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New Era Newspaper Monday April 9, 2018

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4 NEWS Monday, April 9 2018 | NEW ERA Appeal to transform Psemas Alvine Kapitako Windhoek The Public Service Employment Medical Scheme (Psemas) should transform from a scheme to a health insurance or medical fund, it was suggested. Psemas is currently being revamped to transform it completely, following the alleged abuse by some doctors in the past. “Psemas must also be realistic and start charging its members. That means that a minister or director must pay much more than a cleaner, driver, cleaner or porter,” said the acting permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Petronella Masabane. She delivered the keynote address on behalf of health minister, Dr Bernard Haufiku, at the commemoration of World Health Day on Saturday. The event took place at the Havana sports field in Samora Machel Constituency in the capital. “We will continue to advance inequality if we continue to allocate close to 3 billion in public funds to less than 300,000 (12.5 percent of the population) Namibians of whom only 124,000 make meagre financial contributions through monthly premiums averaging N0 per member while the rest of the population find it hard to pay for their medical care and treatment,” said Masabane. Further, in order for Namibia to have universal health coverage would be to create a national health fund. The Social Security Commission (SSC) has laid the foundation in this regard, said the acting health permanent secretary. “An independent, well managed, transparent and accountable health fund will go a long way in our quest for universal healthcare,” added Masabane. Universal health coverage will strengthen access to quality healthcare in Namibia and broaden its basis for the good of the population rather than only a few members of society. This does not mean that private medical aid schemes will cease to exist, she added. “Private medical aid schemes will continue to exist and those who want to continue with it will do so unhindered and unperturbed,” stated Masabane. Petronella Masabane Death Notice It is with great sorrow that we the Mayumbelo family hereby announce the death of our beloved mother, aunt, grandmother, sister and teacher. Junias Fillipus PG loses Supreme Court appeal Roland Routh Windhoek Three judges of the Supreme Court last Friday dismissed an appeal lodged by the Prosecutor General against a finding by High Court Judge Kobus Miller that Junias Fillipus, the man accused of raping and killing 17-year-old Magdalena Stoffels, can sue for malicious prosecution. Stoffels was a pupil at Dawid Bezuidenhout High School when she was brutally raped and murdered in a riverbed near the Windhoek College of Education in Khomasdal. Judge Miller however shot down Fillipus’ other claims of wrongful arrest and unlawful detention as the action was instituted more than 12 months after the cause of action arose. The claim for wrongful and unlawful arrest on July 27, 2010 and for doing so without a warrant, and without reasonable and probable cause of suspicion, for which he asked N0,000 and the claim for wrongful detention of Fillipus for 291 days for which he wanted N million for damages suffered, was thrown out by Judge Miller, but he ordered that the claim for wrongful prosecution of N0,000 against the PG could be heard. The PG then lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court but failed to secure leave to appeal from the High Court which resulted in the Supreme Court striking the matter from the roll and placing it back on the High Court roll. According to Appeal Judge Dave Smuts who wrote the judgement with the concurrence of Deputy Chief Justice, Petrus Damaseb, and Acting Judge of Appeal Theo Frank, the order made by Judge Miller was interlocutory in nature and required leave to appeal from the High Court. He further said the order to dismiss the special plea while incidental to the main dispute could have been raised on appeal once the matter was finalised. But, he said, crucially it did not dispose of Fillipus’ action and once finalised was appealable. Fillipus was arrested on July 27, 2010 after he was found washing himself and his clothes in a riverbed near the crime scene and he was charged with the brutal rape and murder of the schoolgirl after whom a bridge built in the vicinity was named in her memory. Fillipus spent 191 days in custody and the charges against him were withdrawn on May 13, 2011 as a result of a purported lack of evidence against him. Fillipus made headlines again in 2014 when he was arrested for bestiality for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a goat. He also spent six months in jail for breaking into his aunt’s house at Onaghulo village, where he stayed, immediately after his release from custody in Windhoek in the Stoffels case. Francisca Shala Kakuwaezi Date of Birth: 07 August 1963 Date of Death: 04 April 2018 Place of Death: