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New Era Newspaper Monday February 19, 2018

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16 AFRICA Monday, February 19 2018 | NEW ERA Hundreds throng airport as Zimbabwe HARARE Hundreds thronged Zimbabwe’s main airport Saturday as the body of opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai, who died of cancer in neighbouring South Africa, arrived home for burial. Tsvangirai, a fearless op- party, died on Wednesday at the age of 65 after a lengthy battle with colon cancer. his Movement for Democratic Change party, gathered at Robert Mugabe International Airport, broke into Christian hymns and party songs as the plane bearing his remains landed. “We have received the body of our president, our hero, our icon, our patriot and great leader,” said one of Tsvangirai’s three deputies Nelson Chamisa. The body was taken to a military camp where the bodies of national heroes lie in state before burial. Tsvangirai will be buried on Tuesday in his rural home in Buhera, 250 kilometres (150 miles) south of Harare. Opposition compatriots earlier held memorial services in the capital Harare and in the second city of Bulawayo to honour Tsvangirai who was often derided by former president Robert Mugabe as “a stooge of the west”. In Bulawayo, Tsvangirai’s former deputy Welshman Ncube praised Tsvangirai for forgiving even his persecutors in government who beat him up. “He had no bitterness at all, no bitterness that over the years beat him and laid treason charges against him,” Ncube said. “He He said Tsvangirai called him to his house in January and hinted that he would not live to see the country’s upcoming elections expected by July this year. “The meeting was very emotional. He said ‘Let us be realistic. I won’t make it. I won’t be with you in this campaign’.” The elec- Robert Mugabe in nearly four decades. Tsvangirai was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. The former trade union stalwart led the MDC since its formation in 1999, posing the most formidable challenge to ZANU- In 2008, he beat long-time presidential elections, narrowly come short of garnering enough votes to be declared outright winner. However he then pulled out of the second round of voting, which was marred by violence including the killing of around 200 opposition supporters. Tsvangirai’s death came as tensions over his succession are threatening to tear the MDC apart dent Emmerson Mnangagwa who took over from Mugabe following a military takeover in November. - Nampa/AFP Ramaphosa set to purge cabinet of Zuma cronies in war on corruption JOHANNESBURG Cyril Ramaphosa, the new president of South Africa, is expected to move within days to purge his cabinet of ministers tainted by allegations of corruption, and to intensify efforts to businessmen alleged to have made millions under his predecessor, Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa, 65, hailed a “new dawn” in South speech on Friday and the tide of corruption in our public institutions”. His speech, with its call to all South Africans to unite to set the country on a new path, prompted an outpouring of enthusiastic patriotism in the media. “What has been unleashed is a sense of building and not of only opposing,” wrote former editor and columnist Newspaper the Sowetan hailed “the end of an error”. An edito- Zuma?” Ramaphosa was sworn in as head of state last Thursday after Zuma reluctantly resigned on orders of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). “We are determined to build a society integrity, that does not tolerate the plunder of public resources, nor the theft by corporate criminals of the hard-earned savings of ordinary people,” he told lawmakers, prompting cheers. However, analysts say Ramaphosa will have to act fast. “It is important that he has some quick wins because that will show people he is serious and willing to take action even if there is some pushback from the ANC, or at least from a faction within the party,” said Richard Calland of the University of Cape Town. The Hawks, South Africa’s elite police investigation unit, launched a series of raids hours before Ramaphosa formally took power and police are searching for a number of high- One is Duduzane Zuma, a