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New Era Newspaper Monday February 5, 2018

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22 SPORT Monday, February 5 2018 | NEW ERA Shipanga attends FIFA technical workshop Staff Reporter Windhoek Former Brave Gladiators head coach Jacque Shipanga recently attended a FIFA technical experts’ workshop in Doha, Qatar, where she exchanged experiences with fellow football experts in various areas of football from across the world. The workshop started on January 30 and ended on Friday, and Shipanga was the only representative from Namibia, alongside other international experts such as women football technical consultants, confederations’ technical directors, coaching instructors, representatives of elite football, the grassroots, and youth football experts. The course was led by FIFA technical director Steven Martens and the FIFA head of technical development services, Jurg Nepfer. The seminar aimed at highly informing the participants on the new strategies and philosophy towards boosting the technical capacity of their FAs, enlightening them on the new updates and overview of the new FIFA structure, as well as Empowered… Namibia’s women’s football administrator Jacque Shipanga is seen here with two international colleagues who attended the recent FIFA technical experts’ workshop in Doha, Qatar. Photo: Contributed its technical development set-up, and also looking at the roles and responsibilities of FIFA experts and instructors. It also focused on discussing the development programme ‘Forward’, which according to FIFA. com is a step change for global football development. For the sake of sport and the vision of it reaching its potential in every nation without barriers, the programme intends to improve the way associations develop and support football across the globe. Shipanga says Namibian women’s football will once again programmes, thereby leading to an enhancement in the development of women’s football at youth level, while simultaneously strengthening the existing developmental structures such as the NFA Girls Centre. Namibian wrestlers leave for Nigeria … African Wrestling Championship Ready… WINDHOEK A group of six wrestlers and their coach yesterday left for Nigeria to represent Namibia at the 2018 African Senior Wrestling Championship. The Nigeria Wrestling Federation will host the championship from 7-11 February at the Alfred Diete Spiff Sports Centre. The African Wrestling Championship is an annual event which showcases the best of African wrestling in the senior, junior and cadet categories of wrestling. Nigeria will host the championship 42 years ago. Speaking to Nampa on Friday the team coach, Luis Forcelledo, said his athletes are ready to compete in Nigeria. “We had good preparation even in friendly matches ahead of this hopeful that when in Nigeria we will win medals for the country because my athletes are ready to show the continent how good they are,” he said. The Namibian wrestling team will use this championship as a Youth Olympics to be hosted by Buenos Aires, Argentina from 6-18 October. Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) chief administrator Freddy Mwiya called on the athletes to represent the country with pride. “It’s important to work hard while in Nigeria and I hope you will follow in the footsteps of the Brave Warriors (national senior football team) that did us proud when they were in Morocco. The Brave Warriors reached the quar- so you bring home gold and silver medals,” Mwiya said. The Namibian athletes representing the country at the championship are Asino Festus - 45 kilogrammes (kg), Salom Panduleni – 51kg, Merven Eixab – 40kg, Linus Katujanda – 55kg and Devin Bernhard – 60kg. These athletes will compete in the cadet category, while Romio Goliath who is 55kg is the only athlete in the squad competing in the junior category. – Nampa

