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New Era Newspaper Monday March 19, 2018

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8 HEALTH Monday, March 19 2018 | NEW ERA Stigma… The entrance to the Kuisebmond clinic, an HIV clinic that’s expected to be integrated into one public clinic. HIV patients have complained of being exposed to stigma when they receive ARVs from the HIV clinic. ‘HIV clinics’ promote stigma The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) is a public enterprise established by the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management Act, 2010, (Act no.10 of 2010). NIPAM’s mission is to transform the Public Sector of Namibia into an efficient, effective and accountable system through training, operational research, capacity evaluation, consultancy and strategic partnerships. IFB No: IFB TITLE: CLOSING DATE: BID ENQUIRIES CLOSE: LEVY (non-refundable): invitation for bids (IFB) S/ONB/NPM/06/2017/18 EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICES FRIDAY 13 APRIL 2018, 10h00 WEDNESDAY, 28 MARCH 2018, 10h00 N0.00 Administration Technical Ms. Victoria Shikudule Ms. Zia Stellmacher (Procurement Manager) (Finance Director) Tel: +264 61 - 296 4820 Tel: +264 61 - 296 4758 DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE AT: NIPAM CAMPUS, PAUL NASH STREET, OLYMPIA WINDHOEK NAMIBIA PROCUREMENT OFFICE Ground Floor, Office No: G55 BIDS SUBMISSION: NIPAM CAMPUS, PAUL NASH STREET, OLYMPIA WINDHOEK NAMIBIA PROCUREMENT OFFICE Ground Floor, Office No: G55 Paulus Shiku Walvis Bay The separate HIV/Aids clinic in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay is still in place despite a directive to integrate it into the normal clinic here. Over the past two years, HIV patients at the harbour town have complained to the media about the clinic, saying it promotes stigma, and requested that its isolation be discontinued. Those who spoke to Nampa last year said their status are being exposed to the public by having a separate clinic where they collect their medication. to tell I am HIV positive because they see me every month standing in the queue at the HIV clinic, why can’t we just collect medicine in one clinic, just like any other patient,” said one resident. Several efforts by Nampa to get comment from the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ communication department proved futile as the queries were ignored. Approached with the same questions at Swakopmund on Thursday, health minister, Bernard already in 2015 to integrate such facilities across the country. understand why such facilities to him, this promotes stigma. “That is not how it is supposed to be. I do not know why the clinic in Kuisebmond is still operational, maybe it is the implementation issue, but a directive was issued and repeated again in 2016.” The minister said he gave the same order to Elavi clinic in the Oshivelo area, where they also had a separate clinic which reads ‘HIV Clinic’ on the door. “I would not want to walk into something that reads HIV on the door where everyone is watching. I know we are supposed to be open about the pandemic, but it is human nature to feel uncomfortable about some things,” he said. should only be one clinic where all patients walk in and get their medicine, without anybody feeling the public or their friends know what disease they have. Even condoms should not be handed out to people in public just like that, they need to be placed where those who do not want to be seen taking them can do so freely, he said. “Instead of placing them at the reception, maybe place them in the toilet or somewhere – in my view those are bedroom secrets and should be treated as such for those The minister, who is a medical doctor, was on a two-day outreach programme in Erongo which started on Wednesday. The visit was aimed at better equipping medical staff in the region, especially doctors, with the skills to operate on patients. – Nampa

