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New Era Newspaper Monday January 8, 2018

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New Era Newspaper Monday January 8,

Vol. 23 No. 085 Windhoek, Namibia Monday, January 8 2018 Strategic young minds… With only four communal taps available at Kabila informal settlement in Havana, Windhoek, Johannes, 9, and his friend Fillimon, 9, choose to collect water at midday when taps aren’t overcrowded by community members. As part of their chores they collect drinking water for their households. Photo: Emmency Nuukala Inside Today Calueque dam repair going well - NamWater The work to repair the two pumping lines that convey water from Calueque dam into the canal that supplies water to northern Namibia is progressing well, NamWater spokesperson Johannes Shigwedha said in a statement. Page 3 Teen girls top missing person charts Maria Amakali Windhoek Teenage girls top the list of people often reported missing from homes, and the Namibian police say their disappearance from home is mainly due to peer pressure, intimate relationships, sex, alcohol or drug abuse. The police say they have noticed that cases of missing persons are becoming more frequent. About three to four people are reported missing every month, and the majority of people reported missing from home are teenage girls, the police say. “Mostly teenage girls who for reasons known to them just walk away from home and visit friends – others are mentally challenged persons and toddlers,” explained Namibian Police Force (Nampol) Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi. MISSING on page 2 Nampol’s spokesperson Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi Shaningwa showers staff with praise Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa has thanked the staff at the ministry for their commitment towards meeting the Harambee Prosperity Plan targets, which include the provision of 6,500 erven. “I would like to thank them very much for having contributed immensely to the decisions that have been taken in our ministry, [decisions] that have brought positive implementation of [what] was assigned to us, and also to the Harambee Prosperity Plan where our target was to provide 6,500 erven and build houses in that range. SHANINGWA on page 2 New… Home affairs acting permanent secretary Nehemia Nghishekwa holding biometric passport. Moving with the times… (right) The new biometric passport compared to the old machinereadable passport. Govt introduces electronic passports for Namibian travellers Maria Amakali Windhoek Namibia will as of today (Monday) only issue biometric passports, or otherwise known as electronic passports, instead of the old machine-readable passports. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on Friday the move comes as a result of Namibia obliging the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to make the switch to biometric passports. PASSPORTS on page 2 Est. 1990 Est. 1990 Est. 1990 + + + + R R R OPEN DAY OPEN DAY FOR FOR DISTANCE DISTANCE LEARNING LEARNING STUDENTS FOR DISTANCE LEARNING STUDENTS Date: Date: 11 January 11 January 2018 2018 11 January 2018 2018 Time: Time: 8 am Date: 8 - am 5 pm - am 5 11 pm January 2018 - pm Venue: Venue: 34 Time: 34 34 Schonlein 34 8 am Schonlein 8 Street - am 5 Street pm - Street 5 pm Street Venue: Windhoek Windhoek 34 West, 34 West, Schonlein Namibia West, Namibia Street Street Namibia Windhoek West, Namibia Windhoek West, Namibia New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper

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