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8 Monday, January 29 2018 | NEW ERA Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Break-ups of many music groups generally come after a snowballing process often marked by rumours of a split and ambiguous comments. Yet, the breakup of Namibian musical duo, Vanity, crept upon on the masses without so much hullaballoo. In 2008 an Afro-pop singing group called Vanity, which consisted of Mathilde ‘Candy’ OKAHAO TOWN COUNCIL OFFICE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER PUBLIC NOTICE Omolwomushindalandu go ku edhilila iimuna moshigunda mbyoka tayi adhika mondolopa,Elelo lyondolopa yaKahao otali tseyithile aakwashigwana kutya iimuna yomalwaala gatumbula pevi oya edhililwa moshigunda shelelo lyondolopa. Oshimuna Uukwatya woshimuna Esiku sheedhililwa Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Eendongi Oshikombo • Okishi onkiintu yatetwa eembululu komakutsi agehe ya fikwa AUTI • Onkishi ondumentu ya tetwa OV akuhe ayi hitwa meni kokumoho • Osimine ondumentu ya tetwa OV akuhe yahitwa kokumoho • Onduudhe ondumentu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho noshimpangwa kokulyo • Onduudhe okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kolumoho • Onduudhe okiintu yatetwa ondemba akuhe nokagola kokumoho akuhitwa meni nokapapa okazizi kokulyo nokagola keli meni ya fikwa NF no 4 pevi • Osikio okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho nokapapa okatiligane ya fikwa JK ayi tuulwa kokulyo • Osimine okiintu yatetwa OV akuhe ayi hitwa kokumoho • Osikio okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho ayi tuulwa kokulyo • Osimine okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho ayi hitwa ya fikwa EK • Osimine okiintu yatetwa OV akuhe yiihayi ayi hitwa pombanda kolumoho • Onduudhe ondumentu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho noshimpangwa kokulyo • Onduudhe okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho ya fikwa IDA • Onduudhe ondumentu ontokele mela inayi tetwa • Osimine okiintu ya tetwa OV kokumoho akuhitwa • Osimine okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho akuhitwa ayi hitwa lwaali kokulyo • Okishi okiintu inayi tetwa • Onduudhe okiintu ya tetwa OV kokumoho akuhitwa nokapapa okashunga negola kokulyo • Osikio okiintu ya tetwa OV akuhe ayi nyanwa lwaali akuhe ayi hitwa meni kokumoho • Onduudhe ondema ya tetwa ekumbo komakutsi agehe • Odhuudhe okiintu ya tetwa ekumbo komakutsi agehe • Osikio okiintu ya tetwa ondemba akuhe nomagola akuhe nokapapaokashunga kokumoho ya fikwa SHN • Okandongilyona oka simine okalumentu inaka tetwa kena okapapa okashunga kokumoho • Othona osimine ya tetwa OV kokumoho aku hitwa nokalpapa okashunga nokagola kolulyo ya fikwa SHN • Onduudhe ondumentu ya tetwa OV kokumoho aku hitwa nokapapa kashunga negola kolulyo yafikwa SHN • Ondema osimine ya tetwa OV kokumoho aku hitwa • Oonduudhe okiintu ya tetwa ondemba kokumoho ya fikwa NK • Ekombo ekuntu endema etiligane lina iiyala iitokele lya tetwa OV akuhe Ongushu yiimuna patengeneko 01.11.2017 N$ 1000.00 30.03.2017 N$ 1000.00 10.05.2017 N$ 1000.00 28.11.2017 N$ 1500.00 29.11.2017 N$ 4000.00 08.11.2017 N$ 5500.00 N$ 1500.00 08.11. 2017 N$ 1000.00 Aakwashigwana otaya indilwa nesimaneko opo yeye yadhimbulule nokufutila mo iimuna yawo mule womasiku omilongo ndatu(30)okuza nena.Iimuna mbyoka tayi kakala inayi futilwamo mule womasiku omilongo ndatu (30) okuza nena otayi ka landithwapo kelelo lyondolopa shi ikolelela komusindalandu go ku edhilila iimuna moshigunda ngoka gwa kolekwa kuMinistili wuYuuki. ______________________ TIMOTEUS M. NAMWANDI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ‘Vanity’ had problems, but a man wasn’t one – says Candy Simasiku and Victoria ‘Sisty’ Naunyango stormed onto the national stage. In early 2009 the girls collaborated on an album targeting so called ‘born-frees’ and focused on getting 18-yearolds to register for the presidential and parliamentary elections that were scheduled for November 2009. The group warmed the hearts of many Namibians with their progressive outlook and positive message. In 2014, after many near misses at the Namibian Music Awards (NAMAs), their single LONDON track ‘Get to Know You’, scooped the Best Single Album category award. Finally Vanity was dominating the national music stage and seemed destined for greatness, only for the country to wake up to news of their untimely breakup, a few months later. And as expected, the rumour mill shifted into overtime. Some suggested that in the midst of their euphoria one of the girls crept onto the other’s domestic turf in a manner that could be deemed a threat or an attempted takeover. Simasiku this week, rubbished these claims maintaining that nobody slept with anybody’s man. Besides, she said, there was no man. “If my memory serves me well, we were both single ladies then. Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots. As long you are alive you will be in people’s mouths. As a strong, independent lady I can confidently tell you that we were loyal to each other; we will never steal or sleep with each other’s ‘property.’ Who does that?,” says Simasiku. She reiterated that with the soaring population of eligible bachelors roaming the streets of Windhoek, there is no way that any ‘principled woman’ would stoop that low. She further hinted that, if anything, their breakup could be attributed to their bloated egos that may have led to both of them shifting their focus away from the prize. “In every friendship there are issues. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes and they can learn from them, it’s never too late to change,” she said adding that the complex nature of women in general may have come into play as well. Darts fans in Britain hit out at officials who decided to abolish the use of ‘walkon girls’, scantily-clad young women who accompany the booming sport’s biggest names through crowds of fans to reach the stage. Almost 7,000 people had signed a petition by Saturday night demanding that the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) reverse their decision to axe the models. It’s a decision expected to put pressure on other sports such as motor racing and boxing to drop their use of glamorous women to promote events, a long-standing tradition now deemed inappropriate for some modern audiences. “We regularly review all aspects of our events and this move has been made following feedback from our host broadcasters,” a spokesperson told Britain’s Press Association Sport. “Women can be very tricky sometimes, so you may need to be complicated in order to understand them. I will tell you now that I loved and enjoyed the times that we were best friends, I would not trade it for anything,” Simasiku said. This will not be the first time that Simasiku has attempted to extend an olive branch to her disgruntled former band member. Last December she posted the following on Naunyango’s Facebook wall; ‘I know that we are not on good terms but I shall never forget the good friend you were. Writing this does not mean, I want our friendship back. I simply want to let you know that I care and that you mean a lot to me. I wish you nothing but the best in all u do. And where ever you found yourself hold God close to you. I wish u find a perfect angel who does not argue or fight. Remember this; to make one hundred friends in one year is not a great achievement. But to make one friend for a hundred years, that is the true achievement.’ Queried as to whether or not she sees any chance for a renewal of both their business and personal relationships in the near future, Simasiku went philosophical. “When two people used to live, laugh, work and feel pain together, for almost nine years of friendship, of course one would like to find a way to fix things. She was not only my best friend but she was like my sister.” Adding that at this stage she only wants to, “ask for forgiveness and she will hate it, if they are to become enemies.” She told Entertainment Today that at this stage everything related to Vanity has been put on ice and as such no mutually beneficial business undertakings are happening between the two former group members. Naunyango could not be reached for comment. Fans’ anger as glamorous ‘walk-on’ girls axed However, former world champion Raymond van Barneveld led the backlash on Saturday. “I will really miss the girls!! For me they are a part of the darts,” the Dutchman wrote on Twitter. A petition organised by fans, meanwhile, pleaded with PDC chairman Barry Hearn to change his mind. “Walk-on girls in darts has been traditional for years and so many things in this world that was tradition has been scrapped,” said the petition. “Well this is one that should not be scrapped not only would we break tradition but women would be out of work also.” Two of the most popular walk-on girls - Charlotte Wood and Daniella Allfree - were putting on a brave face on being cold-shouldered Saturday night. “Myself and @daniellaallfree will still be available for exhibitions and events,” tweeted Wood. - Nampa / AFP

