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18 entertainment

18 entertainment Friday, 01 September 2017 | NEW ERA FEATURE Industry dream becomes reality Donna Collins Swakopmund For this reason, the excitement of walking through the recently opened cutting-edge N-million Nautilus recording studio in Swakopmund was tangible. Clearly this new professional sound recording and production studio which aims to serve the music, advertising and film industry, is like no other in Namibia. It is here that the local creators of this unique recording studio situated at the Dome, have let their minds flow to cater for visiting international artists such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, whilst creating a magical space for the home grown musicians and the creative arts. Audio engineers and music producers, Rainer von Hatten and Gernot Fritze have combined their impressive technical skills and industry experience over the years and committed to providing the best studio equipment and design possible. Whilst Nautilus is about its mind blowing technology, a nostalgic collection of ‘vinyls’ stacked in the “chill lounge”, lends a throwback atmosphere to a bygone but not forgotten era. “We wanted to build a sanctuary for creative minds to come and play,” Gernot, the mastermind behind the studio’s design, says. “The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, instruments, and creative “toys”, and so no creative idea gets lost because all three recording rooms are linked, even the lounge has microphone inputs. “Nautilus is the ideal place to compose, write and arrange music, plus we have an extensive collection of samples and software instruments so you can find exactly the sound you’re looking for, or find something interesting to inspire you. “After the performer and his instrument, the room is the most important piece in the recording chain, and the right balance is necessary to give voices and instruments an adequate environment to project,” Gernot explains. Nautilus recording studios are equipped with different acoustic properties and a wide variety of microphones to accommodate a range of musical styles and instruments. Furthermore, the studios have impressive isolation and clear visibility between each other, which allows for large bands to play together without their instruments getting under their feet. It is a recording engineer’s dream with control rooms acoustically optimised and equipped with highly accurate loudspeaker systems to reproduce a true reflection of the music that is recorded, mixed and mastered in them. “One of the single greatest obstacles I kept hearing about is that artists, producers, musicians and engineers all across Namibia do not have access to a professional standard commercial recording studio,” Rainer notes. “This studio is a dream that Gernot and I share that has brought so much passion and knowledge to this entire project. We are able to offer the industry Photos: Donna Collins Swakopmund Mayor Paulina Nashilundo does the grand tour of Nautilus Studios with audio engineer Gernot Fritze everything and more,” he adds. He further points out that they have crossed paths with hundreds of likeminded and talented singers, instrumentalists, DJs, rappers, producers, artists and musicians in the country who all share the very same dream. “The dream is about music bringing people together, regardless of any differences. It is a dream of creating something for not just a few, but for everyone.” EVENT Blind date with some hunks Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek N a m i b i a n a c t o r D a l t o n A s h i k o t o o f Generations: The Legacy fame will be the guest speaker tomorrow at the first ever Simply You Magazine (SYM) Lifestyle and Fashions awards. As if Dalton alone is not enough to turn heads, South African television presenter, actor, fashion designer, speaker and model Maps Maponyane as well as Zimbabwean Night of glitz… Editor of Simply You Magazine (SYM) Ndapewoshali Shapwanale together with Gazza and his wife Golden Shiimi during the launch of the SYM Lifestyle and Fashions awards in the capital. actress, model and television personality Vimbai Mutinhiri, currently based in Nigeria, will add to the list of celebrities gracing the occasion. The event at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) this Saturday holds the promise of a magical evening that will go down as one of the premiere e v e n t s o n t h e N a m i b i a n social calendar this year with the Who’s Who of Namibia rubbing shoulders with their international counterparts. Ndapewoshali Shapwanale from SYM says it will be an evening full of glitz and glamour in celebration of Namibian personalities. The event also promises the biggest red carpet ever in Namibia! T h e S Y M L i f e s t y l e a n d Fashion awards are the brainchild of Helena Ngaifiwa, owner of SYM. “A seed was planted and the whole team worked towards watering and cultivating this seed to see the dream come true. We created the awards to celebrate our entertainment and lifestyle industries. “We believe in celebrating us, celebrating Namibia. It just makes sense to have an event to celebrate our entertainers,” Shapwanale says. The awards have different categories including Actor of the Year, Actress of the Year, Female Radio Personality of the Year, Male Radio Personality of the Year, Male Model of the Year, Female Model of the Year. Other categories include Stylist of the Year, Make-Up Artist of the Year, Fashion Designer of the Year, Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year, Comedian of the Year, Blogger of the Year, DJ of the Year and Photographer of the Year. They will also have a People’s Choice category of Most Stylish Male of the Year, Most Stylish Female of the Year, Celebrity Couple of the Year and TV Personality of the Year and many others. “Currently we are in the final stretch and I think for now it is a mixture of good nerves, e x c i t e m e n t a n d g r a t i t u d e , and of course what to wear,” Shapwanale says. Performances by local musician include the likes of Sally, Oteya, Imms and Fernando the Drum King. They will also have some surprises on the red carpet and in the theatre. Tickets are available from Computicket for N0. The event is scheduled to start at 17h00 in the afternoon.

