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2 EDITORIAL NEWS Tel: +264 61 - 2080800 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 EDITORIAL BOARD: Toivo Ndjebela, Chrispin Inambao, Desie Heita, Helvi Shaanika, Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro, Carlos Kambaekwa WINDHOEK A German tourist was REGIONAL allegedly OFFICES robbed while asking for directions at Ongwediva on Wednesday. Katima Mulilo Office: Tel: The +264 Namibian 66 - 253 049 Police Force in a crime report issued on Cell: Friday +264 said 81 488 the 6594 30-yearold +264 woman 81 124 was 2895robbed of a Canon 750D camera / with two lenses valued at N Rundu 600. Office: Tel: The +264 incident 66 - 256 occurred 298 at Cell around +264 81 217 1888 16h20 near Kaimbi Street. The woman reportedly Ongwediva Office: Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: NKURENKURU +264 65 - 231 305 From page 1 in addition to the provision of municipal Tsumeb services Office: at Nkurenkuru Extension 2 Phase 2 with water, Tel: +264 sewer, 67 - 221 sewerage 652 and roads, Cell: +264 which 81 456 are 8643 a bit delayed by the contractor but hopefully will also be completed before the end of this year. Swakopmund Office: “The Cell: construction +264 81 217 of 9739 Nkurenkuru Vocational Training Centre Cell: +264 Phase 81 204 1 by 8078 the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), which is underway at Nkurenkuru Extension 6 is also Keetmanshoop the latest development in Tel: our +264 town 63 - along 222 057 with Office: the official Cell: +264 opening 81 312 5975 of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration`s Nkurenkuru office for the Kavango West Region,” Luderitz reiterated Office: the mayor. The Tel: hosting +264 63 of the - 204 first-ever Nkurenkuru Cell: +264 81 Expo, 245 9714 which 180 was hailed a success, was another achievement the reelected mayor listed. DISTRIBUTION & 2 SUBSCRIPTIONS Ernst Apollus Tel: +264 61 - 2080800 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 NEWS MARKETING, SALES & PRODUCTION Festus Goseb Product of New Era Publication Corporation Tel: +264 61 - 2080800 (Daniel Tjongarero House) Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Corner of Dr W Kulz and Kerby Streets Tel: 061 - 208 08 00 P/Bag 13364 Windhoek Registered as a newspaper, Certificate No. 06/08/91 OUR CONTACT DETAILS AND INFORMATION Having consolidated his control over the central committee and politburo, Geingob is now in a better position to ring changes to his government, if he so desires. Last week’s reshuffling of major local authority councils on the instructions of Shaningwa offered the clearest indication yet of a potential Cabinet reshuffle in the works. Several mayors, deputy majors and members of management committees of major German tourist, Kenyan student robbed stopped her vehicle to ask for municipalities, directions when such an unknown as Windhoek, Walvis Bay suspect and Tsumeb, coming from were another demoted to the vehicle forced the victim’s status car of door ordinary open and council grabbed members. an Media orange reports bag containing yesterday suggested the camera equipment. that those demoted were opposed to He then fled from the scene the in election a silver Toyota of Geingob Corolla. as Swapo president In the and capital, their a demotion 40-yearold Kenyan national was was seen as punishment allegedly for held their at choice gunpoint of candidates. and Yesterday, robbed of items Presidential valued Affairs at N 400 in the Hochland Minister Frans Kapofi, during a casual Park residential area on lunch Wednesday. engagement with local editors at State House, The man, said who he is a was student, not aware underway. of any was in a taxi at around 20h20 Cabinet reshuffle being planned. “I have seen the president’s programme of activities for the remaining weeks Former magistrate Riana Hileni EDITORIAL BOARD: Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Site Kavara meeting: will only Cell: stand +264 81 trial 456 8643 next year after her case was this week Inambao, remanded Desie Heita, to November 2018. Helvi Kavara, Shaanika, who made a Swakopmund brief appearance Office: Closing date: in court on Monday, Cell: was +264 informed 81 217 9739 her Carlos Kambaekwa Cell: +264 81 204 8078 case will only be heard on the said date, REGIONAL as her defense OFFICES attorney and the presiding officer Delivery were not Address available Keetmanshoop earlier. Office: Katima Kavara, Mulilo Procurement Office: 33, was Box arrested Tel: +264 63 in - 222 March 057 Tel: and +264 is 66 due - 253 049 to stand trial Cell: +264 on 81 charges 312 5975 of conscious of the need to maintain order in the country and whatever decision he makes would be geared towards preserving unity in both Swapo and the OUTJO Namibia at large. From page 1 Political analyst Dr Hoze Riruako, speaking to Nampa yesterday, predicted a youthful, energetic Cabinet if the president pushes ahead with a reshuffle. He said although it was too early to predict who the president would appoint to on Friday. which ministry, Cabinet would definitely be made up of informed leaders, who are skilled and have expertise in their respective fields. full “It interviews. would not be a surprise if the president keeps the old ministers, who even though they did not make it onto the central committee list, have made a