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New Era Newspaper Monday July 31, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Monday July 31,

Vol. 22 No. 247 Windhoek, Namibia Monday, July 31 2017 Thousands attend Masubia Cultural Festival Photo: Hilma Nakanduungile Celebrating unity… A section of the crowd that gathered at the annual Masubia Cultural Festival at Bukalo in Zambezi Region. Inside Today Green schemes to switch to solar energy AgriBusDev managing director Petrus Uugwanga, who oversees the green scheme operations, says government green schemes will soon do away with NORED’s high energy tariffs as they plan to install solar power at all irrigation projects. Page 3 More services and accessibility expected from MTN’s local acquisition Information and Communication Technology Minister Tjekero Tweya says he hopes that MTN Business Namibia’s acquisition of a 30 percent shareholding in Profile Technologies will result in more quality services and products that will be more affordable and accessible to all Namibians. Page 11 Geingob exhorts Namibians to respect chiefs Hilma Nakanduungile Bukalo President Hage Geingob has called on Namibians to treat traditional authorities with respect. The president was speaking at the Masubia annual cultural on Saturday at the Masubia Traditional headquarters at Bukalo east of Katima Mulilo. “Let us learn to co-exist and thereby shore up the boundaries of our Namibian house against any and all retrogressive forces. The Namibian house should be defined by cultural harmony and regional goodwill, instead of discord, tribalism and regionalism”, he said. He added that cultural celebrations enable people to impart cultural values and behavioural norms to future generations, who are tasked with continuing the legacy of the Namibian identity. He also called on traditional leaders to be exemplary leaders. GEINGOB on page 2 Photo: Hilma Nakanduungile Question of culture… President Hage Geingob accompanied by Chief Kisco III, attired in a black leopard headdress and a royal fly-whisker. On the far right senior Induna Gilbert Liswaniso holds a royal shield, with a retinue of indunas and royal bodyguards in tow. Hilma Nakanduungile Bukalo Thousands of people on Saturday gathered at the Masubia Tribal Headquarters at Bukalo to mark the Masubia Cultural Festival that is hosted annually in honour of Masubian heroes and heroines. As is tradition, Chief Kisco Liswani III and his senior indunas attended, giving the crowd an opportunity to see their chief in person. The daylong event attracted people from all parts of the country. Some came from as far as Zambia and Botswana, where there are pockets of the Masubia. Among the notable guests was senior Chief Inyambo Yeta from Mwandi. Yearly, the Masubia community gathers to celebrate their culture, both in its intangible and tangible forms. They say the event serves as a reminder to the community of their past, both distant and recent, and serves to commemorate and honour their heroes and heroines, Loide Jason Omusati Governor of Omusati Erginus Endjala has complied with President Hage Geingob’s directive and on Friday issued a second apology after the president said the initial atonement was rather timid and was not sufficient. MASUBIA on page 2 Endjala issues second apology on president’s order ENDJALA on page 2 Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala UNAM IS HOSTING THE COMMONWEALTH Education Conference 28 – 30 August 2017, Safari Hotel & Conference Centre, Windhoek Register Now: Enquiries: Ms Nangula Iipumbu,, +264 61 206 4607 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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