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New Era Newspaper Friday October 13, 2017

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32 ADVERT Friday, October 13 2017 | NEW ERA VACANCY VACANCY PUBLIC NOTICE Republic of Namibia OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY Vacancies OFFICE OF THE PERMANENT SECRETARY 1. Post designation: Chief Internal Auditor Grade 6 1 x Post: Windhoek Minimum requirements: Plus 6 years’ Additional requirements: Key performance areas: DIRECTORATE: LOWER COURTS DIVISION: COURT ADMINISTRATION LOWER COURTS (WINDHOEK, KEETMANSHOOP AND OTJIWARONGO MAGISTERIAL REGION) 2. Post designation: Control Legal Clerk Grade 6 1 x Post: Windhoek Minimum requirements: Plus Additional requirements: Key performance areas: 3. Post Designation Senior Legal Clerk Grade 10 4x Posts Windhoek 1x Post Khorixas 1x Post Gobabis 1x Post Bethanie 1x Post Mariental THE NAMIBIA TOURISM BOARD IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER THE NAMIBIA AND TOURISM COMMITTED BOARD TO PROMOTE IS AN NAMIBIA EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AS A SOUGHT AFTER EMPLOYER TOURISM AND COMMITTED DESTINATION TO PROMOTE BY REGULATING NAMIBIA THE AS A TOURISM SOUGHT INDUSTRY AFTER TOURISM AND FACILITATING DESTINATION SKILLS BY CAPACITY REGULATING BUILDING. THE TOURISM INDUSTRY AND FACILITATING SKILLS CAPACITY BUILDING. The NTB has an employment opportunity at the strategic level of the institution, The NTB has for a an seasoned employment senior executive opportunity to occupy at the the strategic following level position: of the institution, for a seasoned senior executive to occupy the following position: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CHIEF Applicants EXECUTIVE should be OFFICER cognizant of the fact that this is a ve (5) year contract position with its duty station being Windhoek. The remuneration package for this Applicants position should is commensurate be cognizant with of the the fact employment that this is level a ve and (5) responsibilities year contract position with its duty station being Windhoek. The remuneration package for this of the position position is commensurate for a Tier 1 SOE with in line the with employment the provisions level of and the responsibilities SOE Act. The of position the position reports for directly a Tier 1 to SOE the in NTB line with Board the of provisions Directors. of The the incumbent SOE Act. The is tasked position with reports ensuring directly that to the the purpose NTB of Board the NTB of Directors. is realized The through incumbent eective is and tasked attractive with ensuring Marketing that the of purpose “Destination of the NTB NAMIBIA” is realized as through a sought eective after destination, and attractive the Marketing development of “Destination of a competitive NAMIBIA” and sustainable as a sought tourism after destination, destination, the the development robust and eective of a competitive implementation and sustainable of the requisite tourism regulatory destination, environment the robust within and eective the tourism implementation industry, people of the and requisite industry standards regulatory development, environment prudent within the nancial tourism management, industry, people risk management and industry & mitigation standards development, as well as embedding prudent nancial a values management, based culture within risk management the NTB and & mitigation achieving the as NTB’s well as vision. embedding a values based culture within the NTB and achieving the NTB’s vision. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS KEY PERFORMANCE 1) Provide strategic AREAS leadership and direction to the NTB 2) 1) Formulate Provide strategic and implement leadership sound and direction business to strategies the NTB to drive 2) growth Formulate in key and areas implement as agreed sound with business the board strategies and shareholder to drive 3) Develop growth in proactive key areas public as agreed relations with and the stakeholder board and shareholder engagement 3) initiatives Develop proactive to enhance public NTB’s relations corporate and image stakeholder engagement 4) initiatives Direct the to development enhance NTB’s and corporate co-ordination image of the marketing 4) strategies Direct the including development identifying and co-ordination and focusing of on the tourism marketing source markets strategies that including provide identifying the highest and return focusing on tourism source 5) markets Foster harmonious that provide working the highest relationships, return embed a high 5) performance Foster harmonious and value working based relationships, culture within embed the institution a high