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16 entertainment

16 entertainment Friday, 08 September 2017 | NEW ERA FASHION The Vintage Guru and partner wooden bow tie Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibia’s Lourens Loux Gebhardt, better known as Loux the Vintage Guru from Windhoek, has reportedly teamed up with South African Tony Mac Maake, to design a wooden bow tie called LouxMac Legacy. Our resident reporter brings you the story from Windhoek. However, following a media release by a Czech company, Gebhardt contacted New Era to say he has some pending “internal issues that need clarifying” regarding his involvement with BeWooden. The “internal issues that need clarifying” says Gebhardt, relate to the proceeds from the sales of the bow tie. A statement released by the company behind the initiative’s public relations person, Henrik Roth, based in Germany, says a portion of the proceeds from LouxMac Legacy bow tie will go towards a South African children’s charity foundation. In the BeWooden online shop, they have priced the LouxMac Legacy bowtie at N,406.19 a pair, and N3.54 from each sale will supposedly go towards a South African charity foundation that Tony Mac established. BeWooden says the designers have made the LouxMac Legacy bow tie with up-cycled mahogany wood from an old school roof in Tanzania. The bow tie will be a limited edition and aims to connect Africa with the world. The design is a collaboration with German artists and originated from the Czech Republic, where in 2013 a group of young innovators and designers decided to create wearable fashion from wood and other natural resources. Roth also sent New Era a link to the promotional video they put out on Facebook, in which Gebhardt describes his involvement. “It is different countries combined globally to let people know that Photos: Contributed Natty dress... The limited edition of the bow tie designed from recycled wood. we can work together as a team, as brothers and sisters, irrespective of the colour, the race and indigenous languages we speak.” Not only does Gebhardt dress up every day in vintage clothing – no matter what the occasion – he is also a stylist. The two men say they want to protect the culture developed by their predecessors in the late 70s and 80s. “We want people to be well dressed and groomed again and remain so until 2050,” Makeen and Gebhardt said in the statement issued by Roth. Gebhardt is best known for his unconventional and vintage photoshoots, which he shares with his fans. Because he only wears vintage clothing, people consider him one of the true dandies of southern Africa and Dandy Magazine, based in France, recently featured him on its cover. Because of this, “WE ARE DANDY”, published in New York, recently featured and documented him in a book by the photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel ‘Natty’ Adams as one of the classic elegant men around the world. He attends international fashion fairs such as Pitti Uomo 91 & 92 and in addition Elle magazine; The Guardian, CNN, The Independent, Village Voice and the Daily Mail have all featured him. MUSIC Young, talented violinist ...has big dreams Photo: Donna Collins Sweet sounds... Violinist Oliver Kittel is a young rising star whose classical and modern music crossover is gaining new ground. Donna Collins Swakopmund It’s not every day that a visit to the local shopping mall turns into a live cultural experience, with a classical street act performed by a 15-year-old violinist stopping everyone in their tracks. Donna Collins cornered the lad in Swakopmund for a chat. Oliver Kittel from Swakopmund is a young rising star that can play anything on his crafted little wooden piece. His repertoire ranges from Vivaldi, to contemporary and even some rock tunes that he has skilfully mastered on one of the most challenging instruments out there. And whilst the classics are his core, he says he likes showcasing a variety of genres on the violin his playing style which is gaining new ground. One of his biggest inspirations, he says, is David Garret the award winning German violinist who burst onto the scene with a crossover of classical and pop/rock which has taken the world by storm. By ‘busking’ in arcades to earn some pocket money, Oliver is not shy to whip out his violin and strike up a chord in the most unlikely of places, sharing his refreshing talent and love for music with all those who care to throw some coins into his open case. This quietly spoken and inspiring young fellow says he started on the violin at the age of only seven years, after watching a movie about a young boy who played the instrument. Since then he has been hooked on it, dedicating many hours to perfecting his musical skills and the variety of pieces he plays. To complement the practical side of music, Oliver is also studying music theory through the University of South Africa (UNISA), and this year he will complete his between his school work and some skateboarding fun with his friends. But it’s mostly during school holidays that you will come across Oliver ‘busking’ in town, using this public platform as good practise to build himself up for bigger things to come. Oliver’s musical journey so far has included playing Open Mic gigs at the Desert Tavern with his brother, Tommy, as well as performing smaller concerts with the local ‘Strings Attached Orchestra’. A highlight yet to come is a performance that has been lined up at the Omaruru Artist Trail, on September 22. In fact, it is little wonder that Oliver is so filled with musical passion, because he has grown up musical talent. His one brother plays the sax and guitar, the second brother and his mother play the piano, whilst his dad plays the double bass. musical family group performing worship music at the Swakopmund Baptist Church. Oliver meanwhile plans to continue playing the violin and aims to turn his music into a career. Driven by the hope of performing on a big international stage one day, this talented young Swakopmund boy has committed himself to taking his music to every level possible to

