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New Era Newspaper Monday December 18, 2017

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12 Inside BUSINESS

12 Inside BUSINESS Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERA SA trade minister wants country to move up the industrialisation ladder JOHANNESBURG South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, yesterday said every effort must be made to boost local manufacturing, create black industrialists and make the country advance technologically so that it can benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Speaking at the Progressive Business Forum (PBF) breakfast yesterday morning, Davies said that South Africa should be prepared for the challenges that are going to be posed by the new digital revolution as electronic commerce continue to shape the modern world. Davies said that South Africa needs substantial change in the composition of its economy, which would only come through diversifying, industrialising and moving up the value chain as a response to calls for radical economic transformation. “South Africa needs to adapt to changes moving up the industrialization ladder. Our efforts to industrialize are going have to take place outside our border. South Africa as a country can learn a lot from other countries such as China in terms of stimulating the technological business sector,” Davies said. “We are integrated into the world economy as producers and exporters of primary commodities, minerals or agricultural unprocessed primary commodities, and we are importers of finished goods and services from around the world, and that is the least lucrative place to be. As technology changes, the proportion of the value of the final product that is constituted by the raw material in it, is a diminishing proportion.” Davies highlighted the ministry’s incentive programme, which aims to create 100 black industrialists and strengthen the scorecard for the Black Economic Empowerment programme, as some of his department.” - Nampa/ANA The Kavango East Regional Council Procurement Committee has the pleasure to publish all the names of bidders who qualify for award for the Annual bid No A10/1-19/2017-Electrical 2017/2019 as per Section 55(8) of the Public Procurement Act. Below is the list of company names. Kavango East Regional Council Department of Works ANNUAL BID NO A10/1-19/2017-ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE, RENOVATION, REPAIRS AND MINOR NEW WORKS ON LOW TENSION INSTALLATIONS AT GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS IN THE KAVANGO EAST REGION FOR THE PERIOD OF 01 APPRIL 2017 TO 31 MARCH 2019. With regards to the evaluation summary, please contact Procurement Secretariat and Department of works: Mr. J M Kangumbe at : 066 – 266 011 Mr. G Sikoka at :066 – 255 424 Kindly Note that if you are not satisfied with the selection for the award made by the public entity, you may make an application for review of selection made within 7 days of this notice. In absence of an application for review, the accounting officer of the public entity will award the contract to the person selected for the award as per section 55(4) Regulation 38(1) Annexure 5 of the Public Procurement Act. QUALIFIED BIDDERS BID NUMBER: A10/1-19/2017 ELECTRICAL NO COMPANY NAMES 1 Abed Trading Enterprises CC 2 ACB Trading CC 3 April Twenty Five Trading CC 4 Alukana Investment CC 5 Atale Investment CC 6 Barclays Trading CC 7 Bongi and prince Trading CC 8 Botjo Investment CC 9 Bonya Investment CC 10 Branco Investment CC 11 Cherleys Investment CC 12 Chico Change Investment CC 13 Caume Trading CC 14 Darkar Investment CC 15 Davids Investment CC 16 Day Green Scheme Investment CC 17 Dikezo Investment CC 18 Efolo and Son Investment CC 19 El Shadai Trading and Enterprise 20 ETN Technical Services 21 F.D.S Trading CC 22 Finest Investment CC 23 Four Three Five Trading Enterprises 24 Gerf and Lazz Investment CC 25 Gill Investment CC 26 Glory General Trade CC 27 Gondwana Investment CC 28 Hingo Investment CC 29 Jan Drell Investment 30 Kaisosi Engineering CC 31 Kal Engineering Technology 32 Kendamba Electrical CC 33 Kith and Kin Investment cc 34 Klau Trading Enterprise CC 35 KM General Trading 36 Kondja Engineering 37 Kupembona Trading CC 38 Lana Trading CC 39 Ladek Investment CC 40 Leni Trading CC 41 Longa Tunga Namibia Construction 42 MBE Investment CC 43 MD General Dealers Services 44 Mudime Nafimane Investment CC 45 Muthakaz Investment CC 46 Magnetize Investment cc 47 N.H.K Investment CC 48 Nakafo Investment 49 50 Ngi nyematekwa Investment CC Nue-Zongombe General Dealer CC 51 Onamhindi Trading 52 Onamunama Trading Center CC 53 Onduli Trading Enterprise CC 54 Onzimbongo Investment