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14 AFRICA Monday, January 8 2018 | NEW ERA Clashes in Cairo after detainee dies at police station CAIRO Clashes erupted between Egyptian protesters and policemen on Saturday outside a Cairo police station over the death of a young man in custody, security sources said. Nine people were injured and JOHANNESBURG HARARE 20 people arrested in the overnight neighbourhood of Moqattam, they said. The security sources said a young man nicknamed Afroto, who was arrested on Friday for alleged The death toll from one of South Africa’s worst ever rail crashes has risen to 19 including four children, the authorities said Saturday. The passenger train, travelling from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, smashed into a lorry at a level crossing near Kroonstad in central Free State Province on Provincial health department spokesman Mondli Mvambi said the number of dead had risen to 19 and that work on identifying the victims was continuing. A Zimbabwe court on Saturday freed on bail two ex-ministers who served in former President Robert Mugabe’s government and face charges of criminal Former foreign affairs minister, Walter Mzembi, and energy minister, Samuel Undenge, appeared in court after their arrest on Friday. Mzembi was granted 0 bail while Undenge was given 0 bail. They were ordered to report to police once a week and surrender their passports. brawl with other detainees. But protesters accused the police of being responsible for his death. brigade to intervene. Calm returned to Moqattam later in the morning after Cairo’s Another 164 people were admitted to hospital after the crash but only one, a 14-year-old, was still being treated on Saturday for multiple fractures. South African police on Friday launched a manslaughter investigation, with the lorry driver central to the probe. Several ministers from Mugabe’s government have been arrested in the past two months since the military took over power and forced the 93-year-old veteran leader to step down. Most of them have been arrested on corruption charges. security chief pledged a probe into the detainee’s death, promising not to obscure any police involvement. The prosecutor examined the body and ordered an autopsy. Egypt has tried and sentenced several policemen for violent deaths in detention in recent years. outh Africa train crash eath toll rises to 19 Carnage… Passenger Rail Agency South Africa (PRASA) inspectors look at derailed train carriages after an accident near Kroonstad in the Free State Province, some 110km south-west of Johannesburg on January 4, 2018. At least 19 people were killed and 180 injured in survivors. Photo: Nampa/AFP Zimbabwe ex-ministers appear in court on graft charges BAMAKO Three members of an armed progovernment group were killed Saturday by suspected jihadists in northern Mali, security sources said, a day after extremists freed two hostages held since July in the troubled region. Jihadists continue to roam the north and centre of the African country, despite being ousted from key northern towns by an ongoing French-led military intervention in 2013. “Three members of the GATIA group were killed by terrorists in the vicinity of Anderamboukane, near the border with Niger,” a Malian security source told AFP, requesting anonymity. The guerrilla group was working with the Malian army to secure part of Mali’s north, said a local administrative source who con- control of an area of Anderamboukane that the terrorists came and attacked,” the source said. GATIA, (Imghad and Allies Tuareg Self-Defence Group) which supports the central government in Bamako, signed a 2015 peace deal with members of the country’s former rebel alliance that is aimed at quelling uprisings in the north, but both sides have repeatedly “The truck driver was taking chances ... that cost lots of lives,” Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi said at the scene on Thursday. However no one is in police custody or has been charged in connection with the crash. - Nampa/AFP natious Chombo, ex-mines minister Walter Chidhakwa and ex-sports minister Makhosini Hlongwane are facing corrup- charges. When the military took over in November last year they said they were ‘targeting criminals’ around Mugabe. President Emmerson Mnangagwa said his government will not tolerate corruption. - Nampa/AFP A 2012 rebellion by the Tuaregled rebels was hijacked by jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda who then seized control of key northern cities, triggering the international military intervention the following year. A retired soldier and a Malian civilian who were taken hostage last July by Islamists were also freed on Friday in the Timbuktu region in Mali’s northwest, a local government representative told AFP. - Nampa/AFP Rights groups have repeatedly denounced alleged torture and deaths in detention. Egypt’s interior ministry has said it does not condone torture but said there have been “individual” cases of abuses. Police abuses fuelled a 2011 uprising that toppled veteran dictator Hosni Mubarak and ushered in years of political instability. - Nampa/AFP United Nations ‘alarmed’ by DR Congo crackdown KINSHASA The UN said it was “deeply alarmed” by the actions of security forces in DR Congo during anti-Kabila protests in Kinshasa last Sunday, and believe the toll of victims during the crackdown “may be higher”. “Our colleagues on the ground were denied access to morgues, hospitals and detention centres. They were sent away from some sites by defence and security Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said from Geneva in a statement on Friday. “The security forces allegedly bullets and tear gas grenades, in some cases at point blank range,” the statement added. The organisation said at least been killed and 92 injured. Around 180 were arrested, most of whom have now been released, it said. The DR Congo government said nobody was killed Sunday in connection with the marches, which were organised by the Catholic Church. Together with opposition groups, the Church was demanding that President Joseph Kabila – in power since the assassination of his father in 2001 – will declare he will not stand for re-election in 2018. The protests took place on the which Kabila was scheduled to elections. The poll has since been postponed until December 2018. Western powers have accepted the delay with reluctance, hoping it will avoid bloodshed and encourage stability in this vast and volatile central African country. The OHCHR called for “credible and independent investigations into alleged use of excessive force”. “The government should ensure that everyone, including political opponents, journalists and civil society representatives, are able to fully exercise their right to freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, opinion, and expression,” it said. - Nampa/ AFP

