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New Era Newspaper Monday August 14, 2017

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14 ADVERT Monday, August 14 2017 | NEW ERA ORANJEMUND TOWN COUNCIL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATIONS OPEN ADVERTISED NATIONAL BIDDING EoI No: G/W/SC/NCS-ONB-ORTC-01-2017 REQUEST FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR THE CREATION OF THE SUPPLIERS ELIGIBILITY LIST FOR THE PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS, CONSULTANCY AND NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO THE ORANJEMUND TOWN COUNCIL For the purpose of applying Section 31 of the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act No. 15 of 2015), Oranjemund Town Council hereby invites interested entities incorporated in Namibia to participate in the open advertised invitation for pre-qualifications for the provision of goods, works, consultancy and non-consultancy services to Oranjemund Town Council as prescribed in Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act No. 15 of 2015). The short –term objective of this invitation for prequalifications is to cause Oranjemund Town Council to draw up the first legitimate pre-approved supplier eligibility list in terms of the provisions of Regulation 14 of the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act No. 15 of 2015). This list will progressively be updated as further eligible suppliers apply for inclusion to the list in accordance with the legislation. Pre-approved suppliers will remain on the list subject to Section 68 of the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act No. 15 of 2015). Subject to the provision of the Choices of procurement methods as stipulated in Part 5 (Section 27-38) of the Act Council will, on an ad-hoc basis, be inviting suppliers from this pre-approved list to participate in the bids that best meets their business or trading activities, and for which they are deemed eligible at any point in time. Local companies are encouraged to participate in this expression of interest. All participating entities are required to: • Indicate the type of goods, work and services that they would want to be considered for the provision of procurement service to Oranjemund Town Council. All goods, works and services expressed interest for should correspond with the nature of the business activities stated in the founding statement. • Request a soft copy of an Expression of Interest Form from our office (Email: 1. GOODS 1.1 Office Supplies: 1.1.1 Cleaning Materials & Equipment 1.1.2 Office furniture 1.1.3 Computer equipment and related goods 1.1.4 Newspapers, periodicals, books & other media publicity materials 1.1.5 Cellular phones, pads and electronic accessories 1.1.6 Corporate gifts 1.1.7 Stationery 1.1.8 IT Infrastructure 1.2 Clothing Supplies: 1.2.1 Personal Protective Clothing 1.2.2 Corporate Wear 1.3 Water & Sewerage: 1.3.1 Pumps & spares 1.3.2 Plumbing materials and fittings 1.3.3 Conventional & Pre-paid water meters, Valves and fittings 1.3.4 Electrical motors 1.3.5 Chemicals, Chlorine cylinders & Chlorination equipment 1.4 Automotive Supplies: 1.4.1 Heavy Construction Equipment spare parts 1.4.2 Small Engine Equipments & power tools 1.4.3 Light Delivery Vehicle spare parts 1.4.4 Heavy Plant & Equipment 1.4.5 Light Delivery Vehicles 1.4.6 Fuel, Oil & Lubricants 1.4.7 Tyres, rims and accessories 1.5 Roads, parks, stormwater & building supplies: 1.5.1 Prefabricated Concrete Products (kerbs, guide blocks) 1.5.2 Various building materials & accessories 1.5.3 Prefabricated concrete tables & benches 1.5.4 Prefabricated pipe & box culverts 1.5.5 Gravel & building sand 1.5.6 Plastic speed humps 1.5.7 Bituminous Products 1.5.8 Road signs & studs 1.5.9 Road name signs & related accessories 1.5.10 Course Aggregates & Masonry Products 1.6 Electrical supplies 1.6.1 Electricity cables and tools 1.6.2 Transformers and mini-subs 1.6.3 Electricity meters and fittings 1.7 Health & Cleaning services 1.7.1 Refuse bins 1.7.2 Skip containers 1.7.3 Hygiene related materials 1.7.4 Pole bins 2. CONSULTANCY SERVICES 2.1 Technical & Scientific: 2.1.1 Architecture Services 2.1.1 Quantity Surveying Services 2.1.2 Civil/Structural Engineering Services 2.1.3 Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services 2.1.4 Environmental Management services 2.1.5 Geotechnical Engineering 2.1.6 Transportation & Traffic Engineering 2.1.7 Town Planning Services 2.1.8 Water Resource Management services 2.1.9 Property Valuations 2.1.10 Agronomics 2.1.11 Geomatics 2.2 Corporate: 2.2.1 Corporate capacity building 2.2.2 Technical capacity building 2.2.3 Debt Collection 2.2.4 Conveyancing 2.2.5 Auctioning 2.2.6 Marketing 2.2.7 Business 2.2.8 Legal 3. NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES 3.1 Small Engine Equipment and Power Tools Hire 3.2 Heavy Construction Plant & Equipment Hire 3.3 Events Management & Decorations 3.4 Hospitality & catering services 3.5 Horticulture & landscaping 3.6 Design, Branding & Printing services 3.7 Information Technology (IT) services 3.8 Photocopier Rental 3.9 Conference facilities 3.10 Fire extinguishers services 3.11 Refuse Removal services 3.12 Vending solutions 3.13 Municipal Management solutions/systems (Financial, inventory etc.) 3.14 Short training and workshops 3.15 Cash-in transit 3.16 Entertainment 3.17 Insurance services 3.18 Car Wash services 3.19 Car Hire services 3.20 Cleaning & laundry services 3.21 Security services (access control, alarm systems and surveillance cameras) 3.22 Rental of mobile toilets 3.23 Laboratory services 3.24 Auto Mechanics 3.25 Cemetery management services 3.26 Advertising services 3.27 Stamps and postal services 3.28 Transport, Air Travel and Delivery services 4. WORKS 4.1 Building construction & maintenance 4.2 Road construction, rehabilitation & maintenance 4.3 Engineering services (water, sewer & electricity networks) 4.4 Land & housing development 4.5 Installation of electrical meters 4.6 Electrical general services 4.7 Painting & waterproofing 4.8 Air-conditioning & Refrigeration 4.9 Plumbing 4.10 Fencing 4.11 