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New Era Newspaper Monday January 29, 2018

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6 NEWS Monday, January 29 2018 | NEW ERA MET undecided on fate of Garub wild horses Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is yet to make a final decision on the relocation of the Garub wild horses or on the number of horses to be relocated in //Kharas Region. On the barren, sandy plains of Garub in the Namib Naukluft Park, the Namib wild horses are battling for survival, as there is barely a blade of grass remaining due to little rainfall experienced since 2014. According to the Daily Southern &East African Tourism Update, the wild horse numbers have plummeted dramatically, with not a single foal having survived since the onset of the drought. At present, only 40 mares and Loide Jason Outapi Commisioner Titus Shikongo who has been appointed as the regional police commander for Omusati has vowed to conduct his duties as a well trained police officer and not as an Omusati resident. Shikongo said that some people COurse on Offer COntinuOus PrOfessiOnal DevelOPment, teaChing anD learning imPrOvement (CPDtli) unit The University of Namibia offers Short Courses that are driven by responsiveness to client needs, accessibility, flexibility and inclusivity, that are fit for purpose and value for money. CertifiCate in finanCial risk management (Cfrm) The Certificate in Financial Risk Management (NQF Level 6) is the world’s most highly valued course for financial professionals and those who manage risk. The course targets banking and financial practitioners involved in analysing, controlling or assessing potential credit, market, operational risks and anticipating various risks that the organisation may be susceptible to in the process of growing and creating value. The course also targets aspiring banking and financial practitioners. This course offers skills to analyse financial data quantitatively, evaluate the pricing of derivatives, analyse and manage investment in capital markets, analyse risks and manage risks in capital markets. Criteria fOr aDmissiOn: To qualify for admission to the CFRM, an applicant shall satisfy the any one or both of following minimum requirements, 1. Grade 12 Certificate, with quantitative background and experience in financial industry. 2. Undergraduate degree in any discipline which consists of 20% mathematics and statistics. mODe Of Delivery: This course is to be offered on part time basis, with classes taking place in the evenings. Duration: Six (6) Months Price: N$ 15,000.00 Application Deadline: Friday, 09 February 2018 tO aPPly COntaCt: Lawrence Mutjavikua Assistant Coordinator Tel: +264 (61) 206 4758 Email: 70 stallions remain the area, which has been home to the Namib wild horses for over a century. The population numbers have dropped by half in the last few years. It is only through the generous donations from the public that the remaining horses continue to survive. The ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said they noted the concerns over the conditions and well being of the Garub wild horses in //Karas. “We are aware of the threats facing the horses such as drought and predators and we are working on a solution. However, we are actively working on resolving this matter, and our decision on this will be based on the best interest of the horses and the tourism industry in have expectations that, since he is a resident of the region, he would grant favours. “I see it happening but people need to draw a line between work, relationships and friendship. Hailing from this village does not mean I will neglect my professionalism and favour those who are close to me. No work needs to be disrespected,” he Namibia,” he assured. He said all aspects would be considered when making the decision to ensure the well-being and the survival of these animals. The ministry thanked the private sector and tourism industry for their support in working towards ensuring the survival of the wild horses. There are many origin stories for these wild horses, some suggesting these horses were abandoned by German stud farmers, others claim that the horses survived a shipwreck and made their way into the interior of the country. But these popular theories have been recently dismissed and disproven, and historians and zoologists now have the answer to the question of where these mysterious beasts came from. said in an exclusive interview with New Era last week at his new office in Outapi in the Omusati Region. Shikongo takes over from Commissioner Tylves Kampolo, who last month left to take up a posting at the Namibia’s embassy