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New Era Newspaper Monday February 5, 2018

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16 AFRICA Monday, February 5 2018 | NEW ERA CONAKRY G - - - Change… - - - - - - - - - - NAMPA / AFP MILAN - - - - - - - - BBC

Monday, February 5 2018 | NEW ERA WORLD 17 China slams 'wild guesses' in US nuclear review BEIJING is “firmly opposed” new nuclear weapons policy statement, describing its speculation about Chinese intentions as “wild Department’s Nuclear leased Friday outlines the Pentagon’s nuclear ambitions under President Donald Trump, while spelling out how it foresees nuclear threats in the coming Although the review largely focuses sections are dedicated to the lack of transparency in China’s The report says China has added new types of nuclear capabilities – ranging from a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile to a new ballistic missile submarine – “with little to no transparency into The report makes “wild guesses” about China’s intentions and exaggerates the threat of its nuclear force, defence ministry spokes- DHAKA A Bangladeshi farmer lost both legs when he stepped on a landmine reportedly planted by Myanmar security forces in a buffer zone between the two The incident happened near the southern Bangladesh border town of Naikhongchari on “His cow strayed inside the Myanmar border in no-man’s on a mine when he went there Kamal, a local government The 45-year-old was rushed to a local clinic and later moved to hospital in the southern port China is “firmly China “has always kept its own nuclear forces at the minimum - said, pointing out that “We hope that the abandon its Cold War in 2012 President Xi Jinping has pushed for a muscular China, including calls last October to develop a “world-class” mili- na’s neighbours have watched warily as the People’s Liberation Army has upgraded its arsenal with increasingly sophisticated weaponry and sought to create a more effective and professional Upgrades to its nuclear arsenal have received less attention, partly because of its small size, estimated International Peace just 270 warheads compared to 6,800 for “His condition is very critical,” said Marjia Khatun, a accuse Myanmar security forces of planting mines along border Border Guard Bangladesh commander Anwarul Azim said cident happened was unfenced and grazing cows very often “The Myanmar army planted man accidentally stepped on one of those and lost both his Myanmar troops have been accused of waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against the China has also long maintained it will nev- China “always abides by the prin- of nuclear weapons under any circum- will “unconditionally not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear wants to revamp its nuclear arsenal and develop new lowyield atomic weapons, largely in response Bangladeshi loses legs as mine explodes on Myanmar border minority, nearly 700,000 of mines are aimed at preventing the refugees from returning to “By planting these mines, the Myanmar army is trying to gees would never try to return home,” said Bangladeshi rights “They don’t care whether they are breaching international law,” Liton said, adding that such acts were “crimes against have been killed in landmine NAMPA / AFP recent years, the Moscow on nounced the “bellicose” and “anti- nuclear policy, warning it would take necessary measures to ensure its own se- NAMPA / AFP DRILL RIG OPERATOR – Walvis Bay Having a Drill Rig Operation background..? Does this sound like you? Then we want to hear from you! We are looking for an Requirements: 2. Code EC driving license machines 6. Strong managerial and administrative capabilities. up to date. policy brings world ‘closer to annihilation’ nuclear policy brings humanity “closer to annihilation”, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Ja- urday came a day after the Pentagon revealed plans to revamp its nuclear arsenal, largely in response to a perceived renewed threat Zarif said the new policy was “in violation” of the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty greater reliance on nukes in violation of the #NPT, bringing humankind closer to annihilation,” Zarif Zarif said the same impulse was driving the mine the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which President Donald Trump has de- “Trump’s obduracy in killing the #JCPOA stems from the same dangerous imprudence,” Zarif wrote, using the technical name The latest Nuclear Pos- the Pentagon called for a larger arsenal of smaller, low-yield nuclear weapons to act as a more “credible” deterrent to threats, The NPT, which came into force in 1970 and has been signed by almost all countries including the nations “to achieve at the earliest possible date the cessation of the nuclear arms race and to undertake measures in the direction Iran’s nuclear deal, reached with six world powers, lifted some international sanctions in exchange for curbs to its Trump has consistently attacked the accord and said in January he would not continue to waive sanctions unless new restrictions were placed on Iran’s missile programme and wider actions in the The other parties – Britain, France, Germany, as the European Union have strongly defended the deal, saying it has achieved its aim of limiting Iran’s ability to build a NAMPA / AFP a resume and cover letter to: Only short listed candidates will be contacted!

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