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New Era Newspaper Monday July 3, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Monday July 3,

Vol. 22 No. 227 Windhoek, Namibia Monday, July 3 2017 Desie Heita Windhoek A acts on SME Bank saga The South African Reserve Bank two weeks ago subpoenaed all South African banks and Inside Today Rundu Town Council suspends CEO Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo to New Era that the town council has made a decision to suspend its administrative chief, Romanus Haironga, for suspected meddling in ongoing investigations into his doings and that of other municipal staff. Page 3 NCCI and truckers shun planned demonstration The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) and a representative group of the truckers that were stuck in Zambia when their trucks were impounded, said they learned with “shock” about a planned demonstration and meeting on Friday evening in Walvis Bay. Page 9 Rhino poached at Erongo game farm Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay It appears the poaching of Namibia’s protected wildlife species continues unabated, despite the threat of a N after a carcass of a pregnant rhino was discovered on Saturday in the Erongo Region. Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu said the carcass from which both horns were freshly removed was discovered by farmworkers at Epako Safari Game Lodge, about 20 km from Omaruru in the direction of Kalkfeld. The carcass itself was discovered about 3 km from the lodge by farmworkers performing their daily activities at the game lodge. According to Iikuyu, preliminary investigations indicate the rhino was the carcass was only discovered on Saturday. He said at least four poachers were responsible for killing the protected animal, as indicated by footprints found at the scene. The rhino, Iikuyu said, was valued around N0,000, although poachers are said to fetch millions on the thriving black market in illicit animal products. RHINO on page 2 have transacted with SME what SME Bank’s funds are still on their books, if any. The move apparently irritate VBS Mutual Bank executives, who felt the subpoena was painting VBS in a bad light, especially given that the bank has already disinvested all N million it had from SME Bank, including the N million investments it deposited directly into SME Bank’s bank account. VBS Mutual Bank questions why the other South tions who transacted with SME Bank are not being made to account for N0 million in investments. “We feel there is a deliberate attempt to create an impression that the money was lost at VBS, whereas it is with asset managers and other big banks in Namibia,” VBS Mutual Bank chief executive of- told New Era. BANK on page 2 Photo: Emmency Nuukala Crowning glory… Suné Januarie from Rehoboth was crowned Miss Namibia 2017 at an exciting pageant on Saturday night. The 23-year-old Januarie was crowned Miss Namibia 2017 amid crowned second runner up. In the picture an emotional Suné Janu- - See full report on page 7. VBS Mutual Bank CEO Andile Ramavhunga Rössing wins appeal in Supreme Court Roland Routh Windhoek Former members of the Rössing Pension Fund were collectively disappointed when three judges of appeal upheld the appeal Rössing lodged against an earlier High Court decision that set aside a decision on the distribution of the Fund surplus. Judge of Appeal Dave Smuts, Chief Justice Peter Shivute and Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb found Rössing and the trustees of the Fund acted unlawfully when it decided how to distribute the surplus in the Fund. In his decision High Court Judge Shafimana Uitele found that the trustees had merely “rubberstamped” a decision by the mine and in essence “abdicated” their decision-making function to the mine. But the Supreme Court found that the trustees had indeed acted within concerning a surplus rests with the employer. RÖSSING on page 2 UNAM WILL BE CLOSED for the Mid-Term recess: 03 – 07 July 2017 The institution re-opens for business on 10 July at 07h30 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper appclassifieds/discover

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167