great impact in the country, within their ministries,” Riruako noted. He pointed to the likes of Poverty since 2015. Eradication and Social Welfare Minister Zephania Kameeta, Higher Education attended school there. and Innovation Minister Itah Kandjii- Murangi and Mines and Energy Minister Obeth Kandjoze, among others, and said attempting DISTRIBUTION or & obstructing the course of justice, SUBSCRIPTIONS alternatively corruptly using an office Ernst or Apollus position for gratification, which is an offence under the Anti-Corruption Tel: Act, +264 and 61 - 2080800 a count of corruptly using a Fax: false +264 document, 61 - 220 584 also an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act. MARKETING, The charges emanate from the alleged action of Kavara at the time she was employed as a magistrate stationed at Rundu Festus Magistrate’s Goseb Court. It is alleged Kavara used her position to alter court records of her boyfriend, Tel: Mohammed +264 61 - 2080800 Shabani, in 2015. F Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERAa c th H Sheya has been a member of the Swapo Party since 2001, but became L politically active in 2005 when he com-pleted school. m However, he reminisces that he was born in a Swapo home and often ac-companied his father, Thomas Sheya, d to rallies. His father served as the constituency councillor for Outjo for two consecutive m terms between 1998 and 2010. S Before rising to fame as mayor, the youthful leader served in various o portfolios of the party from section to m district level. a He said he has been in the Swapo Youth League (SPYL) regional structure C for 10 years and is also in the central w committee of SPYL. p Sheya is also serving on the National Executive Committee of SPYL and he I is the Secretary for Economic Affairs to of the SPYL. The appointment letter signed by m the Presidential Affairs Minister, Frans Kapofi, reads, “President Geingob ex-pressed his confidence and trust in the ability, commitment and fairness with c which the Governor will be expected to L discharge his duties and responsibilities.” also depend merely on merit, keeping in mind that he had requested people to submit their CVs when he took up the presidency.” Riruako complimented the president on the six members he recently appointed to the party central committee, noting the sense of gender balance, youth and the presence of some of “the old guard”. “Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein, Defence Minister Penda Ya Ndakolo, as well as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Erkki Nghimtina are some of the old notable loyalists the president decided to appoint, and I am sure this is for their exceptional work,” Riruako noted. President Geingob also appointed Christina //Hoebes, currently a deputy minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, the youthful Jennery Matundu, a chief community liaison officer in the Ministry of Gender at Opuwo in the Kunene Region, as well as retired schoolteacher Coleen van Wyk from the Rehoboth West Constituency. – Additional reporting by Nampa ‘can I help you?” Shifeta remarked. He NANSO said if students come out of these hospitality training facilities without conceptualising From page 1 customer service, then customers will never be happy. The minister cautioned that recruiting people who are not friendly will affect the business and customers will secretary for education training and research Helena Shimutwikeni, vice secretary for run tertiary away. and vocational education Sabriana Ludwig, vice secretary for secondary and basic education Helena Utoni, secretary for political and international affairs customer service in Namibia. Ester Shitana, secretary for sports and culture Dillon Beukes, and two alternate members: Gregory Madi and Tresia visitors. Awene. In a media statement yesterday, newly elected secretary general Taapopi said he was confident the new leadership would bring about positive change for students across the country. “The aspirations and the future of thousands of learners and students are in these good things,” hands. he noted. We will not spare neither strength nor effort in pursuit of the progressive tasks instructed to us by thousands of young people, represented by their regional delegates.” He said the new leadership committed itself to jealously defend the unity and Ma T Former magistrate to stand trial cohesion of the student movement. in Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro, when the incident occurred. He was allegedly robbed by three men, who were also occupants in the Toyota Corolla taxi. They robbed him of his HP laptop, a Samsung cellphone, N 400 in cash and his passport before pushing him out of the vehicle and driving off. Nothing has been recovered and no arrest has been made yet in connection with the two robberies. Police investigations are - Nampa Wednesday, 03 rd January 2018, 11h00 SALES & PRODUCTION Contact Person: Ms. Martha N. Nuugonya, Tel: 065 – 244700/14 The Procurement Unit Omuthiya Procurement Committee Omuthiya Town Council P.O. Box 19262, Omuthiya Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 country is happy. My fright is obviously that if I mess up or if I have to fail I am closing doors for all the youth in future because traditionally this position is mostly for elderly people,” he said briefly as he weighed in the youth’s