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26 entertainment

26 entertainment Friday, 13 October 2017 | NEW ERA EVENT Bevies of beauty's charm charity ‘Ladies Night’ Donna Collins Swakopmund The many roles that a woman play these days is so multi faceted it is difficult to define who she really is - from being mother, to the boardroom, to best friend, everywhere she drives every aspect of society, striving to make the world a better place. For this reason, ‘Lades Night’, a first, was held at the Swakopmund Dome Conference Centre last week to celebrate being women in pampering surroundings, attracted some 280 women to this show-stopping event, and raised N,000 for children fighting cancer. Glitz and glamour was no doubt the highlight of the occasion, where women could pamper their needs, and indulge in the social event of the year, that catered to a night of ‘letting down your hair’ for a good cause. One must say that a ‘Ladies Night’ wouldn’t be the same without the presence of well oiled and muscular ‘beefcake’, which in this instance, came right on queue with two ‘human statues’ displayed at the entrance of the function where cocktails flowed. Standing on elevated boxes with bio fires flickering at their feet to cast a warm glow on their bodies, the male figures were in fact two Health & Wellness’ professional body builders at the Dome, who had recently excelled in a regional body building competition. Their presence delighted the women, who throughout the evening posed for selfies, draping them in feather boas and smothering them with a fair share of attention. Furthermore, over 14 stalls exhibited a wide variety of beauty, fashion, and wedding wear, fine wines, accessories and services all aimed at indulging the needs and senses of a woman. There were even cooking, hairdressing and facial demonstrations. Adding to this, they treated the women to a LED light spinning show by exotic Evolve Fire dancers, topped off by a male pole dancer. There were also fun interactive games where the organisers dished out prizes, and held a raffle for a makeover worth N,000. FEAUTURE Girls having fun... Evolve Fire dancer Charlie De Bortoli (centre) seen with muscular ‘statues’ Urbanus Aibeb and Evan Snyman. Twelve years and counting Stage magicians... The sound, lighting, staging and audiovisual crew of dB Audio. The company has contributed to the success of many events in the country. MUSIC Jamaika goes solo, releases album Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Michael Pengeyo, the former singer of the well-known local group X-Bantuans, popularly known as Jamaika, has gone solo. Jamaika recently parted ways with his long time group X-Bantuans. The talented singer, who says music is just a hobby, launched his 12-track debut album, ‘Welcome Me’ on his birthday on Saturday. He launched the album at the Sundok Bar and Entertainment Centre situated in Donkerhoek, Katutura. The album, which represents a breakthrough for him in local music circles as solo artist, is worth a listen. It caters to everyone with different genres such as reggae, kwaito and afro pop. He has always been aiming for a solo career, ever since he started singing some years ago. “I believed in doing things myself, and in my own way. I love challenges and taking risks on my own,” Jamaika says. His former group started as backup dancers for local and international Namibian musician Ees back in 2013. Ees helped the group gain more exposure and popularity, which the group used to their advantage to make it big in the music industry. The group also won nominations in the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in the Best Kwaito and Song of the Year categories. Gone solo… Local artist, Jamaika launched his debut album as solo artist on Saturday at the Sundok Bar and Entertainment Centre in Donkerhoek, Katutura. Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek The dB Audio brand has become synonymous with all great events, so much so that party animals only need to see the branding at an event to know that they ought to stock up on just the right amount of euphoria to last them all night. The company – a one-stop shop for the technical management of live event productions – has come to represent one of the most resilient brands in the sound, lighting, staging and audiovisual sector. One is quick to credit the dynamism or perhaps out-ofthe-box thinking of the company owners for the success, but manager for client services Ernst Steynberg maintains that it takes more than that to put up a good show. It requires collaboration by various stakeholders to ensure a successful event. “The technical component (such as what dB Audio Namibia provides) is but one of the elements. Security, ticket sales, [facilities] such as toilets and parking, as well as the overall guest experience is of the utmost importance. “A good event organiser who manages all of these components is very important,” Steynberg says. dB Audio was founded in 2004 by David Benade and Manuel Jacobs, with Steynberg joining as partner the following year. Prior to the company’s establishment, managing Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) where he garnered experience as a television sound technician, specialising in location and studio recording as well as audio post production. he gained exposure to international standards of live event productions. The enterprising soundman did not waver in implementing the same back home. Steynberg says demand for Benade’s services grew so rapidly that he soon applied himself fully to this genre. “The live events industry was then in its infancy and prompted David to expand his services to include lighting, staging and AV. “Manuel had over ten years’ experience as a