Windhoek Memorial Service: At 14h00 at Sanjo Senior Secondary School in Bukalo Burial: At Nongozi Village in the Zambezi Region All inquiries should be directed to: Mr George Mayumbelo - 0811223925 Mr Albert Lushetile - 0813656924 Ondangwa ready to host trade fair Maria Namupala Ondangwa The 8th edition of the Ondangwa Trade and Industrial Exhibition gala dinner held on Saturday evening generated close to N0,000. The gala dinner raises funds for the preparation of the event and to ensure a smooth and successful exhibition. Speaking at the event, the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, said Ondangwa is the oldest town in northern Namibia and has a history that should not be forgotten. “Developing Ondangwa to become a town of choice will add value to the history of our country. I am therefore humbly requesting the town council to think of reconstructing Okaholo Centre to become a museum, thus enable our people to understand and appreciate why we had to fight for our independence. It will in turn attract both national and international tourists,” she said. Nandi-Ndaitwah said she is encouraged to see some development in the town, though she also expressed the sentiment much needs to be done, adding that there is a plan for a biomass power plant to generate power and a state-of-the art sports stadium in Ondangwa. In hosting the exhibition, the town council will assist the corporate and business community to showcase and market their products and services. The dynamic of the exhibition has changed, to the extent it is no longer just concentrating on exhibitions, but being a business forum and networking platform, she said. Worldwide, exhibitions offer exhibitors an opportunity to network, exchange best business practice and create new interests in their brands through innovation, she noted. Nandi-Ndaitwah urged business people to invest in targeted training and to venture more into manufacturing and value addition. Close to N0,000 was raised during the gala dinner with the main contributor being FNB Ondangwa branch that pledged N,000, while Emirates Group pledged N,000. MTC, Ondangwa Private Hospital and Standard Bank are some of the other sponsors. The fair will be hosted from April 27 until May 5, 2018 at Ondangwa Trade Fair Centre situated near Ondangwa Airport along the Ondangwa-Oshakati main road, under the theme “Embracing economic growth through entrepreneurs.” The CEO of Ondangwa Town Council, Ismael Namgongo, said the Ondangwa Trade and Industrial Exhibition exists with the purpose to generate funds to grow and sustain businesses and SMEs and to create a platform where the business community and manufacturers can interact and market their products, and also to attract investors. *Maria Namupala is a freelance writer at Kundana, a sister publication of New Era.

Monday, April 9 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Senator asks for forgiveness from Herero, Nama Jan Haarmeyer Hamburg port and commercial city, Hamburg played “As a a key role in the colonial past of the German Empire and thus also in the genocide in German-Southwest Africa,” said Culture Senator Carsten Brosda (SPD) on Friday at the Senate reception of senior representatives of the ethnic groups of the Herero and Nama in the town hall. “I can only ask for forgiveness,” said the culture senator. German colonial troops led a war of extermination between 1904 and 1908 in Africa. In the first genocide of the 20th century, up to 100,000 Ovaherero and Nama were killed or driven to certain death in the desert. The survivors were expropriated, interned, abused, raped and forced into hard labor. On the occasion of the “2nd Transnational Herero and Nama Congress”, representatives of the two ethnic groups from Namibia called for Hamburg to face its colonial past. “We call on German civil society to put pressure on their government,” said Esther Muinjangue of the Ovaherero Genocide Foundation. Ovaherero descendants demand apology The Hamburg merchants had appealed in 1883, on the eve of the Berlin West Africa Conference, with a memorandum to the Reichstag to build German colonies in Africa. Adolph Woermann, then President of the Chamber of Commerce, dominated the regular service with his German East Africa line for decades and later also carried out troop transports to the colonies. The Ovaherero descendants demand recognition of guilt and a reasonable apology. Specifically, they take offense at the “Trotha House” of the Helmut Schmidt University in Jenfeld. With the building erected in the Nazi era, Lothar von Trotha is still honored as one of the main figures responsible for the genocide on the Herero and Nama. Also to Adolph Woermann is remembered today in Ohlsdorf with two street names. The Herero Culture Senator Carsten Brosda (l.) received representatives of the Herero in the Hamburg town hall. Photo: HA / Klaus Bodig Instated… Vice-president Nangolo Mbumba shaking hands with former Unam chancellor, the former president Hifikepunye Pohamba, at