Street cleaning & Sweeping 4.12 Parks and gardening services 4.13 Metalwork & fabrication 4.14 Carpentry & Joinery Compulsory documents to be submitted for this prequalification: • Certified copy of Company Registration Document (Founding Statement) • A copy of a valid good standing Certificate with Social Security Commission • A copy of a valid good standing Tax Certificate • A Certified copy of a valid Fitness Certificate with a Local Authority • A detailed Company Profile • A valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate, proof from the Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer, or exemption is issued in terms of Section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act, 1998; • A written undertaking as contemplated in Section 138 (2) of the Labour Act 2007; • A certificate indicating SME Status (for bids reserved for SME’s) The Public Entity shall have the rights to: 1. Ask for clarifications at evaluating the company profile; 2. Reject company profiles, if the above-mentioned is not adhered to; 3. Due to security reasons, some services may require vetting; Submission: Submissions should be made in sealed envelopes clearly marked: EoI No: G/W/SC/NCS-ONB-ORTC-01-2017 The Procurement Committee Oranjemund Town Council Po Box 178, Oranjemund To be hand-delivered or couriered to, and deposited in the Bid Box at: Oranjemund Town Council Head Offices Corner of 12th Street and 8th Avenue Validity period: The pre-approved supplier eligibility list created through this Expression of Interest (EoI) will be valid until the 30 June 2018. All interested parties are encouraged to apply at any time, but before the abovementioned date. Enquiries: Mr. Festus Nekayi, Tel: 063 – 233 500 MRS. 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Monday, August 14 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERT 15 Advertorial Telecom Namibia Celebrates 25 Years In August 2017, Telecom Namibia celebrates 25 years as a commercialised national telecom company. These are 25 years of extraordinary achievements and sometimes considerable challenges. A thousand and two hundred weeks of phenomenal expansion and growth. Seven thousand days of pushing the boundaries and embracing technological transformation. So much has changed, but some things have not. The hopes, challenges, and opportunities of Namibia’s economy and its people are still intertwined with those of Telecom Namibia. This important anniversary thus gives us an opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary achievements over the years, as well as energise us for the road ahead. The industry has changed dramatically – customers know value and are demanding for it. Telecom Namibia is committed to making our customers’ live a whole lot brighter through continued investment, innovations and development of solutions that deliver tangible value for customers. From humble beginnings on 1st August 1992, Telecom Namibia has invested about N$ 4.7 billion in state-of-the-art networks. These investments have moved us beyond a traditional telephone company to become a rightful ICT player, able to transmit highspeed data, voice and video, simultaneously. The commitment to nation building and socio-economic development of the country has propelled Telecom Namibia in transforming the telecommunication landscape and the broader ICT ecosystem of Namibia. Telecom Namibia’s nationwide digital network now spans across the entire Namibia and is comprised of over 12,000 route-kilometers of Metro-Fibre and more than 395 points of presence (POPs), 228 digital destinations and 300 towers for fixed wireless and mobile services, operated by its subsidiary, Powercom. Coming forward with a new vision of embracing the future, Telecom Namibia has not only expanded its network to remote villages, settlements and lodges but has also made far reaching impact on the wireless and mobile broadband front and ICT solutions, which are driving organisations forward and bringing a paradigm shift in business innovation and opportunities for new start-ups. Today, Telecom Namibia boasts the largest fixed-line voice telephony and broadband network in the country, which is the life line for thousands of consumers. The country’s first mobile network was also pioneered by Telecom Namibia. Our wireless broadband network provides both voice and internet access in remote areas for schools, clinics, businesses and Government offices. Our Company’s far-reaching initiatives to expand the broadband ecosystem are bringing a visible change in the socioeconomic sphere of the country. This access of broadband internet has not only opened new possibilities for the people, but is also enabling them to earn livelihood, reach out to newer international markets along with access to online learning and e-health services. Furthermore, Telecom Namibia is a responsible corporate citizen and identifies with the Namibian community. Through social responsibility initiatives, our Company has made a significant contribution in the sectors of education, business development plus other national priority areas. In the past, the brand has supported a number of causes in the areas of sports, women empowerment, youth projects, community development and charitable giving, among others. Embodying the national spirit of hope, inclusivity and pulling together, Telecom Namibia is committed to connecting and spreading the national spirit going forward. Telecom Namibia today stands shoulderto-shoulder with the Namibian nation and remains steadfast in its commitment towards a brighter future through its cutting edge ICT solutions, giving impetus to socio-economic growth and development of the country. In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to each of our customers who have made our brand a great success. I am also thankful to our Shareholder for their trust, to our Honourable Line Minister Tjekero Tweya, Board of Directors, Management and Staff, all our stakeholders and everyone involved in making Telecom Namibia a success story. THEO G. KLEIN MANAGING DIRECTOR

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