Monday, January 8 2018 | NEW ERA WORLD 15 RIYADH Saudi Arabia’s attorney general had been arrested after protesting the kingdom’s austerity measures and would face trial after “disrupting public peace and order”. Saudi media on Saturday BEIJING Thirty-two people, mostly Iranians, were missing Sunday after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off the coast of east China, the transport ministry said. The tanker, carrying 136,000 tonnes of oil condensate, caught PHNOM PENH Cambodian premier Hun Sen led a huge rally on Sunday marking the anniversary of the fall of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, seizing the opportunity to burnish his reputation as saviour of the nation. Tens of thousands of people attended the event organised by Hun Sen’s ruling Cambodia People’s Party (CPP), which has dominated the country since it was installed by the Vietnamese forces which toppled Khmer Rouge leader Pol The gathering – which had a much larger turnout than in previous years – comes as Hun Sen’s control following the systematic removal of his rivals before a July election. The crackdown culminated in the dissolution of the main opposition party in November – a move lambasted by Western democracies as a naked power grab by the strongman, who is determined to extend his 32-year rule. Speaking before a sea of supporters on Sunday, Hun Sen took credit for the stability and growth had reported the princes were arrested after gathering outside Qasr al-Hokm, a historical palace in Riyadh, in protest against a government decision to stop paying the water and electricity bills of royals. They were also demanding compensation for a death sentence issued against one of their cousins, convicted of murder night and its crew of 30 Iranians and two Bangladeshis were missing, the ministry said in a statement. The other vessel had been damaged but “without jeopardising the safety of the ship” and all its 21 Chinese crew had been rescued, it added. The tanker was still ablaze Sunday, with images broadcast by state his government has overseen since million Cambodians died during the regime’s fanatical Maoist rule Most died through execution, starvation or overwork during the group’s attempts to transform the country into an agrarian utopia. Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge cadre who later defected and joined the resistance, frequently reminds past and warns that fresh unrest could break out if his government is ousted. In the lengthy address Hun Sen also cheered the recent crushing of the opposition, saying it “evaded a and executed in 2016, attorney general Saud al-Mojeb said. “Despite being informed that their demands are not lawful, the 11 princes refused to leave the area, disrupting public peace and order,” Mojeb said in a statement issued by the information ministry. “Following their arrest, they have been charged on a number of counts in relation to these offences.” The 11 are being held at the maximum security Al-Hayer prison, south of Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has introduced a string of austerity measures television channel CCTV showing enveloped in clouds of black smoke. tre (899-foot) tanker “Sanchi” was operated by Iran’s Glory Shipping and was heading to South Korea with its cargo, the ministry said. The accident occurred in waters about 160 nautical miles east of new disaster for the nation, and will ensure the growth of democracy, human rights and rule of law in Cambodia”. Rights groups strongly disagree, saying the move plunged Cambodia’s fragile democracy into peril. The US and EU have withdrawn support for the July election due to the ruling, saying the vote would not be legitimate without the now dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which enjoyed Hun Sen has responded by ramping up his ultra-nationalist rhetoric, reiterating on Sunday that “Cambodia does not bow to external pressure”. over the past two years to boost revenues and cut spending as the global slump in oil prices led to The kingdom’s push to diversify its oil-dependent economy has been linked to the arrest of more than 200 princes in November in an anti-corruption purge spearheaded by powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the king’s son and heir to the throne. Most of those detained were held at the palatial Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh, which has turned into a luxury prison. - Nampa/AFP Cambodian PM leads huge rally on anniversary of Khmer Rouge’s fall Shanghai. The second vessel in- of grain. Chinese maritime authorities have dispatched eight ships for the search and rescue operation and South Korea has sent a plane and coastguard agency said. - Nampa/AFP - Photo: Nampa/AFP His self-styled reputation as rescuer of the impoverished kingdom was also on display in the past week in a new documentary recording his role in the toppling of the Khmer Rouge. But while the premier boasts about the stability and economic growth nurtured during his time in rights abuses and endemic corrup- watch. Some Cambodians have also criticised the celebration of the represents the start of a decade-long occupation by Vietnam rather than a day of liberation. - Nampa/AFP ‘Hottest’ Ashes Test day on record as Australia swelters SYDNEY Sydney sweltered through one of its hottest days on record Sunday as temperatures soared in southern Australia and in a sizzling start to summer. Australia’s largest city recorded its hottest day since 1939 as the mercury rose to degrees Fahrenheit) in the western suburb of Penrith. More than 200 weather records were broken nationwide during the last summer, with and flooding plaguing the December 2016-February Top tennis players were called off the courts Sunday at the Sydney International, a warm-up tournament for the Australian Open Grand Slam, after thermometers recorded Celsius. The heat took its toll on French star Kristina Mladenovic, who retired midway through her match citing heat stress. sorry to the fans. I think it’s 1st time in my career I retired a says it all,” the world number 11 tweeted. Australian and English cricketers slogging through the may have also experienced the hottest day on record for a Test match in Australia. The hottest Test day on degree Celsius in Adelaide in 1908, the Bureau of Meteorology told the Sydney Morning Herald. Weather stations near the Sydney Cricket Ground were recording maximum tem- Celsius on Sunday. posed to reduce the risk of bush ing Australia’s arid summers. Numerous blazes had already sprung up on Saturday, with several homes and build- states of Victoria and South Australia. Australia has warmed by approximately 1.0 Celsius since 1910, according to a report from the weather and national science body CSIRO. Experts have also warned that climate change had pushed up land and sea temperatures, leading to more extremely hot – Nampa/AFP

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