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New Era Newspaper Friday September 29, 2017

24 entertainment

24 entertainment Friday, September 29 2017 | NEW ERA MUSIC Gospel singer Martin PK headlines concert Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Acclaimed South African gospel singer, songwriter and actor, Martin PK, is expected to headline the Worship Elevation gospel concert themed ‘All White’ at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre in Windhoek this Saturday. Pinehas Nakaziko previews the concert. The worship singer Solomon Wunibee from Toronto, Canada and Temple from the United Kingdom are the guest artists. Levite, Moritz, Zassha, Effy, Franklin and Dee ‘A, New Generation and the Anointed Levites dancing group, are some of the local artists featuring. Ta l e n t e d v o c a l i s t a n d songwriter, Trougott Uahakua Uaeta, popularly known as White, has organised the concert. Uaeta writes songs that the way young Christians lead their lives. His songs encourage fellow believers to persevere as far as Christianity is concerned. White founded New Generation Gospel Crew in 2005, of which he was the lead singer. White says the fire of the worshippers and gospel ministers Praise evening… Local gospel singer Trougott Uahakua Uaeta, popularly known as White, is hosting the Worship Elevation Gospel Concert tomorrow at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre in Windhoek. gather to give God all the glory he deserves through gospel songs. gospel history that a multipleaward international artist graces such an event. “This is an event not to be missed by anyone as it will bring celebrated and seasoned artists across the world to the country, and provide an interdenominational event that is open to everyone,” White says. He adds that the main aim of this event will be fellowship as children of one Father. ARTS Zulu Boy, digging heels deep Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Icon... A wooden sculpture of the late Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, creatively done by Zulu Boy Through his passion for art, young visual artist, musician, graphic designer and photographer, Pinehas Shikulo, also known as Zulu Boy, has managed to penetrate the art industry, and is already making waves through his talent. Zulu Boy, a bachelor of arts in visual arts holder from the University of Namibia (Unam), is now focusing on photography, graphic design and music. “My imagination helps make me wonder. An idea is the most important step before doing any actual work,” he says thoughtfully. Not new to creativity, many can recall him featuring in the 2016 Osmart Phone Christmas promotion hosted countrywide by MTC, in which he designed the advert posters. national emblem for the Oniipa Town Council, and he did a wall painting at the Otjomuise Primary School, in collaboration with YALI, under the auspices of the American Embassy. Zulu Boy also did a welldesigned wooden sculpture of the late Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, which many art lovers loved. To top it up, this year he made it to the finals of the Bank Windhoek Tr i e n n i a l E x h i b i t i o n w h e n h e p r e s e n t e d h i s O n k a l a m w e n y o photography exhibition. The Triennial is a nationwide arts exhibition and competition that has taken place every three years since its inception in 2008. Apart from that, he has also managed to start his own company, BMs Creative Lab, which he says captured a photography campaign that included younger Namibian entrepreneurs to influence them when it comes to starting small and medium enterprises. Zulu Boy is also a lead singer, and one of the founders of the awardwinning quartet, Ama- Daz-Floor, which has been making great hit songs for the past six years, and recorded four albums during this period. He is now hard at work planning and hosting solo exhibitions and attending bigger exhibitions around the world. He motivates fellow artists to engage in more collaboration with one another to expose their work to more critical examination for better results. Multi-talented... Zulu Boy, who is busy making his mark in the art industry.

