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New Era Newspaper Monday November 6, 2017

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12 ADVERTS Monday, November 6 2017 | NEW ERA NATIONAL COUNCIL PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND ECONOMY COMMITTEE PUBLIC NOTICE The National Council Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Economy will conduct public ings from the hearings will be compiled and a report with recommendations will then be tabled in program below: PHASE 2 DATE ACTIVITY TIME VENUE Public Hearing: Hardap Regional Council Public Hearing: Public Hearing: Maltahöhe Town Council Public Hearing: Public Hearing: Public Hearing: Public Hearing: Khomas Regional Council Public Hearing: 09:00 Hardap RC Boardroom 09:00 08:30 Town Council Boardroom 09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00 For any enquiries, kindly contact Mr. Himuvi Mbingeneeko on 081 169 5753, or Mr. Norbert Uuyuni on 081 127 9868, Bid Invitation Title: Bids ae invited for fencing off of industrial land in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region. Procuemnt reference: Bid Number: W//RFSQ/19-01/2017 Description: The Ministry of industrialisation, Trade and SME Development is inviting bids through Request for Sealed Quotations for the fencing off of industrial land in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Regio. Preference will be given to local SMEs owned by previously disadvantaged Namibians operating within the Zambezi region. Closing date & time: Bids will close on thursday, 16 th November 2017 at 10:00. Opening of Bids: The opening of bids will take place at 10:30, Bidders are encoauraged to attend the bid opening session. Site Inspection is not required. Bid documents: Bid documents will be available from Monday, 06 th Management Unit, 4th Floor, Room Number 408. Levy (non-refundable): N0,00 Enquiries: Mr. Victor Zambwe Procuement Management Unit, Ministry of Industrialization, Trade & SME Development Tel: +264-283 7206, Email: UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN’S FUND Consultancy: Review of the National Sanitation Strategy of 2010-2015 (extended to 2018) and development of a new National Sanitation Strategy Background: Since independence in 1990, the Government of the Republic of Namibia (GRN) service delivery and infrastructure, key policies and related strategies have been formulated, such as the Water Supply and Sanitation Policy of 2008, the Namibia Sanitation Strategy (NSS) for 2010-2015, the Communication Strategy for the Eliminating Open Defecation in Namibia, 2015- 2018 and National Human Rights Action Plan. Water supply and sanitation also appear as key priority areas in the successive delivery, particularly in the sanitation sector. er, sanitation coverage lags behind. - stands at 72% nationally compared to 19% in urban areas. Access to sanitation is Hygiene (WASH) situation in schools. Over one in ten schools (12%) have no toilets open defecation. - - Overall objective: * by GRN. * sanitation. Develop a situation report to summarise the current sanitation information * as successful as anticipated. The purpose of this assignment is to: * coverage and to meet set national and international agenda on sanitation. The * effectiveness of the delivery of sanitation services. Duration of Contract: * related engineering). * * supply technologies that are used in Southern Africa. * principles; * strategy; * Southern Africa Good interpersonal communication skills * tions to e-mail address: (a cover letter, indicate consultancy Closing date of application: Friday, 10 November 20117. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Monday, November 6 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERTS 13 PUBLIC NOTICE Ministry of Fishereis and Marine Resources CONSULTATIONS ON RECREATIONAL, SPORT AND SUBSISTENCE FISHING LEVIES The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has noted the concerns raised by several members of the public, especially through the print media, on the newly gazetted recreational levies (Government Notice No. 158 of 26 June 2017). We particularly note the sentiments that the new N$ 1,500 per permit per month is being seen as high, and also there is an assumption that this fee will also be In the meantime, the Minister have suspended the implementation of paragraph 4 of Government Notice No. 158 of 26th June 2017, on Imposition of levies on Marine Resources, which introduced a levy of N$ 1500.00 per month to allow for further consultations with all stakeholders on this matter. In this regard, the Ministry wishes to invite all stakeholders for consultations to the following place as follows: from 09h30 to 12h30: Friday, 10th November 2017 in a sustainable manner. MINISTRY OF LAND REFORM Agro-Ecological Zone and Carrying Capacity Maps (AEZ and CCM) Procurement Reference: NCS/ONB/25-2/2017 1. Bids are invited through Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures for Agro-Ecological Zone and Carrying Capacity Maps and the invitation is open to all Namibian bidders. following people: Administration: Mrs. Asteria Kashindi Tel: 061 - 2965081 or Mrs. Celeste Esterhuizen at 061 - 2965303, and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 08H00 - 17H00. 3. Additional details are provided in the Bidding Documents. 4. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be obtained by interested bidders from the Ministry at the address below. The Bidding Documents will be delivered at the address below on or before 11:00, closing date 05 January 2018. 5. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 11:00 on 05 January 2018. Electronic the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in person at the below address on 05 January 2018 at 11:30. All bids must be accompanied by “Bid Security” of 1% of the bidding amount. 6. The address referred to above is: NB: The document can be collected from the 10 November 2017 The Secretary Procurement Committee Ministry of Land Reform P/Bag 13343 Windhoek

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