the ceremony where Mbumba was installed as chancellor. organization proposes a renaming to recognize personalities of the African Liberation Movement. Brosda appeals to civil society At the beginning of March, the city extended the research center at the University to work on the colonial heritage for five years. On Friday, Carsten Brosda agreed that the Senate intends to work with the federal government to include all levels in the workup of colonial history. “And that includes the level of civil society.” The victims’ associations do not feel represented by the Namibian government. Germany is negotiating with the Namibian side for an official apology for the genocide. In addition, before a New York district court for a year a lawsuit by representatives of the Herero and Nama against the Federal Republic of Germany, in which they demand official participation in the negotiations and reparations for the genocide. Germany rejects such payments. – Source: Hamburger Abendblatt Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Mbumba dispels begging claims Vice-president Nangolo Mbumba has shot down China begging claims, saying that President Hage Geingob’s visit to that country was merely to consult old friends who have money and interest to partner with Namibia for its development. Mbumba, who last week was inaugurated as the chancellor of the University of Namibia (Unam), dismissed the claims during his inaugural ceremony held in Windhoek. He said the Namibian economy being part of the global economy has witnessed the onset of global economic headwinds for the past couple of years, and accordingly economic activities contracted, some companies’ operations slowed down and some people lost their incomes. “Contrary to incorrect assertions by some, the government is not the cause of the current economic woes,” stressed the vice-president. Rather, he said, as many informed economic students and teachers would know, this is an unfortunate confluence of global events typical of interconnected global markets, which culminate in adverse economic conditions for many countries across the globe. He said to weather these difficult economic times, the government re-evaluated its spending patterns and drastically cut the “nice to haves” through ongoing financial austerity measures. “Government is doing its best to contain the situation and as economy theory postulates, eventually money must be spent on the productive sector to move out of an economic downturn.” “Since we don’t have such capital, we either attract foreign investment or borrow funds,” he added. He said some may be asking what that has do with the chancellor’s inauguration ceremony, but as he also wears the hat of government, Unam also faces the same challenge of financial scarcity as the rest of the country. “Many Unam programmes require funding, of which the government is the main sources. Hence, the situation requires that we at the university should wear our innovative thinking hats to present original solutions in our quest for quality education,” he said. Mbumba said Unam is a national university, from which the public expects good outcomes, such as an excellent pass rate and good quality graduates who are expected to serve in any part of the country, including the rural areas and so forth. He said the reason why the government is spending so many resources on education is to build a better Namibian society based on eternal truths such as love, sincerity, integrity, honesty, fairness, solidarity and fraternity. RFLAUN Retirement Fund for Local Authorities and Utility Services in Namibia TENDER TENDER NAME: Audit Services TENDER NUMBER: 01/2018 Description: Provision of Audit Services for the period 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2023. • Preparation/Compilation of the Annual Financial Statements and Regulation 28 Report with relevant Annexures in accordance with the basis of preparation applicable to Retirement Funds in Namibia. • Audit and Review of Annual Financial Statements for the Fund and the reporting of findings to the Board of Trustees. • Attendance of Trustees’ meetings to discuss Annual Financial Statements. • Assist the Trustees in ensuring that the fund’s accounting systems and practices are in line with accepted accounting practices for Retirement Funds in Namibia. • Perform any ad hoc tasks where specialized knowledge is required as agreed with the Trustees. • Co-operate with the fund administrators to meet fund year-end deadlines. Tender Documents: Available as from 04 April 2018 at RFLAUN Office, 1 Delius Street, Windhoek. The Tender document can be downloaded from the Fund’s website at: http://www.rflaun. Levy: N$ 200-00 Tender proposals: One envelope – Technical and Financial Proposal Contact Person: Ms. Marina Ishidhimbwa Tel:+264 61 423 705, Fax: +264 61 423 721, E-mail: Delivery Address: RFLAUN, Reception, 1 Delius Street, Windhoek. CLOSING DATE OF TENDER: Thursday, 03 May 2018 at 12h00

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