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New Era Newspaper Monday February 19, 2018

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4 NEWS Monday, February 19 2018 | NEW ERA Geingob congratulates Ramaphosa Albertina Nakale Windhoek President Hage Geingob has congratulated the new president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa on his election after embattled leader Jacob Zuma resigned. Ramaphosa was the only candidate nominated by parliament, which is dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) party. “On behalf of the government and people of the Republic of Namibia, I wish to congratulate you, Comrade Ramaphosa, on your uncontested election by parliament, as President of the Republic of South Africa,” Geingob said. Geingob noted Ramaphosa’s election is not only an endorsement of his credentials as a leader of the ruling ANC, but also an endorsement of his credentials as a tested cadre of the struggle and a shrewd negotiator. “These are the qualities that have convinced the parliament to elect you, on behalf of the people of South Africa,” he said. Geingob added that the Namibian government is certain that under Ramaphosa’s “capable leadership, we will continue the excellent relationship that exists between the ANC and Swapo, as well as between South Africa and Namibia”. “Comrade President, there is a saying that, ‘we make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour.’ Neighbours can be either good or bad but Namibia is grateful for the fact that in South Africa, we have a very good neighbour,” Geingob said. The ANC had told Zuma to step down or face a vote of no- Zuma faces several corruption accusations but denies any wrongdoing. One allegation is that he allowed the wealthy Gupta family, originally from India, with whom ence over policy, in an example of “state capture”. An arrest warrant has been issued for Ajay Gupta, one of the on Thursday. This follows a raid by the Hawks, an elite police unit, on their home on Wednesday. The family has denied corruption allegations. However, there are wide reports that Gupta [Ajay] is now on the run. on Thursday, Ramaphosa, 65, said he would tackle the corruption, which allegedly became widespread under Zuma Geingob also paid tribute to Zuma for the leadership he displayed during his tenure as president of South Africa. He said Zuma’s impeccable work within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU), as well as his commitment to advancing Africa’s developmental agenda within the framework of BRICS (the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), are some of the many laudable achievements which have cemented the Zuma legacy. He said Namibia wishes Zuma a happy and peaceful retirement. “Finally, while wishing Your Excellency good health and strength as you assume this demanding responsibility, I have no doubt that we will be able to build upon the already existing fraternal relations between South Africa and Namibia,” said Geingob. Omusati addresses learners, teachers’ plight Helping hand… Hansina Christiaan, advisor to the //Kharas governor, !Garib circuit inspector Jesmine Magerman, councillor Elias !Kharuxab and Henry Jongwe. Photo: Matheus Hamutenya Henima gives free sanitary pads to rural schoolgirls Matheus Hamutenya Aroab Many schoolgirls in rural areas are unable to afford sanitary pads and thus choose to rather sit at home during their menstrual periods and thus miss a lot of lessons. But Henry Jongwe of Henima Investment cc says no child should miss school due to lack of sanitary pads, which prompted him to donate 1,119 sanitary pads to rural schools in the Keetmanshoop rural constituency. Handing over the pads at Aroab on Friday, Jongwe said after hearing from different media platforms on the negative impacts the lack of sanitary pads have on rural girls, he decided to do something to help improve the situation. He further said it is a big concern if schoolgirls miss classes just because they cannot afford sanitary pads. All children deserve to be in school and it is up to people in communities to ensure that this happens, he said. “I hold the view that it is every Namibian child’s right to be educated, and to see or hear about a child that has given up on her school because of lack of items such as sanitary pads is heart-breaking,” said Jongwe. He added that the Namibian president’s Harambee Prosperity Plan is very clear on inclusivity, and this should apply to education as well and thus all children should have access to education, and he urged everyone to do the little they can to assist one another, especially in this dire economic situation. “In today’s economic hardship my motto is each one should help one, so we at Henima still contribute to the betterment of children in rural areas, particularly the girls in respect of safe sanitary or menstrual hygiene contribution,” he said. He pledged more support as long as the company can afford it, saying they are willing to assist where they can, as long as their contribution has communities. !Garib circuit inspector Jesmine Magerman and Keetmanshoop rural constituency councillor Elias !Kharuxab received the donation, and the pads will be distributed at various schools in the constituency. ima, saying many learners do not attend classes as they do not have sanitary pads, and they’d rather stay home when menstruating thus missing a lot of lessons, and therefore the donation will assist in making sure girls are in school. “I have come to realise that many of our learners leave to go home due to lack of pads, so we are really thankful for this donation,” she said. Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva The chairperson of the Omusati Regional Council Modestus Amutse said the region is aware of the strenuous conditions in which teachers operate and was doing its best to address their plight. Speaking at a principal and inspectors’ meeting on Thursday, Amutse announced that the region has commenced with putting up access roads to schools which are usually cut off season. “We know some of you start to feel uncomfortable when it rains, but as a region we are doing the best we can with the limited resources to ensure you provide quality education to learners,” said Amutse. Close to 67 schools in Omusati region were last year forced to close as leaving more than 23,000 learners out of school while In addition, Amutse said the region is also working tirelessly to ensure that all the schools in the region Also speaking at the same occasion, the Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Ester Anna Nghipondoka, alluded that the ministry is striving with the meagre resources at its disposal to minimise the sometimes deplorable circumstances that both teachers and learners face. Nghipondoka urged the principals to identify “leakages” where resources go to waste, adding that it is high time that every leader resources at their disposal. “On many occasions we cry about a lack of resources but we fail to identify leakages in the system … Let us therefore be encour- never to allow ourselves to be swallowed up by the many impediments that we may have no control over,” said Nghipondoka. The meeting was organised to take stock of the successes and shortcomings to enable managers to strategically plan for the current academic year. Attentive… Teachers who attended the meeting with the Omusati Regional Council. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala

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