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New Era Newspaper Monday November 20, 2017

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16 AFRICA Monday, November 20 2017 | NEW ERA Elated Zimbabweans celebrate as Mugabe era fades HARARE Tens of thousands of overjoyed protesters flooded Zimbabwe’s streets Saturday celebrating President Robert Mugabe’s slipping power on the eve of crunch talks with the military to determine the veteran leader’s fate. In scenes of public euphoria not seen since independence in 1980, huge crowds marched, danced and sang their way through the capital Harare and other cities, demanding that Mugabe, 93, finally step down. Following the mass demonstrations, the catholic priest chairing talks between Mugabe and the military who seized power from him OKAHAO TOWN COUNCIL P.O. BOX 699 OFFICE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER TEL: +264-65-252204/5 OKAHAO FAX: +264-65-252201 OMUSATI REGION PUBLIC NOTICE Website: E-mail: Omolwomusindalandu tagulogithwa oku edhilila iimuna moshigunda shelelo lyondoolopa mbyoka tayi adhika mondolopa, Elelo lyondoolopa yaKahao otali tseyithile aakwashigwana kutya iimuna yomalwaala gatumbula pevi oya edhililwa moshigunda shelelo lyondoolopa. Oshimuna Uukwatya woshimuna Esiku sheedhililwa Ongushu yiimuna patengeneko Oongombe Ongombe ombashe ondumentu yina OV akuhe yina 20.04.2017 N00.00 okapapa okazizi ko XA122727 Oongombe Ongombe ontiligane ondumentu yina okapapa okazizi 29.05.2017 N$ 6000.00 XA292611 Eendongi Onduudhe onkiintu yina ondeba kolulyo 31.03.2017 Eendongi Osimine onkiintu yandembulwa kolulyo akuhitwa yina 05.04.2017 N$ 3000.00 okandongiligona okalumentu ina ka tetwa Onduudhe ondumentu ya tetwa ondeba akuhe tayi hitwa pevi kolulyo Ondudhe ondumentu ya ndebulwa komakutsi akuhe tayi hitwa pevi kolulyo Eendongi Onduudhe ondumentu ya ndebulwa kolulyo aku hitwa 13.04.2017 N$ 1400.00 lwaali Osikio ondumentu yina ondeba akuhe ayihitwa kolulyo yina okapapa okashunga Eendongi Okasimine okankiintu koongwa komakutsi agehe 19.04.2017 N$ 700.00 Eendongi Osikio onkiintu yina OV kolulyo tayi hitwa pevi kolulyo 20.04.2017 N$ 800.00 Eendongi Osikio ondumentu yandembwa kolumoho ya fikwa 10.05.2017 N50.00 AAI Okasimine okalumentu katetwa ondeba akuhe aku hitwa Onduudhe onkiintu yina okapapa ya dembulwa akuhe aku togonyonwa akuhe Eendongi Onduudhe ya ndebulwa akuhe ondumentu 20.06.2017 N50.00 Okasikio okakiintu ka ndembulwa kolulyo kena okapapa okashunga ,nokatiligane Eendongi Osimine onkiintu ya mukulwa kolumoho yina 22.06.2017 N00.00 okandoongiligona okasikio inaka tetwa okakiintu Eendongi Osikio onkiintu yina OV akuhe ya hitwa kolulyo 06.08.2017 N$ 1500.00 Osikio onkiintu yina ondeba kolulyo no OV kolumoho Eendongi Okasikio okakiintu kena ondeba kolulyo akuhitwa 11.08.2017 N$ 3000.00 Osikio ondumentu yina ondeba kolulyo aku hitwa Eendongi Osikio ondumentu yina ondemba kolulyo 26.10.2017 N$ 800.00 Eendongi Okasikio okakiintu kena OV akuhe ka hitwa kolulyo 27.10.2017 N$ 3000.00 Osikio onkiintu yina OV kolulyo Onduudhe ondumentu yina ondeba kolumoho ayihitwa kolulyo Onduudhe ondumentu yina omuku kolumoho akuhitwa Eendongi Osikio onkiintu yina OV akuhe ayi hitwa yina 28.09.2017 N$ 5480.00 okandoongiligona okasikio okakiintu inaka tetwa Osimine ondumentu yina ondeba kolulyo yina OV kolumoho Osimine onkiintu yina omuku kolumoho Onduudhe onkiintu yina ondeba kolulyo yina OV kolumoho yina okandoongiligona okakiintu okaluudhe inaka tetwa Osimine ondumentu yina OV kolulyo yina oshishako J.K no ndatu (3) pevi Oikombo 1. Shitoka shitilyaana komutwe shina okapapa katilyaana 2. Okandema komavala matoka nomatilyaana inakatetwa komatwi 3. Okambulutwe okalumenhu komala matoka nomalaula 4. Oshikiinhu shafa oufila wongava shina okapapa katilyaana 5. Efona etanda puka lina okapapa katilyaana 6. Okafona kafa oufila wongava inakatetwa komatwi 7. Oshikiinhu shitoka shitilyaana komutwe inashitetwa komatwi 8. Efona litoka Etilyaana komutwe lina okapapa katilyaana 02.08.2017 N$ 3000 Aakwashigwana otaya indilwa nesimaneko opo yeye yadhimbulule nokufutila mo iimuna yawo mule womasiku omilongo ndatu(30) okuza nena.Iimuna mbyoka tayi kakala inayi futilwamo mule womasiku omilongo ndatu (30) okuza nena otayi ka landithwapo kelelo lyondolopa shi ikolelela komusindalandu go ku edhilila iimuna moshigunda ngoka gwa kolekwa