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New Era Newspaper Monday February 26, 2018

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2 NEWS Monday, February 26 2018 | NEW ERA SCRAMBLE From page 1 According to him, these are people of different nationalities such as Africans, Europeans and Asians wanting to be Namibians. Further, he explained some agencies are helping foreigners to come to Namibia and get documents through arranged marriages. “I didn’t know the magnitude of the demand of people coming here. Some of them just want to come and work here. You cannot understand the urgency. People go to the extent of having agencies here just to find a lady who is ready to marry. They arrive at the airport and the next day, they are in court and that’s the end of the marriage. The guy lives here and the lady lives in the village somewhere else. It becomes suspicious,” Kapofi reacted. Kapofi revealed that there are people who would go to any length to acquire Namibian national documents through ill means. Equally, he warned employees of the ministry of home affairs who involve themselves in corrupt activities through bribes so they can issue national documents to desperate foreigners. The ministry has also on numerous occasions cautioned foreigners not to fall prey to fake Namibian agents, who promise to get them documents quicker, and then disappear with their money. Kapofi warned that there are consequences for these corrupt employees including dismissal from employment. “The processes that are here now are such that those loopholes that might have been existing are being closed, seriously. But as I said, there are people who are prepared to bypass that system. How do we know all that? It is because people get caught every day and they confess so that’s how we know. There are also people outside who are reporting that I was approached by those who want documents,” he said. The ministry’s ID Production and Birth Registration Director, Anette Bayer-Forsingdal, guaranteed that any nationality who wants to apply for birth a certificate, passport and national identification document should go through the same checking processes and fingerprints. “There is none who is exempted from our processes. We have a track and trace system. Our staff knows very well that no application for anybody should bypass that system. When it comes to civil registration service, you also have to present yourself. Nobody can apply for an ID on your behalf, just as nobody can apply for a birth certificate for your child on your behalf. That’s for security reasons,” she noted. GEINGOB From page 1 In addition, he called for greater inclusivity across the board, in Namibia, in Africa, and at the United Nations (UN). “Our call for inclusivity in the AU (African Union) does not constitute attack, but a demand for progress. By demanding for inclusivity in the UN, we are not attacking it, but merely seeking progress. Humanity will progress only if we all hold hands and pull in one direction. Let us, therefore, make the fight against inequality, the promotion of unity and inclusive societies’ top priorities in 2018,” he said. He extended a warm welcome to ambassadors, high commissioners and heads of international organisations recently accredited to Namibia. With 2018 declared the year of reckoning, Geingob said government endeavours to achieve higher levels of service delivery for the Namibian people. He warned that there would be consequences for those who fail to deliver acceptable standards of public service and professionalism. He said the government would like to work better with members of the diplomatic corps this year to tackle issues of corruption, price manipulation and other forms of greed. He maintained that corruption or the perception thereof, carries negative consequences that thwart the socio-economic development of the people. He said the government has identified poverty and corruption as the primary impediments to the noble ideals of an inclusive society. He said he remains more committed than ever before to the establishment of a more egalitarian society within Namibia. “There is no US dollar billionaire in Namibia, white or black; except for a few companies. The promise of shared prosperity can become a reality if our society is participatory and inclusive,” Geingob remarked. Equally, he said the government has implemented various cost-cutting measures to curb public expenditure and reduce waste. In these challenging times, he said fiscal discipline is tantamount to ensuring that government remain on track to achieve sustainable development and shared prosperity in the long run. Meanwhile, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Namibia, who is also the Deputy Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Anastas Kaboba Wa-Kimba, said despite dire economic conditions affecting all countries in the world, her country had noted with pride and appreciated the efforts the Namibian government has put in place. Efforts which are aimed at alleviating poverty and ensuring that available resources contribute to the common needs of people so that no