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New Era Newspaper Monday November 20, 2017

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8 Monday, November 20 2017 | NEW ERA Sune in Las Vegas for Miss Universe pagaent Ocrhain Sampaya Windhoek Namibia’s own stunning, flawless model and current Miss Namibia is on a mission to bring the crown home. Sune January has left for Las Vegas, USA where she is vying for the Miss Universe title. The 66th edition of the pageant takes place this Saturday at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. The show will be hosted by Steve Harvey and Ashley Graham, while Fergie and In Our Own Image TUESDAY, 21 NOV Photo exhibition / Drama / Movies From18h30 Cellar of Rock Warehouse Windhoek THURSDAY, 23 NOV In our own image! Dance, drama, music, spoken word, videos Start: 19h00 Warehouse Theatre, Windhoek Rachel Platten will perform. Carson Kressley will join supermodel and pageant expert Lu Sierra at the commentary and analysis table throughout the telecast. Contestants from 93 countries and territories are participating in this year’s pageant, surpassing the previous record of 89 contestants in 2011 and 2012. Since her arrival in Las Vegas, Sune’s social media platform has been abuzz with posts featuring her with other intercontinental favourites, Entrance is free - Everyone is welcome! GET IN TOUCH - Irene //Garoës: 081 207 4188 - Liz Frank: 081 309 4630 Namibian Lesbian Festival 2017 SATURDAY, 25 NOV Family Fun Day From 09h00 Brakwater Recreational Park Determined... Miss Namibia Sune January is hopesto bring the prestigious Miss Universe crown home from Las Vegas, where the grand finale is taking place on Saturday. Photo: such as Zoey Ivory (Miss Netherlands). Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant run by the Miss Universe Organisation along with Miss World and Miss Earth. Miss Universe is also one of the most important and publicised beauty pageants and together with Miss International, the group of pageants is known as the Big Four. It is held in more than 190 countries worldwide and seen by more than half a billion people annually. Ndjavera and Molapong star in the Zoo WINDHOEK The Haus Der Jugend hall in Swakopmund will on Saturday and Sunday host the TV play, Zoo, written by Edward Albee, (1958), an American dramatist, also known for The Sandbox (1959), The American Dream (1960), and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1962), amongst others. The Zoo story is situated in an enormous cage in Central Park, New York there is a TV report about a knife murder having been committed in the most peaceful of surroundings. The play is about the animalistic violence that lies beneath the thin veneer of civilisation - and symbolises the caged isolation of modern man. Jerry, one of two characters, is played by David Ndjavera. The other character, Peter, is played by Keamogetsi Molapong, symbolising the Biblical Peter, the Rock on which institutions are built. Their language suggests Peter to be a bourgeois square and Jerry the hipster-drifter. Albee placed in each character’s hand a prop that is partly ironic – the materialist, nonconformist Peter has a book and the sensitive and imaginative Jerry a knife. David says the Lab Theatre, behind the play with Bank Windhoek Arts, has done exceptional work for many years. “For the past seven years produced and performed new works.” “The Swakopmund community was for the past years introduced to Lab Theatre and we have built a good rapport with the audience; they are always anxious to see what we have to offer,” says David. Targeted to trigger holiday moods, David guarantees to deliver what the fans are expecting. “Expectations are that we have pledged to build a culture of theatre INVITATION FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING NAMCOR hereby invites Bids from well experienced Contractors in Construction of Petroleum Infrastructure for the refurbishment of JBS and HFO Facilities in Walvis Bay. Only registered Namibians Companies are eligible to participate in this Bids. TENDER NUMBER: W/ONB/NC-05/2017 DESCRIPTION: REFURBISHMENT OF JBS FACILITIES PROJECT IN WALVIS BAY TENDER NUMBER: W/ONB/NC-06/2017 DESCRIPTION: REFURBISHMENT OF HFO FACILITIES PROJECT IN WALVIS BAY The information for the tenders listed above are defined in the bid documents which are obtainable at NAMCOR Petroleum House, 1 Aviation Road, Windhoek, Namibia. Kindly ensure to request for the correct tender document. BID DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FROM: Monday, 06 November 2017 BID SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, 