and maintain performance business and value networks based with culture local, within regional the and institution international and stakeholders maintain business networks with local, regional and international 6) Implement stakeholders human capital management and development strategies in line with global best practices 7) 6) Ensure Implement the existence human capital of a nancially management sound and and development strategies in line with global best practices viable institution 7) through Ensure the good existence nancial of practices, a nancially operations sound and and viable administration institution 8) through Manage good the aairs nancial of the practices, institution operations in line with and good administration corporate 8) governance Manage the practices, aairs of the including institution executing in line the with institution’s good corporate statutory governance mandate practices, of developing including executing the regulatory the institution’s framework and Quality statutory Assurance mandate Schemes of developing the regulatory framework and Quality Assurance Schemes KEY QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: KEY QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s Degree AND in EXPERIENCE: Business Administration or Business Leader- Bachelor’s ship or Tourism Degree and in Hospitality Business Administration Management or Business Leader- The ship above or Tourism qualication and Hospitality should be Management coupled with at least 8 year’s strategic The above executive qualication experience should be coupled with at least 8 year’s strategic Executive executive experience experience within the tourism & hospitality industry will be Executive an added experience advantage within the tourism & hospitality industry will be an added advantage PREREQUISITE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE PREREQUISITE Extensive SKILLS related AND experience KNOWLEDGE in a senior leadership role Extensive Proven success related as experience a leader formulating in a senior policies leadership and role directing diverse Proven success programs/projects/departments as a leader formulating policies or functions and directing Proven diverse ability programs/projects/departments to collaborate strategically or with functions various stakeholders Proven Comprehensive ability to understanding collaborate strategically of the statutory with various role the stakeholders NTB has to Comprehensive full in the Namibia understanding Tourism sector of the statutory role the NTB has to full in the Namibia Tourism sector Namibia Tourism Board Namibia Tourism Board is established by Act of Parliament known as Namibia Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000. One of its functions is the registration of all tourism related businesses. KEY ATTRIBUTES: KEY ATTRIBUTES: Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgement Emotional Ability to exercise intelligence discretion to communicate and independent with a judgement variety Emotional personalities intelligence in tactful, to pleasant communicate and professional with a variety manner at all times personalities in tactful, pleasant and professional manner at all Adaptability times to change A Adaptability high level of to stress change tolerance Ability A high level to work of stress accommodatingly tolerance and politely with all stakeholder to Ability attain to set work goals/results accommodatingly and politely with all stakeholder to attain set goals/results KEY COMPETENCIES: KEY COMPETENCIES: Leadership Ability/Relationship Management Leadership Strategic Thinking Ability/Relationship Management Financial Strategic Performance/Management Thinking eectiveness Emotional Financial Performance/Management Intelligence and Conict Resolution eectiveness Networking Emotional Intelligence & Inuencing and Skills Conict Resolution Stress Networking Tolerance/Resilience & Inuencing Skills Presentation/Communication Stress Tolerance/Resilience Skills Project Presentation/Communication Management Skills Risk Project Management Management Risk Culture Management & Change Steward Culture & Change Steward If you provide accommodation to paying guests, your accommodation establishment must be registered with NTB We, therefore, request all those providing accommodation to paying guests to register their businesses on or before 31st December 2017. Failure to register within the given time will result in criminal proceedings being instituted against the operator of such an accommodation facility. This request also includes those people who are Airbnb subscribers. Applications with a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and certied copies of