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2 NEWS Friday, September 8 2017 | NEW ERA SPYL From page 1 But she noted the newly elected SPYL members have agreed to However, she warned them to themselves and ensure they are Additionally, she reminded the new leadership that Namibians are watching them with keen interest and expectations as they take up with challenges is not an end in Bukalo From page 1 RCC From page 1 According to her, people must tive attitudes as challenges will al- The problem, she stated, is how to turn challenges into opportunities, and turning challenges into opportunities is the responsibility “As elected leaders, you must team and teamwork is the secret because you have been tested as be reminded that you may be tested Suspected drug dealer denies guilt Maria Amakali Windhoek A 53-year-old man who is ac- - Makono did not give a plea explanation and it is up to the prosecution to Asked about how Limbo could be dered his resignation letter in June, Siyauya responded that Limbo withdrew his resignation which was the reason the council decided to conduct a hearing where he was resignation we received another he no longer wished to resign and that he wanted to continue being duced Naomi Karupa, who was Nevertheless, Jooste was yesterday put up mitigating measures to help the workers in the meantime and resolution brings much needed Monday placed RCC workers on the directive that the workers be immediately paid their outstand- “There is no immediate impact, they are going to get their salaries is yet to call its witnesses to take the stand when the matter returns to court distance truck driver, was arrested by the police at Buitepos border post The dagga is estimated to be worth - and Rural Development to serve as - he only decided to withdraw his village council had already pushed ahead in having a hearing, despite - council had proceeded with the hearing between 5 and 9 June, so that it can give me an opportunity Limbo added that the hearing - turnaround business plan already exists, which Jooste has rejected Jooste said Cabinet had the op- liquidation, thus closing shop, but made a conscious decision to rather have the RCC placed under judicial The minister said the RCC ential access to road maintenance and road construction to support the turn out that way and RCC has yearon-year since its establishment in you have entered now may be Accordingly, she said, it will Moreover, she remined them that whatever they do they should be guided by the Swapo Party you need always to give thorough and be visionary in your thinking so that you make the right deci- Magistrate Elina Nandago post- Furthermore, Nandago extended as scheduled will result in a warrant Lately the courts have been dealing The court sentenced John David Toto, a pensioner, to six years behind - was conducted behind his back because when it was conducted he He added that he decided to appeal as according to him the manner in which his hearing was conducted guilty who never attended the hear- to withdraw by my lawyer… They the ailing commercial public enterprises the Cabinet Committee on Overall Policy and Priorities - Jooste assured that “creditors need not panic either – the judicial management would restructure judicial management, creditors would have to wait to see their “The judicial manager will pro-actively seek ways to restruc- LUMUMBA From page 1 place, you must tell your brother, and you are not going to convert it into President Hage Geingob and First Lady Monica Geingos also graced the event – and Lumumba recognised The Kenyan said such humility displayed by the president and his continent, where pomposity within Among others who came to witness Lumumba deliver his lecture were local academics, lawyers, He indicated that good things are - to arrest one or two corrupt high- real to a woman who has no place country, to a man and woman who eat, or people who risk their lives Mediterranean Sea to go to Europe, because they believe it is better to die trying to do so than live in their Lumumba stated that the per capita own more than his entire village, and the tragedy is that the same minister still goes to church on Sundays and He also pointed out that many an their national systems such as health “Leaders tell us on a daily basis they have improved the education ask them to take their children to those schools, no, their children go “So it is you and me who are god- but today our leaders are in the busi- – that countries alleviate poverty ignorance and do things on the basis