in South Africa. Shikongo was a commander at the police academy, Israel Patrick Iyambo College, in Windhoek. Shikongo says he is currently visiting traditional, political and national leaders in the region to discuss possible collaborative efforts to reduce crime in the region. “I already visited the head of the region recently to introduce myself and now I am planning to go see traditional authority to hear It was 1914, and German and South African troops were doing battle across what was then called South West Africa. The German forces had begun retreating from the 10,000 strong South African battalion, which was well armed and well equipped with over 6,000 horses. The South Africans had set up a semi-permanent camp in the Namib around a dug well to provide water to the troops and their horses. It was this camp that the retreating Germans decided to disrupt in order to try and delay the advancing South African troops. A German military report makes the following observation: “On the morning of March 27, the tireless flight lieutenant Fiedler flew to Garub and successfully dropped bombs on the enemy camp amidst their input on how to fight crime and make Omusati region crime free,” said Shikongo. Shikongo said he believes in a constructive team that works together to make sure that they achieve what needed to be achieved. He further said he also wants to create a good relationship between the police officers and members of the community. “This will only happen when the police are responding to calls on time. The community will then trust the police and will be free to report any crime to the police as well as culprits. Then it will make the whole environment free and friendly. Of course with the limited resources we have we will try our level best to deliver,” said Shikongo. Selma Ikela Windhoek A Katutura orphanage owner was left dumbfounded after the Windhoek municipality cut off the home’s water connection over an ‘unexplained’ water bill of N,000. According to the owner of Megameno Orphanage, Maria Shalukeni, water usage at the institution usually ranges between N,000 and N,000. Water was disconnected on Wednesday and the orphanage occupants were left to fetch water from their neighbours. Shalukeni said the municipality hinted that she might have a leakage somewhere and she should find people to identify and fix the problem. She says she was surprised when municipality officials came to her house on Wednesday to cut off her water supply. “I wasn’t supposed to have such a high bill. I never owed municipality anything,” stated Shalukeni. “Where will I get the N,000? I don’t even get a pension grant.” Shalukeni, who cares for 26 children, shared her plight with 1,700 grazing cavalry horses causing great confusion.” The bombs that were dropped would have scattered some of the horses and many of those animals would not have been recovered as the South African troops quickly pulled up stakes and pursued the German forces shortly after the bombs fell. The horses that fled into the wild during these World War I skirmishes were supplemented by other escaped horses from stud farms around the region. Based on photographic evidence, a former mayor of Luderitz, Emil Kreplin, had been breeding workhorses just south of Aus in Kubub, and that some of these horses escaped the farm and eventually joined the other horses that had made it into the wild in the region. I am here to work, says Commissioner Shikongo Commissioner Titus Shikongo Orphanage owner cries foul over water bill Photo: Selma Ikela Helping hand... Deputy Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Aino Kapewangolo with a child from Megameno orphanage in Katutura. the Katutura East councillor Ruben Sheehama yesterday morning when the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare donated food and other items to the orphanage as part of the food bank programme. Sheehama promised to assist Shalukeni, saying he would visit the municipality today to find out what contributed to the high water bill. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Poverty Eradication gave food items to the orphanage such as e-pap, soup packets, yeast, sugar, salt and soap bars. Deputy Minister Aino Kapewangolo encouraged Shalukeni to establish a vegetable garden within her yard to produce nutritious greens for the children. “At the same time you engage the children to practice in food production at an early age,” said Kapewangolo who donated an extra N0 and bought 30 loaves of bread from her own pocket. Shalukeni started her orphanage in 1998 with five children. One of the first children she took in is currently studying law at the University of Namibia.

