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New Era Newspaper Friday October 13, 2017

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40 SPORT Friday, October 13 2017 | NEW ERA Yyours truly has never been in the habit of “Kowtowing - being overtly deferential - and even though there have been great thinkers and leaders in history, it can become quite tempting to treat anything whatsoever uttered by a thinker or those in leading positions whom one greatly admires, as if it were the real deal. Very often, there may be excellent reasons for relying on the opinions of experts and the authority of those who have spent their lifetime studying a particular subject. Nonetheless, one will be best advised to carefully scrutinize the appeal to “truth by authority and universal expertise”. But if one is not careful, this particular exercise or attitude can be stretched too far with the unwanted potential of degenerating into obsequiousness and excessive or false humility, which gets in the way of critical thinking. “Kowtowing” literally means touching the ground with your forehead as a sign of deference, so to speak. In short, uncritical acceptance of other people’s ideas and interpretation of rules can lead to potentially catastrophic mental stagnation. Yours truly has been following with keen interest the latest twist following a leaked letter authored by leading local football administrator, one Cassius Tertius Moetie. The long-serving executive member of four times dethroned Namibian champions Black Africa - a club with a rich pedigree and arguably the most successful club in the history of domestic football - has climbed bare-knuckles into the yet-tobe-tested NPL executive. The outspoken football administrator left no stone unturned to castigate the newly appointed Namibia Premier League (NPL) executive for apparently deliberately violating its own statutes –pointing to dozens of infringements on constitutional matters. Now, my dear readers, let us look at the issue of necessary A necessary condition is one which is a prerequisite. For example, being able to thoroughly page through the constitution is a necessary condition of our making sense of the rules scripted in the statutes, but obviously not a we might be able to read, yet to make sense of its content. In short, being able to read certainly does not guarantee all of us will make sense of what we have gathered from reading. But alas, if we don’t read documents that guide our togetherness, then we are certainly unlikely to make sense of the entire exercise. From what I surmised, yours truly would give Bro Cash the thon assessment and analysis, not because I am entirely in harmony with the unfolding saga, but simply because the accused has unfortunately resolved to attack the character of the author instead of providing counter arguments. Based on their reaction, it’s my sincere conclusion that the NPL hierarchy lacks mental focus, since my learned colleagues in dear suits appear to fail to appreciate precisely what is really at stake here and more importantly, the likely consequences thereof. Of course, we are fully aware that rules are not cast in iron and can be bent, but sidestepping basic rules without proper consultation with your constituency could have serious repercussions – ultimately coming back to haunt you big time. In conclusion, while Bro Cassius might have raised legitimate concerns, the time and manner was not exactly cool, since the issue could have been dealt with in a much better way – in terms of airing and communicating the grievances to the relevant authorities. The seemingly unending off the pitch battles and internal skeptical potential sponsors from associating themselves with the game of football, just because of the chronic bickering. TALK TO US & Festus Goseb Sales & Marketing Manager Victoria Shikongo Sales & Marketing Executive Desiree Williams Sales & Marketing Executive Asnat Mbaundja Sales & Marketing Executive Stephina Luoke Sales & Marketing Executive TO ADVERTISE ON OUR KUNDANA PAGES Cordilia Sibalatani Sales & Marketing Executive Loyde Meroro Sales & Marketing Executive KUNDANA it’s a widely read weekly, you wanna target a specific market segment Bernadette Nyambe Sales & Marketing Executive Contact: Stephina Luoke Tel: +264 61 2 Email: #TalkToUs

