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2 NEWS Friday, October 13 2017| NEW ERA Product of New Era DTA worried LPM will become a political party WINDHOEK The DTA of Namibia has called on its members to refrain from attending meetings it is a political party disguised as a social movement. The party’s secretary general, Immanuel Ngaringombe, said in a statement issued to the media was using the emotive land issue to access and mobilise support for a new political organisation. Ngaringombe said the DTA would not remain silent while its members and supporters were being confused on matters of national importance, such as the land issue, by those with ulterior motives. “Namibian voters should no longer be fooled by politicians who start political parties based on anger and frustration, with no clear ideological blueprint or identity,” he said. Ngaringombe added that politicians should not only attempt to be self-serving, but should rather actively study the market share of voters and not further fragment an already fragmented political fraternity. Instead, political parties should look towards the formation of a broad-based coalition that can successfully articulate and represent the interests of Namibians, he said. He also said former formed alternative parties in anger, have proven to be a failure in the past. “The party calls on its Immanuel Ngaringombe members to remain unshaken and resolute in believing in the ideals of unity and nationhood – and we shun tribal politics in all its manifestos, as it divides society,” Ngaringombe wrote. – Nampa Tel: +264 61 - 273 328 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - 273 326 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 NOMINATIONS From page 1 Of particular interest in this position, as was the case years ago, is that the winner will in all likelihood be the ruling party’s candidate for the national presidency during the 2019 general elections. Swapo confirmed in a statement issued late yesterday that in full view of former presidents Sam Nujoma and was formally nominated for the party presidency. Ekandjo also informed the house that he will be nominated for the same position at the upcoming central committee meeting. There were no further indications of interest in the position by anyone else, despite reports this week that former ANTHRAX From page 1 The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has also issued an alert to the public and farmers in the surrounding areas of Bwabwata to say the anthrax The Agriculture Ministry warns that “anthrax is a very dangerous disease that affects both animals and humans”. secretary in the Agriculture Ministry, cautioned that “any animal that dies rapidly and on its own should not be touched, opened or even eaten, but must be reported immediately to the Due to the rapid course of the disease, most animals that are infected with anthrax are found dead and may ooze dark unclotted blood from nostrils and anus. An anthrax carcass normally bloats and prime minister Nahas Angula also intended to run for the post of party president. meeting last Friday, indicated that he wished to work with ministers Netumbo Nandi- Ndaitwah and Sophia Shaningwa as Swapo vicepresident and secretary-general, respectively, in a bid to have them elected to such positions at congress. The president also said last week that he wished to work with Marco Hausiku, a former deputy prime minister, as deputy secretary-general of the party. The president’s wish was granted yesterday when Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba nominated him for the party presidency, while Mbumba’s deputy, Laura McLeod-Katjirua, nominated decomposes rapidly, Misika said. To prevent the further spread of anthrax in livestock, farmers and nearby communities were urged to vaccinate their animals. Further, “anthrax carcasses should be disposed off by deep burial or burning without opening them. This limits contamination of the environment by the causal Nandi-Ndaitwah for the vicepresidency. Justice Minister Albert Kawana nominated Shaningwa for secretary-general and the nation’s vice-president, Dr Nickey Iyambo, completed nominating Hausiku as candidate for deputy secretarygeneral. Swapo’s press statement yesterday confirmed that Helmut Angula, a businessman who previously served as cabinet minister and director- Commission, indicated he will be nominated on Sunday for the vice-presidency of the party. Home Affairs Minister a former Swapo secretarygeneral, also indicated she will be nominated this weekend for At risk… National Park. bacteria”, the ministry said. Humans are also being cautioned to be on the lookout for symptoms of possible anthrax infection. The symptoms typically occur within seven days of infection and include fever with temperature greater than 36.9 degrees Celsius. The fever may be accompanied by chills or night sweats. symptoms, coughing (usually a non-productive cough), chest discomfort, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, sore swallowing, enlarged lymph nodes, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal distress, vomiting, or diarrhea. for sores, especially on the face, arms or hands, that start as a raised bump and develop into a painless ulcer with a black area in the centre. Anyone who suspects that they might have been exposed to or contracted anthrax should visit the nearest clinic for further advice and/or treatment, Misika advised. The national hippo population is estimated at just over 3,000 while buffalo are estimated at over 7,000. The hippo population in Bwabwata West, which the party’s vice-presidency. It is expected that more nominations for the top-four positions may emerge on Sunday, thus increasing the number of candidates and making the contest at congress even tighter. According to the