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New Era Newspaper Monday March 19, 2018

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6 NEWS Monday, March 19 2018 | NEW ERA Gerhard Nel National Champion Leon Blaauw Branch Manager of the Year Luandro Steyn Broker Consultant of the Year Talitha Burger National Junior Champion of the Year Entry Level Awards Elingaus Shilongo Sales Manager of the Year Lusia Shimuningeni Agent of the Year Junior Kashanu Broker Consultant of the Year Jason Andreas Alternate Market Agent of the Year David Kaukungwa Branch Manager of the Year Congratulations to our outstanding Wealthsmiths TM At Sanlam, we cultivate a culture of service excellence. Every year we recognise and reward advisers and brokers who worked tirelessly to translate this culture into outstanding service delivery to our clients. Congratulations to this year’s awardees for their remarkable achievements. May they grow from strength to

Monday, March 19 2018 | NEW ERA CRIME & COURTS 7 Ya Toivo’s former assistant walks free Maria Amakali Windhoek long-serving assistant to late antiapartheid veteran icon Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, last week walked out of the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court a free man. of stealing from Ya Toivo about N,000, became a free man last week when his case was struck from the court roll. Making his mandatory court appearance before Magistrate Brand van Pletzen on bail of that his case has been struck from the roll and had his bail money refunded. According to the state, the docket were unknown last week. roll for the prosecutor-general’s be charged or not; and if he was to be charged, on what charges. The PG was also to decide on trial. According to the previous proceedings in November 2017, the docket was to be sent to the prosecutor-general for decision. However, during court proceedings last week, there was no information regarding the prosecutor-general’s decision. “The docket was not sent on the last occasion and this is unacceptable. We do not even know if the docket was ever sent,” noted Amoomo, further objecting to a postponement. With some of the prosecutors attending a training session, the assigned state prosecutor was not available in court to shed light on the PG’s decision or the docket itself. 18, 2017, on charges of theft and fraud. The prosecution was al- and intentionally withdrew about N,000 from the late Ya Toivo’s account on February 2, 2017. It been Ya Toivo’s aide for a very long time, was trusted with the deceased banking details that on occasions he would withdraw money for the late Ya Toivo’s household expenses. money illegally months before Ya Toivo’s passing in June 2017. Eksteen sentence submissions ...Defense wants lenient sentence for ‘youthful’ offender Roland Routh Windhoek The State-funded lawyer of murder convict, Willem Freddy Eksteen, wants the court to treat him as a juvenile offender when it considers the sentence to be passed on him. Milton Engelbrecht of Engelbrecht Attorneys asked High Court Judge Dinah Usiku to take into consideration that Eksteen was only 18 years old when the incident occurred. He further told Judge Usiku that the court should show a measure of mercy on Eksteen. Eksteen was convicted of murdering Janetta Babiep, with whom he was in a romantic relationship and had a child, during the period September 21 to 22, 2014 at farm Warmfontein near Aroab in the Keetmanshoop District. According to Engelbrecht, his client is still very young at 22 years old and is a good candidate and an excellent prospect for rehabilitation, which is one of the factors of sentencing. He further reminded the court said while the offence of murder is a serious one, the court should not impose a sentence that will break the accused, but rather sentence him to an extent that he can have a second chance. He asked for a sentence of fewer than 20 years with some of the sentence suspended to hang over his head. State Advocate Felicitas Sikerete- Vendura, on the other hand, told the court that Eksteen acted like an adult and a hardened criminal when he strangled the deceased for 120 seconds until she was dead. She further said the fact that Eksteen was found guilty of murder without direct intent could be seen as aggravating, as the moral blameworthiness could be more in the circumstances. “The accused put a rope around the neck of the deceased and forced the life out of the deceased,” she said, adding: “The force must have been exerted for those two minutes to cause the death of the deceased. That is a very cruel manner in which to kill someone.” Sikerete-Vendura asked the court not to let down the family of the deceased and society. “The family of the deceased put their trust in the hands of the law,” she said. The state advocate further reminded the court that Eksteen did not show any remorse. “He adamantly came to court and denied any involvement in the murder of the deceased.” According to her, Eksteen is not a candidate for rehabilitation. “If you are able to strangle a