qualications Applications with and a academic comprehensive records, Curriculum should be Vitae addressed and certied to: copies of qualications and academic records, should be addressed to: The Chairperson of the Board, Namibia Tourism Board, P/Bag 13244, The Windhoek, Chairperson Namibia of or the hand Board, deliver Namibia it at the Tourism Namibia Board, Tourism P/Bag Board 13244, Oce Building, Windhoek, Ground Namibia Floor, or hand c/o of deliver Sam Nujoma it at the Drive Namibia and Tourism Haddy Street. Board Oce Building, Ground Floor, c/o of Sam Nujoma Drive and Haddy Street. Applications should reach us no later than 17:00 on 7th JULY 2017. All hand delivered Applications applications should reach must us no be later signed than into 17:00 submission on 7th JULY list 2017. kept All at hand the delivered RECEPTION, applications or it can be must emailed be signed to into submission list kept at and the NO RECEPTION, faxed application or it can shall be emailed be accepted. to and NO faxed application shall be accepted. Note: Only short listed candidates will be notied, and no documents will be Note: returned. Only short listed candidates will be notied, and no documents will be returned. If you have information about your neighbours offering accommodation either via Airbnb as Bed and Breakfast or Guest house, kindly provide us with the details by calling 061 290 6078, 061 290 6041 or send an email to Minimum requirements: Plus Additional requirements: Key performance areas: 4. Post Designation Chief Legal Clerk Grade 8 Minimum requirements: Plus Additional requirements: Key performance areas: The table below illustrates the remuneration attached to the above posts according to the respective grading. Grade Salary per annum Transport allowence per annum Housing allowence per annum 6 N8 139 - 392 158 N$ 7 680 N$13 080 8 N$ 220 828 - 263 911 N$ 7 680 N$ 13 080 10 N$ 147 485 - 176 895 N$ 7 680 N 464 Applicants should note the following: . Applicants in designated groups especially women and people leaving with disabilities who are able to perform the required duties are strongly encouraged to apply. Please note: Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Enquiries: Mr. Fillemon Haindongo Tel: 061-435 3576 Ms. Aletta Emvula Tel: 061- 435 3603 Human Resources Management CLOSING DATE: 13 NOVEMBER 2017 The Permanent Secretary Private Bag 13412 Windhoek. OR FAXED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED ________________________ Re-Advertisement PUBLIC NOTICE BUSINESS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AUTHORITY OF NAMIBIA BUSINESS AND INTELLE The general Public is hereby notified that as of 1 August 2017, in addition to accepting payment by affixing revenue stamps to documents of any fee, additional fee or other money payable for services rendered by BIPA, in administering the Close Corporations Act, 1988 (Act No. 26 of 1988) and the Companies Act, 2004 (Act No. 28 of 2004) the Registrar accepts payment by way of cash, electronic banking transfers, bank deposits and point of sale (POS) in terms of section 32 of the BIPA Act. The general Public is hereby notifi affixing revenue stamps to docum rendered by BIPA, in administerin Companies Act, 2004 (Act No. 28 banking All cash payments transfers, shall be made at the cashier situated bank at the Registration deposits Office at: - Kamenco House, 188 Sam Nujoma Drive, Windhoek - BIPA Wanaheda Office, Erf 2780, Shire Street, Wanaheda, Windhoek; and - Regional Offices of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (where business and Industrial Property registrations are facilitated). All cash payments shall be made - Kamenco House, 188 Sa - BIPA Wanaheda Office, E - Regional Offices of the (where business and Ind Operating hours of the Registration Office are as follows: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00 The banking details for EFTs or bank deposits are available at the BIPA website Operating hours of the Registr Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00 This Notice further serves to inform the general public that as of 30 November 2017 the Registrar will no longer accept payment by affixing revenue stamps to documents of any fee, additional fee or other money payable for services under the Close Corporations Act, 1988 (Act No. 26 of 1988) and the Companies Act, 2004 (Act No. 28 of 2004) to the Registrar in terms of section 32 of the BIPA Act 2016 (Act No.8 of 2016). Payment will only be accepted by way of cash, electronic banking transfers, bank deposits and point of sale (POS) in terms of section 32 of the BIPA Act 2016 (Act No.8 of 2016). Windhoek, 22 August 2017 PUBLIC NOTICE The bank availa This Notice further serves to infor will no longer accept payment by or other money payable for servic and the Companies Act, 2004 (A BIPA Act 2016 (Act No.8 of 2016). transfers, bank deposits and poin No.8 of 2016).