Friday, September 8 2017| NEW ERA NEWS 3 Chinese retailers in townships raise eyebrows Alvine Kapitako Windhoek The Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has spoken out against the illegal establishment of Chinese trading shops in informal settlements, contrary to the Foreign Investment Act of 2010 that forbids foreign nationals from engaging in trade reserved for Namibians. Last year, President Hage Geingob signed into law a provision that would The Namibia Investment Promotion Act reserves business activities, such as food take-way businesses, street vending, hairdressing, beauty salons, catering and retail for Namibians. Despite the existence of the law, a Chinese national recently managed to set up a retail makeshift shop in the informal settlement of Havana, in Windhoek. The business operates from a corrugated iron shack painted blue and is called Havana China Shop. It sells pots, cellphones, textiles, rollers and other typical cheap imitation merchandise found at many China shops across the country. Yesterday the chief executive emphatic that any retail shop set up by a foreign national after 2010, without the consent of the trade minister, is illegal. “We are not in support of foreign nationals investing in areas that can be done by locals,” Shaanika said. He further said retail shops have a low barrier to enter and must be exclusively reserved for locals. Shaanika also said many foreign outlets are not issuing tax invoices, which suggests they are not paying tax. As a result, they are depriving government of much-needed revenue. “Government might be losing revenue and the economy is losing out,” Shaanika said, adding: “We don’t support these type of businesses. They must be closed down or show permission for operating,” he said. Local businesses often invest in local banks and pay better wages to their employees, compared to some foreign-owned businesses but are shutting down, because of tough competition, Shaanika charged. Shaanika explained that foreign businesses have access to better funding and oftentimes sell cheap poor quality products. We don’t support these type of businesses,” Shaanika reiterated. Speaking to New Era recently, an Assisting you with the conversion of documents and other records into a digital format. We offer high volume document scanning with a capacity of 190 000 pages per day. Other services include: employee of Havana China Shop said she and her other female colleague get along quite well with their employer, who is a Chinese national. Her concern was the long working hours that employees were subjected to. “We work from 7 am to 6 pm every day. We are even open on public holidays,” she said. “This area is not safe. It is well known for robberies, break-ins and other criminal activities,” the worker added. She said customers do not necessarily complain about the presence of Chinese-owned shops in Havana. New Era understands that there are two Chinese-owned shops in Havana informal settlement. “At least they don’t have to walk all the way to China Town or other Chinese retailers in town,” the woman added. “The customers don’t have a problem with us, but they make negative comments from time to time and this includes questions like ‘is this item fake?’ Havana China Shop started operating in Havana towards the end of last year, said the woman. “The business is not registered. Sometimes the police come here. The last time items from the shop because they are 061 24 5588 counterfeit,” said the woman. She also explained that the but for now it’s not the biggest problem. “But that is not the main problem. I just have a problem that he does not want to abide by the laws of this country and when we advise him to adhere to the rules he thinks that we want to tell him how to run his business,” she said. The worker added: “We just want him to abide by the rules and to protect his business. He is an easy target of thieves. We don’t even have security guards here and he is the only man, even if we are attacked we won’t overpower the thieves, because we’re two females.” Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Industrialisations and SME Development, Elijah Mukubond, said Chinese investments have been dominantly in the construction sector. But, with the slowdown in that sector there has been a drop in interest from China to invest in the construction sector. “They have also been heavily participating in mineral exploration, mining and the retail sector,” said Mukubonda. Moreover, there has been little knowledge, skills and Unresolved land issue can become cancerous – Lumumba Albertina Nakale Windhoek Renowned Kenyan lawyer and academic Prof Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has warned Namibia that it must resolve the land question to avoid of Africa, particularly Zimbabwe. Land is the principal source of livelihood and sustenance for many Namibians and has been at the heart during both colonial times and more recently. Due to the frustration of landless Namibians – many of whom have no place to call home – some decided to take the law into own hands and resorted to grabbing land, citing government failure to adequately redistribute land and address their plight. “It’s a problem that must be resolved, because if it’s not resolved it will become cancerous and it will eat everybody. I have no doubt in my mind that the Namibians in their collective wisdom will faith, wish, desire, that’s all I can say,” he advised on Wednesday when he delivered two public lectures as part of New Era Publication Corporation Thought Leaders Series. His advice comes days after President