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New Era Newspaper Friday September 1, 2017

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24 entertainment

24 entertainment Friday, 01 Septemberr 2017| NEW ERA FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 00:00 Prime News ® 00:45 Soccer Pitch ® 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 06:00 Good Morning Namibia (Live) 08:00 Healing Power of Nature® 08:30 Prime Minister’s Question Time ® 09:00 Blaze & Monster Machine 09:30 Tickety Toc + Fireman Sam 10:00 Morning News (Live) 10:30 The Pirates Band of Misfits (All Age) 12:00 Los Rey ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 CNN Global Update (Live) 14:30 Regal Academy 15:00 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 15:30 Sunshine Club 16:20 Just Teenz 17:00 Japanese Cuisine 17:30 Club 808 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Los Rey 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Absolute Rugby 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Business Today (Live) 21:15 Sport News 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 Generations 22:30 Prime News ® 23:15 Whata-Monday ® SATURDAY 02 SEPTEMBER 00:00 Modern Family 00:30 Murder in Paradise (PG13) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ® 07:30 Mister Maker ® 08:00 Max Steel ® 08:30 Christ Embassy 09:00 Sunshine Club ® 10:00 Rhythm City (Omnibus) 12:00 America’s Got Talent ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 Totally Rubbish 14:00 Inter Sport 16:00 Whata-Tuesday ® 17:00 The Promise 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Stars in Style 18:30 Session Studio 6 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Business Africa 19:30 Whata-Lifestyle 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 NBC Jukebox (Live) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Black Widow (PG13) SUNDAY 03 SEPTEMBER 00:15 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (R16) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Gospel Mix 07:30 A New Season 08:30 Universal Church 09:00 Los Rey (Omnibus) 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 A New Season ® 14:30 Inter Sport 17:00 The Taste of Trouble 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Rooted 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 2030 In Focus ® 19:30 Healing Power of Nature 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Session Studio 6 21:30 Demigods (PG) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Metal Tornado (PG13) (VC) FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 00:00 Dredd (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera News (Live) 06:00 Fitness First Class 06:30 In Good Shape 07:00 Houston’s 07:30 Europe in Concert 08:30 In Focus 09:00 Good Morning Show ® 11:00 WWE Wrestling 12:00 Broken Vows ® 12:30 Scandal! ® 13:00 Afro Musica 13:30 Generations 14:00 India a Love Story ® 15:00 The Hostel Serenity 15:30 Run the Adventure 16:00 Steve Harvey 17:00 Whatagwan ® 18:00 Afro Musica ® 18:30 Broken Vows 19:00 India a Love Story 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Session Studio 6 20:30 Scandal! 21:00 NBC Jukebox ® 22:00 Paternity Court 22:30 Rush Hour 2 (R16) SATURDAY 02 SEPTEMBER 00:00 American Kickboxer (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Jungle Book :Rumble in the Jungle (2009) (All Age) 08:00 The Smurfs 2 (All Age) (VC) 10:00 Local / International Sport 13:00 Broken Vows (Omnibus) 15:00 Generations (Omnibus) 17:00 Sparkle (PG) 18:30 Hollywood Ultimate Countdown 19:00 Revenge 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Necessary Roughness 21:00 Missing – Season 1 21:45 Free Your Mind (R16) 22:00 Adam’s Apples – Season 1 “Torn” (2011) (R16) SUNDAY 03 SEPTEMBER 00:00 Bedazzled (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 The Final Battle (All Age) 09:00 Book of Negroes (Final) 10:00 Local / International Sport 13:00 Scandal! (Omnibus) 15:00 India Love Story (Omnibus) 19:00 America’s Got Talent 19:45 Sport News 20:00 The Black List 21:00 Sink Hole (PG13) (VC) 22:30 New York Cop (R16) 08:00 The Smurfs 2 22:45 Metal Tornado 21:00 Sink Hole = Movie ® = Repeat (VC) = Viewers Choice Times and programmes are subject to change. Buy once. Get Digital TV forever. No monthly fees. WANTED TO ADOPT A PET OR SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO ANIMAL WELFARE CALL THE SPCA ON (061) 238654 OR VISIT AT 142 KRUPP STREET, WINDHOEK MAN’S BEST FRIEND NEEDS HOME. LOVING HOME FOR ME AND MY FELINE FRIENDS.