Swapo constitution, as amended at the 2013 extraordinary congress held in Swakopmund, each position can be contested by a maximum four candidates. The principle of this provision is to allow gender balance by ideally having two males and two females contesting for the same position. Where more than four candidates are vying for the same position, the central committee would hold an election to trim the number of candidates to four. The zebrastyle principle, where men and women are mixed in equal proportion on lists for party positions, does not apply strictly to the top-four positions. This means, for instance, that two consecutive positions in the top-four could be occupied by candidates of the same sex. the remarks he made last Friday to the effect that all welcome to contest for positions in the party, saying the party constitution allows it. According to the press democratic organisation and thus everyone should be able to contest for any position in the party, as provided for by the constitution and rules and procedures of the party.” stretches over 24 kilometres along the Kavango River, has reportedly increased 384 animals in 2013 to 539 this year. Muyunda said they were also aware of concerns regarding the specie’s survival, as these increasingly rare wildlife animals continue to die in large numbers. “The ministry takes this issue seriously and will be able to respond to such concerns when the assessment is completed. To this end we do not foresee this situation threatening the existence of the affected species,” he said. The destruction of the carcasses has started and will continue, where and when practical. with to procure protective gear for staff members involved in the operation. Tel: +264 61 - 273 322 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 BEGGING From page 1 The child had been placed in one of the ministry’s homes for vulnerable children. Ntjamba maintains that her son is not attending school, has never gone for the operations promised by the ministry, and does not even have shoes. “I’m tired of waiting, my son is just there and when I talk they get angry and want to beat me. The years are going [by]. He needs to be helped,” remarked Ntjamba, who insists she can take care of the child on her own. Equality and Child Welfare Control Social Worker Amelia Musukubili told New Era it was Ntjamba’s habit of begging in the streets that prompted the ministry to remove the child from her. Ntjamba would be seen often in Windhoek city centre with the child begging for money. In her defence, Ntjamba said her son - who underwent an operation in South Africa - requires another follow-up operation that would cost around N,000, and that was the reason she was begging in the streets. However, Musukubili argued that Ntjamba was using the purported cost of the operation to line her own pocket with public donations, while she is in receipt of a grant from the ministry, although the child is no longer in her care, but residing in the ministry’s homes for vulnerable children. “The operation does not… cost N,000. That’s a drop in the ocean. It’s hundreds of thousands [that are] needed and no amount of money [raised] going door to door will be enough for the operation,” Musukubili said. She also said the child, who did not attend school when he entered into the programme, is now receiving remedial lessons: “There are volunteer and remedial teachers, who come in every afternoon and teach him how to read and write on a daily basis, preparing him for school. “And because of his face, we can’t send him to a normal school, because children will tease him and that will have a devastating effect on his selfesteem. At the children’s home, we have control to tell other children not to tease him, but at school we don’t.” “He is now young and is building his self-esteem and we can’t allow that to be broken, because we are sensitive to him,” added the ministry’s chief social worker, Ilse Louw.

Friday, October 13 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 NEPC being weaned off government dependence Staff Reporter Windhoek cantly reduced its subsidy to New Era Publication Corporation (NEPCs), the corporation’s earnings remain on an upward trajectory despite tough market conditions that have led to the closure of some media houses cial year ended 31 March 2016, the corporation’s revenue – excluding government subsidy, interest earned, and other income - stood at N.5 million, a 4.7 percent increase over the previous year revenues of N.9 million. NEPC’s revenue for the 2015 interest received and other income, went up 19.5 percent over N.33 N.83 million up from the N.82 million surplus recorded in 2014 after taxation. Asset base doubled from N.2 million in 2014 to more than N million in 2016, according to the Auditor General Junias Kandjeke’s reports on NEPC. On Tuesday, Kandjeke tabled reports National Assembly. and interests, but excluding subsidy, came in at N.1 million in 2016 and N.5 million in 2015. Comparably, government’s subsidy between 2014 and 2016 was at N$13 million each year, minus the additional funds from Treasury in 2015 to cater for capital expenditure, which pushed up the subsidy to N.6 million for that year. N3 706 in 2014 to N3 420 in 2015 and to about N0 000 in 2016, - and wages are at 30 percent of the overall total expenditure bill over This is so even though expenditure went up in 2016, as did the wage bill with N million. Expenditure penalties. Katima had no court order to demolish houses Sophia Shaningwa lbertina Nakale indhoek t has emerged that Katima Mulilo Town Council had not obtained the required court order when t elected to bring in bulldozers ast week to demolish houses and tructures built illegally, leaving a izeable number of residents homeess and destitute. The revelation was made, almost s a