Monday, January 29 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Oukwanyama Traditional Authority threatens dissidents with more legal action Nuusita Ashipala Omhedi A group of 21 people from Ohakafiya village in Ohangwena Region could be charged for contempt of court for defying a court order interdicting them from acting on behalf of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA) and instigating the populace against the OTA. The High Court last year interdicted the group against appointing villagers as headmen, and printing stamps or any official documents. The court ordered the group to settle the N,000 legal costs in four instalments. However, despite the interdict, the group is said to have convened illegal meetings on behalf of OTA between the end of last year and this year. OTA legal representative Silas Kishi Shakumu told a media briefing on Wednesday that the group could be criminally charged if there is enough evidence to warrant an application for contempt of court. “This is a clear indication that this group has no regard for the law. If it is true that they are indeed engaging in unlawful activities … then it is a clear-cut case of contempt of court,” said Shakumu sternly. Shakumu urged the public to refrain from associating with the concerned group and to rather work hand in hand with the OTA. Shakumu also brought to the fore that the OTA has settled all legal cases it faced within the last three years. Shakumu said three traditional councillors who have been fighting the OTA over their dismissal have been finally dismissed following a Supreme Court ruling. The councillors are Sipora Dan Weyulu at Ohaingu, Hangula Vatilifa for Okelemba and George Hikumwah of Ongha. The three were found guilty of convening illegal meetings, unlawfully inspecting the OTA’s bank account and using illobtained information for ulterior motives. They had also accused the senior traditional councillor and OTA spokesperson George Nelulu of embezzling funds. Shakumu said although the three traditional councillors had successfully appealed for a review that the High Court set aside the verdict, the OTA appealed to the Supreme Court, which found that the OTA had acted within its rights to dismiss them. United front… Oukwanyama Traditional Authority legal representative Silas Kishi Shakumu, the chief of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, Queen Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu, and the authority’s spokesperson, senior traditional councillor George Nelulu. Arraigned… Murder Erastus Heita making his first appearance in court. Investigations into alleged girlfriend killer not finalized Maria Amakali Windhoek The investigation into the case of Erastus Heita, who is accused of gunning to death his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Maria Megameno Kamati, in Otjomuise last year, is yet to be completed. Heita, 41, made a brief second appearance in a fully packed court gallery in the Windhoek Magistrate’ Court, Katutura last week where he was informed that certain instructions were still to be complied with. “We provided 14 instructions to be complied with. We have received the post-mortem and photo plan. However, five more instructions still need to be complied with,” explained the prosecutor Victoria Thompson. Heita in October last year handed himself over to the police after he allegedly shot his 29-year-old livein girlfriend Kamati with his 9mm Makarov pistol. Kamati, the mother of their two children, was found dead in their apartment with a bullet to the head. Heita faces a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Combatting of Domestic Violence Act. The court refused to release Heita on bail. The State strongly opposed the idea as Heita is accused of a serious offence and on grounds that it will not be in the interest of justice and that once he is released on bail chances are that he will interfere with the ongoing investigations. Heita’s defence counsel Kadhila Amoomo informed the court that they will allow for the State to conclude its investigations so that he may approach the court with a formal bail application. Heita is expected to make an appearance in court on April 12 after the magistrate Michelle Kubersky postponed the matter for further police investigations. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala an denies intentionally killing daughter Maria Amakali Windhoek Gabriel Tulinane David, a father who is in custody for allegedly drowning his five-year-old daughter, has denied that he intentionally killed the child. David, 30, is said to have deliberately drowned his daughter Cornelia Indileni David in Goreangab Dam in February 2016. Making an appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court, Katutura last week, David – who was a soldier in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) stationed at Suiderhof Military Base in Windhoek before his arrest last year – made a no-guilty plea, denying having played any role in the death of Cornelia. Opting to make his preliminary plea without his defence counsel before magistrate Michelle Kubersky, David was thoroughly informed of his rights and the charges that he faces and what it meant to take an interim plea. The prosecution is charging David with a count of assault read with the provisions of the Combatting of Domestic Violence Act and a count of murder. It is alleged that two days before the five-year-old was discovered floating in the dam, David picked up his daughter from her maternal relatives in Babylon informal settlement in Katutura. It is further alleged that while his daughter was in his care he deliberately drowned her and then disappeared before his arrest days later. At his formal bail application, David explained that his daughter’s death was an accident. He said that his daughter slipped and fell into the dam while they were walking on the edge of the dam. According to him his efforts to rescue his daughter were all in vain as the five-year-old had already drowned. The prosecution alleges that David deliberately drowned his daughter and texted the mother of his child that he had killed their baby girl. Having made his not guilty plea, David was informed that his docket will now be forwarded to the prosecutor general’s office for a decision. David is expected to make a return in court on April 30 for the prosecutor general’s decision. Murder accused Gabriel Tulinane David ONE AFRICA TELEVISION IS ON THE MOVE! Our new offices are located at Hyper Motor City 44, Maxwell Street, Windhoek. It is a vibrant, creative hub from where we will accelerate our commitment to bring our viewers independent news, fresh Namibian stories, education and entertainment! Call us on +264 61 383450 (our new telephone number)

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