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New Era Newspaper Monday November 27, 2017

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4 NEWS Monday, November 27 2017 | NEW ERA Young man needs help for bone marrow transplant Mariental The family of an 18-year old Grade 9 Mariental High School pupil, Owen Aoxamub, is seeking bone marrow transplant. The learner was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare and serious blood disorder, in September this year. Aoxamub was diagnosed by Professor Adam Kanyama, a clinical scientist and haematologist at the Windhoek Central Hospital, with what is more commonly known as bone marrow aplasia. Aplastic anaemia is a rare disease in which the bone marrow and the hematopoietic stem cells are damaged. This then causes a types – red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Aplastic refers to the inability of the stem cells to generate mature blood cells. The symptoms include fatigue, deteriorating effort tolerance and bleeding gums which cause quarantine-like environment for him/her not to pick up germs and aggravate the situation. Aoxamub has been in and out of the Mariental State Hospital for excessive bleeding and had to receive a blood transfusion and platelets. The required treatment, a bone-marrow transplant to be carried out by Professor Nicolas Novitzky in Cape Town, South Africa, will cost N7,688.17. This amount was approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Services through the Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS). However, the family needs assistance with accommodation The young man’s mother, Sanna Aoxamus, is a single parent and the sole breadwinner as a cleaner at the Mariental State Hospital. She said Aoxamub’s older brother, who is a student at the University of Namibia, was found to be a matching donor. The three will travel together to Cape Town for the medical procedure. Return flights amount to N,500 and accommodation about N,000. a huge amount in a short space of time as PSEMAS does not cover all costs,” an emotional Aoxamus told Nampa on Saturday. She called out to companies and individuals to assist her in getting her son the treatment he requires. “I am humbly asking for assistance from good Samaritans, and anyone who can to please come forward and help us. Fortunately for Owen, his brother is a matching donor,” Aoxamus said. Tuesday. – Nampa Brave boy… Owen Aoxamub and his mother Sanna Aoxamus Rare whale washes up dead at Mile 4 The end… This rare adult Bryde’s whale washed up dead at Mile 4 about 15 years old, 15 metres between 16 and 17 tonnes Vacancy Advertisement Managing Director SWAKOPMUND Guinas Investments (Pty) Ltd has outsourced Atlantic III to assist with the search for a Managing Director to lead the company. Atlantic III offers a spectrum of consultancy services and our management consulting arm offers a proven blend of carefully selected and uniquely tailored management solutions, aimed at generating the highest returns on day-to day operations, strategy and the bottom line, with a value proposition centered on people, systems and processes. It is for this reason that Atlantic III has been outsourced to assist with the recruitment of the Managing Director position. If you are an individual with a zest for investments, exceptional business acumen and demonstrate the qualities of a commercially astute, technically and administratively strong leader, with a proven ability to operate at both strategic and About Our Client Our Client is a wholly owned Namibian investment company and a key player with interests in the manufacturing, real estate, opportunities that yield maximum returns on investment and those that contribute towards the national development agenda. The Successful Incumbent The successful incumbent is primarily responsible for the overall management and operations of the company and its with Board directives and company policy requirements. The successful incumbent will assist the Board in developing the organizations Strategic Plan and ensure its implementation thereof, through operational strategies within the parameters of Core to his/ her duties, the incumbent will assume a proactive role in identifying investment opportunities by penetrating and expanding into niche markets for investment portfolio growth, with the primary aim of maximizing shareholder value. In conjunction with the Board, he/ she will assess long-term investment trends and review prospects for future growth of income and new focus areas. As such, the incumbent shall monitor company-wide and subsidiary investment portfolios performance portfolios to assess the degree of risk and return on investment. As such, the incumbent shall conduct assessments/appraisal and acquisitions, as appropriate. Minimum Requirements 8 years working experience of which 5 years should be in a management capacity. Preferably in an investment or Demonstrated project management experience or experience in overseeing/ managing capital projects. Uncompromising levels of integrity and openness combined with commitment to good governance. Demonstrated knowledge of private equity and investment holding modus operandi. Applicants that meet the above requirements should e-mail their curriculum vitae to Mr Shiwana Ndeunyema at, before or on 08 December 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. A dead Bryde’s whale washed ashore at Mile 4 in Swakopmund on Thursday. It is not clear what caused the sea mammal to die. This is a rare species of whale, about 15 metres in length and weighing between 16 and 17 tonnes. to researchers and tourists and discussions were underway to preserve the whole skeleton. Jelly Gelletich, from the Namibian Dolphin Project, on Saturday said it would be great to preserve the skeleton of the whale, suspected to be female and more than 15 years old. “There isn’t an entire skeleton of the Bryde’s whale in any museum in the world that we know of – there are some skulls but not entire skeletons. This is important as it helps researchers understand the animal better,” he said. Gelletich said Bryde’s whales normally live in deep water and are rarely seen. He said records of this species are found in southern African waters, however they are not as well documented as a common whale like the humpback. As such, very little is known about their movement in Namibia. The dolphin project is working WINDHOEK Swapo Party will convene an extraordinary congress next year to amend the party’’s constitution, according to secretary general Nangolo Mbumba. details of the dates and particulars of the amendment, during an interview with Nampa on Saturday, the third day of the party’s elective congress. “We have amendments, even though we were not able to polish them to the standard we want. The language of the constitution must be precise as well as in line with other provisions. We are therefore going to have an extraordinary congress to approve these amendments,” he said. Once all the preparations have been passed through the political bureau and central committee, the amendments will be approved at the planned extraordinary congress. with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources as well as the Swakopmund Municipality to try and preserve the animal for future generations and research. This is the third dead whale spotted on the Namibian coast this year. In September, a young female humpback whale of about 24 years was discovered near Henties Bay. She was estimated at 13 metres, weighing 20 tonnes. This carcass was disposed of in a huge trench. Between September and October, another carcass of a whale of Walvis Bay. Scientists said they were trying to establish why the whales died. Some die from starvation or injuries. The dolphin project is a research and conservation initiative in Walvis Bay and Lüderitz. It researches coastal dolphins and whales in Namibian waters with the aim to generate high quality data useful to both science and conservation.– Nampa Swapo to convene extraordinary congress According to media reports, Namibian President and current vice-president of the party, Hage Geingob, during a closed door congress session agreed that the amendments be done next year. Recent media reports also had it that Helmut Angula, current secretary for information and mobilisation, noted that the amendments were primarily made to harmonise party structures in terms of operations. According to Angula, the biggest amendment is that of gender balance, which is likely to have extensive implications once implementation starts. The amendment stipulates a 50:50 gender representation in the CC.Under the new constitution, all party structures will be compelled to comply with the 50:50 gender representation requirement by adopting a zebra-style electoral system. – Nampa