person for 120 seconds till death, you are a hardened criminal, no matter your age,” she said. She further urged the court to come to the aid of women in Namibia, who are being killed on a daily basis. She asked the court to impose a life imprisonment sentence of 30 years to send out a clear message to like-minded individuals that domestic violence will not be tolerated. Judge Usiku will deliver the Eksteen will remain in custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility’s section for trial-awaiting inmates. Murder accused Windhoek quinquagenarian remanded in custody Maria Amakali Windhoek Benjamin Strong, a 55-year-old Windhoek resident who stands accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend 12 times late last year, was remanded its investigations. Making his appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court last week, Strong was informed that the prosecutor-general has given more instructions to the investigating of- “The matter was sent to the prosecutor-general but due to the seriousness of the matter, she gave 23 more instructions that the investigator needs to comply with,” said state prosecutor Muriel van Zyl, further stating that only 10 of the 23 instructions have been complied with. Strong was arrested on September 17 after Johanna Resandt, 62, his girlfriend of three years, was found in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds at home in Katutura. On hearing that investigations are far from being completed, Strong pleaded once more with the court to release him on bail, to which the state strongly opposed. Strong was denied bail during his formal bail application and is facing a charge of murder for what the prosecution deems as an intentional and unlawful killing. A witness, who was with Strong and Resandt on the night of the incident, revealed during his testimony that he saw Strong stabbing Resandt with a knife. cident, they were all out drinking. Allegedly after their return, Strong and Resandt got into a heated argument, which consequently resulted in Strong stabbing Resandt 12 times with a knife. The witness said in his attempt to intervene, Strong allegedly stabbed him too. The witness further indicated that he fell unconscious after Strong pushed him and cannot recall what happened after the stabbing. In his defense during his bail application, Strong, who is accused of having been a violent partner, has denied any wrongdoing and stated that he found his girlfriend dead upon his return home in the morning. According to the post-mortem report, 12 stab wounds were observed on Resandt’s body, which included four penetrating the left pleural cavity. The court postponed Strong’s case for further police investigations to June 8. Strong was remanded in custody. REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF LAND REFORM PUBLIC NOTICE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RESETTLEMENT (FARMING UNITS) BENEFICIARIES The Ministry of Land Reform hereby would like to announce to the public that, the Farming Units that were advertised on the 01st December 2017 – 02nd January 2018 were allocated to the following beneficiaries: No. Farm Name Size (Ha) Families Resettled M F ID. No Region of Unit Application 1. Farm Joyce No. 198, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2376.0000 Vicki Lynne Erenstein- F 48051300432 Khomas A (Omaheke Region) Ya Toivo 2. Farm Joyce No. 198, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2150.8583 Sam Kambazembi M 65101100501 Omaheke B (Omaheke Region) 3. Riverside No. 200, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2167.0000 Angelina Nandjila F 59122000518 Omusati A (Omaheke Region) Sinvula 4. Riverside No. 200, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2061.0572 Paulina Soreses F 70052800210 Hardap B (Omaheke Region) 5. Portion B of the Farm Tweeling No. 276, 2144.8492 Mclesia Imana Mbaisa F 70072600403 Omaheke Single Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ (Omaheke Region) 6. Farm Heatherbelle No. 197, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2270.0000 Alwina Mujetenga F 57091900189 Otjozondjupa A (Omaheke Region) 7. Farm Heatherbelle No. 197, Reg. Div. ‘’L’’ 2409.6543 Kapuuo Ryno M 87101400175 Otjozondjupa B (Omaheke Region) Ngumeritiza The above mentioned beneficiaries are advised to occupy their farming units within 30 days after receipt of original allotment letters. The Ministry of Land Reform may re-advertise any unoccupied farming units after 30 days of receiving allotment letters. This communication also serves as a response to all applicants of these farms/farming units as no response will be made to individual applicants. All applicants whose names do not appear on the list were unsuccessful. All successful candidates are further informed and invited to attend a COMPULSORY TRAINING envisaged to be conducted in due course. The successful resettlement beneficiaries will be informed about the exact venue and date of the training once it is confirmed.

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