Friday, 01 September 2017 | NEW MUSIC entertainment 19 Winky D comes to liven up city Award-winning Zimbabwean artist, Winky D, who will headline the African Music and Arts Festival tomorrow at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre. Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Organisers expect award-winning Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall artist Winky D to bring the city to life when he headlines the African Music and Arts Festival tomorrow at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre. Hosted under the theme, ‘Celebrating our Diversity, Heritage and Culture’, the festival is a celebration of Africa`s unity and culture through music and art for Namibians and Africans at large to express their diversity and heritage. Namibia will host the event, organised by Mindscape Events cc, for the first time and it is billed as one of the most hyped and anticipated annual music and arts events in the country ever. Visual arts performances by Namibian artists such as Sally and Savannah Afros form part of the event. “In a world of diversity where values often clash, music leaps across language barriers and unites people of quite different cultural backgrounds. And so, through music, all people can come together to make the world a more harmonious place,” one of the organisers, Mudi Pontac, says. He adds that the festival aims to develop musicians by providing an artistic platform that will give their talents exposure nationally and internationally. “We look forward to creating a festival with a difference that will blend fun and economic benefit, and where food vendors can give festival goers a taste of African cuisine. “There will also be art and craft stalls as well as photography sessions with people from different cultures. Collectively, the music ecosystem generates rich social, cultural and economic benefits,” Pontac says. Winky D, who is well known for his energy on stage and his hit song ‘Disappear’, has released five albums featuring many hits that have gained him fans across the world. He has toured countries such as South Africa, Botswana, the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. He has shared stages with renowned artists such as Micasa, Mafikizolo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Beenie Man, Busy Signal and Buffalo Soldier. They have specially designed the African music festival to incorporate a wide range of music genres. Tickets for the event are N0 and the event starts at 14h00 in the afternoon. FILM All-women creates Krotoa a male dominated industry Jamie Matroos The South African creative team behind ‘Krotoa’ will debut their film locally after winning a string of international awards. “It’s a story about a woman who was torn apart because of the political order of the day. It’s a story about a historical figure that most people have overlooked,” Kaye Ann Williams says. The South African scriptwriter is part of the all female production team that brought the internationally acclaimed film ‘Krotoa’ to life. Premiering in South Africa last month, which happened to be Women’s Month, the film has won recognition at eight international film festivals. These include the International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture, and the World Film Awards. Williams says the film plays an important role in uncovering the women who shaped South Africa’s multi-racial history. “Often narratives about women – in particular, historical figures who are women are brushed aside and discounted,” Williams says. “But more and more, the female voice is being heard and respected. This is, therefore, an opportune time for the recounting of her story.” Krotoa (the Dutch named her Eva) was a Khoi girl who had a gift for languages – a characteristic of South Africa’s indigenous people that history books have often left out. At the age of 11, she was given to Dutch settler Jan van Riebeeck to work as his servant and interpreter. Despite the patriarchal nature of Dutch society, Krotoa grew up to become his chief interpreter and played a key role in working out terms to end the Dutch-Khoi war in the 17th century. But her position as a mediator put her at odds with her own people as their subjugation at the hands of the Dutch became more and more apparent. At the same time, her proximity to her own people left the Dutch suspicious of her motives. Trying to navigate these worlds as a woman would prove to be her undoing. “She lived during a period where women’s rights were limited and yet she managed to elevate herself to become an interpreter and translator,” the film’s director and producer Roberta Durrant explains. Durrant and Williams first began to piece together Krotoa’s story when they worked together on a local documentary series called Hidden Histories in 2013. “Through this, we realised the facts of her life, speculation and assumptions about her life made by various historians and cultural experts offered the possibility of a strong fictional narrative for a feature inspired by historical fact and speculation,” she adds. Together with writer Margaret Goldsmid, Durrant and Williams created a narrative that centres on the struggles and accomplishments of an indigenous woman in an industry that still favours men. For Williams, finding support and credibility as an all-women team was one of the major challenges the team had to overcome. “When men are involved it is assumed that film is good until proven otherwise, but the reverse is true for women – we first Out of the shadows... Actor Crystal Donna Roberts as she portrays the tragic life of 17th Century Khoi woman Krotoa under the yoke of Dutch colonialists. have to prove ourselves before we receive support.” As a coloured woman, Williams says the project has shaped the way she sees herself in light of the racial tension and misogyny in South Africa. “The research process allowed me to work through my own challenges as a coloured woman. It helped me shape the kind of mother I have become to my son and daughter. Also, it helped me appreciate my physical self.” The film is scheduled for release in 22 South African cinemas after a successful international run. Durrant believes things only look up from here. “Women are finding their place in our industry; I’m excited about this. I have worked, and continue to work with the most talented and dedicated women in the industry. It can only get better.” – MUSIC Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek It was another memorable night at the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) when award winning RnB singer, Michael Pulse, presented a massive live performance at Acoustic Friday. Hundreds of guests who attended the event received a real treat when Michael offered them songs from his latest album, ‘Pulsified’. Michael sends audience into ecstasy Some of the songs they heard during the night were ‘Gone’, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Pick the Pieces’, ‘Delight’ and ‘I Am Loving You’. To top it off, Michael also performed some of his biggest hits, among them ‘Don’t Matter’ for which Ori, a female singer, joined him onstage sending the entire crowd into ecstasy. Michael also performed the song that won him this year’s Namibia Annual Music Award in the category of the Best RnB titled ‘Oval Heart’. Other songs he performed included ‘Immanuel’ and ‘1,000 Wishes’. He wound up the night with his house song ‘Smile’. Michael, known to many as a songwriter and play writer, is not new to live performances, and has been doing them since 2011 at events such as Song Night, Fu Jazz and Boiler Room. He has shared the stage with the likes of Shalu, Toshi and Miss H. Pulsating... Michael Pulse, performing the song ‘Oval Heart’ at the Franco- Namibian Cultural Centre’s (FNCC) Acoustic Friday show last Friday.

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