Friday, September 29, 2017 | NEW ERA MUSIC Busiswa lights up Steakhouse entertainment 25 Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay Re n o w n e d S o u t h A f r i c a n a r t i s t , Busiswa, is at Lothar’s Steakhouse restaurant here tonight She is performing some of her hit songs such as Lahla and one of her latest offerings, Ingqondo, for the entertainment hungry socialites of Walvis Bay. Co-owner of Lothar’s S t e a k h o u s e , R i c a r d o Amujera, says they want to shift the entertainment industry here into another dimension. “Basically the reason why we are bringing Busiswa to Walvis Bay is to breathe life into the social scene, as there is not much happening at the town, entertainment wise apart from the regular club scene,” he says. Amujera says Busiswa’s performance signals a new start for live entertainment at the coast as they have just invested in a new beer garden at Steakhouse to play home to top notch entertainers, local and international,” he says adding that he wants to keep Lothar’s the first choice of entertainment bringing a new artist every month. “We value our client base very much and want to show our appreciation by giving them high standard entertainment,” Amunjera promises. Events Promoter Flavour Wilson says the new beer tent not only serve artist but also caters for business people who wants to have their meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. “We will also have a private lounge as well as free WiFi in it,” he says. Doors to the show open at 19h00 and entrance fee is set N. However the entrance fee is not constant. One of South Africa’s most sought after artist, Busiswa, who iS performing tonight at Lothar’s Steakhouse restaurant in Walvis Bay. ARTS Mark leaves audience craving more Magical scenes... Xenia Ivanoff-Erb - a Namibia inspired destination photographer with some of her canvass prints hanging in her new, one of a kind Photographic Gallery in Swakopmund. Photo: Donna Collins Donna Collins When you come across an incredibly creative photographer, who generates artistic life through the lens of her camera, whilst producing a picture perfect masterpiece around every turn, then it’s time to sit up and take note. The name Xenia Ivanoff-Erb (pronounced Zenia) is not unknown to the coastal community after she burst onto the scene “Namibian inspired destination photographer” motivated by the natural beauty of the country she explores. Xenia’s photographic eye is spot on, and her photos live and breathe. So much so that when she captures a shot of the ocean, you can almost hear the waves breaking and feel a gentle sea spray against your cheek. Her desert and landscape shots depict the vastness and dune contours of the immense Namib that bring to life the textures of a billion grains of sand and contrasting shadows. Xenia’s connection with Namibia was a romantic one, after she fell in love with her tour guide husband, Georg, whilst visiting this beautiful and dramatic country on a photographic safari eight years ago. One magic sunset and a marriage proposal on the dunes later she was hooked, and today still enjoys a honeymoon with a country that has captured her heart and captivated her. Her real connection to Namibian photography was also inspired, when she crossed paths with the late, celebrated photographer Tony Figuera – whom she bonded with during her first Swakopmund exhibition at the Dome in 2015. Today she still proudly displays some of her prized pieces that Tony printed on canvass for her exhibition, resembling massive oil paintings rather than photographs. Tony printed 40 of her works – of which she only has three left. They now stand in her new Ivanoff-Erb Photographic Gallery, at the Bonus MarktPlatz Boutique in the shopping centre in Swakopmund. She is also buying this same printing machine that Tony used for her photographic exhibition, and other work of hers, making it the only at the coast. Her new gallery is the only one of its kind at the coast, displaying a selection of her high quality prints for largely the tourist market, but it also serves to inspire and share unique images of Namibia. Joined by Georg, who is also a keen photographer, she often heads off on photo shoots and magical trips to capture new breathtaking images of this country. Using advanced software and Canon photographic equipment, her work ranges from an assorted montage of corporate photography, to images for the tourist industry, with her “I love Swakopmund” Facebook page packed with stunning travel photos of Namibia’s diverse beauty spots. Xenia is a whizz in professional business branding, logo design and development photography, having worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry in South Africa. In addition, she has worked on the FIFA 2010 World Cup branding project and redeveloped the Kaiser Chiefs logo in her time. With this background, she is building a solid reputation as a corporate photographer at the coast, and companies such as Erongo Red, Tunacor, Strand Hotel, Hangana Seafood and Taleni Africa, to mention some, have already commissioned her. Furthermore, Xenia also held four different photographic exhibitions in Germany during 2016. The Kuiseb, Namibia Exhibition, depicting the Topnaar people of the Kuiseb, displayed 20 images, which she held in partnership with the German Namibian Gesellschaft. “I love the freedom to be able to express myself through images and design, and my work is rather a creative statement of my lifestyle,” Xenia concluded. Young rapper Dill-iigent dreams big Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Ambitious, upcoming Walvis Bay-bred Rodney Shikongo, a.k.a. Dill-iigent, is set to change the music industry one song at a time. The rapper says many upcoming artists get in the game for the money and fame, but he is strictly there for the passion he has for it. Dill-iigent started music at the tender age of 10 and by 15 had already released a mainstream song titled ‘Game’. “I chose to title the song Game because I believe the rap industry and the whole music scene will change because of my presence. There are many people who think music cannot be a career but I want to change that misconception,” he says. Namibia’s hip-hop godfather Jericho’s style of rapping and his lyrics have inspired him. Because Namibia is a small country, artists should motivate upcoming ones he says. “We can’t always be looking outside our country for inspiration. We must learn to love and respect our artists, and they should be willing to give [us] a helping hand so [that] we have a story to tell the next generations. It begins with us all,” he says. The talented young artist recently dropped his first EP titled “Mixture 7”, featuring different genres from hip-hop, RnB and afropop. His main focus is rap, but he says he does not want to be limited to one genre. “I gave it that name because it has different types of sounds on it. On my EP, you will get to hear house, rap, hip-hop and much more. This is serious,” he says. He won’t rush into anything because he is still young and has a long way to go in achieving his dreams. The rapper says he is more than willing to learn from those that have been in the game longer and have experience. “I still experience challenges in getting into studios and getting beats to make good music. I will not give up just yet because of the many challenges, but I look for the positives in them. The future belongs to us, so we have to do this right,” he adds. Dill-iigent is currently working on his album and music video that he hopes to drop soon. MUSIC Fresh air... Young rapper Dilliigent is intent on changing the music industry with his music.

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