son of the former president, who once worked for the wealthy Gupta family, NOTICE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF FUEL RETAIL FACILITY AT WILHELMSTAL, ERONGO REGION & INVITATION TO A PUBLIC MEETING Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application for of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and EIA Project Name: Construction of a Fuel Retail Facility Proponent: Premier Tech Investment cc Project Location: Portion 11 of Farm, Wilhelmstal #8 Public Meeting Date: Saturday, 03 March 2018 Venue: Time: 10H00 – 12h00 Deadline to submit comments: 10 March 2018 Tortoise Environmental Consultants (TEC) who are at the heart of corruption allegations levelled at the former president. All deny any wrongdoing. Duduzane Zuma is being investigated for his role in a failed state-backed dairy farm scheme that saw millions of dollars funnelled to Gupta-owned companies. He could face charges of fraud, money laundering and corruption. The luxurious Johannesburg home of the Guptas was raided last week as part of an investigation into allegations in the government and the misuse of millions of dollars of public funds, a Hawks spokesperson of the three Gupta brothers under investigation, has been declared “a fugitive from The Observer One step @ a time To register as an I&AP and obtain the BID, please submit your details to TEC at: Tel: 081 256 7709 Email: Five killed by suspected rebels in eastern DR Congo GOMA, DR Congo Five people were killed Saturday in an ambush by suspected Ugandan Islamist rebels in the Beni region of Democratic Republic of Congo’s chronically troubled Local official Leon Bahungako said the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group were behind the attack in which three women and two men were killed and eight people wounded on the road between the towns of Eringeti and Oisha in the North Kivu province. Government forces last month launched an offensive in Beni against the ADF, one of a number of armed groups that hold territory in the eastern DR Congo and are battling for control of the region’s rich mineral resources. “It was the ADF who attacked their vehicle and killed or Bahungako. An officer told intervened quickly to rescue the other passengers. The head of the hospital in the town of Eringeti said they bodies riddled with bullets”. “We are caring for four wounded people and four more are being transferred to Oicha hospital,” said Michel Kalombo. Congo since 1995, the ADF was created by Muslim radicals to oppose Ugandan Museveni’s rule. Congolese authorities and the UN mission in DR Congo, MONUSCO, accuse the ADF of killing more than 700 civilians as well as combatants in the Beni region since 2014. Earlier in the month the United Nations imposed sanctions on Congolese general Muhindo Akili over the massacre of at least 400 civilians in Beni by the ADF in 2014 and 2015. The group is also blamed for the killing of 14 UN peacekeepers last month, the biggest single such loss in 25 years. - Nampa/AFP

Monday, February 19 2018 | NEW ERA 17 Muongaongi wa Swapo utamelwa busholi bwalikomu Nuusita Ashipala Ongwendiva Mapokola habalati kupatulula bupaki kuamana nikutamiwa kwamuongaongi wakopano ya Swapo mwa sikiliti sa Oshana Samuel Nelongo kalikalezo zabusholi bwalikomu. Yomuhulu wa Sipokola mwa sikiliti sa Oshana Rauha Amwele nanitifalize kutamiwa kwahae kono naize nasikalumelelwa kubulela zeñata kakuli kueza cwalo kukaswana kwatisa muisilingo mwamuzeko. “Natamilwe Lasunda mi usali mwasitokisi,” nekubulezi Amwele. Naekelize kuli Nelongo natamilwe mwa sikiliti Lasunda viki yefelile hanalongile likomu. “Lipatisiso lisazwelapili, kusatatulula litaba zeñwi pili asikabonahala mwakhuta,” nekubulezi Amwele. Amwele napalezwi kupatulula sibaka ko Nelongo natamezwi teñi, kapa teko yalikomu, kamazwi akuli lipatisiso kona lisazo kala. Nihakulicwalo lipaki zamuuso neliakaleza kuli Nelongo nauzwize likomu zemashumi amalalu zamasheleñi afita fa N$ 200 000 mi nekufumanwi feela komu iliñwi. Nelongo na amuhezi kuba muongaongi wa Swapo kuzwelela ku Erastus Kapolo kwa liketisa zetuna za kopano mwakweli ya Mbuwana ñohola. Pili asikaketwa kuba muongaongi wa sikiliti sa Oshana nasebelize kuba muongaongi wa kopano ya Swapo kwa Uukwiyuusona. Zeo halili cwalo