reactions on social media since his appointment Sheya could not dwell on the plans he has for Kunene, saying he is still waiting for instructions from the appointing authority before getting to do “All I can say is I am thankful to my appointing authority for the trust and confidence in me. I will try with all I can to serve the Namibian nation and the Kunene Region,” said Sheya. Sheya, who until his appointment announcement on Friday, served as mayor of Outjo, a position he has held The new governor was born and bred on the dusty streets of Outjo. He also He joined council as mayor at a tender age of 27. “In the demarcation of “I can also note the installation of solar power HOTELS Kahenge Reception area, which is at advanced stage, at our town council office From page 1 this year we allocated 81 plots and at our new boreholes (erven) to Labour Investment for pumping water in town, OMUTHIYA TOWN COUNCIL We also can’t accommodate people Holdings for the construction of affordable houses at The town should be informed which is at advanced stage. in the city. We go as far as accommodating them in Rehoboth or elsewhere. Nkurenkuru Extension 2 and that we are in the process of Currently, it’s not matching,” he noted. construction is expected to PROCUREMENT appointing a contractor to COMMITTE He also questioned the quality of start early next year,” Kandjimi continued. sion 3 Phase 1, as the bid has electrify Nkurenkuru Exten- hospitality training centres, saying customer service in Namibia is very poor. According to the mayor, already closed and we are Invitation for bidders He said it does not make any sense Nkurenkuru signed its first evaluating the bids in terms that hospitality institutions are just public private partnership of the procurement process,” training but are not addressing the needs (PPP) 1. Procurement agreement with Ref: two he NCS/ONB/OMU-03-2017-18 further stated. on the ground. developers in October for “These are some of the He stressed that there are many land servicing (water, roads, tangible results of the work Descriptions: Provision of Security Services for students Omuthiya who are today roaming the sewer and electricity) at the mayor and his team has streets due to poor training. Nkurenkuru Extension 5 done Town during Council 2017. Premises. I am “They don’t understand the concept and Kahenge Extension 2, proud to be a member of this of customer service. They don’t understand that if they don’t give proper as 2. approved Procurement by the Minister Ref: dedicated NCS/ONB/OMU-O4-2017-18 team and associate (A&B) of Urban and Rural Development and the Office of the an impressive track record so myself with this legacy and service, then they will be redundant. Descriptions: Refuse removal in Omuthiya Town Customer service is not just a Namibian culture. You come in the shop and Attorney General. far,” Kandjimi noted. “These developments are Kandjimi said despite all a person will look at you while on expected Document to start availability: soon. I, these 06 December achievements, 2017 until Nkurenkuru the phone with something not related therefore, would like to urge 20 th Town Council still December 2017, 10h00. to work. They are just chatting with our residents, who reside in faces some challenges like friends. those areas to cooperate while limited funds for both capital N0. projects, 00 operations (non-refundable), and payable one is lost. by bank Sometimes their tone will “They look at a customer as if some- we are sorting Bid document out the issue Price: of compensation,” he said. compensation. guaranteed Cheque only or send bank a person transfer away [instead] of asking, into the Omuthiya Town Council, Bank Account: FNB, Account number: 62231578610, Omuthiya EDITOR +264 81 Branch: 124 2895 280072 OR pay cash at Cashier No.1 at Rundu Omuthiya Office: Town Council Luderitz Office: Offices. Chrispin Inambao Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Bidding documents: Cell +264 The 81 217 bidding 1888 Documents Cell: +264 81 245 must 9714 be submitted in a closed envelope, clearly marked the EDITORIAL Ongwediva procurement Office: reference number and company Tel: +264 name 65 - 238 990 at the Procurement Box at the Omuthiya Maria Amakali Fax: +264 Town 65 - 231 305 Council office before or on 3 rd January Tel: Windhoek +264 61 - 2080800 2018, 12h00. No faxed or emailed document will Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 be accepted. Tsumeb Office: Compulsory site meeting for both bids will be on 20 th December 2017, 10h30, Omuthiya Town Toivo Ndjebela, Chrispin council Boardroom. Shabani was facing a charge of dealing in cocaine COP and was granted bail of N,000, From which page Kavara 1 apparently paid willingly. In his defense, Sinvula said he did not After his release on bail Shabani failed aim at the vehicle, and only fired three to return to court in November 2015 as warning shots in the air. Sinvula said he scheduled, which resulted in a warrant for suspected that the vehicle was conveying his arrest being issued. With the warrant illegal substances (drugs). out for Shabani, the court provisionally He added that the taxi driver drove off forfeited his bail money. immediately when he showed him his It is alleged that with the disappearance appointment certificate, which led him of her boyfriend, Kavara made an to fire the warning shots. application