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New Era Newspaper Friday October 13, 2017

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8 OTHER NEWS Friday, October 13 2017| NEW ERA Gardener grows world’s largest carrot A gardener in Minnesota set a massive record by growing the world’s largest carrot in his second attempt. Christopher Qualley earned a spot in the Guinness World Record Book with a massive 10.2 kilogram carrot grown at his farm in Otsego. Qualley intentionally set out to grow the world’s largest carrot REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) Reference: RFP BoN No. 08/2017 and credited and said “soil, seed, weather and a little luck” were the keys to his success. “I am relatively new to this hobby and my strategy was to imitate what all of the experienced growers across the world were doing,” he said. “The number one thing that every single top grower says is that your soil is the most important Description of Services: Provision of Travel Management and related services. thing, so that is what I focused on. Without the proper soil your giants will never reach their potential.” Qualley edged out the pervious largest carrot, which weighed 20.1 pounds, and has now turned his sights toward growing a recordbreaking pumpkin or tomato. “I feel I have what it takes right now to potentially grow a world record tomato,” he said. “This year I weighed a 7.07 lb. tomato which is about 1.5 lbs. less than the world record. There have only been about 10 to 15 tomatoes over 7 lbs. grown in the world so I know I am in the ball park for that record.” The gardener said he opted to replant the massive carrot instead of eating it, but his mother-in-law did manage to grab a bite. Rob who poses with celebrities Rob sneaks himself into the photographs of the rich and famous, turning up in Taylor Swift’s apartment and stepping on Lego, eating noodles with Ryan Gosling. Of course, Rob isn’t actually with the stars. He’s just handy with Photoshop, and eases himself into various scenes with clever editing and a keen eye for detail. Rob’s now got well over 200,000 followers on Instagram. People can’t get enough of him posing with Barack Obama, Kanye West and Beyonce. The caption accompanying Obama went “Good old times when we were joking about Trump being elected as president one day. Good old times…” Terms of Reference: Terms of Reference for the above (RFP) are obtainable at Bank of Namibia, 71 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek. Cost: N$ 200.00 Non-refundable (per document). Closing date for submissions: Friday, 03 November 2017 at 12H00 Enquiries: Ms Delila Matengu Tel: +264 61 283 5255 Republic of Namibia Ministry of Information and Communication Technology 4 th National ICT Summit ‘Wanted’ man taunts police on its Facebook page ‘Champagne Torino’ is not a criminal mastermind. But he is a wanted man. Police have several ‘existing warrants’ on Torino, yet he thought it wise to taunt them publicly on Facebook nevertheless. Torino wrote, “you guys suck”, on Redford Township Police Department’s page, and things soon escalated. Torino, from New South Wales in Australia, got a quick response from the police force, which read: “Michael, given your veiled threads, and your inability to engage in constructive dialogue on this page, this is your one warning. If it continues you will back: “Yeah I’m not worried about it. If your next post gets a thousand shares I’ll turn myself in along with a dozen doughnuts. “And that’s a promise. And I’ll pick up every piece of litter around all your public schools, let’s see if you can get those shares.” The thing is, the RPD called his bluff, took a screenshot of his bet and shared it with their thousands of followers. The shares tumbled in. The police even in celebration. And yet, despite this, Torino, who on Facebook describes his occupation as ‘head to come in – with or without doughnuts. him, though. – Mirror The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology wishes to express its appreciation and profound vote of thanks to all the generous sponsors of the 4 th National ICT Summit 2017 held under the theme . Your uncompromising support, assistance and commitment to the annual ICT Summit will go a long way in supporting the Ministry of ICT in creating an inclusive environment for all Namibians to have reliable and affordable access to Information Communication Technologies th National ICT Summit 2017 is greatly appreciated. This day in history... 13 October We at the Ministry of ICT, commend our dedicated and loyal Exhibitors and Speakers as well as our breakthrough thinking Youth Innovators who presented great innovations at the 4 th National ICT Summit 2017. 1884: Germany declares the then South West Africa (today’s Namibia) a German protectorate, although the important port of Walvis Bay remained a British possession. 1952: Egypt reaches agreement with Sudan on Nile waters. 1964: South Africa signs agreement with Portugal (for Angola and Mozambique) with regard to rivers of mutual interest and the Kunene River Scheme; SA signs agreement with Portugal (for Mozambique) providing for the extension of cooling facilities for citrus fruit; SA signs treaty with Portugal (for Mozambique) on railway matters; SA signs economic agreement with Portugal.

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