kuMinistili. ______________________________ TIMOTEUS M. NAMWANDI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER told state TV that the president would meet the generals for talks on Sunday. The protests’ huge turnout came after an unprecedented week in which the military seized power and put Mugabe under house arrest in response to his sacking of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. The marches were peaceful, despite a tense standoff as heavily armed soldiers barred thousands of protesters from reaching Mugabe’s official residence, the State House, in central Harare. The crowd got within 200 metres of the gates to the complex that has been the nerve centre of Mugabe’s authoritarian rule before staging a sit-down protest. The demonstrations were called by independence war veterans and included citizens of all ages, jubilant that Mugabe appeared to be on his way out. “This is the best day of my life. We are hoping for a new life after Mugabe,” said 38-year-old Sam Sechete at the main rally in Highfield, a working-class suburb of Harare. A symbolic location, Highfield was where Mugabe gave his rousing first speech after returning from exile in Mozambique ahead of independence in 1980. Demonstrators roared, whistled and chanted, brandishing placards proclaiming: “Not coup - but cool” and “Mugabe must go!” In central Harare, a group of young men tore down a green metal street sign bearing Robert Mugabe’s name and smashed it repeatedly on the road before trampling it underfoot. Major General Sibusiso Moyo, whose faltering delivery of an army statement on state TV marked the completion of the take-over on Wednesday, told journalists at the protests “the people of Zimbabwe are disciplined, orderly and they are unified”. In Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city, demonstrators sounded car horns, whistled and blew vuvuzelas as they gathered outside City Hall before briefly storming that city’s State House. They were convinced to leave by troops. Such an open display of defiance would have been unthinkable just a week ago as dissent was routinely crushed by security forces, but in a statement released on Friday, the army said it fully supported the protests. The majority of Zimbabweans have only known life under Mugabe’s rule, which has been defined by violent suppression, economic collapse and international isolation. “I went to university but here I am selling bananas to earn a living. If it wasn’t for Mugabe, I would be doing something else,” said one protester, street vendor Abel Kapodogo, 34. Mugabe enraged many Zimbabweans when he did not resign following talks with the army’s leaders on Thursday, with sources suggesting he was “buying time” to negotiate a favourable end to his 37-year reign. He appeared publicly for the first time on Friday for a scheduled appearance at a graduation ceremony in Harare, further stoking speculation about his talks with General Constantino Chiwenga, who led the military power grab. Nine of the 10 regional branches of Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF have now called for him to go. A ZANU-PF MP, and a national party official, who both declined to be named confirmed that the party’s executive committee would meet Sunday to seek to have Mugabe removed as president and party leader. It is unclear whether the body has the power to force Mugabe out, but a resolution against him would be yet another serious blow to his authority. The army seizure of power appeared to be the climax of a dispute over who would succeed the ailing leader. Before being pushed out as vice president, Mnangagwa had clashed repeatedly with Mugabe’s wife Grace, 52. Both had been seen as leading contenders to replace Mugabe, but Mnangagwa had the tacit support of the armed forces, which viewed Grace - a political novice - with derision. ZANU-PF will also discuss removing Grace as head of the party’s women’s league at the Sunday summit. The international community including the African Union, Britain and the United States has called for Zimbabwe’s army to quickly relinquish power. – Nampa/AFP Photo: Nampa/AFP On edge… Zimbabwean Defence Force soldiers gesture as they speak to the crowd after blocking it from reaching State House in Harare, on November 18 during a march to demand that 93-year-old Robert Mugabe step down as Zimbabwe’s president.