in December 2015 in an “The offender has shown no remorse attempt to have the N,000 bail for his actions and even after having c co an ra th an Therefore, he noted that the ministry established an advisory council composed of many stakeholders including training hospitality institutions that will look into the matter and address poor th no th co Equally, he also cautioned those law enforcement officials at the border posts across Namibia to avoid mistreating to an re fro w N Ba of In ed “The first impression lasts. If that person is harassed or got disappointed at the border post, then that is the impression that person will have about Namibia. He will leave with that. Therefore, training should not only look at prospective employees but also those already employed. Some of them say they are stressed or overworked. But sometimes we must overlook some of m its he w r es oc a th m an t Si a w M to o sp t ac N a an r in H

Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Govt cancels 75 teaching vacancies Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Khomas Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture has cancelled 75 teaching vacancies from the initially advertised 409 vacancies, despite the pressing need to recruit more qualified teachers in Namibia. Schools and regional education directorates are left with no option but to recruit unqualified teachers on a temporary basis to fill the high demand for teachers, which contributes to over-expenditure due to the payment of separation perks to these temporary teachers. These cancelled vacancies include 19 heads of department and 56 teaching posts. This comes at a time when the government had just announced that over 2 500 teaching posts are up for grabs following immense pressure from students led by Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) secretary general Mahongora Kavihuha to release the delayed annual Teaching Vacancy Bulletin for 2018. In an interview with New Era on Friday, the public relations officer in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Absalom Absalom, said the cancelled vacancies were wrongly advertised and they had to be re-advertised. “These posts were already advertised and interviewed for while others are filled by qualified individuals and were already in the system during the exercise resulting from the formal education circular of addressing the staffing norms, overstaffing and understaffing,” Absalom noted. The ministry thereby apologised for the inconvenience caused to applicants of the cancelled vacancies. “There is no implication, as the correct process of how to deal with the situation has been duly followed as per regulations,” he said. More than 150 University of Namibia (Unam) Khomasdal campus student teachers in October took to the streets demanding that the ministry release the bulletin of teaching vacancies for 2018, saying the delay will send them on the street - swelling the high unemployment rate in Namibia. Therefore, the future of these students, most of who are in the final year, is now once again bleak since the cancelled posts directly affect the Khomas Education Directorate. It was after the students’ demonstration, the ministry announced in October that a total of 2 569 teaching posts will be advertised in the annual Teaching Vacancy Bulletin for 2018. “The Teaching Vacancy Bulletin 2018 has been approved by the Secretary to Cabinet and will be made available to the public through various newspapers and digital platforms as from Friday, 3 November and not Tuesday 31st October as previously indicated,” the ministry said in a statement. Of these, 79 posts are for principals, 198 are for heads of department and 2 292 are for teachers. At the time, Absalom said the abovementioned teaching posts have been identified as critical and hence the need to be filled so as not to compromise the teaching and learning processes. He said it should be noted that 119 of the 2 569 to be advertised have been newly created, due to pressing needs, whereas the remaining 2 450 posts are currently occupied by temporary teachers whose contracts will come to an end with effect from 31 December 2017, thus rendering the posts vacant. The closing date for the application of teaching positions was 17 November 2017 and for principals and heads of department, it was 1 December 2017. The vacancy bulletin is normally released round July every year to allow sufficient time for a seamless recruitment process. NANSO welcomes NSFAF return to education Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO) has welcomed the re-integration of the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) back to the Ministry of Higher Education as of next year. This follows months of strained relationship between NSFAF management and its board, which has resulted in President Hage Geingob intervening and deciding that the fund return back to the Ministry of Higher Education as was previously the case. The institution has been marred by a tainted relationship between its CEO Hilya Nghiwete and the board chair Patty Karuaihe-Martin. The two do not see eye to eye and Nghiwete even went as far as reporting the matter to the Higher Education Minister, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi. The bid to control the Fund seems to be behind the board chair and CEO’s fight. NANSO secretary general, Simon