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New Era Newspaper Monday January 8, 2018

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6 NEWS Monday, January 8 2018 | NEW ERA - - Nampa About N0,000 generated One way to do it… OTJIWARONGO A 2017. - - - Nampa OUTAPI TOWN COUNCIL 1 X POST: Informal Settlement Clerk B3 The successful candidate shall be responsible for: Key performance: Police recover stolen horses at Otjimbingwe - - - - Nampa Minimum requirements: OTJIWARONGO - - - - - - - - - - Nampa

Monday, January 8 2018 | NEW ERA 7 ‘I’M DONE WITH MUSIC FOR NOW’ - KAUANDENGE Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Unlike his entry onto the local music scene – which was characterized by hype and a media circus – erstwhile oviritje musician Jossie Kauandenge has decided to sneak out of the music industry, without saying goodbye. And music’s loss, this newspaper has learned, is politics. Or ‘polotics’ as he would pronounce it. Kauandenge, a former political nomad who eventu- dustry dropping several hits, City of Windhoek councillor on the ticket of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO), told Entertainment Now that contrary to rumours of him planning a Musically speaking… Jossie Kauandenge performs one of his songs. Photo: Nampa return to the recording studio, his primary focus at this point remains the advancement of his booming political career. “I’m done with music for now. I’m concentrating more on my political career with the NUDO congress coming up in May this year. I’m running for the secretary general position (and) that’s where my focus is at the moment,” Kauandenge said. He was however quick to indicate that he will remain a loyal supporter of local music, lending moral and material support to upcoming musicians where possible. “Music will forever remain my passion,” Kauandenge said, further revealing that his chances of scooping the SG position at NUDO are promising. In 2005, at the age of 31, Joseph the politician made way for Jossie the pop star when Kauandenge released his debut CD, ‘Mbakotoka’, which means ‘I am back’ in Otjiherero – a title which he reportedly chose after surviving heavy blows to his political career, at the time. In January 2017 Kauandenge, again, set the industry ablaze with a fresh video of his smash hit Pandeka. Little did the masses know that this was their last glimpse of Kauandenge swinging that knee. Kauandenge served as the secretary general of NUDO from 2003 to 2004, and occupied the same position at the DTA Youth League from 1998 to 2003. He also had his own political party between 1997 and 1998, which was known as the Namibia Movement for Independent Candidates (NMIC). Republican Party (RP) as an advisor to party president Henk Mudge. In 2007, Kauandenge returned to politics and landed himself a top post – that of secretary general of the Namibia Democratic Movement for Change (NMDC). This stint was however short-lived. NAGN hits the ground running in 2018 Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Richard E Grant mugged at ATM in South Africa In a deliberate quest to mainstream the arts in Namibia, the National Arts Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) seemingly intends to hit the ground running this year with the announcement of a comprehensive programme extending from January to May. The gallery will open with an exhibition under the theme, ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ on 25 January. The exhibition, which will be located in the upper gallery and foyer, will feature a collaboration of Namibian and German artists and their respective creations using multiple mediums. According to the NAGN, the exhibition purposefully uses the English proverb working methods of the participating artist”. February will see the hosting of four different exhibitions at the gallery. Opening on 20 February, Booth is an open call exhibition to all artists. This exhibition, the NAGN revealed, will take place in the main gallery of the NAGN. “Each artist will receive 2x2 square metres of ‘freedom’ to display their work,” the NAGN stated. This exhibition will run until 3 May. Concurrently the NAGN will also host another exhibition aimed at celebrating Namibia through the eyes of the artists at Pashuka Multi-Purpose venue from 22 February to 31 March. The 23rd of February will see the NAGN hosting the Happy Art Hour, a casual evening with music, drinks and art featuring an artistic performance by Nelago Shilongo. The University of Namibia Visual Art Graduates exhibition as well as the Global Future Namibia and Wales Youth International Collaboration are also slated for early to mid-next month. Hercules Viljoen, director of the NAGN From 9 March to 21 April, all visual art graduates of the College of the Arts will descend on the foyer and upper gallery of the NAGN for an exhibition themed New Beginnings – the ninth in the series taking place at the venue for the third time. Another Happy Art Hour is also set to feature in the midst of this exhibition on 16 March. “This will entail a casual evening with music, drinks and art featuring a New Beginnings exhibition walkabout, followed by a demonstration where the audience can participate in an interactive stencil printing on textiles,” Entertainment Now has learnt. Only one exhibition is slated for April with the opening of ‘Master Mind’, an exhibition inspired by renowned artist Kandjengo’s surroundings. The printmaker will be exploring his culture and life experiences while celebrating the Namibian landscape in this solo exhibition, Entertainment Now was informed. This event will open on 5 April at the Pashuka Multipurpose Venue. The Tulipamwe International Artists’ Exhibition will come to town on 9 May featuring the works produced by local and international artists during the Tulipamwe International Artist workshop late last year. British actor Richard E Grant Richard E Grant has revealed that he was mugged at an ATM in Cape Town while holidaying in South Africa. The 60-year-old Withnail and I, and Game of Thrones star was robbed at a cash machine in South Africa’s legislative capital on Friday. The actor took to Twitter to announce his misfortune, but appeared to brush it off as he headed to the beach later that day to spend some time with his daughter Olivia. He tweeted: ‘Feel like a right mug having been mugged at an ATM in Cape Town. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ The London-based star grew up in South Africa’s neighbouring Swaziland and went to university in the South African capital. Grant had returned to Swaziland over Christmas to see his family before heading to Cape Town. His father was a British govern- obtained independence in 1967. The actor began his acting career in South Africa before moving to the UK in the early 1980s, where he found fame in hilarious cult movie Withnail and I, originally released in 1987. -TimesLive

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