01 December 2017 @ 12:00 PM BID DOCUMENT COST: NON COMPUSORY SITE INSPECTION: SUBMISSION ADDRESS: performances that are infused with professional and quality theatre and the criteria is that we give a performance in Swakopmund during the holiday season, which is then repeated in Windhoek early in the beginning of the year.” Tickets go for N0 apiece and the doors open at 20h00. Photo: Contributed On a mission… David Ndjavera stars in the play, Zoo, at Haus der Jugend in Swakopmund on Saturday and Sunday. N$ 1,500.00 per document (non-refundable) Friday, 10 November 2017 @ 10h00 AM Tender Box at Reception NAMCOR Head Office Petroleum House 1 Aviation Road, Windhoek, Namibia ENQUIRIES/CLARIFICATIONIS: Procurement Management Unit Email: Tel: 061 - 204 5000 / 204 5111 Tel: 061 - 204 5054

NEW ERA | Namibia, China sign grant aid, donation agreements Page 10 Esau warns fishing rights holders who do not invest locally Page 11 INSIDE USINESS This news is your business Angola has kept their end of bargain – Geingob Helvy Shaanika Oshikango The Angolan government will finish paying the outstanding money it owes the Namibian government in a currency conversion deal that formerly existed between the two countries. While addressing the community of Helao Nafidi at the official opening of Oshikango Open Market, President Hage Geingob said the Angolan government has been paying back the money its owes Namibia, and is expected to settle the full amount by next year. “Angola has been keeping their end of the bargain; they have been paying us in US dollars, despite the difficult financial situation Angola and every other country is facing they will finish paying next year,” Geingob said. Banco Nacional de Angola initially owed the Bank of Namibia US0 million in repurchase costs for Kwanzas that came into Namibia since the two central banks entered into an agreement in June 2015. The agreement paved way for the Kwanza exchange at Namibian banks Edgar Brandt Windhoek During the next session of Parliament, Minister of Calle Schlettwein intends to table a tax proposal for the introduction of the presumptive tax on the informal sector, while giving due consideration to the micro units, and intends to introduce measures to protect the tax base from erosion, profit shifting and illicit outflows by eliminating some categories of tax exemptions. In addition, the Namibia Revenue Agency Bill has been passed by Parliament and is due for enactment, while the Integrated Tax System is expected to be rolled out by mid-next year. Schlettwein revealed these pending measures on tax policy and tax Fresh start… President Hage Geingob (right) officially inaugurated a new open market at Helao Nafidi town’s Oshikango suburb on Saturday. Looking on are Ohangwena Regional Governor Usko Nghaamwa (left) and Helao Nafidi Mayor Eliaser Nghipangelwa. Photo: Nampa but the Kwanza deal was however short-lived, as it was halted six months after the deal was signed. This was due to alleged irregularities at the Oshikango border post and heavy criticism by local economists and businesspeople, who argued that the deal had effectively driven Namibia’s economy into a liquidity crisis within the first five months of its implementation. administration reforms envisaged in the medium-term when he spoke at a mid-term budget debate at in Walvis Bay on Friday. The event was sponsored by PWC Namibia, Standard Bank Namibia and Namibia Media Holdings (NMH). “As the economic recovery takes shape, it is not my intention to increase general tax rates, but we intend to bring all potential taxpayers in the tax net and achieve full compliance. This is to allow for economic agents to produce and invest, while creating incentive to work, and promoting equity and fairness of the tax system,” said Schlettwein. He noted, however, that the conduct of fiscal policy must be accompanied by effective domestic resource mobilisation and increasing Banco Nacional de Angola has since been struggling to settle its dues. There has been an outcry ever since, with member of the public in Namibia demanding that Angola pay back Namibia’s money. “The business community has been saying that they [Angolans] are robbing us. Let me make it clear that they are paying us,” Geingob explained. tax capacity. This, he said, flows from the recognition that no country can depend on other countries’ resources to finance its development agenda. “We will continue to strengthen the mobilisation of domestic revenue streams through tax policy and tax administration reforms to support the implementation of the fiscal consolidation and