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12 thought leaders

12 thought leaders Friday, September 8 2017 | NEW ERA The Great Problem T - - - - - - gebare, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Namibian economy craves an advanced mathematical model Mesias Alfeus T - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mesias Alfeus is a PhD student in Quantitative Finance at the University of Technology, Sydney.

13 thought leaders Friday, September 8 2017| NEW ERA None but self to blame regarding Okahandja pilgrim Are these the signs of the times? These times when the ancestors are as yet not prepared to listen to their children but rather making them crazier to eventually destroy them in total just like Imperial Germany nearly annihilated them. Like the proverbial whom the gods make crazy? But it seems like what the Imperial Germany could not complete has been destined and divined to be taken to its logical conclusion by the ancestors or gods of this beleaguered community. Looks like this beleaguered community is destined and divined for the nothing that the ancestors or gods can do unless the community itself wake up from its slumber and path of self-destruction and selfannihilation that it seems to have embarked upon. A path that has been manifested in and by many independence. One of the latest and perhaps most revealing and odious manifestation is the commemoration of Heroes and Heroines Day two weekends ago in Okahandja. Unlike the commemoration of Otjihenda and Okeseta the preceding weekend, Okahandja/ Otjiserandu and/or Heroes/ Heroines Day in Okahandja was by marred by a standoff between kinspeople, at times threatening to erupt into a physical confrontation, and probably bloodshed. If the police are to be blamed, this standoff must have been an opportune excuse for them to use it as a pretext and subtext for banning a section of the community from visiting the shrines of their ancestors. Unlike the observance of Heroes/Heroines Day in Oshakati the same weekend, which proved a momentous heroes and heroines who must surely be smilingly proudly wherever they may be at this homage, the same cannot be said of the fallen heroes and heroines in Okahandja, and other ancestors wherever they may be, seeing their descendants on such a warpath of self-destruction and self-annihilation as menaced by the pilgrim in Okahandja the said weekend. Yes, the national leaders and all those who converged on the Oshakati Independence Stadium must receive the deserved credit for giving the Heroes/Heroines the and Heroes/Heroines Day a day worth commemorating. T h e l e a d e r s w h o spearheaded the pilgrims and commemorations at Otjihenda in the Okakarara Constituency and at Okeseta in the Gobabis Rural Constituency, the preceding weekend, as much deserve recognition and salutations for the exemplary and judicious leadership they exhibited. Surely other leaders, whatever the nature of their leadership, must be taking a leaf or two from them. But the same cannot be said about the leaders involved in the pilgrim to Okahandja, and the paying of homage to fallen leaders there. But all must remember and reminded that the Okahandja pilgrim is not just about the fallen leaders who have been laid to rest at the holy shrines in this garden town. It is whether one wants it or not, the mother of all pilgrims. A d e d i c a t i o n t o all who sacrificed their lives in the noble cause of resistance, culminating freedom, independence and sovereignty. So those failing that these heroes and heroines receive befitting homage, can no doubt be as much guilty and must stand trial and indicted by their communities for a crime equal to desecrating and defacing these shrines and spitting on such. They are equally guilty of some of these heroes and heroines, their lives, worthless and a political ballgame to satisfy their parochial egos. All too often, the Namibian government has been blamed and accused for usurping Heroes/Heroines Day for its own limited heroes and heroines. But now that Okahandja pilgrim is supposed to be offering especially the community with close affinity to most of the heroes and heroines laid to rest there with the opportunity to pay the community has instead become the usurper of such an opportunity. And more often than not it has failed to pay the heroes and heroines the befitting homage. Forfeiting in the process their liberty and freedom to do so only to blame either the Namibian government and/ or police. Heroes like Samuel Maharero, Kahimemua Nguvauva, Hosea Kutako, Kambahahiza Kavikunua, you name them, surely must be turning in their graves. How can they not given such shamefulness by their own descendants? Let alone be expected to bestow upon them blessings? And sadly, some of those who may be deserving of such blessing are missing it by the misdeeds of others who cannot provide the necessary and required leadership in this matter. While ready to blame the police and/or the government, few if none from the beleaguered community would dare to pause to earnestly ponder how the community, three years or so after an agreement in 2014, made a court order, wilderness in terms of paying tribute and homage? Simply since 2014 with the said agreement, this matter has squarely been in the hands of the community itself and its leaders not in the hands of some imagined third force, be it the government