Friday, October 13 2017 | NEW ERA SPORT 41 Sports awards nominees announced Top favourite... Namibia’s former triple world champion Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo, who this year lost his titles to American boxing sensation Terence Crawford during Otniel Hembapu Windhoek The Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) yesterday announced the nominees for this year’s MTC/SSC Namibia Sports Awards. The awards are given annually to reward and recognise Namibia’s sports heroes and active athletes for their outstanding achievements throughout the year. Fifteen categories will be awarded on 27 October at the Windhoek Country Club Resort. For this year, volunteer and administrator of the year awards were excluded from the event. The nominees are as follows: Coach of the Year 1. Michael Hamukwaya – Namibia Paralympic Committee 2. Nestor Tobias - Boxing 3. Erwin Handura - Field Hockey Junior Sportsman of the Year 1. Ivan Geldenhys - Athletics 2. Lance Potgieter - Gymnastics 3. Delano Muller - Kickboxing Junior Sportswoman of the Year 1. Sede de Sousa - Athletics 2. Charlize van Zyl - Gymnastics 3. Heleni Stergiadis - Swimming Junior Sportsman of the Year with Disability 1. Dian Jasen - Para Athletics 2. Kristopher Marungu - Para Athletics 3. Mateus Kambundu - Para Athletics Junior Sportswoman of the Year with Disability 1. Olivia Iyambo- Para Athletics 2. Kertu Kapweya - Para Athletics Sportsman of the Year 1. Julius Indongo – Boxing 2. Lesley !Hoaeb - Kickboxing 3. Jean-Paul Burger – Triathlon Sportswoman of the Year 1. Michelle Vorster - Cycling 2. Maggy Mango - Field Hockey 3. Helalia Johannes - Marathon Sportsman of the Year with Disability 1. Eino Mushila - Para Athletics 2. Ananias Shikongo - Para Athletics 3. Johannes Nambala - Para Athletics Sportswoman of the Year with Disability 1. Johanna Benson - Para Athletics 2. Lahja Ishitile - Para Athletics Sports Team of the Year 1. Senior women’s Indoor Hockey team 2. Under-20 national rugby team 3. Senior rugby team Umpire/Referee of the year 1. Jackson Pavaza – Namibia Football Association (NFA) 2. Oscar Lambert - Rugby 3. Andrew Louw - Cricket Development Programme of the Year 1. Coaches/Umpire Development Program by Netball Namibia 2. Kids on Bike Regional Expansion Program by Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) 3. Field Hockey Development Program Sport Journalist of the Year 1. Jesse Jackson Kauraisa (Namibian Sun) 2. Limba Mupateni (Namibian Sun) 3. Fillephus Heehama (Energy 100 FM) 4. Otniel Hembapu (New Era) Coleman propels Gintra Universitetas into Uefa last 16 Maqonda Ndlovu Windhoek Brave Gladiators striker Zenatha Coleman scored two goals as her Lithuanian club, Gintra Universitetas, knocked Zurich FC out of the Women’s Uefa Champions League on Wednesday. The second-leg Union of European Football Associations (Uefa) match, which ended with a 2-1 Top form... Namibian international Zenatha Coleman helped her Lithuanian club Gintra Universitetas reach the last-16 of the Women’s Uefa Champions League. score line, was played in Zurich, Switzerland and was preceded by a 1-1 draw in Lithuania a week earlier, when Coleman also scored her team’s equaliser. The Round of 32 match, which was streamed live via YouTube, saw the Lithuanian team beat their much-fancied Swiss opponents 3-2 on aggregate to qualify for the competition’s Round of 16 for the second time in their history. goal in the 27th minute before the hosts equalised on 73rd minute. The Namibian then sealed victory for her club with a second goal in the 86th minute. Speaking to Nampa via WhatsApp from Switzerland, Coleman said it is an amazing feeling. “The team was very good throughout the game and they made it easy for me to score those goals. We are all super excited and it is smiles all around as we speak,” she said, adding that even the fans who travelled with the team were pleased. The 24-year-old striker said she was aware of the Gladiators’ next play in the 2018 African Women’s The Round of 16 draw will be held on 16 October, with the games scheduled to take place between 08 and 16 November. Women’s Champions League will be held on 24 May 2018 in Russia. - Nampa

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