Taapopi, on Thursday said the announcement justified their long-held view that NSFAF is not managed in the best interest of the students and public at large. NANSO has, on numerous occasions, raised concerns over the operations of NSFAF, which has failed the majority of students in many accounts such as delay in the processing of new applications; recalling of award letters; delayed payments to institutions of higher learning as well as lack of institutional management, Hilya Nghiwete transparency and accountability. “We thus call upon President Hage Geingob to establish a commission to undertake a study into the feasibility of fee-free higher tertiary education with student accommodation and abolishment of registration fees as terms of reference,” Taapopi noted. He said they made this call after realising that the annual increase of fees continues to exclude more students from accessing tertiary education. He stated that NANSO shall continue to advocate for access to higher education, and remain critical of the state of higher education. He added that NANSO is committed to rebuild, realign and reunite the revolutionary students’ movement to respond to the needs of all students across Namibia. Kandjii-Murangi, who last week joined President Geingob during the end-of-year review media conference, revealed that the Head of State had intervened and taken a bold decision to cease the fund from being a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) and return it to a directorate under the ministry. This decision comes days after Rally for Democracy and Progress’ Mike Kavekotora proposed that the line ministry take over the management of NSFAF and place it under a separate management board not to disadvantage students, and fire the current board for mismanagement, negligence and corruption. “Comrade President in your own wisdom, you made it clear that NSFAF will come back as a directorate within the Ministry of Higher Education. We are ready come 2018, we have everything to ensure there is efficiency and proper transparency,” Kandji-Murangi revealed yesterday during a televised event. NSFAF provides financial assistance, by way of loans, to needy full-time Namibian students enrolled at recognised higher learning institutions. According to the latest Fund audit report, the institution failed to account for more than N.7 billion between 2009 and 2010. When asked what prompted government to take such a decision, the minister said since its establishment, there have been good developments and progress. However, she said, there were also challenges which called for introspection. “As someone who is overseeing NSFAF, there was a need for investigation and introspection and I believe it came out that it's better it reverts back to the ministry,” she noted, without giving the exact reasons for the Fund’s return. Regarding employees’ fate, she said a proper assessment will be done to iron out crucial issues such as salaries, saying once fully integrated back to the ministry, salaries will be similar to those offered to any civil servant. NSFAF is a loan scheme, which was designed to replace the Public Service bursary scheme, whose purpose was to train people to work solely in the civil service. Concern over missing Senegalese tourist Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay Namibian Police Force (NamPol) crime coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, has expressed concern over the wellbeing of a 37-year-old Senegalese tourist, who went missing two days ago in the Erongo region. Iikuyu during the weekend crime briefing indicated that NamPol’s air wing has been deployed for a search and rescue mission for Mark Mokosho, a Senegalese national currently residing in America who went missing in the vicinity of Klein Brandberg near Uis on Saturday. Mokosho rented a Ford Ranger belonging to Namibia Car Rentals. He drove the vehicle to the Uis area where he went mountain hiking. Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said it is suspected at this stage the man got lost. A worried Iikuyu yesterday told New Era that the Senegalese tourist was last seen next to the gravel road leading to Xoboxobos, where he had parked his rented vehicle on Friday morning. According to Iikuyu, Mokosho was last seen walking towards the Klein Brandberg where he started his hiking adventure. People in the area during the evening realised he did not return, as the vehicle was still parked on the same spot and they notified the police in the area. Iikuyu, said the police launched a search party on Friday night but Mokosho was not found. “A second search attempt was also launched on Saturday but he was still not found. So, we called in the assistance of the special reserve force and a helicopter,” Iikuyu told New Era yesterday. Iikuyu is appealing to residents in the area to assist the police to locate the tourist and to report any suspicious activity to the nearest police station. “Time is running out and we need to act as fast as possible to locate the tourist,” he said yesterday. Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Regulation relating to domestic workers: Labour Act, 2007 • Gazette No. 6428 • Form of submission of particulars by employers of domestic workers • Payslip template • Booklet for Domestic Wage Order TO DOWNLOAD VISIT:;;

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