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New Era Newspaper Monday August 14, 2017

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4 NEWS Monday, August 14 2017 | NEW ERA Public warned of fake search warrants Staff reporter Windhoek Former magistrate Ruth Herunga has cautioned the public to be on the lookout for impersonators using her signature, following the surfacing of a fake search warrant bearing her forged signature that was reportedly used by former police officers. Fake search warrants were used to search the residence of Rehoboth East Constituency Councillor Edward Wambo last week and a certain Usira Mutjavikua residence in Wanaheda in January. Of the five men who have been arrested and appeared in the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, two are former police officers: Joseph Nauta, 25, who was attached to the Katutura police station crime investigation unit and Stephanus Kabono, 28, from Klein Windhoek police station. Kabono is currently on suspension on unspecified charges. The three other suspects are Nepando Willem, 29, Michael Xamseb, 25, and 39-year-old Eric Noariseb. Their case was postponed to August 14. They appeared on four charges of impersonating police officers, theft of a police docket, fraud and uttering, and conspiracy to commit a crime. Given the above, Herunga warned the public of the scam. N,000 fine for murder suspect Maria Amakali Windhoek Thirty-seven-year-old Matheus Ndeilikana, who was on trial for battering a man to death, was last week given a fine of N,000. Ndeilikana had been facing a charge of murder for the death of Henock Hamunyela but the court found him guilty of common assault and convicted him accordingly. The court found that the State failed to prove its case beyond reasonable. The court indicated that the State failed to account for what might have happened between the period the deceased left Ndeilikana’s house to go to his brother’s shebeen and the time he went to bed. Consequently, Magistrate Elina Nandago fined Ndeilikana an amount of N,000, or alternatively 12 months in prison. The prosecution alleged Ndeilikana had caused the injuries that led to Henock Hamunyela’s death by hitting him with a security baton. According to the post-mortem report, the cause of death emanated from the blunt force to the head: blunt trauma. The deceased had swollen feet and an injury to the head. Although witnesses saw Ndeilikana and the deceased in a fight, none of them “They (the public) must be careful and first verify. In any event, they should be on the lookout. I left the magistracy in 2016 and I don’t have any authorisation to sign any search warrants. If they see my name on piece of paper they must know that it is fake,” said Herunga She said the reason her name is used is probably because she is no longer employed there and because was responsible for issuing warrants. “No one will query that since I am no longer there,” she said. Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguativi told New Era the suspects visited the residence of Wambo in Rehoboth and introduced themselves as police officers, who were investigating a burglary complaint at the councillor’s house. Kanguatjivi said the suspects were informed that Wambo was not home and left. He said the woman at Wambo’s home noticed the vehicle had no registration number and contacted the Rehoboth police. The vehicle was then stopped at a mini-road block on the B1 road between Rehoboth and Windhoek. “After searching the vehicle, a police case docket and two fake search warrants with stamps of Katutura police charge office was found in the vehicle. All five suspects were arrested and detained at Rehoboth police cells,” he confirmed. could point out how the deceased was assaulted, or what led to the assault, as the witnesses were metres away from the scene. Ndailikana, who took the not-guilty plea, told the court that he knew the deceased and would often lend him assistance when needed, but he never assaulted him. The witnesses who took the stand indicated that after the tussle, the murder victim left for his brother’s shebeen, but no one could say what happened to him after he went to bed at his brother’s home. Following the court ruling, Ndailikana’s bail money in the amount of N,000 was refunded. MET condemns barbaric killing of oryx Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has noted with grave concern a video that went viral on social media of people killing an oryx in a disturbing and cruel manner. The people in the video used stones to kill the Oryx that was unable to move, possibly as a result of injuries inflicted by the same people. The incident happened on a farm in the Hardap Region. The ministry’s spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, on Thursday said it was regrettable that the animal was killed in such a cruel and illegal manner, using inappropriate and illegal means. He condemned in the strongest terms what he called a barbaric and cruel act and further warned Namibians to refrain from such cruelty against wildlife. He explained that anyone who abuses a permit or does not comply with the conditions attached to a permit might not be granted a permit in future. According to him, the ministry has since launched an investigation to firstly establish where and when this video footage was taken. Through the same investigation, Muyunda said the ministry would ensure that the perpetrators are found and prosecuted in accordance with the law. “We have made progress in the investigation of this case, to the effect that we have identified the farm and the people responsible for this barbaric act. In this regard, we are at the final stage of our interrogations before our immediate action,” he stated. He said such actions have severe implications for Namibia’s reputable conservation, as well as the country’s growing tourism industry. The MET also thanked the public for coming forth with information that helped the authorities identify the place and the culprits involved. The ministry called on people who have information about similar incidents to contact the director of wildlife and national parks at 061- 2842518/28 or cellphone 081-1223443, or to get in touch with the nearest Ministry of Environment and Tourism office or the nearest police station. Wrecked... A driver on Friday night avoided hitting a black WV Polo, which allegedly made a sudden turn into Purcell Street from Hosea Kutako Drive. The driver of the Toyota Yaris swerved into the pavement, crashing into the barriers alongside the road. Luckily the driver and three other occupants escaped unharmed, while the alleged negligent driver sped off. Photo: Strauss Lunyangwe