CC 55 PK Trading CC 56 Rundu Woodwork and Construction 57 S.S and Son’s Investment CC 58 Spitskop Trading Enterprises CC 59 Stewe Investment 60 Tangos Katurara Trading Enterprise 61 Thusi Civil and Mecahnical 62 Tripple Nine Investment CC 63 Tukurenu Construction Investment CC 64 Vayapale Trading Enterprises 65 Vilda Trading Investment CC 66 Wayidiva Trading CC 67 Wakudumo Electrical Installation cc 68 Wassi Investment CC Odebrecht, a giant in construction and corruption RIO DE JANEIRO As Latin America’s biggest construction company, Odebrecht S.A. became a major player in Brazil’s development at home and abroad – until a huge corruption scandal known as “Car Wash”. Tomorrow, the former CEO Marcelo Odebrecht, 49, gets out of prison to finish his 10-year sentence under house arrest. Here are key facts about the company and its disgraced ex-boss. Often described as a construction company, Odebrecht S.A. is also a major player in engineering, agriculture and petrochemical production. The multinational behemoth was founded in 1944 in the northeastern state of Bahia, by Norberto Odebrecht, grandfather of Marcelo. According to the company’s figures for 2015, it had 128 000 employees, with gross revenues of around US billion and activities in 25 countries. Exporting to more than 100 countries, Odebrecht S.A. is involved in a dizzying array of ventures, including even a submarine factory. Its high-profile construction jobs include Rio de Janeiro’s famous Maracana stadium, the Mariel port in Cuba, the Simon Bolivar airport in Venezuela and the Grand Parkway highway in Texas. Far leaner times have arrived in the wake of the corruption scandal, with employees reduced to about 75 000- 80 000. Under Marcelo Odebrecht, the company became known for another big project: corruption. ECOWAS threatens Guinea- Bissau sanctions as crisis drags ABUJA Brazilian officials running the “Car Wash” inquiry discovered that Odebrecht was especially active in bribing politicians to help secure inflated construction contracts at Petrobras and elsewhere. Odebrecht was also bribing politicians – sometimes right into their pockets, sometimes into their party campaign slush funds – to get favourable legislation passed. The bribery was so intense that Odebrecht S.A. had a dedicated department in charge. Seventy seven executives, including Odebrecht, eventually struck a plea deal, spilling the beans on the politicians who took bribes. His sentence was reduced from the original 19 years and now he will get to live in his luxury Sao Paulo home again. Probes have discovered more Odebrecht S.A. bribery schemes right across Latin America, including Mexico, Panama and Peru. In December 2016, the US Justice Department announced that Odebrecht S.A. and its petrochemical joint venture Braskem would pay a US.5 billion fine – a record in international corruption cases – after admitting to paying US8 million in bribes across 12 countries. But even the main Brazilian judge tackling the scandal, Sergio Moro, has acknowledged the sensitive issues around his battle with a national icon. “It’s reasonable to be thinking about its survival, through mechanisms of compensation, in order to preserve jobs,” he wrote in his ruling ordering Odebrecht’s arrest. - Nampa/AFP West African leaders on Saturday threatened to slap Guinea-Bissau with sanctions unless the country’s grinding political crisis was resolved within two months. In a summit in Nigeria, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) said it was “disappointed with the absence of progress in the peace process” in the tiny west African state, which has been in the grip of a power struggle since August 2015. The crisis erupted when President Jose Mario Vaz sacked then prime minister Domingos Simoes Pereira. Talks mediated by Guinean President Alpha Conde and Togolese counterpart Faure Gnassingbe in October 2016 had envisaged naming a new prime minister and assembling a unity government. ECOWAS called on Conde and Gnassingbe “to continue consultation within the next two months without which collective and individual sanctions will be handed down against all those who constitute themselves into an obstacle”. Vaz had this week proposed fresh talks to find a way out of the crisis but opposition parties objected to the plan. Guinea-Bissau has been plagued by military coups and instability since its independence from Portugal in 1974. - Nampa/AFP

Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERTS 13 REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIALISATION, TRADE AND SME DEVELOPMENT NATIONAL OZONE UNIT Invitation of application for Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) quota allocation The National Ozone Unit through the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development wishes to invite importers of HCFC to submit their application for consideration in the 2018 quota allocation. Requirements: • Registered as a supplier or a servicing company of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning • Historical records of importing HCFC refrigerants • Meet requirements for Import/Export Office We also wish to remind the public and industry about the Government Gazette No.4636 of 31 December 2010, stipulating that import into Namibia of HCFC and HCFC Blends are restricted, except under the authority and conditions contained in a permit issued by the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. HCFCs are to be reduced as per the following phase-out schedule: (ii) Freeze at baseline level: 2013 (iii) 2014 = 120 Metric tons (iv) 2015 = 106.90 Metric tons (v) 2016 = 77.09 Metric tons (vi) 2017 = 54 Metric tons (vii) 2018 = 30. 54 Metric tons (viii) 2019 = 14 Metric tons (ix) 2020 = 14 Metric tons Importers of HCFC R22 and HCFC blends gasses are there are advised to obtain import permit from the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. Interested Importers of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning should request the application form at the National Ozone Unit Office at Tel: 061-2837515/7509, Fax: 061-259676 or e-mail: Closing date: 22 December 2017 EIA PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS BULK LIQUID FUEL HANDLING AND STORAGE FACILITY, TRUCK PORT AND PARKING AND A CONTAINER STORAGE AND HANDLING FACILITY IN GROOTFONTEIN, NAMIBIA PUBLIC NOTICE EXTENSION OF THE PHASING OUT OF CHEQUES This serves to notify the public that cheques, as a payment instrument in the National Payment System (NPS), will no longer be phased out by the 31st of December 2017 as previously communicated. The decision to delay the phasing out of cheques was taken in collaboration with the payments industry and with the support of the Bank of Namibia. All stakeholders remain committed to the eventual phasing out of cheques as a payment instrument in Namibia, and as such a future date in this regard will be determined and communicated in due course. In the interim, the cheque item limit remains at N0 000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Namibia Dollars). For more information, customers are advised to contact their respective banking institutions, contact details of which are presented below: Notice is hereby given to all that are interested and affected by the proposed development that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act No.7 of 2007 and its’ EIA Regulations for the following: Project Name: Project Location: Applicant: EAP: GROOTFONTEIN LOGISTICS PARK Erf. 479 (& other small surrounding erven), Taxi Street, Industrial Area, Grootfontein Grootfontein Container Depot – GCD (Pty) Ltd SED Consultancy The storage and handling of dangerous goods, including petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas is a listed activity in terms of the Government Notice No.29 - Gazette No. 4878 and can therefore not be carried out without an Environmental Clearance. As per the provisions of the above mentioned Act and Regulations, all Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are herewith invited to register and submit their initial comments, concerns or suggestions on or before 13 December 2017 as part of the public participation process. I&APs are also invited to attend a Public Meeting. The objective of this process is to invite I&APs into the decision making process by allowing I&APs to comment on the initial environmental management proposals from the consultant and to raise issues of concern or any additional suggestions for enhanced benefits. PUBLIC MEETING Bank Windhoek Limited - Tel: (+26461) 299 1200 – Fax: (+26461) 299 1282 First National Bank Namibia Limited - Tel: (+26461) 299 2222 Nedbank Namibia Limited - Tel: (+26461) 295 2222 Fax (+26461) 295 2365 Standard Bank Namibia - Tel: (+26461) 294 2882 Toll Free number: 081 9286 PAN is a juristic person established, in terms of the Payment System Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 18 of 2003), as amended with the object of managing the NPS, organizing, setting technical standards and regulating the participation of its members in the NPS. Venue: Omulunga Community Hall Date: Monday, 18 December 2017 Time: 18:00 – 20:00 Environmental related enquiries: Olavi Makuti: Tel: 0811405033 or Email: David Uushona: Tel: 0811220814 or Email: Technical & project related enquiries: Cedric Willemse: Tel: 0813337364 or Email: Seal Consulting Engineer – Jan Everson: Tel: 0811284118

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