Friday, 08 September 2017 | NEW ERA AWARDS entertainment 17 Ashikoto lauds honours Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Namibian actor in the South African soapie, Generations: The Legacy, Dalton Ashikoto, provided the ‘icing on the cake’ at the glitz and glamour Simply You Magazine (SYM) Lifestyle and Fashion awards. Ashikoto said the event impressed him, especially its fabulous organisation He was a special guest on Saturday night at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) when the first of its kind in Namibia Lifestyle and Fashion awards took place. Even international celebrity, Maps Maponye, was impressed by it saying it was not easy for people to organise an event of that kind for the first time and achieve such a high level of success at an event that saw socialites celebrating Namibian personalities. “One can see that they put a great deal of effort into it in terms of organising. These awards were very important as they were meant to celebrate Namibian people,” Ashikoto said. He felt that it was a great way to celebrate Namibian artists and other personalities because they needed to grow the industry. It also provided a great platform for businesses and for the magazine to grow in the industry. Ashikoto encouraged the audience to follow their dreams and go for what they love. Acclaimed local physician, Dr Helena Ndume, spoke about her journey to success. Sally was on fire with her song ‘Natural’ while Oteya ended the event in style with an electric performance. Fifteen local personalities walked away with big prizes, including Samuel Kapepo who received the highest award, the SYM Diamond Award. “I did not expect it, and I never thought I had inspired people so much that I could achieve something this big,” Kapepo said, while shedding some tears when receiving his award. The Favourite Fashion Designer of the Year award went to Taati Sibolile; producer K-Boss and his wife Sally scooped Favourite Celebrity Couple; Aubrey Tjerivanga won the Best Stylist of the Year. The Best Emerging Fashion Designer went to Ndapandula ‘Ndapcee’ Kashanu. Big Mitch won the award for Favourite Comedian in the country while Leah Misika walked away with Favourite Blogger. Star attraction... One of the main guests at the SYM Lifestyle and Fashion awards, Namibian actor Dalton Ashikoto, was impressed by the quality of the event. Modelling Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Not long after 20-year-old Hatago /Uises won the Miss Petite Power Woman 2017, the determined wannabe actress says she is currently working on some projects to empower young women through her title. She won the Miss Petite Power Woman 2017 at the Catalonia Beach Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. For now, her pageant committee has assigned her to fundraise, make appearances at youth events and give motivational speeches, but most importantly to stay a role model for young people. “I am grateful to have an international title, but winning the category as a blessing and I am indeed fortunate to represent Namibia,” Hatago says. She adds that currently she is busy using social media to change the lives of young women, because it is a great platform to use right now, simply because many young people are more often than not on social media. “I have a lot on my mind in terms of projects I would love to engage in for the empowerment of young Namibians, especially the women. For now I am just working on it,” she says politely. Currently based in Mumbai in India, Hatago is busy with her bachelor’s degree in acting at Whis- Rising starlet… Hatago /Uises recently won the Miss Petite Power Woman 2017 pageant at Catalonia Beach Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. She is currently working on projects to empower young women through the social media. tling Woods International acting school. She says the international pageant was not just any pageant, but they participated in different activities such as shooting a reality television show about young women and everything surrounding the pageant. “I will be one of the main characters on the reality show, which will air on Comcast in the United States of America early next year,” Hatago says. Fashion Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Emerging local fashion designer Stevie Silishebo Siluka, from Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region, is busy making his mark in the fashion industry. Stevie is the founder of Siluka Fashion and Designs cc, a street wear brand that celebrates African culture. He started the brand after noticing a lack of African print in street wear collections. This was just an idea that popped into his head of wanting to do something different to attract fashionistas, and those who like looking good for every occasion. His designs under the theme ‘Focus on African Fashion and Beauty’ include different types of garments such as Kente, Ankara and Dashiki all made with hundred percent cotton. The garments target both males and females between the ages of 18-36. “We design on paper before placing on real material. We sketch from scratch until we come up with a full sample off what we want to design,” Stevie says. He notes that he has never hosted a fashion show, but he plans to host one in the near future. “The business is still in its early stages and a show cost a lot of money,” he says. For now his company will try to join other fashion companies that have plans to showcase their collections, after holding consultations with them. They will base the new designs on the idea of improving current designs, with a feel for a new touch. Starting up a fashion business was not easy, but he says the idea of a fashion designing became stronger and stronger and he just wanted to do it. “I read more on this matter. I found some specialised programmes on the internet and registered with some institutions. I received my training online and practise garment construction on my own,” he says. Stevie has a few girls who work with him and he says the results are impressive. “The core of our business is to design African apparel for both male and female customers,” he explains. He hopes to grow the business substantially and help to train deserving Namibians to bring them into the fashion industry. “Growth comes with the support of others, therefore anyone willing to move me to the next level is more than welcome,” Stevie says with determination. Touch of Africa... Models showcasing Siluka’s African print designs.

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