NEW ERA | Fitch’s BMI research on the Namibian economy Page 26 INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business Knock-on… A decline in the fishing quota allocated to Bidvest Namibia continues to erode Bidvest Group’s earnings. Fishing quotas in Namibia affect Bidvest’s earnings Distribution, trading and services South African Group Bidvest has managed to obtain increased headline earnings by 6.2 percent, to N.7 billion for the financial year ended June 30, despite the lack of economic growth, declining consumer spending as well as significant business and political uncertainty. “We are evolving successfully following last year’s unbundling of the food service businesses. The benefits of our diversified portfolio and the quality of the underlying businesses are evident in the performance of the trading operations where five of Bidvest’s seven divisions, as well as Bidvest Properties, delivered growth in trading profit,” Bidvest chief executive Lindsay Ralphs pointed out. The firm’s South African operations delivered improved trading results in most divisions, with trading profit increasing by 6.4 percent against revenue growth of 3.5 percent. The firm informed that its branch in Namibia continued to be impacted by limited fishing quota allocation, higher quota buy-in prices and a recessionary macroeconomic environment in Namibia and that numerous strategic options are being considered. Group revenue increased by 4.0 percent to N billion compared to N.2 billion achieved last year, with a stable gross profit margin at 29.1 percent. During the analysed financial year, Bidvest acquired 100 percent of Brandcorp and 100 percent of Iris and UK-based facility management services and solutions provider Noonan. The Group believes that with a continued strong focus on expense control and asset management, they can ensure sustainable growth. In addition, the company says that it will continue to explore acquisitive opportunities in local and international markets with the intent of complementing their core product and service offerings. “We maintain a sound financial position and a strong balance sheet with adequate headroom to support growth aspirations,” Ralphs said. – No money for Omaheke Trade Fair 2017 GOBABIS The annual Omaheke Trade Fair (OTF) that has over the years served as a trade and networking platform, particularly for small and medium enterprises, will not take place this year. Pio Nganate, the special advisor to the Omaheke governor who doubles as OTF chairperson, told Nampa on Thursday the event has been called off for 2017. Nganate said the costs associated with hosting the event, most of which come from the Omaheke governor’s office, have become too much of a burden. “We have decided to put the staging of this year’s Omaheke Trade Fair on hold so that we can find other ways of covering the exorbitant costs associated with it,” he said. Prominent amongst the costs, he explained, is converting the Legare Stadium at the town into a trade fair venue. Those costs, coupled with a high bill for utilities such as water and electricity and other logistics, accumulate to about N0,000 that the governor’s office cannot recoup from the renting of stalls and takings from the gates. “The costs are just too high at the moment and it makes little economic sense to keep hosting the event, as we are made to rely heavily on sponsors,” said Nganate. The OTF was since 2012 initially billed as a unification platform for all trade and agricultural shows in the region. It was originally to be hosted at the local showgrounds, managed by the Gobabis Show Society, but since the OTF runs concurrently with the Gobabis Agricultural Show, the showgrounds are unavailable. It also emerged over time that many commercial farmers in the region did not buy into the OTF and preferred their own show that had been running for the past 50 years. The OTF nonetheless took off in 2012 and has been hosted every year since then. Nganate said the OTF is expected back next year, with a fresh and more economically viable outlook. “This is not the end of the trade fair – we will be back next year and have an even bigger event. We just need this time to focus on how we can make the event even bigger,” he said. – Nampa Pio Nganate

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167