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New Era Newspaper Monday December 18, 2017

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6 NEWS Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERA New leadership… The newly elected Mayor of Omuthiya, Katrina Uusiku flanked by deputy mayor Heskiel Nanyeni and Chairperson of Management Committee Beata Nashongo, with the rest of councillors. Photo: Obrein Simasiku I do not regret anything, says former mayor Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Former Mayor of Omuthiya, Toivo Nghilalulwa, who became an ordinary council member during Saturday’s swearing-in ceremony of political office bearers at Omuthiya Town Council, said he does not regret anything nor feel disheartened by his demotion. Nghilalulwa, who had been a mayor for two years, was replaced by his former deputy Katrina Uusiku. “I am relieved of the position knowing that I have done a good job during my tenure, and I am happy with that. The masses have spoken and we have to abide by that. I am happy with the outcome. In fact, we are from the same party, hence, we will continue working together and I will render her my full support. We started building this town together,” Nghilalulwa told New Era on the sidelines of the ceremony. Council had been in a political vacuum for almost two weeks since the councillors’ term came to an end last month. Uusiku’s victory came after a protracted meeting at the town council before the swearing-in, where, according to insiders, councillors were divided over the swearing-in, as others had wanted to maintain the status quo. The first mayor of Omuthiya, Heskiel Nanyeni was elected at as deputy mayor, while Beata Nashongo was re-elected as chairperson of the management committee. Joseph Sikunga and Enos Shipahu were also re-elected as members of the management committee, as well as Susan Ukongo, as an ordinary member. In her acceptance speech, Uusiku promised to unify the team and maintain inclusivity and prosperity. “I will start from where my predecessor left. It is just a continuation and there is nothing new at the moment,” concluded Uusiku. Ekandjo gives Lüderitz elders early Christmas Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz The philanthropic spirit of giving back to the community prevailed last Saturday when well-known corporate personality, Tim Ekandjo, and his wife, Ingah Ekandjo, hosted an early Christmas party for over 500 senior citizens at his hometown in Lüderitz. Ekandjo hosted senior citizens at the new Lutheran church building, where elders were treated to a delicious three-course meal much to their contentment. All the elders also received a takeaway gift consisting of rice, chicken and soup. Lüderitz Old Age Home elders also received take-away gifts. Ekandjo said the event was to celebrate Christmas with the Lüderitz senior citizens. He was delighted to see the elderly come out in numbers to enjoy the day. Mayor of Lüderitz, Hilaria Mukapuli, attended the event and applauded the Ekandjo family for making such a memorable and historical event for the elderly people in Lüderitz. Mukapuli commended the Ekandjos for ploughing back into the community of Lüderitz where he was born and raised. “Many times, we have youngsters who forget where they come from, especially when they climb the highest ladder. However, I am personally thanking Tim and his wife for deciding to come and spend their time with the elderly of Lüderitz. I have received information that 500 elderly were registered and looking at the preparation of the different types of food given to the elderly, the total amount spent is estimated to be more than N5 000, which is extraordinary for someone to take so much money from his own pocket and share it with his community,” stated Mukapuli. She also urged other successful youngsters to emulate the good example. Politicians and various religious leaders also attended the event and so did Ekandjo’s kindergarten teacher, Ondangwa honours pensioners ONDANGWA Senior citizens are the Google younger people should use when they need information on Namibia’s history, Ondangwa Mayor Paavo Amwele has said. Amwele said this while speaking to nearly 200 pensioners at a Christmas party here on Thursday. “We are happy to see our Google with us here today,” he said, adding that younger people should respect and take care of the pensioners. The mayor said the Christmas party was a way for the Ondangwa community to “end the year in style and unity”. It was also held to recognise Ousie Frieda Shikongo, as well as Fransisca Sibeni, who taught him English at Diaz Primary School. “This was such a beautiful event and we want to thank the Almighty God for blessing this child