technician TV, theatre and advertising background. “With a combination of these skills set, dB AUDIO Namibia was born,” Steynberg says as he retraces the company history. Human capital By last year, the company boasted a staff compliment of 43 full-time staff, 35 percent of whom have senior reach Grade 12. – most obtained whilst in the employ of dB AUDIO. Others have managed to obtain some professional advanced rigging & working at height diplomas. “We have always believed that ‘People are your frontline and your frontline is your bottom line’. The fact that we have a human capital department – as opposed to the traditional Human Resources – illustrates that we take our staff and their overall wellness very seriously,” Steynberg says. administration, three in production and six in technical operations. The industry Steynberg admits that the industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years with corporate clients wanting bigger and better services that are in line with international standards. He maintains that purely entertainment events are a bit more challenging to host because Namibia’s population is too small to justify concerts with big international artists. “But that said, the recent successful concerts featuring P-Square and Boyz II Men, not to mention the success of the annual City of Windhoek Jazz Fest prove that it can be done,” Steynberg says. as having been their best since different types of events have their own challenges and rewards. “On the conference front we are proud of our support to the United Nations for the COP11 conference in 2014 and the recent Intangible Cultures conference for UNESCO. “On the entertainment side, we have been privileged enough to be involved with several NAMA award shows which are quite exciting events,” Steynberg says. “It happens occasionally that Murphy’s Law results course is to do everything you can to avoid such incidents, and when it does happen, to be able to recover as quickly as possible.” The company mostly services the corporate market, depending on the nature of the client’s communication needs, and as such, dB Audio has been involved with various sporting events. “We have made our mark on the Namibian landscape and we excitedly look forward to continuing this legacy,” Steynberg says.

Friday, 13 October 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment 27 29 Rejuvenation Methods NSK The other lifestyle HEALTH Rejuvenation is all about allocating some time in your busy schedule to rest and revitalise your body and mind. If you don’t take good care of your wellbeing, emotional stress and burnout will inevitably result. Here are some practical ways to help you rejuvenate. Detoxing Adding a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon to your water is a natural way to add mixture helps to cleanse your body of toxins and waste. Lemons have antioxidant and antibiotic properties, and additionally they have possible anti-obesity effects. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps to boost the immune system and protects your skin from the premature aging that the accumulation of toxins can cause. Conversations Small talk, work matters and informal chats make up the majority of dialogue that we have with people during the week. We build relationships on sharing personal or heart-warming conversations together. When you get home from work, take a moment to focus your attention on your spouse, children or anyone that you live with. If you have dinner together as a family, this is a perfect time to share how your day went and discuss family matters while enjoying your meal. Music Therapy How dull would life be without music? Listening to a particular song or instrumental can change your mood and uplift your mind. Inspirational music at the beginning of your day is a delightful boost that makes you joyful and ready to face any challenges. Put on some upbeat Why doctors have stopped prescribing blood pressure drugs We were quickly approaching the day when people diagnosed with hypertension can kiss goodbye to their expensive ace inhibitors, calciumchannel blockers, beta-blockers, and other blood pressure medications. This is thanks to a breakthrough found in the Amazonian rainforest, that is going to change everything we knew about how to treat high blood pressure.... No more having to visit your doctor for test after test, or having to swallow another expensive and toxic blood pressure pill ever again. Would you be willing to try a "Delicious Natural Diet" that could solve the problem of hypertension naturally in as quickly as 17 days? David Riley, in a brave (and lucky) attempt to save himself from 12 years of blood pressure medication and repeated mini strokes, discovered a hidden research about the isolated Amazonian tribe (known as the Yanomamo Indians). The tribe has zero cases of hypertension. Against all the odds, he was able to track one of the doctors who conducted the research but was keeping a low safe. With the assistance of the doctor, David received the original research meals that help treat hypertension using the same ingredients the tribe has been consuming for decades. After following the research, David's systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings went from a frightening 220 over 140 down to healthy 113 over 71 by day 17, and it’s stayed at a healthy level ever since. This simple home remedy succeeded in just 17 days where medication had failed for 12 years and best of all it blood pressure in clinical trials. By now you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of this method. The answer is pretty simple; Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to keep this information suppressed. The hypertension "market" is worth billions