mwaponahalo yahae mwakhuta yamuatuli yomunyinyani mwa Ondangwa Labubeli Nelongo nalumelezwi kupikela tolongo kwande kakulifa mashe- Nelongo walilimo ze waku uzwa poho ya- isi N0,000 yenebihilwe kimapokola yalikomu zemashumi amalalu. Muatuli yomunyinyani Ilge Rheent namulumelezi kupikela tolongo kwande. Mulatu noezizwe hala silimo sa 2016 ni 2017. Muzeko noisizwe la 9 Lungu kuli lipatisiso zamapokola lizwelepili. Ba New Era bautwisisa kuli Nelongo nafumanwi nikomu iliñwi nihaike muña likomu utonda zemashumi amalalu. Muyaho wapisinisi yabucwañi ukakwalulwa John Muyamba Rundu Muyaho wapisinisi yekana ileka bucwañi kwabatu use ufelile kuyahiwa mi kulumelwa kuli ukabapala kalulo yetuna kutusa sicaba babaitengile walipisinisi zakulekisa bucwañi mwalikiliti za Zambezi ni Kavango. Muyaho ulibelezi feela babakona ku usebelisa kakulifa mali. Muyaho uwela kwamuyahotuna wamakopanelo alipisinisi ili one uyahilwe ki Liluko la Litekisano nikuhula kwa Lipisinisinyana, kamulelo wakubata kuhulisa lipisinisi mwanaha. Muyaho uzamaiswa kikatengo ka Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) mi kanako yacwale katengo kamema balipisinisi kaufela babatabela kusebelisa muyaho kuli babonane nibona. Kulumelwa kuli bucwañi busebeliswa hahulu isi feela Mwa Kavango ni Zambezi kono naha kaufela kabupala. “Ee muyaho ukona kusebelisa kakulifa mali kanako yatumelelano babatabela batise mapampili abona Mi babatabela kaufela balizeze ofesi ya NDC mwa Rundu,” nekubulezi yomuhulu wamaofesi a NDC mwa Rundu Fernando Murungu. Muyaho nokalilwe kuyahiwa kasilimo sa 2014 kamulelo wakutisa lituto hamoho cwalo nikutisa zwelopili mwalipisinisi zabucwañi. Ba NDC babulela kuli balekisi babucwañi bakakona kulekisa sinisi yeo kuli buyobakanywa, isi Likozi zafamukwakwa zafukuzeha mwanaha Maria Amakali Windhoek Bakwaezi balimotikala mwa Namibia babonahala kuli sebakwaeza katokomelo nikubona butokwa kalulo yesetisize kufukuzeha kwamafu atiswa kilikozi zafamukwakwa kalipesenti zeketalizoho. Linombolo zacwalecwale zezwa kwakatengo kakabona zafamukwakwa hala linako zalipumulo nebalatehezwi kibupilo bwabona mwamupulo yefelile hakubapa- pumulo ya 2016/2017. Linombolo lipatulula kuli nekubile nilikozi zaf- kanako ya pumulo ya 2016/2017. “Kufukuzeha kwalikozi zafamukwakwa kibupaki kuli bakwaezi sebalatelela milao nikuli sekutaha cinceho yende,” nekubulezi yomuhulu wasipokola mwanaha Sebastian Ndeitunga. Mwapiho yamakande Ndeitunga nabonisize kuli likiliti kaufela nekubile nikufukuzeha kwalikozi zafamukwakwa kono likezo zabubangoki nelikonile kupahama hakupanywa nililimo zeñwi. “Likozi zafamukwakwa neli tulo yetuna kuluna, nihakubonahala waluna,” nekubulezi Ndeitunga. Nalemusize kuli kukutela fafasi kukona kuba kuli kikalibaka lakusebeza katata kubamulao mwamikwakwa yekwaluhile sihulu mikwakwa ya B1 ni B2. “Luekelize mubonelo waluna mwalibaka kaufela ibe mwamikwakwa yanaha kapa mwa mikwaya yamaino abatu, kapa kwalintolo, lusweli kusebeza katata kubona kuli kuna nikozo nibuiketo hala batu banaha Namibia,” nekubulezi Ndeitunga. nako yacwale balekisi babucwañi habaputelelwanga kibaleki kuli The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) is a public enterprise established by the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management Act, 2010, (Act no.10 of 2010). NIPAM’s mission is to transform the Public Sector of Namibia into an efficient, effective and accountable system through training, operational research, capacity evaluation, consultancy and strategic partnerships. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS Stock Management: balekise bucwañi bwabona kakucipa. Balipisinisi zakwamukunda VACANCY Procurement Officer: Finance Business Centre babakabelekisa muyaho bakatokwiwa kuli banoya kwabatu nikuyoleka bucwañi nikubuisa kwamuyaho walipisini- nikubakanywa pili busikaiswa mwalikiliti. Kalulo yeo ikulubelwa kuli ikafukuza kuyambukela kwa butuku MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE NIPAM is an equal opportunity employer. bwa taku ni mulomo kuzwa mwasikiliti sesiñwi kuya kusesiñwi kakuli kuse kulemuhilwe kuli bucwañi kinzila yeñwi butuku bwa taku ni mulomo buyambuluka kayona. Muyaho hape ukafa bayahi bamandu abucwañi mwamahae lituto zeswanela.

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