NEW ERA | Nurture SMEs to create more employment Page 10 Eskom says it’s on road to recovery despite Moody’s downgrade Page 11 INSIDE USINESS This news is your business EBHN to offer voluntary retrenchment packages as it restructures Ebson Uanguta Not enough tech innovation skills in local financial sector: Uanguta WINDHOEK Technological innovation skills in the local financial sector are in short supply, Bank of Namibia (BoN) Deputy Governor Ebson Uanguta said on Thursday. He was speaking during the handing over of bursaries to eight students studying at local universities and at other institutions in the Southern African Development Community. Specialist mathematical, quantitative and investment expertise are some of the skills required for innovation in the sector, he said. Other skills that are in demand include data analytics to identify trends and develop innovative solutions through the analysis of big data. “The escalating levels of financial regulation have resulted in a severe scarcity of specialist expertise in regulation and compliance,” Uanguta said. He added that the impact of technological innovation in the financial sector has accelerated change in banking operations. The shortage in technological innovation in Namibia however means it will take the country much longer than its counterparts to embrace some of these technological revolutions, the deputy governor said. “It may even challenge regulators in that regulation and supervision may not keep pace and thereby potentially threaten the stability and resilience of the financial sector,” he said. Uanguta said as the central bank, they recognise that capacity building and skills development are fundamental to realising a knowledge-based economy and for that reason, they continue to invest in bursaries in sought-after areas. The eight new bursary holders will be undertaking undergraduate studies in the areas of economics, finance, accounting, actuarial science, information technology, and education specialising in mathematics and science. – Nampa Staff Reporter Windhoek The management of Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBHN) has confirmed that the company has entered into a further round of restructuring whereby voluntary retrenchment options will be offered to all employees in order to keep compulsory retrenchments to a minimum. Staff at EBHN, which is an established ship repair company that operates three privately-owned floating docks in Walvis Bay, were initially briefed about the possibility of further restructuring late last year. Midway through 2016 the company retrenched 102 employees of whom 82 opted for voluntary retrenchment, while 20 were retrenched with no option. Formal notification was issued to the Office of the Labour Commissioner, the recognised union, the Mining, Metal, Maritime and Construction (MMMC) union, and non-bargaining unit on January 22. Negotiations with the union commenced on January 23. EBHN says it is working closely with the union, the EBH Namibia Workers Representative Committee (WRC) and the Office of the Labour Commissioner in the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation. Since the announcement of the original EBHN stabilisation plan in April 2016, prompted by depressed oil prices and the knock-on effect on the offshore support and ship repair sector, the company had undertaken a process of continuous evaluation of all possible steps to ensure Photo: Contributed Restructuring… EBHN is an established ship repair company that operates three privately-owned floating docks in Walvis Bay. the long-term sustainability and success of the business. Despite these measures, EBHN notes that continuing economic pressures have required the company to further address its employment dispensation, in order to ensure continued viability going forward. “EBHN remains committed to following due process by complying with all legislative requirements and ensuring that the restructuring is conducted with a high level of professionalism, sensitivity and fairness,” says Heritha Nankole Muyoba, acting CEO of EBHN. “Going forward, we will retain our unwavering focus on quality and safety, with an absolute commitment to delivering exceptional value-adding solutions to our clients,” Muyoba adds. Photo: Nampa/AFP Promotion… Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) unveils the company’s ‘Hello 2020 Jet’, painted with special designs to promote the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, inside an ANA hanger at Haneda Airport in Tokyo yesterday. The plane will be used for domestic flights from today until the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020.

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