with such a good heart for spoiling us like this, and for making us feel so special,” said Sibeni. Yesterday, Ekandjo, on behalf of his family, donated N 000 to the Lüderitz Lutheran Church towards the completion of the new building. Two months ago, Ekandjo also spoilt the senior citizens of Okombahe with a similar party. The organiser Agu Maletzky confirmed that Ekandjo spent over N5 000 on the Lüderitz event, “his instruction to me was to go allout to ensure the senior citizens have a time of their life”, stated Maletzky. Captions (Ekandjo): Sparing no expenses … Tim Ekandjo and Lüderitz Mayor, Hilaria Mukapuli, serving the elderly at Lutheran Church in Lüderitz where he spent N5 000 for their Christmas party. Festive treat … Elders enjoying an early Christmas party courtesy of Tim Ekandjo Photo: Tuulikki Abraham the contributions pensioners have made towards the development of the town. Amwele, on behalf of his council, handed out food hampers, containing maize meal, rice, tea, sugar and fresh fish. Spokesperson of the Ondangwa Town Council, Petrina Shitalangaho, said only pensioners older than 70 were invited to the event. – Nampa Make sure to get personal assistance with your application during the roadshow. Check out the calendar on the website to find your nearest NSFAF representative! Kunene Omusati Oshana Erongo Ohangwena Oshikoto Otjozondjupa Khomas Hardap Kavango West Omaheke Kavango East Caprivi REGIONAL VISITS Find our student assistance team at 32 locations in all 14 regions and at 18 campuses of UNAM, NUST and IUM and receive personal assistance with your NSFAF application. OBTAIN OUR NSFAF ROADSHOW CALENDAR AT ONLINE APPLICATION AND UPLOADING OF DOCUMENTS OPENS: 12 JANUARY 2018 - CLOSES: 28 FEBRUARY 2018 Karas For more information, visit our website: Tel: 061 420 686/692/612/613, Toll free No: 0800 267 323 Email:

Monday, December 18 2017 | NEW ERA 7 Rahab grows her modelling brand in UK Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Local and international runway model, and a Top Model Worldwide 2018 finalist, Rahab Inghalwa, is growing her brand, experience and making some modelling connections in the United Kingdom (UK) where she is now based. “My aim is to break into the Western market, to walk for big fashion houses, venture into business and to get the best experience and use it in the Namibian market,” says Rahab, adding that in the near future she sees herself as a successful business woman and an influence on young people in following their dreams. Her biggest achievements so far are walking for the London Fashion Week, Euro Asian Fashion Week and being in the finals of the Top Model Worldwide 2018. Top Model Worldwide is wellknown for discovering new model talent, launching careers and creating dreams. “My images have been part of an exhibition at the Westminster University with photographer Krystian Data, and my name has been covered in many UK blogs and other websites, including,” says Rahab. Growing up in a village in the North was quite a challenge but good at the same time because she had so many hobbies from cultural dancing to singing in school choirs and at Sunday School. “I was Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is inviting visual artists to submit artworks for consideration for the Booth Exhibition taking place early next year over a period of four months at the main gallery. According to Communications and Marketing Officer at the NAGN, Annapaula Vakamuena, artists would be allocated exhibition squares, which they can utilise in whatever way they choose to. She added that the artworks could be in 2-D, 3-D or ephemeral (performance) forms. “Submissions are not limited to Namibian citizens or residents. Submissions should be accompanied by an artist’s statement about the artwork 7 columns to the NAGN X 10 cm before 17h00 on Monday, 5 February 2018.” Vakamuena said this would be the first time also active in going out to beauty pageants around the village. So, it was interesting growing up,” she says. Her modelling passion started in 2008 when her teacher approached her to take part in Miss Onamunhama Village, which she won. In 2009, she moved to Ongwediva to complete her high school at Gabriel Taapopi Secondary School. There she also took part in a few beauty pageants. In 2012, she moved to Windhoek to further her studies in Accounting and Finance at the Polytechnic of Namibia. Her love for modelling started growing inside her when she started modelling for Katutura Community Arts Centre (KCAC) fashion shows. “I realised the gap in the modelling and went to register with Ranath Modelling Agency, with which I did some works in the fashion industry,” she says. This year, she moved to London after