Monday, August 14 2017 | NEW ERA CRIME & COURTS 5 State wants at least 30 years for Jagger Roland Routh Windhoek Deputy Prosecutor-General Karin Esterhuizen on Friday asked Judge Alfred Siboleka to sentence Edmund Jagger, the convicted murderer of Renelda Hoeses, to a jail term of at least 30 years. Jagger was convicted by Judge Siboleka on murder with direct intent on July 21 for killing Renelda Hoeses, who was 22 at the time, at her father’s residence in Otjiwarongo during the late night hours of Friday March 1, 2013 or the early morning hours of March 2, 2013. The deceased died on the spot due to hypovolemic shock caused by the stab wounds. Jagger did not testify in mitigation and that, Esterhuizen said, showed that he had no remorse about the killing. During testimony in aggravation of sentence, the father of the deceased Elias Kugab told the court that he is deeply affected by the death of his eldest child, as she was the breadwinner of the family. He said it was not only him that was pained, as the deceased was a well-loved person. The accused did not only take away the love and protection he and the deceased’s son needed from his mother, but also left the boy a virtual orphan. “I will be able to forgive, but never forget the way my daughter met her death,” Kugab told the court. Esterhuizen said although the accused is a first offender, the court cannot overlook the fact the offence was committed in a most brutal manner. “The accused left the deceased for death in a pool of blood and then tried to commit suicide to escape the consequences of his actions” she stressed. She further said that the remorse professed by the State-funded lawyer of the accused, Josua Kaumbi, was mere lip service. “The accused had shown no remorse for the pain and suffering he heaped upon the family of the deceased, especially his son, who now has to suffer because of this misdeed,” Esterhuizen stated. Kaumbi asked the court to give Jagger a chance to be a part of his son’s life. He said the court should emphasise the aspect of rehabilitation, rather than retribution, as the accused is still very young at the age of 28 and can still contribute to society. He asked the court to consider the fact that Jagger had been in custody for the last four and a half years and to sentence him to a jail term of 24 years. Judge Siboleka indicated that he will be ready with the sentence on August 29. Edmund Jagger tjiwarongo man guilty f murder with intent Roland Routh Windhoek In the absence of evidence to the contrary, and the court having rejected the accused’s explanation as false, the only reasonable conclusion to come to is that murder accused Ivan Hoëbeb unlawfully and intentionally killed Elizabeth Ganses with direct intent. These were the words of Judge Christi Liebenberg when ruling on the matter on Friday. Hoëbeb was convicted of having strangled Ganses, 26, with his bare hands during October 30 to 31, 2015. He was however acquitted on a charge of rape, as the State could not prove the claim. “Though evidence in the instant matter about the insertion of an unknown object in the genitalia of the deceased would constitute a sexual act, as per the definition, it does not constitute the offence of rape in that the act was committed after death,” the judge said. In circumstances such as these, the accused should have been prosecuted (in the alternative) with the offence of violation of a corpse, he advised. With regard to the charge of robbery, Hoëbeb was convicted on the lesser count of theft. According to the judge, no link was established between the deadly assault on the deceased and the taking of the cellphone and it must therefore be concluded that there is no evidence supporting a finding of robbery with aggravating circumstances. The conviction of attempting to defeat the course of justice was established by the fact that the accused was the only person who could have gained from destroying the evidence, but since the setting alight of the body did not achieve its primary objective only the attempt was proven and not the main count of defeating the course of justice. Judge Liebenberg said when he assessed the version of Hoëbeb he found it full of contradictions. During his testimony in mitigation Hoëbeb told the court that he was genuinely remorseful for causing the death of the deceased. According to him, he tried to ask forgiveness from the family of the deceased, but due to his continued incarceration he could not. He even asked his aunt to call the relatives of the deceased to come and see him, but she was afraid to face them, Hoëbeb said. His State-funded lawyer, Milton Engelbrecht, asked the court to show clemency and to give Hoëbeb a chance to become a productive member of society again. Deputy Prosecutor General Henry Muhongo, however, asked the court to sentence Hoëbeb to 30 years for the murder, 18 months for the theft and six years on the attempt to defeat justice conviction. According to Muhongo, the deceased was still in the Ivan Hoëbeb prime of her life when she was killed in the most brutal manner imaginable. Judge Liebenberg said he would be ready with the sentence at 09h00 on Wednesday, August 16. Rundu shoplifter gets suspended sentence John Muyamba Rundu Natalia Ngoma, a 34-year-old mother who was re-arrested last Thursday for escaping from lawful custody after she was taken in for stealing orange juice worth N, has been granted a suspended jail term. Ngoma was on Thursday sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, wholly suspended for a period of five years on condition that she is not convicted of escaping from lawful custody (common or statutory law) committed within the period of suspension. Ngoma, who was charged with escaping from lawful custody, appeared before Magistrate Helen Olaiya while Helvy Gorases prosecuted. Ngoma was first taken into police custody on Thursday August 3 for alleged shoplifting after security footage from Shoprite showed her taking juice, which she gave to her baby to drink. Staff from the retailer reported her to the police at Rundu, where the officers intended to release her with a warning, but fearing arrest she escaped, only to be re-arrested later same day. She spent a night in police custody with her twin babies in a special room. SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL SCHOLARSHIPS The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund is inviting Namibian applicants to apply for POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS offered by the “CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL COOPERATION” between the Brazilian Government and the Namibian Government. AREAS OF INTEREST: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES; MEDICAL & HEALTH SCIENCES; CHEMICAL SCIENCES; ENGINEERING SCIENCES; MATHEMATICS & PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS; COMPUTER SCIENCES; OCEANOGRAPHY NOTE: Detailed information on eligibility requirements and how to apply can be found at:> You can also visit Brazil Diplomatic Mission, Windhoek – Namibia (Tel: (264) 61 237368/237369) THE DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: 18 AUGUST 2017

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