Monday, February 5 2018 | NEW ERA SPORT 23 Up and close with Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses… with no regrets. How important is it for you to bring the world title back home to Namibia? Let me put it this way, winning the the belt home. A win for me is a win for Namibia and the legacy of boxing in Namibia. We are disadvantaged in so many ways compared to the rest of the world with all the resources at their feet, so when opportunities like this one come around, we need to grab it with both hands. How much longer do you wish to continue boxing? I still have a lot of boxing in me, but I see how things go but I will continue me to. Give us your prediction for February 16 th ? And the new WBO Lightweight champion is Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses!!! That’s how it will go down at the end And in closing, is there anything you want to say to your fans in Namibia, Africa and all over the world? I want to thank all my fans in Namibia and across the world for all the support they have shown me and Namibian boxing and African boxing in general. - REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA OSHIKOTO REGIONAL COUNCIL REGIONAL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE Still the best… Local veteran boxer Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses. Namibia is a country rich in natural resources. Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses is one of her many treasures. Moses has been boxing professionally since 2002. To put that in perspective, that was the year Lennox Lewis and Mike ing those 16 years, he became one of the best lightweights in the world, capturing the WBA World title in 2009. Moses, (40-3, 25 KOs), is showing no signs of slowing down, even at age 39. And still, he continues to seek new challenges to conquer. On February 16, he’ll meet the dangerous Raymundo Beltran (34-7-1, 21 KOs) for the vacant WBO World lightweight title in Reno, Nevada. A win would leapfrog him past Azumah Nelson as the second oldest African to win a world title. More important, it means further glory for his beloved Namibia. More than anything, that’s what drives Moses. caught up with the African great as he winds down camp for yet Paulus, thank you for taking time out to speak to us. You were recently honoured by MTC Sunshine Promotions for your achievement in the sport of boxing. Tell us what that means to you? It was such an honour, I never expected this because all I ever wanted to do was boxing. The honours and accolades are just a bonus. It’s a beautiful tailor made gold ring designed just for me. I am proud of my achievements, including that of Namibian boxing and look forward to Namibia, with less than three million people, has produced so many world-class champions and contenders. As someone who has been boxing professionally for 16 years, can you offer insight as to how this has happened? It is a combination of hard work, dedication and importantly, talent. I think Namibia naturally has talented boxers despite our small population. We also have very passionate boxing fans. people at a boxing match then at a soccer match or any other sport for that matter. We are simply blessed in that regard. You’ve got a chance to pick up another world title on February 16. How has camp been so far? Camp has been great so far. I am happy with the time I had to prepare and with my entire mentally and physically pre- much it means to me. Give us your thoughts on Raymundo Beltran – strengths, weaknesses? His strengths and weaknesses are well taken care of and imbedded in our strategy when facing him. We did a lot of research on him, we have different styles of boxing and this will most should however be very worried about facing me because I am not coming to play games, I am coming to win. How do you attack someone with KO power? If we are to go on veteran status then I am more superior then him, if we are to go on experi- been there before, been a world champion before and faced so many opponents at home and away. I am not worried about his power or experience because I am coming with my own surprises. Floyd Mayweather often spoke about working smarter, not harder, in the gym as he making those same kinds of adjustments to training? Look, that’s a general statement, and you have to pace yourself based on your own circumstances and mental and physical condition. I am 39 but I move like a 20-year-old, I still punch like I’m 24. What motivates you at this stage? The love for the sport of boxing and the love of representing my beautiful country is what keeps me going and it is that love that keeps me awake at night, to be the very best I can be and knowing that I have given it my all BID INVITATION OSHIKOTO REGIONAL COUNCIL HEREBY INVITES REGISTERED COMPANIES TO SUBMIT BIDS IN REFERENCE TO THE DESCRIPTION BELOW: BID NO: G/ONB/ORC-01/2018 DESCRIPTION: SUPPLYING OF PAPER MANUFACTURING MACHINES FOR ONANKALI PAPER MANUFACTURING PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: 1. COMBINED MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING PLAIN PAPERS AND TOILET PAPERS PLAIN PAPERS: CAPACITY: PAPER SIZE: PAPER THICKNESS: RAW MATERIALS: TOILET PAPERS: CAPACITY: PAPER SIZE: PAPER THICKNESS: NET PAPER WIDTH: RAW MATERIALS: 3 TONES PER DAY A1, A2, A3 AND A4 70G – 120G PER SQUARE METER MAHANGU / PEARL MILLET STRAW, SORGHUM STRAW, MAIZE STRAW AND RECYCLED PAPERS 2 TONES PER DAY A1 13G – 40G PER SQUARE METER 900MM RECYCLED PAPERS 2. ENVELOPE PAPER MAKING MACHINE: MODEL: TY 320 OR WF-160 CAPACITY: 5 000 – 10 000 PIECES PER HOUR ENVELOPE SIZE: 400X380MM & 120X100MM PAPER THICKNESS: 120-300G PER SQUARE METER CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY, 02 ND MARCH 2018 AT 11H00 BID DOCUMENT: AVAILABLE AS FROM WEDNESDAY, 07TH FEBRUARY 2018 AT OSHIKOTO REGIONAL COUNCIL HEAD OFFICE IN OMUTHIYA. LEVY: N0.00 PAYABLE INTO: NUMBER 62017952236, FNB, OMUTHIYA BRANCH CASH PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED CONTACT PERSONS: MRS. S. NAMGONGO (TECHNICAL) TEL: +264 – 65 244800 MS. A. AUSHONA (ADMINISTRATIVE) TEL: +264 – 65 244800 DELIVERY ADDRESS: DIRECTLY INTO THE BID BOX AVAILABLE AT THE RECEPTION AREA, OSHIKOTO REGIONAL COUNCIL HEAD OFFICE IN OMUTHIYA OR MAILED TO THE CHAIRPERSON, OSHIKOTO REGIONAL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE, P O BOX 19247, OMUTHIYA

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