and/or the police. On the contrary the Namibian police time and again has been compelled to intervene and crisis manage the situation, if not providing acting leadership for the given community given the inability of its own leaders. Still three years or so down leadership has not been able to broker a way forward on the matter the help of the court notwithstanding. How given this one can blame either the police or government is mindboggling. The pursuit of inner-party democracy in Swapo Recent events regarding the road to the Swapo congress, social media attacks on one another, conferences engulfed by physical altercations and many other activities that render our party instruments (constitution, rules and procedure etc.) redundant, have caught my attention. Long term sustainable success is usually achieved when the foundations (anchors) of the institution or organisations is protected. I was under the impression that in a democratic political party the various positions like president, vicepresident, secretary-general process. The candidates who are willing to occupy the chair should contest elections and the winner occupies the position. It is true that if the high command favours a candidate, the members opt for him and he gets elected (not selected) to occupy the position. Once, he occupies the position, irrespective of voting, all the members should support the elected candidate. That is democracy. It appears that there is a new song sang in town, a song that has no title just a chorus ‘endorse and has no lyrics but a chorus Nobody seems to know by whom or what the song was sang, however there are a chorus called endorse and endorsement. endorsement is not a song but just a chorus with no political philosophy only of in democratic set up such as this of ours. Reluctantly, I perused some of our instruments available to me – the constitution, political p r o g r a m , m a n i f e s t o , directives etc. I could not wonder that perhaps it is a contemporary democratic innovation. I asked myself why our stalwarts are not providing guidance or leadership on this democratic violation. When you consider the sheer volume of material and activities around this hype regarding President Hage Geingob one would realise that we, the younger generation, are guilty of endorsing this cordial hypocrisy out of fear or loyalty. The question is how sustainable is this strategy? How ethical is it to turn a blind eye to a fundamental process that is the core of our modern era political state of affairs, however what is not questionable is that automatic endorsement contradicts the values of our inner party democracy. I would like to think that there are more alternative options available, such as a debate about succession planning. In my opinion, the country needs two centres of power. I believe that the president of Swapo should not be the president of the country. The foundation is within our instruments, all we need is create a platform for us to talk about it intellectually. I am calling for this to this or that faction. I speak my mind and I am only in bed with the party constitution. Hence I protest the chorus of automatic Juuso Kambueshe endorsement without fear. Looking at our sister party, the ANC, maybe we need to have that as a basis to debate around two centres of power. we should bequeath the next generation with precedents of endorsements that we have not researched or debated about democratically. Where and how do we go about growing in our party without being associated with cliques and factions? I sincerely am thirsty for a better value system within our party. As a delegate to congress I think I am not alone to request that the campaign should be declared open so that we all can participate knowing exactly what we are dealing with. Our ethics should be to uphold the values of sustainable development foundations of democracy - free and fair election. Authentic leadership should be about authentic values and I hold up my hand to for improvement, however trust when we are suggesting that the top four positions of our party must be subjected to selection and not election. I cry my beloved party for the pursuit of inner party democracy. Congress is one activity in many activities of our party and if we could only apply the same zeal during the congress off season we would have been far ahead of our challenges. I believe there is hope for us to still restore the value system as well as the ethics that are on a downward spiral. Again I call for the likes of Comrades Jerry Ekandjo, Helmuth Angula, Nahas Angula, Theo Ben Gurirab, Ben Amadhila, Netumbo Ndaitwa, Rosalia Ngidinua, Eunice Ipinge, Sara K Amadhila and many more other comrades, including Yours Truly, to make themselves available for the top four position in the party and help safeguard our democratic values. Also, we must not forget the strategic succession planning that must be bolstered by understudies to ensure sustainable maintenance of our party. Though the campaign has not been declare open yet, I must state here that I am available for any of the positions that comrades feel that I can entrusted with. This call is democratic, ethical and, most importantly, it adheres to the call of succession planning. Let us pursue inner party democracy and vote for all the positions in our party.

New Era

New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167