Hage Geingob announced that he had decided to postpone the much-awaited second land conference, that was slated for September 18, following a series of concerns expressed by stakeholders, such as Namibia Non- Governmental Organisation Forum (NANGOF), as well as the Swapo Party Youth League leadership, who felt there is need for wider public consultation. However, Landless People’s Movement (LPM) national chairperson Henny Seibeb has land conference, which is expected to start today and end on Friday. Seibeb said it will not be business as usual, as LPM has established thematic working groups that will aggressively interrogate and expand upon key issues related to land reform. Lumumba said the land question is an emotive one and that there is a need to deal with it, based on the lessons learned from successful models of land reform, such as in Kenya, which is currently undergoing one of the most deep-going pro-poor land reforms in post-colonial sub- Saharan Africa. The reforms underway in Kenya have direct and far-reaching implications for security, stability, and economic development and also offer an opportunity for profound improvement in gender equity in land ownership. If effectively implemented, Kenya’s land reforms could serve as a model for other sub-Saharan African countries. In the case of Namibia, Lumumba said we must deal with the issues as a matter of urgency – provided that all stakeholders are consulted. “This is your own problem. All concerned parties must be involved and those landowners must be persuaded and made to understand that if land is not resolved now, it will remain a problem. “So, how do you deal with it? I do not have the details in dealing with it, but they must begin to see the land in an agreed manner by involving the locals” so that they are part of the solution, Lumumba remarked. He advised that the land question should be resolved in a manner that is sensitive to the socio-economic realities of the country and should not disrupt production. If not, there will be dire consequences, like Zimbabwe currently faces. He noted the case of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe who has been criticized over failures in the country’s controversial land reform programme. “[He is] suffering from prima donna syndrome - the belief by the pop dancer that she must never leave the stage. No matter how good the dancer is, you must leave the stage. Shakespeare was right, we have our comings and goings. He [Mugabe] had his comings… [but] there’s no goings.” He said Mugabe who was once praised by the world as a great man ONDANGWA TOWN COUNCIL NOTICE VALUATION COURT HEARING In terms of the provisions of section 69 of the Local Authorities Act, 1992 (Act 23 of 1992), notice is hereby given that the provisional Valuation Roll for the Town of Ondangwa is lying the Town Planning. The valuation Court will sit on 13 th October 2017 at 09h00 at the Ondangwa Magistrate Court to consider the valuations contained in the provisional Interim Valuation roll and to hear any objections lodged in respect of the valuations contained in the roll. Owners of rateable properties in respect of which a valuation is contained in the provisional Interim Valuation roll are called upon to lodge objections and the grounds for such objections in writing against any such valuation with the Local Authority Council within a period of twenty-one (21) days as from the date The closing date for objections is: 29 th September 2017 @ 17H00. technological transfer to the locals, due to language barriers, poor remuneration and working conditions, as many local graduates opt not take up jobs at Chinese-owned companies or construction sites, Mukubonda observed. Chinese businesses operating in Namibia have created employment for about 3,500 Namibians in various sectors, Mukubonda added. “Labour issues, such as poor working conditions and poor compensation, are some of the common issues that Namibian employees indicate as challenges when working for a Chinese-owned company,” he added. “Chinese businesses are willing to employ Namibians, but the salaries offered and some long working hours without overtime payment would not motivate the local employees to continue working for that company for a very long period of time and there is high employment turnover among locals working for Chineseowned companies”. Mukubonda further noted. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Namibia did not respond to questions sent by New Era two weeks ago, despite assurances that they would. who accumulated so many historical trades has blown it, as ultimately he failed to resolve the land issue. Lumumba, however, praised Namibian leaders, including founding president Sam Nujoma, his successor President Hage Geingob for sustaining a culture of peace and stability. “You have Sam Nujoma alive and well; you Geingob. You have ticked one box. Tick the other box. In Botswana, they have also ticked the box. They had Seretse Khama, Quett Masire, Festus Mogae and Ian Khama,” he noted.

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