one is left out. Moreover, Geingob stated Namibia strongly believes that bilateral and multilateral dialogue remains key to easing rising geo-political tensions. He said he believes sustained efforts aimed at finding lasting solutions to global challenges would bring peace and stability among nations. The President said it is only through unity that nations would be able to create and maintain lasting peace and harmony. This thought, he said, is captured by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which highlights, among other things, that nations should foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which are free from fear and violence because there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development. Tsumeb to host Independence Day celebrations WINDHOEK This year’s Independence Day celebrations will be held in Tsumeb in the Oshikoto Region, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) announced on Friday. MICT Permanent Secretary, Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, said the directive to host this year’s celebrations at Tsumeb was issued by President Hage Geingob. It will be held under the theme, ‘United we stand, for the love of Namibia’. Last year’s celebrations were held in Rundu in the Kavango East Region. - Nampa Tsumeb, here we come… Performers from Gondo Primary School in the Kavango East Region pictured at the Rundu Sports Stadium during the 27th Independence anniversary celebrations. Our Contact details and information Product of New Era Publication Corporation (Daniel Tjongarero House) Corner of Dr W Kulz and Kerby Streets Tel: 061 - 208 0800 P/Bag 13364 Windhoek Registered as a newspaper, Certificate No. 06/08/91 EDITOR Chrispin Inambao EDITORIAL Tel: +264 61 - 208 0802 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 EDITORIAL BOARD: Toivo Ndjebela, Chrispin Inambao, Desie Heita, Helvi Shaanika, Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro, Carlos Kambaekwa REGIONAL OFFICES Katima Mulilo Office: Cell: +264 81 156 4114 Rundu Office: Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Ongwediva Office: Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Omuthiya Office: Cell: +264 81 144 0646 Swakopmund Office: Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Keetmanshoop Office: Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Luderitz Office: Tel/Fax: +264 63 - 204 180/2 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 DISTRIBUTION AND SUBSCRIPTIONS Ernst Apollus Tel: +264 61 - 208 0826 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 MARKETING, SALES AND PRODUCTION Festus Goseb Tel: +264 61 - 208 0822 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 //KHARAS From page 1 Basson, however, did not indicate in the letter how long she plans to stay at the State House, a facility usually meant to accommodate the Head of State when he visits. New Era understands that councillors were divided over whether to grant the governor her wish to stay at the state house, during the first ordinary council meeting last Thursday. Scholtz confirmed receiving the letter from the governor and explained that council has not made a decision yet. He said there are two ways to look at the issue since current and former presidents use the State House when they visit the town and thus it remains important for such use. However, he said, the council is equally cognisant of the governor’s situation, as she was given short notice and thus council is willing to assist her in whatever way possible. “I received such a letter, but we have not written something back to her yet; we are still deciding on that. Council is also willing to look for a house for her and we are still looking into this. But we will also not allow that the governor is left on the streets,” he said. Scholtz further said the governor did not specify how long she wants to stay at the State House, but he said the governor had explained that it would just be a temporary arrangement while she sorts out her accommodation issues. Basson confirmed in a telephonic interview with New Era that she has written a letter to the council seeking to move into the State House temporarily, adding that this would just be a temporary arrangement until she finds a new house. Basson said it has been difficult for her to get the house, but she is now in the process of buying a house and would move into her new house as soon as possible. “I am in the process of buying a house, the only problem is that we do not know how long it will take. Therefore, it depends on the house I want to buy, as soon I get my house I will move out. I do not really want to stay there (State House) but I do not have a choice,” she said. Basson explained that the owners of the house she currently rents have given her notice to vacate the house, as they will be moving back to Keetmanshoop. She added that the council’s response has been positive and that she has written a follow-up letter stating that she is willing to pay for water and electricity while she stays at the house for a while, and she is waiting for an official response from the regional council.