Friday, October 13 2017 | NEW ERA Otjiherero NEW ERA 33 Embo ro tuzo ondjozikiro kombara otjitambi omuyaruke Kuaima Riruako Kae MaÞunÿu-Tjiparuro Otjomuise Ongombe imwe iwomborora ozongwao embo rimwe mOtjiherero ritja. Oro riheya kutja omundu umwe tjautu otjina okutja imbo varwe mavesekama wina aveutu okutjiat tjimwe poo tjarwe tjandje vamunu kutja nangwari puvenandangwarasi kapenondjira nangwari penondjira. Tjiri indji ondjimaiso okurira ongaro otjiwa¿a mbumatjiyakura natjo embo ndapitire rotuzo nda tjangwa iyonongo Ngungaa Hangara. Embo indi munotuzo twOvaherero-Ovambanderu atuhe kumwe o 35, nozonganda nÿena otuzu itui, ozondjupa zozonganda inda otja kotuzo twazo nawina ozondwezu zato, ovizerika, kutja otuzo itwi tuhuhurasana kunotukee tuzo Embo rotuzo…Ombuniko kombanda yembo ohunga notuzo twOvaherero ndatjangwa iyonongo Ngungaa Hangara nai ndapitire. twarwe nomiÞanÿu vyozonganda zotuzo itwi. Otjotjiraisiro oruzo rumwe orutenga membo indi oruzo rOhambandarwa mozonganda zaro mumuna onganda ya Kahere, Kahuure, Katjipi, Katjinaa¿i na Katua ya Kainakuva noya Nguvauva. Ozondjupa zoruzo indwi oya Rumana noya Tjisekiro. Oro ruzara ondwezu ondaura novandu voruzo indwi otjotjizerika 1) kaveri eraka; 2) kavetumbu onÿu ondovazu; 3) nu kavetumbu ombwa onÿorozu poo onÿorowa. Otjotjiraisiro tjomutandu omuÞanÿu wonganda ya Kahere na Karutjindo “Oya Kahere ka HijanauÞo¿i, Oya Karutjindo omukuzembanda, Omuvi omukuenjandje ngwa purirwe kozongombe za Tjikara tja Muatjombe, Oyovita vya Kanderombonde komuungomeva.” Kakutja otuzo itwi o 35 ootuzo atuyerike tuturiko mOuherero nOumbanderu mapeya apekara otuze twarwe nwinga omautiro uriri kutja mbayenene okutara membo indi naveyendekere kutja otuzu twoharive katumo muro, veyenene okutjivisa omuatjange waro kutja kombunda yomzombura ndatu poo nao, embo indi tjimariyarukirwa otuzo twarwe tutwasewa pehi tuhite. Tjingetjo wina ohunga nozonganda zotuzo itwi. Kapena okuheya kokutja ozonganda ndaraisiwa nai membo indi kehi yotuzo itwi, oo mayandero. Otja kovatjiwe vozomburo omutjange ndahakayenene nazo nu ndoovazu pena mbumavetjiwa omwano warwe poo opena ozomburo zarwe, oondando yembo indi kutja otjiwa¿a tjiwomboroke movyombazu yatjo nitjiyete ondjivisiro ndjiriyo poo kutja Omutjemo…Ovarwe ovakuru vorupa romoukoto wehi norupa romatjururiro womawiriro mehi komurungu wongutukiro maverongere pomurungu wokomando yErapi rOtjiserandu mOtjomuise okuyenda komberoo yomutjevere womausemba wovandu motjihuro, Phil ya Nangoloh, Oritjatatu puvakaraisire omutjemo nondjuriro yawo kuye. Omuperende: Kae MaÞunÿu-Tjiparuro omarundururiro kwiimbi nai mbiri membo indi. “Membo ndi kamu tjangerwe oviune avihe vyotuzo atuhe nomitango vyozonganda azehe zOvaherero. Ku nao mevanga okuyandja erakiza kovarese vembo ndi kutja ave haundjire ko kutja mave yenene okuvaza otuzo atuhe nomitango vyozonganda azehe membo ndi,” Hangara matja membo rokomeho re rembo ndi. Matja otuze atuhe nomitango avihe mbiri membo ndi vya wongwa okuza motjiwana tjOvaherero mbe huoira mo Namibia. Ouherero imbwi omutjange mahandjauro okuheya omihoko avihe mbiwira kehi yOuherero nu mbi hungira eraka rimwe mbiri Ovahimba, Ovaherero, Ovatjimba nOvambanderu. Matja embo indi weriyokizire ombara otjitambi omuyaruke Kuaima Riruako. Mazeri kutja NATIONAL HERITAGE COUNCIL OF NAMIBIA MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCES ovandu otja tjimaveritjivirwe kotuzo twao otjina ihi matjiyeta oruwano mokati kawo. Embo indi movihuro marivazewa pozonganda ozorandise zomambo inÿa: Book Den, Namibia Book Market and Unam Press. Marimunika ko N0-00. Ku imba mberi pendje novihuro maveyene okurimuna okuza komuritjange po: 0811660098 poo 0812550448. Tjiyeri yevari komweze mbumauyende otjimaritjiukisiwa kotjiveta ponganda yomahongero wonganda ya Namibia, o Unama. Hangara wekurira mEpukiro na munu omahongero we wounongo okuza konganda yomahongero wokombanda ya Free State mo South Africa motutuombo novikunwa. Nai uungura pOtjiungura tjOtjiwa¿a tjOmitanda pena omerizirira nOtutumbo nOvikunwa. The National Heritage Council, the Director and the Secretariat would like to convey heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Lena Witbooi. Ms Witbooi was a loyal and hard-working staff member who always showed love and compassion for those who surrounded her. We wish the family peace, comfort and courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in their hearts. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Omutjange wembo…Onongo Ngungaa Hangara.

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