receiving an offer from First Modelling Agency, where she has been walking for London Fashion Week, Kaoska Fashion Show and Euro Asian Fashion Week. “I have signed a contract with an experienced British PR Company, Weltch Media, to help with my branding, marketing and break through on the international modelling scene,” she says. She plans to venture into modelling and fashion business, and do more runways for international fashion shows. Building her brand… Rahab Inghalwa continues making her marks in the United Kingdom (UK) with her modelling talent NAGN invites visual artists for Booth Exhibition the gallery holds such an exhibition. “Basically, the main aim of this exhibition is to give an affordable opportunity to the upcoming and armature artists to be able to exhibit in our gallery space, and also to encourage collaborations among other artists,” she said. Artists, who had otherwise not met the required standards to exhibit in the National Gallery before, would be able to exhibit at this exhibition, which is a great opportunity for the development of their art careers, she said. The exhibition incorporates all art forms, be it performance. “The exhibition will create an avenue for collaborations and space to exhibit. So established and upcoming artists can collaborate, and artists working with different mediums can collaborate. For example, a performer and a painter, a singer and a sculptor.” Artworks for 20 artists will be selected for the exhibition. Victor... Gazza who won as the Best Male Artist of the Year at the 2017 NAMAs. More than 800 entries were received for the 2018 NAMAs. Over 800 entries received for NAMAs 2018 WINDHOEK Poised to celebrate its eighth anniversary in April 2018, the path to the most anticipated music awards event in the country beckons – and this week the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) organisers announced the entries received for consideration for the honours. A total of 812 entries were received by the 2 December deadline. Entries were welcomed from all local artists, whose works were produced and made commercially available between 1 December 2016 and 30 November 2017. Executive Chairperson of the NAMAs, Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, said, “This is indeed remarkable and impressive, considering that we have tweaked the format of categories for the pending awards slightly different, which included a drop in some of the categories.” Among the notable changes was the reversion to a one-day event for 2018, a departure from the two events over two days weekend fiesta adopted in 2014. Categories that were open for entry were Afrikaans, Damara Punch, oviritje, soukous/kwasa, Afro pop, gospel, kwaito, R & B, rap/hip hop, house, reggae, traditional, collaboration, single, newcomer, music video, song of the year, pan-African artist, best group, producer and lifetime achiever. NAMAs 2018 are tentatively scheduled to take place on 28 April 2018, and the committee is inviting different town councils and municipalities to submit their bids to host the country’s premier music event. The entries received were as follows: Best Damara Punch 16, Best Afrikaans 8, Best Oviritje 15, Best Sokous/Kwasa 25, Best Afro Pop 65, Best Gospel 38, Best Kwaito, 34, Best R & B 36, Best Hip Hop 59, Best House 22, Best Reggae 38, Best Traditional 37, Best Video 97, Best Single 115, Best Collaboration 142 and Best Producer 39. The highest entries were recorded in the Best Collaboration category, which received 142 entries compared to 2017’s 120. Other increases were recorded in the Best Single 115 against 92 in 2017 and Best Music Video 97 against 2017’s 68. However, there was a notable decrease in the entries for the Best Gospel, which received 38 entries compared to 63 in 2017. These are not the final entries, as the steering committee is yet to meet behind closed doors to go through each and every entry to ensure it complies with all the rules. The steering committee consisting of independent industry experts, serving voluntarily to review and verify adherence to qualifying rules, as indicated in the rules and regulations for the NAMAs. No judging is conducted by the steering committee. Scoring and adjudication will only commence once the steering committee completes its work and hands over the entries to the judging panel. Expect more. 2018. The Development Bank of Namibia is closing on 22 December, after approving N.7 billion for enterprise and infrastructure finance in 2017. Expect more in 2018. Bring us your business plans and infrastructure proposals from 3 January 2018. Visit or call 061 290 8000. We’ll be waiting to hear from you. Expect more.

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