of dollars in expensive prescription pills. Pharmaceutical companies profit when you're debilitated, which is why they aren’t in a hurry to let a natural treatment like this get out there. Hypertension medicine makers are hardly about to step aside and lose the tens of billions of dollars it’s expected they will bring in every year. David believes that keeping people in the dark music and dance, because this is a great way to get that much needed cardio exercise. Slow and calming sounds are ideal after a long tiring day at work, and soothe your mind at bedtime, as you get ready to drift off into dreamland. Unplug Devices Technological advances have enabled us to communicate and share information. However, the value of face-to-face communication and real-life relationships has declined as we rely on cell phones and social media to keep us connected. It can be extremely worthwhile to take a break from your electronic devices now and then. If you discover that social media persona dictate your identity and self-esteem, try to get back in touch with reality by spending quality time with loved ones and engaging in recreational social activities. Personal Diary Writing is a therapeutic and fun way of selfexpression, and you don’t have to be a professional writer to journal your thoughts. That’s the beauty of having a personal diary; there are no mandatory formats or grammatical rules. Diaries are also called journals, and they are wonderful for documenting your goals, feelings, hopes and prayers. Make yours extra special by getting one with interesting cover-art or do it yourself (DIY). Beauty Ndapanda is a lifestyle blogger/ writer. Her articles include wellness and beauty tips to help readers look and feel their best, while her topics on introspection examine thoughts and emotional processes for navigating through life’s ups and downs. – about safe alternative treatment options is unfair. Despite the fact that Riley is taking a risk by standing against the Big Pharma, he went ahead and created this presentation to allow everyone around the world the option to make the change and free themselves. There has been quite a shocking response to the presentation, which has been shared and seen by hypertension communities because of the power of the internet. Some viewers are outraged over the information being that their lives will no longer revolve around pills and hospitals. David is keen to stress that everyone can follow this method. He says you would be surprised how effective these ingredients when consumed at the right time and dosage each day. Of course, viewers must exercise common sense. You should only discontinue a medicine with a doctor’s supervision. – Industry The realities of an MC Many times MC hopefuls come to me asking for help in the form of guidance and mentorship. Many times these hopefuls only see the result of my work on social media. Rarely do hopefuls, if at all see the planning phase, the chaos that ensues behind the scenes and the stressful aftermath. Let’s explore these stages starting with the planning phase. Once you have secured a gig, the onus is on you to research the audience. You need to make sure you get the programme beforehand. That’s ideal, but MCs rarely get the opportunity to scrutinise the programme because event organisers It’s during the planning phase that you need to plan for and acquire everything you need to sum you initiate one solid meeting in which the client can explain to you exactly what they want on the day of the event It is during your planning phase that you need to sort out your leave at work (if it affects your work schedule). The planning phase is extremely important. You can’t skip the planning phase. Life is such that regardless of how well you plan something will always throw a spanner in the works. The chaos behind the scenes is a reality. Ideally, an of events behind the scenes. Again…ideally, but it hardly happens because well, event’s organisers just don’t think it’s important to have a stage manager. A stage manager is someone that makes sure that performers are ready and on standby. They sort out the music is with the DJ and sound engineers, water organisers provide for the MC. The stage manager keeps track of the time. If any issue arises regarding an entertainer’s set, the stage manager will sort it out. In the absence of In the absence of a stage manager, MCs are expected to do all of that and still be all happy and energetic on stage. It’s tiring, stressful and time consuming. The stressful aftermath is having to deal with the image garnered by the show. Because you were the face of the show the whole night…any negative or positive that transpires during the show, it will suck your brand into it. The stressful aftermath is that you sometimes have to deal with an unethical event organiser, who without a single bone of courtesy, disappears on you without settling your remaining 50%. No communication, nada… just kapoef! The stressful aftermath is dealing with industry politics of who could’ve done a better job. You need to be extremely thick skinned. Otherwise, you will fall through the cracks. Oh, and one last thing…you are on that stage from the beginning to the end of that show while an artist comes, does that 45 minute set and disappears. Who gets paid more? The MC right? Wrong. The artists always get paid more. It’s pure manure, but hey, these are realities of an MC. Still want to get into the trade? Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Song of the week: Royalties ft. Bertholdt, ‘My Heart Skips a Beat’ Flop of the week: Axel Zeppy, ‘Amutse-Peace’ NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email or @naobebsekind (twitter)

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