charters across O/M/As and Regional Councils (RCs). It has a strategic role in ensuring that the Public Service is performing, key process are improved and quality and prompt services are delivered to citizens. Appointment Requirements: An appropriate B-Degree on NQF Level 7 majoring in Strategic Management, or Business Management, Managerial and Technical competences: informed decision-making for the Directorate to deliver on its mandate. Competencies include the following: Ability to lead and steer strategy development across the public sector and align operational goals and Develop, implement, evaluate and adjust project, programmes and plans to achieve the desired objective while ensuring the optimal use of resources. Compile and manage the budget of the Directorate, consider risks and administer Treasury Instructions and general Initiate and support organisational transformation and change to successfully implement new initiatives and deliver on service commitments. Secure buy-in and build commitment for new initiatives. Manage and encourage staff members in the Directorate to optimise outputs and effectively manage relationships in order to achieve the goals of the Directorate. Mentor, promote continuous learning, and build cooperation, loyalty and The ability to visualise, articulate, analyse Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Ministers performance agreements and conduct quarterly and annual performance reviews. To liaise vertically and horizontally with all O/M/As and Regional Councils including Enquiries: Ms Tuyakula Haipinge, Telephone: 061- 287 3129 GENERAL: Failure to complete all items on the application form for employment and not attaching the necessary documents will disqualify the application. th

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