footnote, in a parliamentary elopment Minister Sophia Shanngwa in the National Assembly on ednesday. In condemning the illegal grabing of land and blatant disregard or municipal by-laws, Shaningwa et it slip to fellow lawmakers that he “council unfortunately concedes that in this incident, they neglected to obtain a court order to the effect”. It was reported earlier by Nampa that part of the reason the town council stopped with the demolition of houses on Monday was to allow itself time to respond to letters received from lawyers representing the affected residents. On Wednesday, Shaningwa urged residents to allow the council time to respond to the letters received from the lawyers and other organisations. It is not known how many residents have sought legal counsel, or have presented the municipality with legal notices with regard to their destroyed homes. The widely reported demolition of houses last week resulted in skirmishes between residents and police, wherein one person was allegedly Nored introduces special tariffs Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya (Nored) has introduced special tariffs for pensioners and people living with disabilities. The discounted rates are only available to those whose metre number is registered under their name. All eligible pensioners and people living with disabilities have to do is visit the nearest Nored office to be registered for the special provision, Nored informed a stakeholder meeting yesterday at Okashana. However, Nored says the special tariffs might not save money if the beneficiaries plug in energy-consuming appliances. Nored’s executive manager for corporation, Toivo Shovaleka, said Nored has vowed to make electricity accessible to the people and has year to the programme. “As part of our corporate citizenship, we have made donations to the tune of N0 000 during the 2016/17 financial year, and we have also resolved to subsidize new domestic connections as well as absorb the cost of maintaining and energy of street lights below 125kw,” added Shovaleka. The investment started during the Shovaleka, however, noted that they do have a connection backlog but they are working towards addressing the issue very soon and this will be NAMIBIA injured, as the police stopped people from interfering with the demolition of the houses. Katima Mulilo Town Council said it brought in bulldozers to demolish the illegal structures and houses constructed without municipal approval of the building plans. It said the demolition was the last option after homeowners and residents failed to respond to the notices to move or have their structures approved. Shaningwa reiterated that stance, saying the town council actively engaged the illegal occupants of the subject town lands before taking drastic measures, but the occupants were uncooperative. “The decision taken by council to demolish their illegal structures was taken as a last resort in an effort to restore law and order,” Shaningwa Executive manager of Nored, Toivo Shovaleka. Photo: Obrein Simasiku done through contracting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for new connections projects. They have also decentralised the quotation services to the regions as opposed to the past where all quotations were forwarded Nevertheless, Nored says its efforts to roll out electricity are being hampered by communal landowners APPLY NOW TO STUDY IN 2018 SMS: 0812785053 or 081 4797289 Email: explained. The minister had travelled to knowledge of what transpired in the area. She held a meeting with the regional and local leadership on Monday, the main subject of which was the demolition of structures by the town council. She said the whole situation was the picture circulating of a bulldozer that was set alight was not related to the events at Katima. She also said the photo of a woman bleeding rom the face that was circulating online was also not true as it did not occur at the demolitions in question, while rubbishing rumours that a child had lost their life during the demolition process, as false information. who deny Nored access to the fenced off land to connect neighbours to the electricity grid. “We want to approach the traditional authorities in this regard so that they can inform the communities. Other challenges include vandalism and theft as well as non-payment by some institutions. How can we pay Nampower if some entities are not paying their accounts? You are encouraged to settle your accounts so that we can provide services 11 years The Document Warehouse has been operating in Namibia for over 11 years. We have the experience and the capability to provide solutions to all your records management needs. stories created to cause anxiety and discontent among the society. While I am fully sympathetic with the people affected by the demolitions of structures, I strongly believe that we need to cooperate and adhere to our laws. This will enable us all to live in harmony as a nation,” she urged. She said the meeting she held with Katima Mulilo’s regional and local leadership resolved that incidents of land grabbing should be stopped and prevented and that residents should adhere to the laws of the country. The council also agreed to hold community meetings in various suburbs to engage local people and explain the procedures and processes to be followed in land and building applications, including information on the boundaries of the town. Nored says it recorded an increase in of N6.4 million. Nored’s asset base is now at N.3 billion. The customer base is at 79 781 clients, 76 705 of whom are prepaid. The large chunk of Nored’s income is derived from post-paid users who on a monthly basis put in an average of N million in Nored’s coffers, while prepaid generates N million. 061 24 5588

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