NEW ERA FLI highlights collaborative approach Page 10 Page 11 INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business Entrepreneurs get boost with Pitch Night Windhoek Eight budding entrepreneurs had the opportunity to boost their businesses and get their foot in the door after being offered an opportunity to share their ideas at Addventure Pitch Night. A local adaptation of Dragon’s Den, Addventure creates a platform for start-up innovators to pitch their business to prospective investors and collaborators, and also provides them with access to business support services. The event, which was launched last year, was hosted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government in collaboration with the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) FABlab and sponsored by Standard Bank Enterprise Banking and the City of Windhoek. Standard Bank’s head of enterprise banking, Dennis Isaacs, served as one of the judges alongside Red Bull Amaphiko’s Siviwe Mbinda, head of SME development and promotion at the City of Windhoek, Leonora Joodt, and CEO of the One Economy Foundation, Uajorokisa Akwenye. As the main sponsor, Standard Bank donated N,000 to the winning entrepreneur. However, Isaacs went a step further by offering business of the participants who fared well during the pitches but didn’t win. “Pitch Night is a great opportunity for the bank, as we realize that we can potentially help these businesses become contributors of economic growth in Namibia. The bank does not just view entrepreneurs through a commercial lens but sees a responsibility in actively supporting the business growth of existing and potential businesses,” Isaacs said of the event. Speaking at the event, NUST’s rector Tjama Tjivikua said he was excited to see that the event has sustained momentum since its inception and thanked the various sponsors for supporting local innovators. “Getting to this stage shows that you are all already doing great things. I hope people are inspired by this event and avail their support to this initiative,” he stressed. The start-ups that pitched their businesses were Gadget Boy 3D Solutions, Motlee HR Systems, Omuriro Firelighters, Medi Wheels Delivery Services, Bark Designs, Fluffy Mallows and Something Artsy. Fluffy Mallows walked away with the best pitch. The young entrepreneur who was pitch- homemade marshmallow business in December 2017, expressed her gratitude to the organisers of the event, noting that it was not merely about winning. guidance for your business and exposure for your products even if you don’t win. I really would encourage other young entrepreneurs to participate because they can learn from the experience, judges and other participants,” she said. Although she didn’t win, Something Artsy’s founder Jamie-Lee Diergaardt said she decided to participate in Pitch Night because for her 2018 is a year to try new things and was happier for it because it was a learning experience with far more WINDHOEK A national intervention is needed for the country to account for the economic activities that are taking place in the informal sector and their contribution to the national coffers. This was said by Michael Akuupa, director of the Labour Resource and Research Institute (LaRRI), when he signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Namibia Training Authority here on Wednesday. He explained that the perception is that Namibia does not have an informal economy, thus the intervention will enable Namibia to harness the resources and skills and protect those that are in that sector. Akuupa said there are many reasons why the country has an informal economy, adding that some are historical while others are structural. He noted that currently the informal sector’s contribution to the national coffers has not been MARKET OVERVIEW Michael Akuupa documented as yet, because it is regarded as the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, which he described as not necessarily an informal activity. “SME is supposed to be a level you graduate to once you have been in the informal sector for quite some time.” Akuupa said that currently 66 percent of people are informally employed in Namibia. “The informal sector is organic in its emergence and responds to the exclusion of the formal activities, that is why you have people ending up doing things in a different way,” he said. He advised Namibia to learn from developed countries on how to account for the informal sectors. People in the informal economy are found in sectors such as construction, catering, domestic services and hospitality, amongst others. The agreement between the two parties makes provision for collaborative research in order to match the research demands of the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector. – Nampa Change Latest 3 months 0.00% 7.13% 6 months 0.00% 7.54% CGP CAPRICORN INVESTMENT GROUP L 1791 -0.06% 9 months 0.01% 7.63% NBS NAMIBIA BREWERIES LTD 4496 0.00% 12 months 0.02% 7.90% BVN BIDVEST NAMIBIA LTD 780 0.00% Change Latest FNB FNB NAMIBIA HOLDINGS LTD 4646 -0.02% GC18 (R204 : 6.51%) 0.01% 7.42% ORY ORYX PROPERTIES LTD 2039 0.00% GC21 (R208 : 7.03%) 0.02% 7.85% NAM NAMIBIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LT 69 0.00% GC24 (R186 : 8.12%) 0.01% 9.34% NHL NICTUS NAMIBIA 180 0.00% GC27 (R186 : 8.12%) 0.01% 9.73% BMN BANNERMAN RESOURCES LTD 37 0.00% GC30 (R2030 : 8.59%) 0.02% 10.26% DYL DEEP YELLOW LTD 245 2.08% GC32 (R213 : 8.66%) 0.02% 10.37% SILP STIMULUS INVESTMENT LTD-PREF 12129 0.00% GC35 (R209 : 8.98%) 0.02% 10.41% FSY FORSYS METALS CORP 100 0.00% GC37 (R2033 : 8.78%) 0.02% 10.78% TUC TRUSTCO GROUP HOLDINGS LTD 890 0.00% %Change Latest B2G B2GOLD CORP 3497 3.98% Gold 0.24% $ 1,319.25 Platinum -0.17% $ 953.34 Copper 0.00% $ 6,920.00 Brent Crude 0.20% $ 64.65 %Change Latest NSX (Delayed) 0.00% 1425.55 JSE All Share 0.25% 58,350.20 SP500 -0.08% 2,747.33 FTSE 100 0.23% 7,156.34 Hangseng -0.12% 31,501.97 DAX 0.24% 12,375.53 %Change Latest Financials -0.42% 18,360.91 Resources 1.80% 35,715.54 Industrials -0.04% 76,897.80 %Change Latest N$/US dollar 0.24% 11.9270 N$/Pound 0.47% 16.6620 N$/Euro 0.39% 14.6985 US dollar/ Euro 0.15% 1.2324 Latest Previous Namibia Inflation (Feb 18) 3.5 3.6 Bank Prime 10.50 10.50 BoN Repo Rate 6.75 6.75

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