Monday, February 26 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 3 Photos: Alvine Kapitako Drought victim… Ukonjerua Kavari says he is affected by the drought Kunene’s drought-stricken villagers move into Opuwo town Swapo threatens to recall nonperformers Nuusita Ashipala Outapi Swapo Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa has threatened to recall non-performing members of the ruling party, who fail to deliver according to the people’s expectations. Shaningwa said those who are not conforming to the resolutions of the party’s last congress would face the music. “If you don’t do things as stipulated by the Swapo congress, I will definitely not hesitate to call you to order. Not only will I call you to order, but if you are on a Swapo ticket, I will also not hesitate to withdraw you,” said Shaningwa. Shaningwa was speaking at a two-fold event – the inauguration of the Anamulenge Open Market as well as the fire station at Outapi on Saturday. The minister vowed to fight corruption tooth and nail and appealed to public office bearers to prudently use the meagre resources available to them. The minister further said her office is not going to tolerate further misuse of public resources, urging habitual misusers to put an end to their dubious greediness. “Some people just want to eat and eat and Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Sophia Shaningwa eat. When are they going to get satisfied?” asked a clearly unimpressed Shaningwa. She was quick to point out that she was not making empty threats. Her office, in cooperation with the Office of the President, are working towards a common goal to develop the country’s infrastructure, hence no one will be spared if they fail to work towards that vision, she said. Shaningwa appealed to those in government, who venture into business, to work hard for their own money instead of stealing public resources. “As for public resources, hands off please,” Shaningwa cautioned She said some people have a tendency of misusing resources meant for the public for their own use, forgetting that they have been entrusted with a responsibility to serve the nation. She urged public office bearers to use the resources provided by government optimally and for the purpose they were intended for. Shaningwa further pledged to ensure that nobody dies of hunger despite the low rainfall experienced thus far. Shaningwa is expected to assume duty on the March 2, as the full-time Swapo secretarygeneral. Man loses disability grant over alleged negligence Alvine Kapitako Opuwo The drought that has ravaged the Kunene Region for at least seven consecutive years now, continues to affect communities in the region who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and have since started moving into the regional capital, Opuwo. Because of the poor rains, animals have died, resulting in many people leaving their villages for supposed “greener pastures” in town. The Mayor of Opuwo, Albert Tjiuma, told New Era last week that many farmers who survived on their animals have migrated to Opuwo where they have set up structures anywhere. “Some even came with their animals and this has contributed to the problem of many animals within the boundaries of the town,” said Tjiuma. The unemployment rate has also increased because of people migrating to Opuwo, the mayor said. “They expect to be provided with services such as water but that is difficult because it was unplanned for,” said Tjiuma. However, the situation in Opuwo is not any different from that in remote areas and, according to 41-year-old Ukonjerua Kavari of Omaoipanga village situated 15 kilometres from Opuwo, people depend mainly on drought relief from the government in order to survive. “It hasn’t rained, you can see how dry it is,” said Kavari, pointing to the dry land. He has seven children and several grandchildren who all depend on him for survival. Apart from drought relief consisting mainly of maize, cooking oil, salt and rice - which they get only about three times a year - Kavari depends on his livestock for survival. “I don’t think it will rain this year and if it does it won’t be sufficient for us to recover from this drought. I lost many animals over the years,” lamented Kavari. He, however, could not indicate how many animals he lost. Uahironua Tjisuta, who is 22 years old, said there are 11 adults and seven children at their house. “We all survive on our grandmother’s pension grant because of the drought,” added Tjisuta. “We sell goats when things are really out of control.” Overwhelmed… Mayor of Opuwo, Albert Tjiuma, says people are migrating to Opuwo as a result of the drought A disabled man has lost his disability grant due to the alleged negligence of some social workers in Rehoboth. Donavan van Schalkwyk (38), who has been disabled since he was eight months old due to meningitis, has been receiving a state disability grant since childhood. Currently, his 68-year-old mother, Sophia van Schalkwyk, who also receives the state’s old-age grant, is taking care of him as he is bed-ridden. A very distressed Sophia told New Era yesterday that her son did not receive his last disability grant, a development that has put them in a predicament as they have to rely on her pension money at least until April when his grant is reinstated. She says her son is now at the receiving end because of social workers that did not do home visits to verify that her son is still alive and is in need of the social grant. According to Sophia, she went to the social workers in October last year for re-registration for both of them in Rehoboth. “I was told that they would come to my house to verify that my son is still alive and eligible for his grant, seeing that he cannot move to do anything for himself,” she said. However, to her shock, no one conducted the home visit and her son’s disability grant was cut last month. Upon enquiry, she was told that her son’s details were not verified, hence, the grant was stopped. “It was a shock to me, as I always go and register when needed by government in order to receive my pension and his grant every year,” the mother said. She added that this puts her in a predicament as she and her son do not have any other income and that his money assisted them a great deal in terms of buying adult Sacrificial lamb… The 38-year-old Donavan van Schalkwyk whose disability grant has been cut nappies and other hygienic products as well as food for them. “We are grateful for the fact that the government takes care of people like him. However, it is so unfair that we have to suffer just because people do not do their jobs. How are we going to survive until then on my pension? I want the government to really look into the issue and the challenges that people living with disabilities are facing, especially those that are in the same condition as my son,” she said. None of the social workers in Rehoboth could be reached on Friday upon enquiry.

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