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New Era Newspaper Monday December 4, 2017

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4 NEWS Monday, December 4 2017 | NEW ERA Omalyaadhila pensioners treated to early Christmas lunch Nuusita Ashipala Omalyaadhila About 50 pensioners were showered with gifts and treated to an early Christmas lunch at Omalyaadhila village in Omusati Region on Saturday. The lunch was organised by employed youth who wanted to show appreciation for their parents’ dedication and support in moulding them into successful professionals. Speaking at the occasion, Daniel Shikishi, a senior traditional councillor of Oshihau in the Uukolonkadhi Traditional Authority, advised the elderly to reduce their alcohol intake and not to spend too much time at the cuca shops. Shikishi also cautioned the elderly from taking children to the cuca -shops, saying it disrupts their studies and jeopardises their future. Echoing the same sentiments, spiritual counsellor at the Ministry of Veteran Affairs, Shapaka Kapolo, said society needs sober parents to discipline ill disciplined children. Kapolo said children’s rights have been exaggerated and are used as a cover for bad behaviours, such as alcohol and substance abuse and NOTICE disrespecting elders. “Children should be discouraged from the use of alcohol. I do not want to believe there are parents who beat children to death. If there are, they should be reported to the authorities, but discipline should prevail in our society,” said Kapolo. Kapolo added that alcohol and substance abuse were the root causes of the escalating cases of violence, such as murder and rape. “Children do not want to learn. There is no good life obtained from outside the classroom, you need to study to become progressive in life,” Kapolo said to the children in attendance. He also voiced concern over absent fathers and unsupportive parents. He said children’s responsibility and upbringing should be a shared responsibility between parents. The elders expressed gratitude to their children for their initiative and were hopeful that the event would be celebrated annually. The Christmas lunch was the first in the Uukolonkadhi Traditional Authority and was graced by the presence of the Uukolonkadhi Traditonal Authority Chief Daniel Shooya. Grateful… Pensioners at Omalyaadhila show off their Christmas gifts during a lunch arranged specially for them by younger members of the community. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala New Road Fund Administration (RFA) banking details The Road Fund Administration migrated its bank accounts to Standard Bank Namibia on the 1st of May 2017. All Road Users should make use of the new Standard Bank accounts when paying their Road User Charges. Photo: Selma Ikela In office… The members of the City of Windhoek’s new management committee are (standing from left) Matilda Ukeva, Moses Shiikwa, Agatha Iiyambo, Loide Kaiyamo and Matheus Amadhila. Seated are Deputy Mayor Tala Tekla Uwanga and Mayor Muesee Kazapua. Kazapua re-elected as Windhoek mayor Selma Ikela Windhoek Muesee Kazapua has been re-elected as mayor of Windhoek for the fourth consecutive year. Kazapua will henceforth be deputised by Tala Tekla Uwanga, who replaces former deputy mayor Fransina Kahungu, who is now an ordinary councillor. Kazapua and Uwanga were elected on Friday unopposed at the council chambers of the City of Windhoek. Members of management committee were also elected. They include Matheus Amadhila, who remains the chairperson of the management committee, Loide Kaiyamo, Matilda Ukeva, Moses Shiikwa and Agatha Iiyambo. On the sidelines of the meeting Uwanga told New Era said she joined the council on December 1, 2015 and this was the beginning of her third year in office. Uwanga was a member of management committee for the last two years and also served on various committees, such as the basic services committee tasked with extending electricity and ablution facilities to communities, especially those in the informal settlements. Uwanga says she has a strong interest in the welfare of women, elderly people’s issues and to make the city thrive. In his acceptance speech, Mayor Kazapua said as office bearers for the coming year, the entire council and residents of Windhoek should commit to intensifying their efforts towards creating a sustainable environment. He said the lack of housing and basic services in the informal settlements, the high level of unemployment in the city and abject poverty, continue to frustrate the council’s aspirations for social progression and prosperity for all. “We should therefore re-double our efforts around those focal development areas if we are to make a positive impact on our commitment to the ideals of Harambee Prosperity Plan.” Please note: All old accounts will be closed effective 1 February 2018. New Account details: Standard Bank Mass Distance Charges Account Number: 04 142 4360 Branch Code: 082372 License Fees Account Number: 04 142 4387 Branch Code: 082372 Abnormal Load Fees Account Number: 04 142 4794 Branch Code: 082372 Please call the Road Fund Administration on 061 433 3000 for more information. Website: Email: REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA GENERAL NOTICE LÜDERITZ TOWN PLANNING AMENDMENT SCHEME NO. 8 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 23 of the Town Planning Ordinance 1954, (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended, that the Lüderitz Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 8, has been submitted to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development for approval. Copies of the Lüderitz Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 8 and the maps, plans, documents and other relevant matters are lying for inspection during office hours at the Lüderitz Town Council and also at the Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, 2nd Floor, Room 234, GRN Office Park, Windhoek. Any person who wishes to object to the approval of the Town Planning Scheme, should lodge objections in writing to the Secretary, Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), Private Bag 13289, Windhoek on or before 31 January 2018. D. D. BEUKES CHAIRMAN NAMIBIA PLANNING ADVISORY BOARD WINDHOEK, 2017

