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New Era Newspaper Friday September 8, 2017

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38 SPORT Friday, September 8 2017| NEW ERA Have you noticed that those who are generally vocal about the administration of our football are people whose bark is worse than their bite, forgetting that bad leaders are indeed, or rather indirectly, voted into power by those who don’t say anything when it’s crystal clear that basic rules are being sidestepped. There is an urgent need for sports followers, notably football fans, to exercise their democratic right effectively because every a right to be heard and voice their displeasure, so to speak. Since the majority, or rather the entire football fraternity, cannot vote for leaders as sadly prescribed by the rules and regulations governing the beautiful game – we are essentially denied a right to complain but of course we are free to air our views on certain aspects of the game that invite debate and scrutiny. Whilst yours truly is overwhelmed, albeit reluctantly, NPL election, a touch and go buried the hatchet for the sake of the game – there are some fundamentals that need to be addressed. For starters, in the corporate world, directors serving on the board of any company that gets liquidated cannot be allowed to sneak back through the back door – that’s my understanding. If my recollection serves me right, the Namibia Premier to pave the way for new members, subsequently leading to the election of new members. Can somebody please tell me what is the difference between those removed club members who served Langanas? Did I hear that all new members unopposed? Well, that’s a bit weird to digest. Where in the world have you ever seen an election with members vying for positions unchallenged? I’m just wondering. This brings me to the following conclusion: either there was no interest from potential entrants or there was some kind of intimidation in whichever form. I have no doubts about the level of competence of the elected members – some of these blokes are no newcomers to football and the brothers have been in football structures for donkey’s representing their respective clubs. these men in blue suits will change which they could not achieve during the turbulent era of JJD? In a nutshell, would I stand accused of being too critical and troublesome if one dares conclude that these blokes are in reality hypocrites and backstabbers because it’s now crystal clear that JJD’s efforts were effectively sabotaged by his trusted soldiers? Now the fundamental question that needs to be addressed is: what is it that these men will do differently from the time they were in JJD’s administration? I’m just asking. Obviously, we all want football to start but we should also not shy away from facts and naked reality. Yours truly has never been one to shy away from confrontations just for the sake of getting into the good books of those who think they are bigger than football or the mere fact that they are involved in the game. There should be consultations with all stakeholders looking for methods as to how we take our football to the next level starting with the league sponsors. We can no longer afford to grant sponsors too much leverage in negotiations where they are given a free hand to dictate the terms of reference without the slightest game – in this case the affected clubs and players. It’s about time that we roll out a good product and this can only be achieved through a competitive league that has the desired potential to attract fans through the turnstiles en masse. I rest my case. VACANCIES The following vacancies have become available at Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb THE POSITION: LOGISTICS OFFICER ROLE ACCOUNTABILITIES: The incumbent will report to the Logistics Manager and be accountable for: Arranging, monitoring and reporting on the logistics delivery of all supplies. To ensure required delivery times are in accordance with the company policies and procedures. Report periodic Asycuda statements to reconcile with import payments to Finance Manager and Logistics Manager. Obtain checks and prepare documentation to meet customs and insurance requirements, packing specifications; compliance with overseas regulations and fiscal regimes. Investigates and plans the most appropriate route for a shipment, taking into account of the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security. Maintains communication and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of reports, statistical and unit cost analysis. Works closely with colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations and meet deadlines. Arranges payment of freight and other charges or collection of payment. Model behavior that is consistent with the Dundee’s vision and values. Maintains effective working relations and communicates with internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and contactors to improve the quality of service. Effectively maintain all working relations with suppliers and relevant stakeholders to ensure business needs are met. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Grade 12 Diploma in Logistics, Transport Economics, or any tertiary related qualification will be an added advantage. Minimum of 4-6 years working experience in logistics (inbound and outbound) and office management. Experience in dangerous goods handling preferred. Must have experience with Asycuda World and Asycuda ++. Experience with Accpac System will be an advantage. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Good understanding of the supply market. Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Ability to work under pressure. Ability and willingness to work unsupervised. Computer literacy (Microsoft Office Package). Code B driver’s license. THE POSITION: LOGISTICS ADMINISTRATOR ROLE ACCOUNTABILITIES: The incumbent will report to the Logistics Officer and be accountable for: Receive and dispatch goods to service providers either inland or cross border. Liaise with courier companies to collect goods scheduled for dispatch. Closely monitor and track all inbound and outbound freight. Collaborate with the procurement and warehouse team to reconcile purchase orders and invoices. Check information correspondence and seek approval for payment. Process all transport invoices received by service providers e.g. Air, Sea, Rail and Road Freight. File invoices and purchase orders. Maintain end-user database by means of effective working relations and communicate with stakeholders both internal and external, to ensure that business needs are met. Suggest ways to improve Dundee’s Health, Safety and Environment performance. Perform a variety of administrative and clerical functions for the Logistics Section. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Grade 12 Certificate in Logistics or Administration will be an added advantage. Minimum 3 years working experience in logistics (inbound and outbound) and office management. Experience in dangerous goods handling preferred. Experience with Accpac System will be an advantage. Good communications and interpersonal skills. Good understanding of the supply market. Ability to meet deadlines and manage priorities. Computer literacy (Microsoft Office Package). Code B driver’s license. All applications meeting minimum requirements must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications and ID documents, which are non-returnable. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Please forward applications to: The Human Resources Department Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, P.O. Box 936, Tsumeb Or Fax: 088 652 4436 Or Email: CLOSING DATE: 22 September 2017 Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Friday, September 8 2017| NEW ERA SPORT 39 Arno ‘Puffy’ Rahn, the predator When the all-white South West Africa (SWA) Invitational Football Eleven team arrived amidst much fanfare at the old South West Stadium for their confrontation with their black counterparts in the eagerly awaited sporting event in apartheid SWA – the team had a 16-year-old schoolboy from Swakopmund in their starting lineup. A high school pupil from the revered Karibib Privat Schule, barely out of his pair of shorts, the boy was none other than young Arno Rahn, aka, ‘Puffy’, as he was known amongst his circle of friends. Literally tossed into the deep end, young Puffy stunned the full to capacity stadium when he beat the acrobatic shot-stopper of the SWA Black Eleven, Samuel ‘Bonneti’ Neilenge, hands down to reduce the deficit after Chiefs Santos sharpshooter Celle Auchumeb had put the Blacks one up with a welltaken brace. New Era Sport relives that historic sporting day that was to change the face of domestic football for good. Carlos ‘CK’ Kambaekwa Windhoek Whereas many talented athletes are obliged to go through various stages of their careers to reach greater heights, Ramblers Football Club, Puffy Rahn, could not have had asked for a more on the big stage. Playing in front of a vociferous crowd at the old South West stadium, Puffy stunned those in attendance when he registered his name on the scoreboard with a clinical With the much-fancied SWA themselves two goals down against Puffy silenced a large section of the black crowd, seated in the low-class and Wolgang Fleischhammel netted the other goals for the SWA Whites Whites were made to chase shadows by the smooth-flowing midfield Albert Louw. However, with a little bit of assistance from match referee Wolfgang Egerer, the Whites managed to edge their way into contention, as after Egerer threw them a lifeline. The man in black awarded the Hasso minutes of an otherwise entertaining 3-2 after young Albert Tjihero – a late addition to the squad – restored the To make matters worse, the softly The predator… Puffy (2 nd from left squatting) with the SWA Whites Eleven in 1975. Standing from left: Standing from left – Frank Pragt, Fritz Heiss, Peter Radecke, Heiner Beiter, Sammy Alfheim, Gernot Ahrens, Wolfgang Fleishhammel, Gunter Hellinghausen, Ashley Moss, Peter Gurney, Jeff Marting, Chris Nel. Squatting from left: Werner “Saxy” Sasse, Arno ‘Puffy’ Rahn, Hasso Ahrens, Ivo de Gouveia, Bobby Ihlein, Uwe Ahrens, Siggi Hacker. Ace in the pack… Puffy (standing 7 th from left) with Ramblers Old Boys in Cape Town 1992. Standing from left. Rene Vogl, Karl-Heinz Steinfurth (Steini) Berndt Hettinger, Peter Snyman, Ralf Wenn, Helmuth Horstemke, Puffy Rahn, Holger Pacheca, Chackal Fritzel, Siggy Horstemke, Squatting from left: Rudi Schlage, Bobby Craddock, Alex Passobles, Barry Viljoen, Jerry Marinious, Kenny Smith, Carlos Kambaekwa. Ahrens missed the target from the However, Egerer – who in later years admitted to having deliberately a retake – ruled that Neilenge had moved before the kick was taken. duty and the hard tackling Portuguese the match, as the contest ended in a 3-all stalemate, much to the chagrin followers, who cried foul. Ramblers the door for the inevitable introduction South Africa (SWA) two years later. and unbelievable goal-scoring He was to form a lethal and homeboy, the equally dangerous force, alongside Willie Roesner One League, featuring teams from Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okahandja. league became a two-horse race from the word go between Ramblers and disadvantaged communities found themselves wanting in the technical the arrival of steady defender Willy of rules, notably the misunderstood Ramblers to claim the coveted CFA However, the Reds had the last to-rafters Windhoek Showground. The Oscar Mengo-led Stars went cross-town rivals when they defeated Rammies by two unanswered goals in in the crown, Puffy was selected during the infant years of multiracial football in SWA. Puffy was one of three footballers from the revered Ramblers stable, vernacular – much to the admiration of their teammates. Puffy with Pals… Puffy (middle) enjoys a light moment with now departed referee Wolgang Egerer (left) and Ronnie Dagnin during the successful reunion of the SWA Blacks/Whites Eleven at the Ramblers clubhouse in 2014.

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