enhance the distributional impacts of tax policy,” Schlettwein added. The finance minister also noted that a smooth reduction of expenditure will be employed going forward by maintaining a gradual fiscal consolidation policy stance that could safeguard macroeconomic stability and long-term fiscal sustainability. This, he said, will be implemented through a smoothly paced fiscal Furthermore, he applauded the town council of Helao Nafidi and its leadership for constructing a complex that will hopefully fuel business in Helao Nafidi for years to come. “You are contributing to our objective of sustained economic development. Scholars of economics have presented the argument that entrepreneurship and business are the key drivers, not only of economic development, but also catalysts for the reduction of poverty,” the president said. He added that entrepreneurs in Helao Nafidi and surrounding areas have waited patiently for trading facilities, where they can freely display and sell their products in a conducive environment that offers shade and is safe and clean. It was thus pleasing to see that the town is promoting a businessfriendly environment, because entrepreneurship and business are pathways out of poverty, he noted. Under Pillar Four of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (Economic Advancement), it is explicitly stated that, ‘the [Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development] consolidation programme and shifting more resources from non-core to core priorities and basic public services, without compromising economic growth. To achieve this, he cautioned that effective expenditure control measures and fiscal risk management framework will be employed, while the focus on spending on health and education sectors, as well as skills development, will be attained. Schlettwein further noted that mobilising domestic resources for development through tax policy and tax administration reforms, increasing the domestic asset requirement for institutional investors, alongside measures to improve the investment climate, would act as a major spur to internal economic growth, which MITSMED will continue to invest in the construction of public infrastructure and public services, that are relevant for enhancing the international competitiveness of the targeted sectors and industries’. In this regard, more SME and industrial parks will be constructed countrywide,” Geingob said. He encouraged Helao Nafidi Town Council to continue striving to ensure the socio-economic and developmental aspirations of its residents remain a priority. He further urged both the leadership and the community to safeguard the new facility, so that it can serve them for years to come. “This is your facility. Own it with pride. Let us look after our country and its infrastructure and shun the retrogressive practices of vandalism and neglect,” he said. President Geingob further encouraged vendors and traders that were fortunate to be relocating from informal trading areas to stalls at the open market to “Harambee together for more business, more sales and a better future for all,” and to make the new open market a hub for local economic growth and prosperity. Informal sector tax mooted as part of domestic revenue reforms canonly be enhanced by implementing supportive policies and structural reforms to improve efficiency and broaden the economic base. “It is well known that Namibia generates excess savings that flow out of the country, while our capital development continues to compete with limited resources. As a consequence, alternative funding mechanisms need to be established. “Government has made efforts, such as the amendments to Regulations 15 and 28, as well as the new Regulation 29, aimed at keeping domestic savings in the country. However, there is a need for more economic assets to attract these savings. Hence, the founded need to establish the Infrastructure Fund as one of the vehicles through which such capital could be leveraged.” Now open in Outapi! Visit the new GIPF office in Outapi, where we are excited to give you quick and friendly assistance with: • Your biometric GIPF Smart Card • Your pension benefits • How and when to claim these benefits • How to prepare for retirement • Updates on your membership status • Printout your benefits statement • Progress of your claim Visit us at Shop No. 8, Oluzizi Complex, Outapi Main Road Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 13:00 14:00 – 16:30 *Closed during lunch, weekends and public holidays. Tel: 065 202 803 Fax: 065 202 003 Visit

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