Monday, November 20 2017 | NEW ERA WORLD 17 inera poised for presidential omeback in Chile SANTIAGO Sebastian Pinera, one of Chile’s richest men, looks likely to prevail in the first round of the country’s presidential election on Sunday, confirming his frontrunner status to succeed Socialist leader Michelle Bachelet. If the 67-year-old billionaire does ultimately become head of state, it would be his second chance to run Latin America’s fifth-biggest economy – confirming a tag team for power that he and Bachelet, 66, have been performing for the past decade. Chile’s constitution does not permit consecutive terms for its president. But re-election after a skipped term is permissible, and that quite possibly is what is in store after this weekend, thus swinging the pendulum of Chile’s national politics from left back to right again. Voter intention surveys credit the Harvard-educated Pinera, who was president from 2010-2014, with a comfortable lead in the race -- but not enough to win the presidency outright on Sunday. “It’s not very likely” he will get the 50 percent or more of ballots needed to avoid a run-off, said political analyst Mauricio Morales of Talca University. In that case, a second-round showdown would be held between the top two candidates on December 17. The winner takes over in March next year. Apart from Pinera, Sunday’s field counts seven candidates. His closest rival is Alejandro Guillier, a former state TV anchor turned senator who presents himself as an independent but who has the backing of Bachelet’s Socialists. Guillier is credited with 25 percent of voter support, against 44 percent for Pinera. With the outcome weighted heavily in Pinera’s favour, voter apathy could be an issue. Compulsory voting was dropped in 2012, and since then a growing proportion of the 14-million-strong electorate has decided to stay away from polling stations. “People don’t want to vote because, really, nobody believes there will be any significant change anywhere. Also, they see who will be president as a foregone conclusion,” said Catalina Gascone, a 19-year-old student. Analysts predict abstention could be as high as 40 percent on Sunday, and that Pinera has more motivated voters who will turn out. Chileans living abroad have already begun casting their ballots, beginning with those living in New Zealand. Some 40,000 registered to take part in the election. Pinera’s first presidential victory in 2009 elections signified a break from the centre-left politics that had reigned in Chile since democracy was restored with the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in 1990. But a comeback by him was not seen as a rejection of the overall economic and social model erected in the Bachelet years, during which Chile posted 1.8 percent in annual growth and saw tax and labour reforms, an introduction of free education, and the right to abortion. “Chileans don’t want to tear down the model, just fix its structure,” Morales said. Pinera Photo: Nampa/AFP In the race… Chile’s presidential candidate Sebastian Pinera delivers a speech while sharing a picnic with supporters in Santiago, on November 17, ahead of the presidential elections next November 19. has promised modifications to Bachelet’s reforms, as well as vowing to have Chile join the club of developed nations within the next eight years. His effectiveness, though, could be hobbled by a shortfall in legislative support. “He is not going to have a majority in Congress,” another analyst, Marta Lagos, founder of Latinobarometro and MORI Chile, predicted. Sunday’s balloting also includes legislative elections for many of the congressional seats. Electoral forecasts suggest the right will increase its representation, but likely will not have the majority in either chamber. – Nampa/AFP Satellite signals bring hope to Argentina’s search for missing sub BUENOS AIRES Hopes of finding survivors were revived Saturday after Argentina’s navy received what could be distress calls from a missing submarine with 44 crewmembers aboard. There had been no contact with the ARA San Juan since early Wednesday, according to the navy, prompting Buenos Aires to launch an air and sea search with help from countries including Brazil, Britain, Chile and the United States. The entire search area has been scoured by ships and aircraft, despite storm conditions that complicated the effort, Argentine navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said, yet finally seven satellite-transmitted signals believed to be part of the vessel trying to resume contact were detected, the Defense Ministry said. With the help of US satellite communication experts, the signals were detected at 10:52 am (1352 GMT) and 3:42 pm (1842 GMT) on various naval bases, but did not lock in, thus preventing a full connection. “Right now, we are working to pinpoint the exact location of what is emitting the signals,” presuming that it could be the missing sub, the ministry said. Brazil, Britain, Chile, the United States and Uruguay took part in the aerial side of the search, and Washington said it was sending rescue help. The California-based Undersea