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New Era Newspaper Friday September 29, 2017


8 NEWS Friday, September 29 2017| NEW ERA Murder, suicide at Outapi Roland Routh Windhoek The police in Outapi have opened murder and inquest dockets after 23-year-old Bendeka Hanna Rauha died on the spot after she was reportedly hacked to death by 22-year-old Hashiko Teofilus, who later committed suicide. The motive for the gruesome killing, which took place at Omahalya village, near Anamulenge, at about 11h50 on Monday, is not known and police investigations continue. The victim and suspect were reportedly in a relationship. The body of 46-year-old Hendrich Farmer was found in a burnt-out room in Daffodil Street in Khomasdal on Monday at about 16h00. According to the police the deceased locked himself in his the room. The police at Outjo are investigating a case of murder after 71-year-old Karel Heis Kossmann died as a result of wounds he sustained when he was assaulted with an axe on the knee and head, and shot several times in his right leg with a revolver, by his 30-yearold employee. According to the police report, the suspect and the deceased had an argument over work. The suspect stole a CZ pistol and cash of N,737. The suspect was arrested about 9km before Outjo and the stolen items recovered. In Rundu the burnt body of an between 20 to 30 years old, was found lying suspiciously in a zinc hut opposite Rocky Car Wash. He had a stab wound in his throat. Anyone with information on the suspected crime is requested to contact Chief Inspector Kupembona at 081-2929295. In another case of attempting to rob an ATM machine, two suspects held a security guard of Namibia Protection Services at gunpoint and tied him up before attempting to cut the back door of the ATM, the police reported. The suspects were disturbed by manage to damage the door. In Onandjaba village, Okalongo Constituency, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 20-yearold suspect on Monday at about 19h00. According to the police the victim was gathering wood in her neighbours’ yard when the suspect grabbed and raped her. He was arrested. as 87-year-old Nkenga Kakuni, was found burnt yesterday morning at about 01h36 after her sleeping hut According to the police, the and cooking in her room, which is A man was admitted to Oshakati State Hospital after he sustained a knife wound on his right rib during at Katutura location in Opuwo. The suspect was arrested. A security guard of Namibia Protection Services was reportedly robbed of one J7 cellphone valued at N,000, a P9 Huawei cellphone valued at N,000, a Samsung cellphone valued at N,500 and cash in the amount of N,749 by three suspects between the age of 40 to 50 years old. The incident happened at Light House Financial Services Cash Loan in Iscor Street in the Northern Industrial Area on Tuesday at about 07h50 and the suspects reportedly Two suspects, an Angolan male, aged 24, and Namibian male, aged 26, were arrested during a police operation after they were found in possession of two pangolin skins and 199 stones suspected to be uncut diamonds. More drugs seized by police Roland Routh Windhoek The police announced yet another seizure of a huge amount of cannabis, days after more than 6,000 Mandrax tablets were found building last week. This time two Namibian male suspects were arrested on September 24 at about 16h55 on the Namibian side of the Ariamsvlei border post after they were found in possession of two 50kg bags of cannabis valued at N0,000. The Namibian police reported that the suspects crossed on foot over to the South African side where they collected the bags and upon their return put them on a donkey cart as the mode of transport, and hid the cart in the nearby bushes. Acting on a tipoff from the public the police searched the area and found the drugs. The suspects, Christo Arnold, 27, and Frans Swartbooi, 25, appeared in court on Tuesday and were refused bail. “Once again it is evident that indeed there are tremendous efforts by both the police and the public in curbing the use of drugs in our country. We commend everyone involved in reporting and making sure that those dealing and possessing drugs are dealt with in accordance with the law. Let us ceaselessly Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi. In other news it was announced yesterday that the man whose car was hit and dragged for about 100 metres by a train on Monday morning at about 08h10, along Hannah Mupetami Road, had died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the incident on old Hindjou Ignatius Jazikama. According to police reports the deceased failed to stop at the railway crossing. It was further announced by the police that Andreas Victor Kaushi, who escaped from lawful custody last week Friday, was re-arrested in Windhoek on Monday. Police are investigating a case of was attacked and wounded after he chased alone after a suspect and was ambushed and dragged into a house by a group of people. and stabbed him three times in the head currently in a critical condition in the Roman Catholic Hospital. Zambia Street in Havana location on Sunday at about 17h20 to locate suspects in a robbery case when the incident happened. Six suspects were arrested while two are still on the run and the pistol has not yet been recovered. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the suspects and or the pistol is requested to contact 081-1242649. Duty-bound… Some members of the police force that confiscated the cannabis Photo: Contributed Correction In our front-page story yesterday with the headline, ‘Majority unable to buy land – Shaningwa’, that was based on information provided to New Era by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, we reported Ronald Chitotela is Zambia’s Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development Chitotela is actually Zambia’s Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development. and rural development ministry will take responsibility for the error. – Editor Fish shops open in Omusati Loide Jason Outapi The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhardt Esau, recently officially Omusati Region. The fish shops, owned by Omankete Investment, will see people at the grass-roots level thereby improving their nutrition in the long run. the country hence the opening people. People at Oshifo and Outapi will now have easy access to promote value addition at local level. Esau said it is important for Namibians to enjoy their is exported to other countries. The country’s 550,000 metric are enough in both variety and volume to be marketed locally and traded internationally, he added. Esau said that in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) and NDP5 the government is determined to ensure food security. “Fish in Namibia is not only sufficient and safe, but it complements our mahangu and other foods to ensure our population is healthy and strong. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, helps to reduce coronary heart disease and does not cause gout as is the case with other Fish shops also create much needed jobs in the region, which are over and above the current factories. Fish shops also promote e n t e r p r i s e d e v e l o p m e n t , particularly among the youth and women in locations where people live. “We have a serious challenge of unemployment in our country, especially among our youth, that we must all work hard to address. I am particularly keen to maximise the number of jobs created by Fish provides jobs during catching, onshore processing, transportation and local marketing, especially through enterprise development. Chairman of Omankete Investment, retired bishop Cleopas Dumeni, commended available to the needy.

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