Monday, November 27 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Nujoma, Pohamba visit Mugabe Staff Reporter Windhoek Former presidents Sam Swapo congress to attend the inau- President Emmerson Mnangagwa, at his residence in Harare. - Hage Geingob at Mnangagwa’s inauguration. President Geingob was attending the Swapo con- congress that President Mugabe Mugabe stepped down as presi- - - nonagenarian Mugabe. against him. He had been under pressure broadcaster. Rare catch… Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace, Namibia’s founding president Sam Nujoma and Namibia’s current vice-president Dr Nickey Iyambo. Anti-apartheid hero Denis Goldberg: ‘Zimbabwe’s example is a very powerful one’ a dictator. - - DW: What do you make of what is happening now in Zimbabwe? Denis Goldberg: The important thing is that Emmerson Mnangagwa - Mnangagwa? Mnangagwa is said to be respon- - - might be. DW: Do you see other African countries following suit and moving for change? Denis Goldberg: go, who has become authoritarian, DW: How would you describe the life of young South Africans today, in the era after apartheid [which ended in 1994], now that they are raising their voices? - so it’s interesting to see the situa- South Africa has long been considered Africa’s powerhouse. What role do you think it can play in ensuring a smooth transition in Zimbabwe? Denis Goldberg: It’s up to the Loud and clear… People hold an anti-Grace Mugabe placard during a demonstration demanding the resignation of Zimbabwe’s president last week in Harare. heard. I think it’s going to take Turning to South Africa, what is your view on the climate in South Africa at the moment, where there is also a leader who seems determined to cling to power? Denis Goldberg: - breakthrough. What encourages - taught us how to be architects and

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