Monday, December 4 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERT 5 An Aerial Overview December 2017 Air Namibia (Pty) Limited which trades as Air Namibia, is the national airline of the Republic of Namibia. Our mission is to provide air transport services, promote tourism and encourage business investment in Namibia. Through this monthly newsletter, we will keep you updated. FLYING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Tips for first time flyers, to breeze through your flight with confidence and excitement. It’s been a long year and November seemed to have taken forever. Knowing that the holiday season is fast approaching, traveling is the focus point for tourists, business owners, employees as well as children and students everywhere. December is the holy grail of holidays for Namibians and we often start planning our time away months in advance. Hopefully saving for the holiday has also started months ago, as we all know that ‘KeDezemba’ can easily turn into ‘KeJanuary’! The starting point for the holiday season is actually traveling out of town. Namibia is hot at the best of times, but being in Windhoek around Christmas time is simply unbearable. To connect swiftly to these various destinations, it often requires getting on an airplane, which around the holidays can bring with it its own set of challenges. Traveling can be stressful and daunting. It requires a bit more preparation and the more methodical you are about it all, the easier the process is and the quicker you will be in Cape Town’s Waterfront or perhaps sipping on gluhwein with the family in Germany. The destinations and the possibilities are endless. Just keep a few things in mind. Everyone wants to see their loved ones, friends and families and get away from it all. So, the flights start filling up quickly. Book your flight well advance. It will avoid disappointment and give you the best deals. Air Namibia allows you to fly within Namibia, connecting you to different towns and cities, as well as carrying you to the rest of the world. As everyone leaves for holiday around the same time in December, remember that the queues at check-in and customs may be longer than usual. Therefore ensure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare before the flight leaves. Families with children and those traveling in bigger groups also need to realise checking in may take quite a while. So, a good rule of thumb is to be at the airport at least three hours before departure. This way check-in won’t happen in a blind panic while pushed for time. During the holiday season people are not just checking in luggage, but also Christmas presents and food stuffs for their loved ones. Bringing biltong or Amarula to friends and family overseas will definitely put a smile on their face. However, check if you can bring the things that you would like and whether they need to be in your checked luggage, or if they can simply come aboard in the cabin. Having to confiscate items because they do not adhere to the international aviation rules and regulations is not something we enjoy doing, but we do have to abide by the laws, simply to keep everyone, including the other passengers and flight crew safe. Another aspect of holiday travel, make sure your identification documents and all your travel visas are up to date and correct for the destination that you are traveling too. Nothing is more disappointing than finding that your passport is no longer valid. The same applies for the visas. All of this can be organised and checked well in advance of the holiday traveling in December. It actually adds to the anticipation and fun of traveling, knowing that you are sorted and organised already for the December holiday. It will leave you stress and worry free and allow you to focus on what presents you will get and give and how you will go about losing those extra kg’s that you are sure to put on during this well-deserved Christmas break. Season’s greetings everyone and safe travels! ONDANGWA – WALVIS BAY ROUTE COMMENCES Air Namibia celebrated a great milestone on 21 November 2017, as the national airline connected the north with the coast. In less than 60 mins, Air Namibia carried 25 ecstatic passengers from Ondangwa to Walvisbay. At 11H36, Air Namibia’s ERJ 135 (with a 37 seating capacity) departed from Ondangwa and arrived at 12H29 in Walvis Bay. Air Namibia now flies directly from Ondangwa to Walvis Bay, three times a week on: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays return for just N$ 2,000 all taxes included. One of the passengers, Mr Damian Egumbo, CEO of Ongwediva Town Council welcomed the new route with joy. He noted that it will minimise traveling time between the north and coast and equally reduce pressure on the road, especially with the upcoming festive season. He further commended Air Namibia and Namibia Airports Company (NAC) for this achievement. BOOK NOW! Telephone: +264 61 299 6111 E-mail: Book & Pay Online: Booking 10+ or your preferred travel agent Corporate Communications Contact: P.O. Box 731, Windhoek Tel: +264 61 299 6216/ 6270 Fax: +264 61 299 6217 Email: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR BLACK ‘FLYDAY’ PROMOTION.

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