Rescue Command was deploying two independent rescue assets - including a pressurized rescue module - to help in the hunt for the missing sub. Argentine President Mauricio Macri said on his Twitter account that “we will do what is necessary to find the submarine as soon as possible.” All land communications bases along the coast were ordered to be scanning for any followup, as family members of the missing waited nervously in Mar del Plata. Claudio Rodriguez, whose brother Hernan is aboard, was hopeful and thought the vessel would be found afloat, if the satellite signals were able to be sent. “They’ve got to be afloat. Thanks God,” Rodriguez stressed. “That gives us hope, because we knew that if they were down below, they would be screwed” he told TN news from Mendoza. The navy has not ruled out any hypothesis, a spokesman said. The most commonly given is that a power short may have unexpectedly cut off the vessel’s communications. TR-1700 class diesel electric submarine had been returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia near the southernmost tip of South America, to its base at Mar del Plata, around 400 kilometres (250 miles) south of Buenos Aires. Among those on board is Argentina’s first female submarine officer, 35-year-old weapons officer Eliana Krawczyk. The San Juan is one of three submarines in the Argentine fleet. Sixty-five metres long and seven metres wide, it was built by Germany’s Thyssen Nordseewerke and launched in 1983. It underwent a re-fit between 2007 and 2014 to extend its usefulness by some 30 years. Vacancy Advertisement: TRUST ADMINISTRATOR Namibia Mines Investment Trust (NAM-MIT) is an equal opportunity employer that seeks to attract suitably qualified applicants to apply for the vacancy of Trust Administrator. If you are a mature individual with sound investment management background, exceptional business acumen and demonstrate the qualities of a commercially astute, technically and administratively strong leader, with a proven ability to operate at both strategic and administrative levels, then you should definitely consider reading further. About NAM-MIT NAM-MIT is owned by the Mineworkers Union Of Namibia (MUN) and the TRUST owns 100% of Nam-mic Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a broad based black economic empowerment company and investment vehicle that has been mandated by NAM-MIT to execute all the investment initiatives of the Trade Union and the beneficiaries of this Trust, identified as current and former mineworkers, energy workers, and their dependants. The Successful Incumbent The successful incumbent will serve as the official custodian and office bearer of NAM-MIT and will act for and on behalf of the Trustees, and shall act in good faith in the interest of the Trust’s beneficiaries, as outlined in the NAM-MIT Deed of Trust. Furthermore, the incumbent will oversee the Trust’s overall operations and ensure the fulfillment of its mandate, in which he/ she will be tasked with administering the investments of the Trust, safeguarding the Trust’s assets, whilst ensuring compliance with the directives of the Board of Trustees, in line with the objectives as set out in the NAM-MIT Deed of Trust. He/she will assist the Board of Trustees in developing a Fund policy that will serve as a governing framework in administering the activities of the Trust. The incumbent will be expected to adopt a hands on approach in ensuring the seamless implementation of approved projects within the parameters of the specified investment environment, manage the Trust’s finances, and serve as the official liaison function between the Board of Trustees, the Trust’s beneficiaries, and its stakeholders. Core to his/ her duties, the incumbent will (in collaboration with the Board of Trustees) assume a proactive role in identifying investment opportunities in line with specified priority areas, by penetrating and expanding into niche markets for investment portfolio growth. Minimum Requirements • A Business, Commerce or Finance degree from a recognized institution. Non-negotiable. • A postgraduate qualification will serve as an added advantage. • 8 years working experience of which 5 years should be in a Senior Administrator or Management capacity, preferably in an investment or financial services industry. • Proven financial management and reporting experience is a pre-requisite. • Experience in a unionized environment will serve as a distinct advantage. • Demonstrated project management experience or experience in overseeing/ managing capital projects. • The applicant must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. • Demonstrated knowledge of private equity and investment holding modus operandi. Applicants that meet the above requirements should hand deliver their Curriculum Vitae and supporting documentation at Nam-mic Holding office,5 Adler Street, Whk West, for the Attention of Mr. Shiwana Ndeunyema or email it to, before or on 01 December 2017. Electronically submitted CV’s are encouraged. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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